Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Big Factory

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Ji Yuanzhi opened the iron cage at some unknown time.

He not only walked out himself but also put two high-level talismans on the inspector and discovered another set of keys. After that, Ji Yuanzhi released the player from Tu Bianxi’s team who was contaminated and fought against him.

Wen Shi understood the reason behind this move—to plunder the opponents’ Beautiful Soul Elixir.

He calmly suppressed the slight astonishment in his eyes.

What if the Beautiful Soul Elixir was stored in the backpack? Ji Yuanzhi wouldn’t act without certainty. He must have been fully confident. Wen Shi confirmed from this detail that items in the backpack space could also be plundered.

The real bride once secretly acquired a safe for himself, a detail Wen Shi had initially overlooked, but now its significance was crystal clear!

May the kind real bride remain free forever.

In his heart, Wen Shi praised her silently.

Being bold and meticulous could cover many shortcomings, but it could never compensate for combat experience. At that stage, Ji Yuanzhi’s combat experience was far beyond Wen Shi’s reach. He had successfully obtained a vial of Beautiful Soul Elixir as a supply, just as he had hoped.

Ji Yuanzhi locked the transformed player back into the cage.

The Seventh Commandment member just watched without any intention to intervene.

Wen Shi looked at the Beautiful Soul Elixir in Ji Yuanzhi’s hand and then glanced at the transformed player inside the cage. “He chose not to use it?”

“Not that he chose not to, but he couldn’t. This is the original version of the Beautiful Soul Elixir. The first use has the best effect, raising Soul Purity by nearly ten points directly, but it also increases resistance by 45%. The more times you take it, the less effective it becomes.”

That was the most disgusting part. They were new to the factory and had no way of obtaining a higher-grade Beautiful Soul Elixir. They even owed a lot of debts to pass the interview. The side effect of the original version of Beautiful Soul Elixir was permanent resistance, which meant even if they get an improved or enhanced version later, the effects would be greatly reduced.

The only compensation was the cafeteria food, but there was a rule posted at the entrance: dine-in only.

The blood characters on the cloth had faded further. Wen Shi didn’t want the twin sisters to repeat too many times, fearing that they might be sent away before their condition could improve due to insufficient health.

The talismans’ effect wore off, and the inspector didn’t immediately launch a vicious attack. The recovery of memories caused too much damage to him, both mentally and physically.

Ji Yuanzhi came to his side and used the【Hypnosis】skill to further break through the almost collapsed psychological defense of the inspector.

“Is there a type of box in the inspection area? It’s sealed with wooden planks on the outside and has steel walls on the inside.”

While asking questions, Ji Yuanzhi mentioned something that happened not long ago to Wen Shi.

After parting ways with Wen Shi, Ji Yuanzhi’s group split into two teams. Zhou Xiaochun, Zhang Suihe, and Lv Tang went to the first underground floor, while he led Liu Yuan and Liu Yun to explore the second underground floor. There, they found a blood-stained box. The mission required them to explore this box, but as soon as they opened it, a monster jumped out. After a fierce battle, the three of them managed to kill the monster and were simultaneously teleported to the inspection area.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they entered, their Soul Purity plummeted by eight points.

The second underground floor, monster, and the suspicious box.

Wen Shi immediately recalled the incident when he went to Workshop Three and saw the blood dripping from the edges of the crate pushed by Jian Qingrong. It was highly likely that it was the same box that Ji Yuanzhi and his team were exploring.

The inspector muttered intermittently, “Sanatorium… sealed box specially for contaminant source… The technology is not mature yet, and the inner walls will be corroded by the monster’s saliva…”

The inspection area used to be the only organization that could access the sanatorium. They would regularly receive samples from the sanatorium for slicing and testing.

“The sanatorium?” Wen Shi pondered thoughtfully. So, the sealed box on the second underground floor was also from the sanatorium? He directly linked Jian Qingrong and the sanatorium.

That place was highly dangerous. It was intriguing that Jian Qingrong could bring things out from there.

Facing Wen Shi’s subtle change in expression, Ji Yuanzhi raised an eyebrow. They were supposed to be advancing together, but it seemed like Wen Shi always managed to gather more information before him. He might appear as a casual and somewhat unreliable newbie in daily conversations, but Ji Yuanzhi couldn’t let his guard down.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside. Ji Yuanzhi raised his head. “The person you called for might be coming.”

Wen Shi leaned closer to the door and asked, “What about Tu Bianxi?”

“He went out,” Ji Yuanzhi said. “His second skill can confuse people and ghost auras and is related to space.”

“He has such a powerful skill?”

Ji Yuanzhi nodded. “Ghost Wall.”

Soon, Wen Shi couldn’t be astonished anymore and looked outside through the crack in the door.

The lighting in the workspace was sufficient, but within half a meter of the entrance, it was dim.

The teenager stood in that area of alternating light, his milky little goat horns gently glowing. The beautiful and powerful tail tip swayed slightly. Unlike the time when the Gatekeeper Ghost, the inspector didn’t immediately classify the newcomer as a sample. Instead, a strong sense of sacrilege rose in his heart.

Strange. Even as Wen Shi’s vision deteriorated, he could still see the details of the teenager clearly.

What’s your name?

Adam, Jehovah, Raphael…

This was the answer the teenager had given Wen Shi before, always limited to God and the archangels. After silently observing for three seconds, Wen Shi took a deep breath, but those horns and the tail looked like demon traits no matter how one saw them!

After collecting himself, Wen Shi said to Ji Yuanzhi, “Quickly release the Gatekeeper Ghost and let him witness my brother’s prowess.”

The mysterious and unfathomable feeling from earlier vanished. Ji Yuanzhi looked at him deeply. “While others rely on their parents, you rely on your younger brother. Impressive indeed.”

The Gatekeeper Ghost was set free and walked over hesitantly, unsure about the situation.

“Please help me blindfold my Big Brother.”

Suddenly, a mesmerizing voice came from outside. By the time Ji Yuanzhi came to his senses, his hand had already covered Wen Shi’s eyes.

Almost in the instant Wen Shi’s vision was obscured, the teenager disappeared from his original spot and reappeared next to the nearby inspector. His tail pierced straight through the inspector’s chest, bringing out a long string of blood when he withdrew it.

The Gatekeeper Ghost almost lost his eyeballs upon witnessing this scene!

This wasn’t a real killing. The teenager was absorbing the soul.

The inspection area constantly revisited the events of the sealing day. In a way, time had stopped there, and their souls were fresh.

But to outsiders, it was a different story.

Whether it was the Old Man Ghost on Wen Shi’s back or the Gatekeeper Ghost in the cage, their bodies trembled uncontrollably. Ji Yuanzhi’s eyes hidden behind his glasses were no longer calm as before.

Due to the angle, the member of the Seventh Commandment could only hear the swift sound of wind.

Wen Shi had no idea about the slaughter show unfolding before him, obediently blindfolded while having a conversation with the Gatekeeper Ghost.

The offering ritual quest was a specific hint given during the upgrade of the instance. There must be crucial clues here with the Gatekeeper Ghost.

Scared by the teenager, not wanting to become the next victim in the inspection area, the Gatekeeper Ghost was meek like a well-behaved pet, answering all questions willingly.

As Wen Shi tried to gather information, the Gatekeeper Ghost spoke three particularly useful sentences.

“The manager asks me to help move vials of Beautiful Soul Elixir to the dormitory every few months. The manager lives on the seventh floor. Once, I was curious and asked who lived on the eighth floor. The manager scolded me but still answered, saying that it’s the sanatorium staff.

“I also asked if the sanatorium director lived on the eighth floor. The director said he didn’t know and hadn’t met Director Jin in person. They usually communicate over the phone.”

When the Gatekeeper Ghost mentioned Director Jin, he inexplicably shivered, and his voice trembled involuntarily. It was as if this unfamiliar name, known only through others’ words, had the power to kill invisibly.

He subconsciously thought that Wen Shi might also tremble, but the latter had an odd expression and mumbled softly, “I hope he’s not the judge, otherwise, it won’t be favorable for my selection as an outstanding new employee.”

If the other person didn’t live in the dormitory but in the sanatorium, the dormitory plan wouldn’t work, and that could be troublesome.

“!” The manager was dead, and they were trapped in the inspection area with no way out, yet he still had the nerve to think about the outstanding new employee selection!

A demon, an absolute demon.

The real demon was outside, slaughtering ghosts.

There was no smell of blood in the air, but every time a quality inspector disappeared, the dissipating body emitted a pungent seafood smell, just like the odor Wang Wei exuded in the freight elevator. Wen Shi felt nauseous from the stench, further aggravating his already tender stomach.

But the pain helped focus his attention. Wen Shi took the opportunity to analyze the information he had.

The Gatekeeper’s previous words had made him feel strange, actually, this sense of oddity had been there since day one. Something in this factory felt out of place, but he couldn’t pinpoint the reason.

His brain felt rusted. Wen Shi’s eyebrows remained furrowed throughout. Whether it was in the inspection area or when he thought Ji Yuanzhi was fake and wanted to kill him, it felt like he was fixating on a logical fallacy.

The inspection area magnified players’ misconceptions. Could the entire instance be like this?

It might not be as extreme as it was here, but it could still limit people’s thinking.

Once this thought emerged, it couldn’t be stopped. Wen Shi isolated the unwavering facts from entering the instance until the present. He proceeded to scrutinize them one by one from a non-gaming standpoint. All of a sudden, it was as if he had stumbled upon something, and his fingers clenched tightly.

Ji Yuanzhi noticed the change in Wen Shi but didn’t have a chance to ask as the teenager, who had almost slaughtered the entire inspection area, approached them and pushed open the half-closed door to the sample area.

Ji Yuanzhi let go of Wen Shi’s hand.

The workspace was now empty, with only the machines in operation, as if the previous scene of everyone working overtime was just an illusion.

“Big Brother, they wanted to kill me, so I fought back a little.”

Ji Yuanzhi, the Old Man Ghost, and the Gatekeeper Ghost: “……”

Wow, so the purpose of blindfolding was to conveniently make up stories now?

Surprisingly, Wen Shi seemed to believe it. He looked very worried as he examined the teenager from top to bottom. “Are you alright?”

The game surprisingly condoned this kind of killing. He worried about possible repercussions.

It was the first time the teenager had been regarded with such caring eyes, making him nervously stumble over his words. “I’m fine.” He glanced cautiously at Wen Shi, ensuring that there was no trace of fear about his appearance in the faint pupils.

Wen Shi even praised, “The horns do look better than the aperture.”

It was his personal aesthetic opinion, and he genuinely believed it from the bottom of his heart.

“Big Brother will have… ears too.”

“Huh?” Wen Shi didn’t hear what he said clearly.

The teenager suddenly sighed, “I was hoping to see how my Big Brother looks all dressed up.”

Dressed up? What does that mean?

“Unfortunately, the entity that saved me is guiding me to a place,” the teenager squinted his captivating eyes, “he seems to want to use me to deal with something very delicious and nourishing.”

He wanted to inform Wen Shi of the specific location, but he was restricted.

A place? Wen Shi asked, “The sanatorium?”

The teenager smiled in response. The game’s enforced intervention actually made Wen Shi more convinced of the answer.

Wen Shi suddenly asked, “Someone who hides their intentions well, but quickly develops a positive feeling towards someone–who does this suggest?”

As the entire inspection area was about to turn completely black and white, the teenager’s horns still shimmered with a pure luster. He leisurely wiped the blood drops from the tip of his tail.

“On the road, there’s a flower. It’s very beautiful, so you like it. When you encounter a small animal for the first time, you’re intrigued by its novelty and grow fond of it. However, would you be willing to sacrifice your life for either the flower or the small animal?”

Wen Shi understood what he meant. Once you hit a certain point, liking someone was easy but also limited.

“If a hundred percent is everything, the important part isn’t the ninety-nine percent.” The teenager glanced at the Gatekeeper Ghost.

The Gatekeeper Ghost went from trembling to falling into fascination and obedience… Master, I am your dog!

Ignoring the Gatekeeper Ghost’s surrender, the teenager continued, “It’s the one percent the other person keeps.”

Received that mere one percent, transformed this neutral liking into a readiness to devote one’s soul, and that was when it became intriguing.

【Protect my Big Brother.】

He gave a command to the Gatekeeper Ghost.

After saying that, the teenager smiled innocently, shook his beautiful tail tip at Wen Shi, and disappeared from the spot.

This time, there was no need to tick a checkbox in the booklet separately. The prompt sounded:

【Diligent Night Shift Security Guard, congratulations on completing the sleepwalking patrol. As you are not the first to complete the patrol point, you won’t receive a piece of paper scrap.】

The first person to leave here was Tu Bianxi, but instead of feeling discouraged upon hearing this, Wen Shi’s smile at the corners of his eyes deepened.

Ji Yuanzhi quickly released Liu Yuan and Liu Yun from the cage. They were still not fully awake, mumbling, “Meat, meat.”

The Seventh Commandment member had originally kept a trump card to deal with Wen Shi. He planned to wait until he strengthened his wrong beliefs and then release the【Boost】. However, he didn’t anticipate the sudden appearance of the persuasive teenager.

Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. The Seventh Commandment member showed a sinister smile and mouthed to Wen Shi, “We’ll meet again soon.”

In an instant, the world plunged into darkness. After a dizzying moment, the smell of seafood in the air turned into the scent of dust, and spiderwebs covered the ceiling.

In the deserted inspection area, a shadow of a monster flashed by. It was a lost soul of an inspector who had managed to escape the teenager’s killing spree. He leaped to the other end, and pieces of decaying flesh fell to Wen Shi’s feet.

Wen Shi remembered that before entering the inspection area, there was also a monster provoking him on the stairs, and pieces of rotting flesh fell to his feet as well.

It felt like time was rewinding.

Both sides stared at each other for a few seconds before the monster ran deep into the inspection area, disappearing from sight.


Wen Shi snapped out of it and saw Ji Yuanzhi having to tie up the hands of the twins. “We need to take them to the cafeteria as soon as possible.”

The cafeteria food was more effective than the Beautiful Soul Elixir.

Wen Shi found a cart and directly placed the twins on it. He started rushing through the corridor, unable to take the stairs with the cart. He chose the gentle slope used for transporting goods. As he went down, he managed not to tip over the cart. He could even run while asking, “How many checkpoints did you patrol?”

“Including the inspection area, a total of two,” came the reply.

Wen Shi: “I also did two.”

Ji Yuanzhi called Zhou Xiaochun and asked the same question. It took a while for the call to be answered, and the response came weakly, “T-two. Lv Tang couldn’t hold on. We are heading to the cafeteria now. Our legs are weak.”

Everyone’s health was not in a good condition. Ji Yuanzhi looked at Wen Shi running ahead with the cart. What shocked him the most was that this person dared to turn his back to him.

Ji Yuanzhi was increasingly unable to figure him out.

Before the end of the night shift, each team needed to complete a certain number of checkpoints. Any team with incomplete patrols would have members eliminated. This rule was not without loopholes. The game required that players with the most checkpoints patrolled could not be eliminated. If everyone had patrolled a similar number of checkpoints, then there would be no eliminations.

Of course, there was no guarantee of the game’s judgment criteria. After each patrol, the prompt would add an adjective: “Diligent night shift security guard.” How to distinguish between diligent and negligent, and what punishment negligence would incur, were all unknowns.

Fortunately, the small booklet did not explicitly state that leaving during duty hours was not allowed, so at worst, they might receive the label of negligence, have their pay deducted for that night, but not face death penalty.

Ahead, Wen Shi struggled to focus his sight. “Time check.”

The Gatekeeper Ghost replied, “Quarter past three in the morning.”

The worst thing happened. After leaving the inspection area, the internal and external time became synchronized.



During their running, eerie laughter seemed to come from nowhere.



Mixed sounds of joy and sorrow echoed from all directions. Wen Shi, who already had a headache, frowned at this chaotic scene.

Suddenly, faces of various forms appeared around him, magnified and rotating. However, these ghostly faces didn’t attack Wen Shi. They just formed a flowing wall, moving back and forth.

Wen Shi recognized some of these faces and stopped, coldly sneering, “Tu Bianxi.”

The bracelet that Tu Bianxi wore tonight was composed of terrifying little heads, leaving Wen Shi with an extremely ominous feeling back then. Even though his memory was declining now, he could still recall it immediately.

He told Ji Yuanzhi, “You take the twins and retreat.”

These two couldn’t afford any more delays.

Ji Yuanzhi looked at him with some surprise.

The broadcast was almost saying that it was okay to take action against the mastermind who murdered the factory manager. Tu Bianxi would undoubtedly show no mercy. At this critical moment, he surprisingly didn’t seek help.

Wen Shi had been observing Ji Yuanzhi’s expression and received satisfactory feedback. He calmly withdrew his gaze.

All along the way, he had been dismantling the other’s sense of vigilance.

One, Wen Shi was sure that this selfless act of saving someone would make Ji Yuanzhi lower his guard, just like improving favorability. One day, he would find an opportunity to figure out how Ji Yuanzhi acquired the critical information point “Eighty-two.” Another reason was that Wen Shi didn’t intend to be a lone wolf. The twins were not bad people, and he believed they would remember this lifesaving grace. With their help, he would be safer navigating the virtual world.

But the most crucial point was that Wen Shi had already figured out how to kill Tu Bianxi.

This mad dog had been biting at him ever since entering the game. It was time to deal with him.

“Don’t waste time. I still have two ghosts with me. I can handle them.”

Ji Yuanzhi pondered for a moment and agreed, “Okay, then take care of yourself.”

If they were hindered by the Ghost Wall, it would be more troublesome for the twins to completely transform. They couldn’t kill players, even in the transformed state.

Ji Yuanzhi was about to leave.

On the first attempt of pushing the cart, the wheels of the cart didn’t cooperate It turned in place, failing to move.


He glanced deeply at Wen Shi, exerted more force, and on the second try, the cart smoothly moved forward.

Tu Bianxi wanted as few helpers for Wen Shi as possible, so he naturally didn’t stop Ji Yuanzhi from leaving.

The administrator and his son were waiting not far from the inspection area, considering whether to take the opportunity to attack Wen Shi since he wasn’t with that terrifying teenager.

Several hours had passed, and their strength had greatly increased since their first encounter with Wen Shi. However, when they saw the two ghosts following him, they gave up on the idea and returned to the archives room.

Wen Shi was completely surrounded by the Ghost Wall.

He was now very weak, having run for so long. His body trembled, and when Wen Shi rolled up his sleeves to check, he saw fresh blood oozing out from the cut on his arm due to the cart incident.

His HP was down to eighty-three.

After the Gatekeeper Ghost was tamed by the teenager, he offered assistance, “I need some time to find the source.”

The faces kept changing constantly, and the intermingling of human and ghost auras made it very troublesome.

In fact, the Gatekeeper Ghost was very powerful, but more like a passive skill. He could only take action if Tu Bianxi actively offered a sacrifice, and only when the offering was insufficient.

Wen Shi speculated that Tu Bianxi’s plan was to trap him, consume time, and then, when his condition was extremely poor, use the【Puppetry】skill to infiltrate his consciousness.

If they weren’t in opposing positions, Wen Shi would have applauded for his well-crafted and flawless plan.

“Let’s talk.”

Wen Shi looked up, facing the sea of faces, and said straightforwardly, “How about a collaboration?”

This statement sounded fake, inadvertently becoming the side that showed weakness first.

Wen Shi wanted the other side to heighten their suspicion to its peak before gradually lowering it.

“Big Factory is the prerequisite of the 3S instance.”

Among the over a hundred alternating faces, Tu Bianxi controlled his expression changes, but inwardly, he tensed up. Although he had guessed it earlier, hearing it again was another matter.

“Big Factory is not the focus. The focus is on the sanatorium,” Wen Shi said solemnly. “You should know how crucial the exploration of the sanatorium is without me telling you.”

Tu Bianxi also had a similar guess. The danger of the sanatorium had been emphasized during the instance upgrade.

“I need a way to get to the sanatorium. We can make a trade.”

Tu Bianxi remained unmoved for the time being. With the successful use of his【Puppetry】skill, he could get what he wanted from Wen Shi.

Wen Shi seemed to know what he was thinking. “The Gatekeeper Ghost can’t directly attack you, but I can command it to shake people.”

Unlike the iron cage in the inspection area, the Gatekeeper Ghost could easily navigate through Ghost Wall.

Tu Bianxi hesitated briefly, but only for a few seconds. In his view, if the over a hundred sixth floor residents could be directed to commit murder, the instance would have become a bloodbath long ago. These ghosts were the same. Unless they truly entered the other party’s territory or triggered certain conditions, they couldn’t harm him.

Wen Shi: “Alright then, let’s stall. Your【Puppetry】skill may not always succeed, and my younger brother is currently trapped somewhere. If he manages to escape, all your efforts will be in vain.”

Tu Bianxi, with his deep cunning, immediately sensed the bluster in his words.

However, Pei Wenwei was right. If his skill failed to take control of the other person, it would be extremely difficult to check other patrol points for clues.

Since it was a preliminary instance, once successfully entering the sanatorium, he would undoubtedly obtain useful information.

Over a hundred faces opened their mouths simultaneously, and Tu Bianxi finally showed some interest. “Give me the clues you have on you, and I’ll let you go.”

Wen Shi: “Let’s make a trade.”

The two remained deadlocked for five minutes. Wen Shi’s stomach ache became unbearable. Half-bent, he chose to compromise first. “Two vials of Beautiful Soul Elixir and a contract item to ensure my personal safety.”

“I only have one vial left.”

“Then, one vial will do.”

“Fine.” This time, Tu Bianxi didn’t hesitate.

“Player 372543 uses the【Scroll of Good Faith】. Are you willing to proceed with the contract?”

“Yes.” Wen Shi immediately made his demands. “Before the end of the night shift, Player 372543 cannot inflict any form of harm or imprisonment on me, and cannot use the【Puppetry】skill on me.”

Over a hundred faces echoed in unison, “Addition: on the condition that the other party doesn’t initiate aggression first.”

Wen Shi added, “Additionally, Player 372543 cannot conspire with teammates against me.”

“Additionally, the other party cannot fabricate evidence, command ghosts or any other senior employees to cause trouble for me.”


“Reminder: The【Scroll of Good Faith】can include a maximum of ten subsidiary clauses.”

Tu Bianxi added another scroll, and both parties further refined their terms.

The Gatekeeper Ghost watched helplessly as they spent nearly ten minutes adding over a hundred detailed provisions. The fragility of human trust was as thin as a piece of paper.

After another two minutes, Wen Shi’s eyes were blurred with gold specks as he finally completed the contract.

He handed over the【Paper Scrap】to Tu Bianxi.

Surprisingly, Tu Bianxi knew about his hidden stash and said, “The employee badge.”

Wen Shi pretended not to know, “What employee badge?”

Tu Bianxi sneered, “Don’t play dumb. I’ve clocked in at the inspection area and know what the first patroller receives specifically.”

Even though he already had one employee badge, he wouldn’t let the other team keep theirs.

Without the item, they couldn’t successfully blend in with the morning shift, meaning they lost the qualification to go to the sanatorium unless the other team managed to complete another checkpoint in the remaining half-hour.

In the summer heat, the temperature in Workshop Three had dropped to almost below twenty degrees, indicating a rapid increase in the strength of ghosts and monsters in the factory.

Unless the other party possessed extraordinary abilities, it was impossible to continue patrolling.

Wen Shi furrowed his brow and reluctantly took out the official employee badge obtained from patrolling the archives room. Tu Bianxi took it from him and, as if throwing away garbage, discarded the Beautiful Soul Elixir on the ground and withdrew the Ghost Wall.

For some reason, despite gaining the upper hand and getting what he wanted, Tu Bianxi couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

It seemed a bit… too smooth.

However, as he looked up, he saw the young man’s emaciated figure covered in bloodstains. Wen Shi hastened his steps, occasionally looking back as if worried that the other party might pull some tricks, appearing more uneasy than Tu Bianxi.

“Seems like I overthought it.”

Only then did Tu Bianxi completely let go of his guard and dispel the earlier suspicion.

The two didn’t walk the same path. Wen Shi appeared genuinely cautious of Tu Bianxi, planning to exit through the back door, quickly putting some distance between them.

The Gatekeeper Ghost looked at Wen Shi, unable to understand how this person, who tricked the ghost into the inspection area by offering nothing, could seem so compromising.

Wen Shi showed no signs of abnormality on his face and had no ill intentions in his heart. He quietly opened the Beautiful Soul Elixir and used it.

Tu Bianxi tossed a Beautiful Soul Elixir to Wen Shi, who returned a poisoned apple in return. Following Jian Qingrong’s words, he considered it a funeral condolence money.

【Soul Purity+10, Drug Resistance+45%.】

Before relaxing due to the purity increase, Wen Shi’s vision became even blurrier. Everything he saw had black spots, and the overhead light was flickering. Soon after, the entire factory plunged into darkness.

Wen Shi took three seconds to realize that it wasn’t the factory going dark, but that he had gone blind.

The makeshift protective suit couldn’t effectively prevent the decline of his physical abilities. Veteran players had items to resist contaminants, but Wen Shi couldn’t buy such rare goods even with his points.

He hurriedly tried to check his attribute panel and finally breathed a sigh of relief when he confirmed that he could only not see external things.

Not being able to see his stats would be the real trouble.

Just as Wen Shi was about to close the attribute panel, he accidentally noticed the skills section. His body tensed up suddenly, as he was unaware that the skills had quietly been updated.

【Skill: I Am Who I Am

Companion Skills: One Strike Flattens All; Living and Dreaming in a Drunken Reverie

Note: Since the current game has not ended, only the beginner level of Living and Dreaming in a Drunken Reverie is unlocked—Cat’s Temptation

In this state, the required points for a single use are 300 points, and it lasts for 30 minutes. After use, Agility +5, Night Vision +20】

This Living and Dreaming in a Drunken Reverie must have come from the teenager.

Wen Shi’s focus was only on the last ability: Night Vision.

He truly was a lucky boy. He wanted a nap, and someone immediately threw him a pillow.

Without hesitation, Wen Shi chose to use the ability right away.

“Do you want to spend 300 points to use the beginner’s version of Living and Dreaming in a Drunken Reverie—Cat’s Temptation?”

The name sounded more and more ridiculous to Wen Shi. “Yes.”

As he spoke, he felt his head itching, as if something was coming out. Even his coccyx felt itchy.

“You’ve grown ears,” said the Gatekeeper Ghost.

Taken aback, Wen Shi quickly reached for his ear, but the place where human ears should be was empty. Instead, his hair had grown longer, and his already delicate and noble facial features looked even better with the long hair.

Cat’s Temptation? Could it be… He touched the top of his head and felt something soft and moving. Two cat ears gently nestled in his palm. Behind him, a smooth, long tail emerged through the loose coveralls and innocently shook.

In his uneasy mood, the tail instinctively hooked onto the nearby iron railing, as if seeking some kind of security.

Wen Shi: “?”

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