Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Night of Horror Castle

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Wen Shi didn’t dare to approach too closely, afraid that Bushy Beard might throw the iron hook at him again.

Dying like that would have been too unfair.

Bushy Beard also had some worries. If his first strike missed, he had to go to the flower field to retrieve the iron hook, something he didn’t want to go through.

By the time Wen Shi had reached a few meters from the flower field, the castle master and Bushy Beard had already retreated several hundred meters.

The castle master’s patience was nearly worn out by Wen Shi. He issued a final warning, “If you dare to damage another flower…”

Wen Shi knew he was nearing the limit. If he hadn’t cared about this flower field, the castle master might have acted already.

So, even before the castle master finished speaking, Wen Shi immediately stated his position, “Taking care of flowers and plants is everyone’s responsibility.”

One significant reason for the castle master’s fear stemmed from Wen Shi’s mysterious luck. Despite harming several flowers in a row, he remained unscathed. If this continued, he might actually find another good flower to pick.

Wen Shi had only seven minutes left to endure. His primary focus was to safely exit the maze. The pollination plan could be considered later.

Just as he was about to witness the clouds parting and the moon shining, the male servant rushed up, driven by loyalty to the Earl and anger over the garden’s destruction. He disregarded his own safety and grabbed Wen Shi’s arm.

“Master, I caught him for you!”

Wen Shi was taken aback but didn’t struggle. He reached back and patted the male servant’s hand.

The male servant got goosebumps. “Master, come quickly!”

All his willpower was focused on resisting the urge to pick flowers, leaving him no strength to use the golden scissors. He was managing somehow, but now it was getting difficult.

The male servant didn’t notice the faint yellow pollen left by Wen Shi’s touch. With a little light shining on it, it sparkled.

As the pollen was gradually absorbed into the male servant’s skin, his gaze became distant.

Wen Shi asked cautiously, “How do you feel?”

“Th-thinking about giving birth to a child.”

After saying that, the male servant shook his head vigorously and angrily cursed, “What sorcery did you use on me?”

He pulled Wen Shi’s arm forcefully, seemingly wanting to pass him over to the Earl from a distance. “Master, hurry!”

Wen Shi looked complicated and said, “… Having you is his good fortune.”

The castle master waved his hand in disgust, dispersing the sweet fragrance in the air. Ignoring the male servant’s cries, he walked away.

Confirming that he was leaving, Wen Shi stepped out of the cursed flower field and then pulled the male servant out as well.

The urge to pick flowers suddenly disappeared. As the male servant regained his senses, he was puzzled, not understanding why the other person saved him.

The golden scissors were on the ground. As long as he wanted, he had a chance to strike back at any moment.

Wen Shi glanced at the flower field and said coldly, “Caring for flowers and plants, it’s not good to let you pick flowers inside freely.”

Inner thoughts: Nonsense.

Who will pollinate the seeds when you’re dead!

All in all, seeds also represent life, and they can eventually become flowers and plants. He wasn’t lying.

Besides, the male servant had briefly entered the flower field, and there was still a trace of confusion in his current expression. If Wen Shi really wanted to kill him, he had a chance to escape.

The castle master, who hadn’t gone far, seemed to sense something happening behind him. Only after Wen Shi chose to save the male servant did the murderous intent in his eyes truly fade away.


With not much time left, Wen Shi began to walk towards the outside of the maze.

Where he appeared, ants returned to their holes, snakes scattered, and even the crows in the sky seemed like they had installed motors, flying at an incredible speed.

“Seems like animals have a natural instinct for danger.” 

Wen Shi suddenly became interested in biology.

He made a face at the wall, and the snakes scattered even faster. Wen Shi felt a sense of vindictive joy. However, the next second, when he looked up and saw Xie Tangyan standing at the end of the path, her smug grin gradually turned into a guilty smile.

Xie Tangyan clapped her hands. “Well done, tricking me to lead the way. You’re quite filial.”

Wen Shi cleared his throat and chose not to correct her misconception at this critical moment.

“Listen to my defense,” Wen Shi began, “Although I wanted to temporarily trap you in the maze, it wasn’t because of my noble character. It was simply unnecessary to take risks together…”

If Xie Tangyan still had her combat power, Wen Shi wouldn’t have kicked her away like this. But now she didn’t, and she was the only person in the game who hadn’t harmed him. His rationality reminded him to ensure her safety.

However, judging from Xie Tangyan’s gaze, Wen Shi felt that this assurance might be repaid with a beating.

As Wen Shi prepared to continue reasoning, Xie Tangyan raised an eyebrow and said, “Stop right there.”

“Big Sister.”

Xie Tangyan pointed her sword at him. “Don’t come any closer.”

“……” Where are the promised loved ones?

Wen Shi felt a brief pang of sadness for 0.003 seconds, realizing that he was now a walking pollen machine.

Maintaining a safe distance, Wen Shi earnestly conducted his research. “Big Sister, can you feel that something’s wrong?”

Xie Tangyan nodded. As Wen Shi approached, she felt a drunken sensation, similar to drugs invading her brain, attempting to control her will.

Wen Shi pondered, realizing that even powerful individuals have instinctive reactions to danger. In the future, if he wanted to ambush someone much stronger than himself, the more concealed his methods, the better.

Wait, why am I thinking about confronting someone stronger than myself?

“I’m floating.”

Wen Shi looked hopeless. Everything was fine, so why did he suddenly start floating?

“Until I recover my strength, I won’t enter the castle,” Xie Tangyan spoke, “During this time, you can compile a list of people you want to assassinate.”

“……” Found the reason for floating.

Wen Shi emphasized a few points, “Don’t go beyond the range of the streetlights outside the castle. If you hide in the maze, avoid the male servant, and stay away from the flower field.”

As long as they didn’t meet face to face, the 【Little Gourd】 Wen Shi gave to Xie Tangyan would be enough to divert the male servant’s attention.

Compared to the surroundings of the castle, the maze interior was the better choice.

After making sure everything was well explained, Wen Shi walked toward the maze exit.

The mutated pomegranate flower wasn’t entirely useless. Since touching it, Wen Shi felt like he had installed a GPS, as the floral scent guided him to the shortest path leading outside.

Outside the maze.

When they saw the butler walking in their direction, Luo Xiao took the initiative to greet him. They had stayed in the castle for some time and knew that the butler rarely concerned himself with the maze, so he wouldn’t appear without a reason.

After exchanging meaningless pleasantries for five to six minutes, the butler grew impatient. “I have an urgent matter to consult Dr. Aaron and can’t chat with you both.”

Empty-handed flattery was indeed difficult. Luo Xiao sighed and decided to use the confusion item she bought with points, speaking again, “Dr. Aaron seems to have encountered some issues. We’re willing to assist as well.”

With the effect of the item, the butler hesitated.

Luo Xiao: “If you don’t believe us, you can ask them.”

Peng Lu called for the maids to confirm.

The maid spoke truthfully, “I saw Dr. Aaron running into the maze, and the director of Frank Hospital was chasing after him. They were trying a very new treatment.”

The butler fell silent for a moment. This scene didn’t seem like a typical treatment.

Luo Xiao added fuel to the fire, “Dr. Aaron is in trouble and can’t take care of himself.”

This was the most crucial point, to make the NPC doubt the task performer’s ability.

The butler hesitated and nodded, “Alright then…”

“Three seconds, one second…” Wen Shi started a countdown for himself. When the last second of the countdown passed without any task notification or sound, there was nothing.

Was it necessary to trigger it outside the maze?

During the last stretch, he started running directly.

When he was about to rush out, Wen Shi came to an abrupt stop.

Bushy Beard stared at him with fierce eyes, “The carriage is waiting outside.”

Unless Wen Shi had gone mad, he would never go back with him. Once he got on the carriage, there was no way he’d keep his head intact by the time they returned to the hospital.

Bushy Beard had initially planned to ambush Wen Shi from the shadows, but as Wen Shi approached, the sickly sweet smell wafted over first. Bushy Beard’s palm still had rotting flesh in the corroded area, and the wound was particularly sensitive to pollen, making him reluctant to get too close.

When Wen Shi advanced, he retreated.

Both of them had their reservations.

Wen Shi grinned and said, “I still have something to do here.”

Bushy Beard waited for him to come up with some excuse.

While Wen Shi nervously glanced around, he spotted two players outside the castle grounds, talking to the butler.

With the maid gone, only three people remained there, standing conspicuously in the direction leading to the maze.

Wen Shi’s smile disappeared.

The game might mislead players, but it wouldn’t lie. It implied that there would be a turning point if Wen Shi persisted for an hour, but it didn’t guarantee that the turning point would necessarily work in his favor.

Someone wanted to pick his peach.

Could he endure it?

Wen Shi squinted, “The butler must have something to discuss with me. I need to go find him.”

Seeing the situation over there, Bushy Beard unexpectedly grinned, “Alright, I’ll accompany you.”

He said he’d accompany, but it felt like they were separated by a galaxy.

Wen Shi went over to the butler’s side first.

Seeing him approach, Luo Xiao and Peng Lu remained indifferent since they had already successfully received the mission.

Wen Shi didn’t question the two of them and directly asked the butler, “I expect to leave a bit later. If you need any assistance, I’m available.”

His question was too straightforward, which would usually deduct role-playing points, but Wen Shi believed there were no points left for him to lose.

The butler shook his head, “Everything’s fine now.”

Wen Shi glanced at Luo Xiao and Peng Lu. Luo Xiao acted as if nothing had happened and even smiled at him.

He skillfully extracted information from the butler, “Something unexpected happened. I’ve been acting out of character today. Please let me do something to apologize on behalf of Frank Hospital.”

The butler expressed helplessness, “You don’t look too well.”

Wen Shi knew he must be in a sorry state right now.

Fresh snake blood on his body was absorbed by the golden scissors, but the bloodstains didn’t completely disappear. His whole body was drenched in sweat, his face pale like paper, with dried bloodstains even around his ears.

Sensing the butler’s suspicion of his abilities, Wen Shi smiled instead. He feigned a hint of anxiety on his face, glanced at Luo Xiao and Peng Lu, and inexplicably shouted, “Run fast!”

After saying that, he ran towards the distance on his own.

Luo Xiao and Peng Lu were baffled, not understanding Wen Shi’s perplexing actions.

When they turned their heads, a two-meter-tall giant suddenly appeared in front of them.

Bushy Beard didn’t waste any words, lifting his hand and slashing with the iron hook.

Blood splattered, Luo Xiao’s pupils constricted as she covered her shoulder and hurriedly backed away. Peng Lu wasn’t faring any better. To Bushy Beard, piercing through human flesh was as easy as slicing through paper.

The iron hook went from cutting through Luo Xiao’s muscles to being pulled out, taking merely two seconds, before it swung towards Peng Lu.

They had never expected that the other party would suddenly attack them. First, it was still daytime and relatively safe, and second, they hadn’t violated any rules, which made them slow to react.

It was quite normal for Bushy Beard to attack them.

Wen Shi’s attempt to remind them to escape only strengthened Bushy Beard’s belief that the evidence of his guilt had fallen into their hands.

Bushy Beard’s attack didn’t finish the job, but he still wanted to raise his hand. The butler sternly intervened, “If you continue treating the castle’s guests like this, I’ll summon the guards.”

Bushy Beard’s facial muscles twitched. Before leaving, he warned Luo Xiao and Peng Lu, “Don’t reach too far.”

Luo Xiao & Peng Lu: “?”

After confirming that Bushy Beard had left, Wen Shi walked back.

Luo Xiao asked angrily, “What did you do?”

Wen Shi casually replied, “The director must have slipped.”

Slipped, my foot!

The moment she was injured by the iron hook, she distinctly heard the notification sound from the game—

“You have successfully joined the assassination list of Frank Hospital’s director, Dr. A’Ao.”

Peng Lu reacted the same way. He managed to keep his composure and didn’t question it on the spot.

Wen Shi smiled at the butler and said, “They aren’t feeling well, you might only need me to help.”

It was more than just not feeling well. Even with potions, Luo Xiao and Peng Lu had injuries to the bone, and the bleeding hadn’t stopped for the time being.

The butler was now starting to disdain Peng Lu and Luo Xiao.

Compared to their state, Wen Shi’s disheveled appearance wasn’t much of a big deal. However, he didn’t immediately retract the tasks from the two of them. Instead, the butler repeated what he had said before, “You should know that the master is hospitable and often invites outsiders to the castle as guests.”

Wen Shi inwardly smirked and nodded, “That’s right, very hospitable.”

“Someone ungratefully stole the master’s precious pigments.” The butler’s tone carried anger. “The maid came to me yesterday morning and said she found the pigments missing during cleaning, and today, a few more bottles are gone. Such a thing has never happened in the castle before. I’m asking you to catch this despicable thief.”

【Side Quest Three: Butler’s Request

Help the butler catch the pigment thief and bring them before the castle master.

Reward: A chance to obtain rare items.

Hint: This quest might attract enmity.

Hint: Special side quest, recommended to cooperate.】

Wen Shi pondered for a moment, “Thieves are cunning. Do you have any clues to provide?”

“The master’s pigments are always stored on the underground floor. You can try checking there,” the butler added, “The maid told me she found several long hairs near the pigment cabinet.”

Wen Shi sighed. The culprit who stole the pigments could only be a monster or a blood bride. Monsters hiding in the walls would undoubtedly be much easier to deal with than blood brides. The presence of long hair indicated it was likely a blood bride.

“Blood bride…”

Wen Shi silently repeated the target’s name.

The butler had other matters to attend to and turned back to the castle after speaking.

In the hall…

The castle master was heading upstairs, and the butler hurried over, “You can rest assured, the thief will be caught…”

The castle master interrupted him, furrowing his brow slightly, “Did you talk to the doctor?”

The butler nodded.

The castle master looked at him deeply, “You’re dirty.”

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