Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Night of Ancient Castle

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Love might fade away without anyone knowing, but one thing for certain was that the castle master lacked love.

As the spectacle unfolded before him, he completely lost his patience.

Wen Shi’s countdown had about twenty seconds left. He continued speaking to Bushy Beard, “All patients are sly. There were many who experienced intermittent symptoms. At first, the patient intentionally cooperated, but after leaving, they pretended to be normal.”

A muffled groan escaped from Bushy Beard.

He disliked Aaron, but he thought this analysis made sense.

The castle master wielded the scepter again.

Wen Shi appeared to be an emotionless killer, but deep inside, he kept urging himself to fight, to fight.

As the dream turned into reality, when Wen Shi noticed Bushy Beard tightening his right iron hook, he stood still for a few seconds.

Were they seriously going to fight?

A’Ao’s fear of the castle master indeed stemmed more from social class, but when it came to hospital rules, as the hospital director, he immediately became stern.

Bushy Beard let out a howl, “Awoooo—”

“Damn, why the hell are you starting to howl too?”

Before this question could be answered, Wen Shi’s face changed suddenly.

He clutched his head with his hands, pressing his arm tightly against his ear.

His mind was filled with buzzing sounds. Wen Shi struggled to open his eyes, but everything appeared fragmented. The male servant was no better, with lower endurance than Wen Shi. During the exchange, the crest on his neck flashed several times, protecting his whole body.

The instigator, Bushy Beard, stood in place. When he smiled, his teeth seemed unusually dense.

The sounds of sizzling and buzzing mixed together, causing Wen Shi’s head to feel like it was about to explode.

He desperately dragged his body, trying to move away from that area.


Why is he so powerful?

He had been chased by Bushy Beard twice and had witnessed him fighting the male servant. Throughout the encounters, A’Ao only resorted to violent attacks.

Did the maze have natural restrictions for A’Ao?

Or should he reveal his identity as a doctor…

In a daze, Wen Shi saw the castle master raise the scepter and understood something. A’Ao’s full-force attack required the target to be a patient.

The Earl’s mental illness was beyond doubt.

Wen Shi desperately quickened his pace, creating some distance, and heard a strange sound “heh” from Bushy Beard’s throat.

“If it weren’t for your special status, you would have been confined to the hospital long ago.” Bushy Beard’s tone was eager.

The castle master responded with a cold sneer.

Wen Shi’s thoughts were blurry.

The rules were not irreversible, provided one had immensely strong power. The fact that the castle master had not been caught and taken to the hospital was the best example.

The castle master’s every move exuded elegance, making A’Ao look more like a lunatic during their confrontation.

The airflow transformed into wind blades. Suddenly, the castle master frowned and waved his sleeve, dispersing the airflow that was rushing towards the flower field, indirectly preventing Wen Shi from suffering the fate of decapitation.

Of course, he wasn’t protecting Wen Shi. He was protecting the flowers.

The castle master valued these flowers greatly.

Wen Shi was shaken so much that his eardrums bled a little. He tried hard to think about the scene before him.

The male servant stood up first, angrily pointing at the instigator, “I don’t love him at all. He’s the one causing all the trouble.”

His accusation brought the fighting to a temporary halt.

The castle master coldly stared at Wen Shi in the flower field and slowly spoke two words, “Step out.”

Wen Shi avoided eye contact.

…...Only a fool would listen to you.

The castle master made a move, stepping forward, about to enter the flower field himself.

“Don’t come any closer!” Wen Shi became nervous instantly, his throat moved. “If you come closer, I’ll step on your beloved flowers.”

The castle master smiled in response, “Feel free to do so.”

Wen Shi fell silent and didn’t act immediately as he had claimed.

The castle master explained, “The flower field is nourished by resentment, and beneath it lies a large pile of corpses. Out of the 1,200 flowers, only three are the best, fifty are harmless, and any destruction of the remaining flowers will incur a curse. Even I myself cannot determine which ones are harmful.”

During the brief ceasefire, Bushy Beard’s expression was indescribable upon hearing this. He tried to restrain himself but couldn’t help looking at the castle master, “You’re just talking nonsense.”

Earlier, he had seen Aaron pluck a flower with his own eyes, and nothing happened.

Over there, Wen Shi stopped picking flowers, acting as if he intended to stay in the flower field until the last moment, preparing to wait out the remaining time.

The castle master commanded the servant, “Go and lure all the snakes inside the maze.”

Wen Shi: “?”

He lifted his leg, “If you dare to release snakes, I’ll really step on them!”

The castle master naturally ignored his threat, while the male servant was already prepared to carry out the order.

True to his word, Wen Shi stomped on a nearby flower.

The largest flowers here had a diameter of up to one meter. He nearly missed the step, but the impact wasn’t strong. Lifting his leg repeatedly was tiring, so in the end, Wen Shi chose to use his hand to pluck the flowers. With a quick motion, he tore off a petal and stuffed it into his pocket, preparing to make flower tea later.

Nothing happened.

Wen Shi stood in place, just fine.

Bushy Beard had an expression of “I knew he was just bluffing,” showing no surprise.

Although his instinct sensed danger in this flower field, the Earl’s words seemed too mystical.

Wen Shi took another step forward and plucked another flower.

【Worrisome Ghost: Contains a mild toxin that damages plants, reducing Charm points by one.】

Wen Shi pretended as if nothing happened, continued to smile with outstretched hands, “What do you think?”

The castle master finally frowned.

Bushy Beard was surprised, “I thought you were speaking in anger, turns out you were just talking big.”

The male servant beside them couldn’t help but suspect if something went wrong in the flower field, causing all the flowers to lose their “medicinal value.”

The next moment, the castle master personally went to verify.

He stepped into the flower field. Wen Shi hurriedly stepped back, hugging the most eerie-looking flower, “Come any closer, and I’ll destroy it.”

The castle master ignored him and casually pinched a nearby flower.

He was much gentler than Wen Shi, just lightly squeezing it. Unexpectedly, the flower suddenly sprayed ink like an octopus, giggling like a child, “Stinky fart liquid attack, hehehe, hehehe!”

The strong stench made the castle master’s face even darker than the sky.

When the flower launched its attack, Wen Shi had already run eight hundred meters ahead. He put his hand in his pocket, pretending to take out a lighter, “Keep pushing, and I’ll burn the whole place down. I’d be honored to die together with these flowers in this flower field.”

The latter part was just bluster and exaggeration.

Wen Shi and the castle master’s actions piqued Bushy Beard’s curiosity. He couldn’t help but take a step forward, but for safety, he didn’t enter the flower field. Bushy Beard merely attempted to pluck a petal.

The flower sap instantly corroded his fingernails like sulfuric acid.

The castle master swung his scepter toward Bushy Beard’s face, “You dare to pick my flowers?”

The flower sap could blend into the bloodstream, further corroding the blood vessels. Bushy Beard hurriedly used his iron hook to dig out the affected flesh, but he reacted a bit slowly and took a solid hit from the scepter, losing a few teeth on the spot.

Wen Shi ran a distance away, heard some commotion, and witnessed the satisfying moment.

However, happiness turned into sadness. As he turned his head, the nearby flowers that were originally waist-high suddenly shot up, sticking to his face.

Wen Shi’s lips brushed against the flower petals, and the notification sounded immediately—

【Forget-Me-Not: Contains mild toxins. You risk offending flowers and plants, Charm decreases by two.】

“……” It was clearly a setup.

Although Wen Shi didn’t care much about his Charm value, he knew he had a handsome appearance that shouldn’t be wasted.

Just as he was about to take revenge by ruthlessly destroying the flowers, Wen Shi’s wicked hand suddenly stopped in midair. After a moment, he twitched his nose and confirmed that he hadn’t misjudged it—there was indeed a faint odor emanating from a bunch of lush flowers.

At the same time, Wen Shi felt a heat below his collarbone, where he usually wore the safety charm. It was only a moment of burning sensation, but he was certain it wasn’t an illusion.

It seemed like the charm was hinting at something.

Guided by the smell, Wen Shi found the only flower emitting a foul odor. It looked slightly like a poisonous mushroom.

His hand itched with the urge to pluck it.

All of this seemed too easy, and for a rare moment, Wen Shi frowned for more than three seconds. Excessive luck wasn’t always a good thing, and sometimes he doubted if he entered the game to repay his past fortune.

Facing the blooming flowers, Wen Shi finally made up his mind.

“Of course, I’ll pluck it, pluck it, pluck it!”

When one owed a lot, plucking flowers that were worth plucking was a must. The feeling overwhelmed him, how could he not pluck?

Not plucking would be unfair to himself.

While the castle master and Bushy Beard seemed to be gearing up for another fight, Wen Shi quietly plucked the flower with a quick pull.

【Mutated Pomegranate Flower: One-time-use item, activates upon touch.

Efficacy: Reproduction is one of the four main functions of flowers. The mutated pomegranate flower symbolizes more children and more blessings. Within sixteen hours after touching it, every breath and movement you make will become a pollination process, and unfortunate contacts will quickly bear seeds.

Casual discarders of seeds will be cursed by the pomegranate flower.

Reminder: Please complete at least one pollination process before nightfall, or you will become a target of the pomegranate flower’s curse.

Reminder: Touching is beneficial for accelerating the pollination process.】


While Wen Shi felt as if he had been struck by lightning, outside the flower field, someone was discussing principles.

There were no permanent enemies, only shared interests.

Bushy Beard didn’t want to fight to the death with the Earl here.

“You received treatment in the castle, and I also faced a lot of pressure,” Bushy Beard spoke solemnly, “A month ago, you requested a change of doctors and specified Aaron. The hospital complied with your request.”

Implicitly, he meant that everyone should not go too far.

Bushy Beard continued, “Now you should have realized it. Aaron is a hypocritical guy. We’d better deal with him first.”

He was confident that the Earl would agree with this proposal.

Unexpectedly, while the castle master was listening, his expression suddenly changed. Following his gaze, Bushy Beard looked over and saw Wen Shi walking towards them not far away.

This time, Wen Shi didn’t avoid eye contact. While walking towards them, he forced a slight smile, trying to appear friendly.

The mutated pomegranate flower smelled terrible, but after touching it, Wen Shi emitted a completely opposite sweet flavor.


Wen Shi approached step by step.

The castle master seemed to have noticed something and shouted sharply, “Don’t come any closer!”

Bushy Beard didn’t know the situation, but ever since he smelled that sweet scent, he had a… a strong urge to conceive life. As Wen Shi approached, this impulse grew even stronger.

Bushy Beard was scared by this crazy idea, feeling it was related to the scent of perfume in the air. Faced with the approaching God of Plague, he excitedly swung his iron hook, “Tuituitui!”

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