Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Big Factory

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Upon activating the skill, Wen Shi’s body twitched, accidentally throwing the Old Man Ghost to the ground.

He couldn’t pay attention to the opponent’s strange behavior and just wanted to curse. However, before that happened, Wen Shi took him into the Ghost Box first.

Wen Shi quickly accepted the game’s oddities, but at this moment…

He grabbed his tail and looked at it, feeling uncomfortable due to the tingling sensation that extended from its tip.

After studying on his own for a while, Wen Shi thought about hiding his tail in his clothes. Eventually, he chose to use the clothes as a cover since his makeshift protective suit was already ruined. He removed the heavy burden, and luckily, the upper part of his outfit was loose enough to allow his tail to rest inside comfortably.

Taking almost a minute to accept reality, Wen Shi let out a sigh and decided to embrace the change.

He should have known earlier that good things didn’t come easy. Thankfully, the transformation lasted only thirty minutes, and it was nighttime, so not many people would witness his current appearance.

Wen Shi tried to observe the surrounding scenery.

Because of their super dynamic vision and night vision ability, cats could see many things that humans couldn’t, often earning them an ominous reputation.

Whether these things were true in reality or not, in the game, Wen Shi with his transformed body indeed became very sharp. He could sense many inconspicuous corners in the workshop emitting an unfriendly aura.

“Get closer,” Wen Shi requested urgently, sensing the danger.

The Gatekeeper Ghost approached, and the eerie feeling made his tail twitch involuntarily. Wen Shi’s forehead skipped a beat, “Stay away from me.”

The Gatekeeper Ghost took a few steps back.

The two of them maintained a creepy distance as they moved forward.

A monster in the distance was feasting on the corpses of players left by the chef in an iron bucket. Wen Shi could only see a vague mass.

His night vision ability increased by twenty, like a severely nearsighted person without glasses, but better than being completely blind as he could at least perceive light. Wen Shi’s balance also improved somewhat, and he no longer staggered while walking.

The Gatekeeper Ghost was non-corporeal, so communication solely through its mouth was inconvenient. The frail and heavily sinister aura of the Old Man Ghost made Wen Shi reluctant to touch him, so he needed a cane. It would not only help him walk but also serve as a weapon.

Gritting his teeth, he let blood out to summon the Wandering Corpse. Although it was also an evil entity, the Wandering Corpse had absorbed much of Wen Shi’s blood, making it less eerie than other monsters.

The diminishing health made Wen Shi even weaker.

“Hold on a little longer.”

After four o’clock, past the night shift, the potion should start working again.

“Are there any signs of living beings nearby?”

Wen Shi worried that there might have been oversights in the signing agreement as Tu Bianxi set an ambush in the shadows.

The Gatekeeper Ghost replied uncertainly, “There seems to be, but we should hurry and leave.”

With him around, they could deter most monsters.

Wen Shi supported himself with the Wandering Corpse’s arm and continued walking toward the back door.

The area around the freight elevator had the poorest lighting, so Wen Shi carefully avoided the patrol points marked in the booklet. Halfway through, the lights on the ceiling flickered, and dark figures loomed over the light tubes. It felt like a chilling breeze swept past him.

Wen Shi’s eyelids twitched. “What was that?”

However, the Gatekeeper Ghost didn’t answer.

Wen Shi called out two more times, and the flickering of the lights became more intense.

Wen Shi trusted the teenager’s abilities, trusting that the Gatekeeper Ghost wouldn’t betray him unless some other unforeseen situation arose.

In a situation where his hearing and vision were impaired, the Wandering Corpse became his only reliance.

Wen Shi subconsciously gripped the Wandering Corpse’s arm even tighter.

The chilly aura surrounded them from all directions. The increased sensitivity caused his tail to fluff up.

Strangely, the Wandering Corpse’s aura partially numbed some of his senses. Wen Shi found himself enveloped by this aura, and the sensation of his fluffed-up tail subsided.

… It felt so comfortable.

Unable to resist, Wen Shi moved closer.

In the darkness, pale fingertips lightly brushed the tip of his tail.

It was just an inadvertent touch, but it immediately set off Wen Shi’s radar.

Something was off.

Something was off!

Wen Shi’s sense of smell hadn’t been greatly affected, and normally, the Wandering Corpse emitted a faint sweet fragrance after nurturing the mutated pomegranate flower seeds. However, at such a close distance, the body he was relying on seemed to lack that fragrance.

Wen Shi couldn’t be too certain, as his body’s functions were on the brink of deterioration.

… Let’s give it a try.

Pretending nothing happened, Wen Shi continued to lean against the presence beside him, putting on an uneasy expression, “What’s wrong?”

During the conversation, his seductive cat tail swayed left and right, seemingly seeking comfort. The tail was highly flexible, curling around and sliding up and down, brushing against this and then that, like an unknown feather wandering on the body, causing indescribable itchiness until it touched a certain sensitive spot of the person nearby.

The unexpected guest’s eyes revealed a hint of amusement, instantly caught off guard by the situation.

Wen Shi casually swept his tail twice, then wrapped it around the person’s waist. “Why aren’t you answering me?”

Some clues had already been discerned in the center of his mind.

The Wandering Corpse was lifeless and wouldn’t respond to physical contact.

What kind of creature was this beside him? Not only was the body icy cold, but there was also an obvious unnatural reaction in a certain area.

… Possessing intellect, yet remaining silent, guiding too much.

With multiple factors stacking up, Wen Shi had a bold guess.

He was naturally good at acting. He tapped his own head with a finger, showing a pained expression.

“I hear a lot of noise, and my memory is also declining. From now on, remind me every fifteen minutes,” Wen Shi said weakly, “My name is Aaron, and I urgently need Beautiful Soul Elixir. I came to work the night shift today to earn extra money. I’m a worker in Workshop One, and I used to live in Room 401. Jian Qingrong is my friend…”

Wen Shi’s words subtly hinted at his desire for Beautiful Soul Elixir, gambling that the other person had seen him in a confrontation with Tu Bianxi and picking up Beautiful Soul Elixir.

Originally, he didn’t have to endure this humiliation. He could have bought it with money until he gave all his silver coins to someone else.

【Warning, Jian Qingrong’s favorability towards you +3.】

“……” The cat’s ears stood up in anger, as if it wanted to raise a middle finger.

Bastard, I knew it was you!

A pair of large hands hovered over Wen Shi’s head. Jian Qingrong hesitated for a moment, restraining the impulse to touch those ears.

Since the rise of Beautiful Soul Elixir, various human transformations occurred, but he had never seen someone capable of turning into an animal. It seemed like the genetic transformation wasn’t solely caused by the Beautiful Soul Elixir.

Then there was the walking corpse that followed the other’s commands, possessing high research value.

Jian Qingrong should have focused on these matters, but his gaze kept uncontrollably shifting towards the cat ears.

Wen Shi consciously adjusted his breathing patterns. The road wasn’t overly lengthy, but it stretched seemingly without end. He wasn’t certain of Jian Qingrong’s intention. If killing him was the sole purpose, there was no reason for such a delay. Realizing this, Wen Shi relaxed his muscles, held his breath, and followed him forward.

The cat-eared young man walked quietly beside him, his tail curling around his arm from his waist. This action seemed to create a feeling of reliance, and Jian Qingrong couldn’t resist this closeness.

He could clearly see the blood oozing from the wound on the other’s back, staining the overalls. In Wen Shi’s cat-transformed state, it added a kind of poignant beauty.

Not knowing how long they had walked, Wen Shi felt the air flow speed up, indicating that they were nearing the exit.

The heavy iron door was pushed open in an instant, and a cacophony of sounds entered his ears.

Screams, chases, running… outside was just as chaotic as inside the workshop, if not worse.

Amidst the chaos, the broadcasts on both sides of the road played:

“The health examination report for last month is out. Employees who were detected with contaminated status are requested to follow the sanatorium staff for re-examination.”

“Pollution warning! According to the latest monitoring, tomorrow’s air pollution index will reach a record high. All staff members, please take defensive measures.”

“Don’t panic, you can always trust the sanatorium.”

Wen Shi had heard the last sentence more than once, and every time, he felt the indescribable irony behind it.

The emotional delivery of the broadcaster did little to provide comfort.

Evidently, many senior employees were unwilling to cooperate, or else it wouldn’t be so noisy. Unfortunately, they were no match for the sanatorium staff and were quickly taken away. Especially those forcefully dragged from the dormitory buildings farther away, shouting, “We’ve been taking Beautiful Soul Elixir regularly. It’s impossible for us to be infected!”

Just as he was about to call to check on the residents on his floor, he heard the ruthless prompt:

【Notification, all residents on the fourth floor have abnormal health examination reports and are being detained to the sanatorium. You will temporarily lose your dormitory supervisor status.】

Wen Shi secretly thought, isn’t Jian Qingrong still next to him? A person was still a person. It was too much to be stripped of dormitory supervisor position without proper authority.

As soon as this thought emerged, a strong dizziness hit his head, and his slender and slippery tail behind him drooped weakly. He felt as if he had touched empty space for a second, like a blind person searching for a cane. Subconsciously, Wen Shi reached out to feel for support.

At the same moment, his ears were gently touched.

All the noise fell silent for an instant, and the few seconds of contact made Wen Shi tense up.

The dizziness continued to intensify, causing Wen Shi’s reactions to slow down. As a precaution, he took out the electric baton for self-defense.

The sense of imbalance lasted for about a minute. As the dizziness gradually subsided, a faint sweetness filled the air with the gentle breeze. Wen Shi knew that the Wandering Corpse was back by his side.

“Wandering Corpse?” His throat was slightly dry, and he struggled to regain his voice, “If it’s you, make a squeak.”


“Are you alright?” Faced with Wen Shi’s unusual behavior, the Gatekeeper Ghost asked with some concern.

Wen Shi’s skin was crawling, “Where were you just now when I came out?”

The Gatekeeper Ghost’s faint voice came from behind, sounding a bit puzzled, “I showed you the way.”

Wen Shi frowned, could it all have been an illusion?

No, driven by the game’s sinister humor, every illusion in the instance felt like a trap, leading players to do dangerous things. He couldn’t have safely walked out of the workshop door in the illusion. Wen Shi firmly believed that the Gatekeeper Ghost’s memories had been tampered with.

He turned to the Wandering Corpse and asked, “Are you sure you’ve been with me all this time?”

The Wandering Corpse replied with three words, “Not entirely certain.”

Wen Shi’s gaze darkened. He suspected that Jian Qingrong could only alter the memories of the Big Factory’s employees and couldn’t tamper with the Wandering Corpse’s memories.

“I haven’t been contaminated!” The resentful roar echoed in the street, interrupting his contemplation.

Seeing the sanatorium staff arresting people, Wen Shi could only retreat back to Workshop Three’s door, clinging to the door frame, occasionally sticking his head out to observe the situation outside.

The moonlight tonight wasn’t bright enough, and in the darkness, no one noticed a ‘cat’ perched on the door frame.

It took about ten minutes before the commotion outside finally came to a halt.

Wen Shi’s heart was pounding intensely. It would be around four in the morning soon. According to the task prompt, there was a risk of sudden death at this time.

His health points were down to a little over seventy, and barring any surprises, it should be enough to make it through.

“Keep a close eye on the surroundings,” Wen Shi told the Gatekeeper Ghost, while summoning The Old Man Ghost again.

However, this time, he specifically requested the latter not to cling to his back.

The Old Man Ghost seemed a little aggrieved. In his life, he had difficulty walking and was always carried up and down the stairs by his son. He never expected that after death, no one would take care of him.

“What’s with that tail of yours…”

Wen Shi cut him off with a stern question, “Do you want to die?”

The Old Man Ghost shut up obediently on the surface, but in his heart, he cursed Jian Qingrong as a vile person. While others might hang out with shady companions, this prodigal son had actually befriended a fierce and inhumane person who enjoyed cutting things.

Wen Shi squinted and tried to focus on the time gate on his phone. When there were only three minutes left, he almost held his breath and kept a vigilant eye on his surroundings.

Three minutes, two minutes, one minute…

Just when it was about to enter the countdown of less than sixty seconds, several dark figures pounced on the plastic pipe. The chef’s limited supply of corpse-filled iron buckets didn’t satiate these monsters. Despite having two ghosts guarding him, some creatures were still overwhelmed by hunger and lost their rationality. As Wen Shi prepared to run away, hungry wolves rushed towards him like they were attacking prey.

Wen Shi swung the electric baton to drive away a nearby creature, while the Gatekeeper Ghost and the Old Man Ghost blocked several others.

A sanatorium staff member in the distance seemed to hear the commotion and turned his head to look. Wen Shi quickly closed the door, obstructing any prying eyes.

Ten seconds, nine seconds… the electric baton smashed into the foul-smelling liquid, causing a nauseating stench.

Wen Shi silently counted the time, feeling dizzy and about to vomit, when finally, the time gate arrived!

At four in the morning, the mechanical sound of the game announced:

“Congratulations on completing the night shift patrol task. During this mission, you were absent for less than half an hour, barely qualifying as a competent night shift security guard.”

In Wen Shi’s hopeful mood, the game didn’t provide any extra rewards.

“Due to your absence, overtime pay for this night shift will be deducted.”

Damn exploitative capitalist!

The heartless prompt continued:

“Patrol is over. Please leave the workshop door as soon as possible.”

Without needing to be told, Wen Shi didn’t want to stay a second longer.

“Let’s go.”

Reminding the others not to linger in the fight, he pushed the door open again and rushed out, with the two ghosts covering his retreat.

The sanatorium staff had already gone far away. Wen Shi swallowed several bottles of potions in succession to restore his health.

Running, his vision gradually recovered. The night wind whistled past his ears, stinging his cheeks. Workshop Three was close to the cafeteria. When Wen Shi rushed over, he saw several figures fighting fiercely at the cafeteria entrance.

Outside the cafeteria, a red lantern was lit every night. Under the red glow, the doll-faced girl clapped her hands, and the crows on the treetops all flew toward Ji Yuanzhi, disrupting his vision.

Seizing the opportunity, Tu Bianxi used【Ghost Wall】, a powerful skill that came at a certain cost with each use. Points were just one of the less significant costs. Tu Bianxi’s skin cracked from his eyes to his mouth, transforming into a real ghost face.

“The shuttle is about to depart. Grab your employee badge!” Zhou Xiaochun was the first to notice Wen Shi rushing in and asked him to join in to help.

Wen Shi didn’t hesitate, using his tail to drive away the crows.

“……” Whether they were allies or members of Tu Bianxi’s team, they all stood in shock.

Wen Shi took the opportunity to grab the doll-faced girl’s arm and pulled her, causing her to stumble and fall towards Ji Yuanzhi.

Zhou Xiaochun wasn’t good at fighting and stood back to back with Wen Shi. “Brother, what kind of cosplay is this?”

Wen Shi didn’t explain and asked, “Where’s Lv Tang?”

“He’s badly injured. He’s recovering with healing potions.”

Potions weren’t all-powerful. They could raise one’s health, but if the health points dropped below sixty and the injuries were severe, full recovery required time.

Wen Shi hadn’t experienced this yet. His HP only dropped below sixty once when he was impaled by a scepter. Back then, due to the completion of an advanced mission, all damage within the mission was negated, so he recovered quickly.

Tu Bianxi wasn’t in the mood to fight with them as he clearly prepared to retreat.

Zhang Suihe was no longer going with the flow like he usually did when slacking off and said coldly, “Either leave at least two employee badges behind, or no one leaves.”

Looking from here, one could vaguely see two buses parked at the gate, one of which had just departed, taking away the struggling residents of the fourth floor.

Both buses were bound for the sanatorium, and the other one was still parked there with senior employees heading towards it. From a distance, they couldn’t see much, but from their silhouettes when boarding, they could sense that they were willingly going up, showing a clear difference from the residents who were desperate to leave earlier.

The Gatekeeper Ghost explained voluntarily, “One bus is specifically for transporting sources of contamination, which might be cleared at the sanatorium. The other one is a shuttle bus for employees who voluntarily donated blood for a medical examination. Sometimes, the sanatorium rewards them with Beautiful Soul Elixir as an incentive.”

It was a clear difference in treatment.

Before, the Gatekeeper Ghost couldn’t reveal so much information, but the moment he saw the shuttle bus, he could say more.

Tu Bianxi spared no expense. He took off five small human heads from his bracelet, and immediately sent out five humanoid ghosts to block Wen Shi and the others’ path.

He, along with the Seventh Commandment member and two other players, rushed towards the entrance.

Based on the information Tu Bianxi had, to prevent employees from slacking off during the day, Big Factory only allowed personal matters to be dealt with during the night shift, and the shuttle bus would leave at 4:20 every night.

It was already 4:15.

Under the cover of darkness, one group ran, and another group chased.

With the enhancement of his transformation, Wen Shi’s running speed was almost on par with Ji Yuanzhi’s. The intention of his tail was to pat Ji Yuanzhi’s back, but as he ran, Ji Yuanzhi’s body leaned forward, causing Wen Shi to pat the junction of his waist and buttocks.

Ji Yuanzhi looked back at him with a complex expression.


Dad, let me explain.

Zhou Xiaochun helplessly said, “Please, could you not make unethical mistakes at this time?”

Now was the crucial moment that would decide whether they could board the shuttle bus!

Wen Shi’s pair of entwined eyes made him look eerie at this moment. He slightly shook his head towards Ji Yuanzhi. The latter seemed to understand some kind of implication from him and accelerated once again, his gaze showing a hint of contemplation.

There were two minutes left until the shuttle bus departure time.

The human-faced ghosts stood like a wall, blocking the path between the two parties. However, in the next moment, the human-faced ghosts saw countless illusions as Ji Yuanzhi activated the skill【Hallucination】maneuvering behind Tu Bianxi.

“Damn it!” Tu Bianxi’s face turned unpleasant as he tore off another humanoid head, further widening the wound on his face.

Only the front door could accommodate passengers. The driver stared coldly at Tu Bianxi, whose face was covered in blood.

Tu Bianxi promptly presented his official employee work badge, and only then did the driver nod and allow him to board.

Ji Yuanzhi seemed to want to get on the bus too, but he was stuck between Tu Bianxi and the doll-faced girl. With the interference of the ghost and the crows, he had no way to break free.

Behind them, Wen Shi and the others were still being blocked by the human-faced ghost.

The member of the Seventh Commandment used the skill【Pressure】.

“The shuttle bus will depart promptly at 4:20. There is one minute left. Passengers who haven’t boarded yet, please get on board in time. Passengers inside the bus, please fasten your seat belts.” A sweet female voice automatically made the announcement.

“Don’t let him board!” Tu Bianxi’s tone was fierce, disregarding the wounds on his face, determined to prevent Ji Yuanzhi from getting on the shuttle bus.

The opponent also had an employee badge, and once he got on, the driver wouldn’t stop him.

Knowing Ji Yuanzhi was a big trouble, the doll-faced girl clenched her teeth and directly used the A-level item【Phonograph】.

With perfect coordination, all the humanoid heads from Tu Bianxi’s hand string flew onto the phonograph, briefly merging into it. As the phonograph played, the roars of countless vengeful spirits almost pierced their eardrums.

The soundwave made Ji Yuanzhi take a step back, but the doll-faced girl was not affected by her own item. She took the opportunity to pull the other two members and boarded the bus.

The bus door closed tightly, leaving no gap.

The driver gently stepped on the accelerator, and the bus slowly moved, leaving Ji Yuanzhi outside the door.

The doll-faced girl leaned on the handrail, panting. “It’s done, we succeeded.”

Ji Yuanzhi and the others would have to wait another night if they wanted to board the bus again.

When she looked up excitedly, she didn’t see any satisfaction or triumph in Tu Bianxi’s face. He even seemed somewhat agitated, constantly rubbing his fingers on the handrail.

“It was too easy.”

Tu Bianxi felt Ji Yuanzhi shouldn’t have been defenseless when his teammate used the【Phonograph】.


The member of Seventh Commandment didn’t notice Tu Bianxi’s unusual expression as he was busy finding seats with another player.

Not having paid attention to the passengers inside the bus earlier due to the time gate, they now realized that all of them wore the same expression—pale and lifeless, staring fixedly at the few latecomers.

The member skilled in emotional control couldn’t help but shiver.


Big Factory.

Brushing off the feathers shed by the crows, Zhou Xiaochun even found a bird dropping on his shoulder, cursing his bad luck. The thought of missing the shuttle bus and having to wait another day made his head throb. He couldn’t handle working the night shift for another day.

Liu Yuan and Liu Yun recovered faster than Lv Tang. They had joined forces earlier, and Liu Yun, as the more mature Big Sis, thanked Wen Shi, “If you need any help in the future, we, the twin sisters, will do our best to assist.”

Wen Shi’s shining rescue act had played a significant role, and Ji Yuanzhi specifically reminded the Liu sisters that their survival owed a lot to Wen Shi’s assistance.

“What should we do next?” Zhang Suihe asked with a deep voice.

One step behind, and they would fall into a losing streak.

Although Wen Shi was the team leader, he subconsciously regarded Ji Yuanzhi as the backbone of the team and looked towards him for guidance.

Ji Yuanzhi lowered his head in contemplation, recalling how Pei Wenwei had shook his head at him earlier, as if warning him not to board this bus.

They were all in the same boat, and the other party wouldn’t joke about such matters. Facing Zhang Suihe’s gaze, Ji Yuanzhi pushed up his glasses and said, “Ask the team leader.”

Wen Shi replied, “First, let’s go find Lv Tang and then head to the sanatorium.”

“Alright, then let’s…” Zhang Suihe’s dead-fish eyes widened suddenly, “Where did you say we’re going?”

“The sanatorium,” Wen Shi repeated, turning and walking towards the cafeteria.

They exchanged glances, and finally, Zhang Suihe asked with some uncertainty, “Is there another shuttle bus?”

Wen Shi slowed his steps. “No, but think again about the information on the paper scraps.”

Zhang Suihe had managed to obtain one scrap before, which recorded information about the shuttle bus departure times.

“The scraps are memories of the original staff about how to get to the sanatorium,” Wen Shi sneered, “But are the memories of the original staff real?”

The night breeze wasn’t cold, yet a brief question sent a chilling shiver from head to toe.

Each attempt to inquire about the sanatorium from the original staff resulted in vague answers, as if even the senior employees were unaware.

“It wasn’t until I went to the quality inspection area that I realized the rule of【amplifying misconception】might be running through the entire instance.” Wen Shi maintained his composure. One reason was that he had recited the teenager’s true name, and the other was that his purity level was high enough not to be heavily affected by auditory and visual illusions.

When it came to players discussing the game, many NPCs couldn’t hear them, but the previous sentence was loud and clear to them.

Are the memories real?

Both the Gatekeeper Ghost and the Old Man Ghost shuddered simultaneously, recalling that not long ago, at the back door, Wen Shi repeatedly asked them what they were doing and if they accompanied him when they walked out.

Zhang Suihe realized belatedly that everyone seemed to be acting like crazy, trying to board the shuttle bus.

Wen Shi took out the dormitory building sketch obtained from Wang Wei. Wang Wei had become a ghost and had been obsessed with changing dormitories. He should have been the person closest to the truth of the sanatorium.

“After the monster siege at the dormitory building, the road was surprisingly clean the next day on the way to work.”

If the monsters came from outside the Big Factory, there should be some traces left behind.

The sketch of the dormitory building showed a total of nine floors. Zhou Xiaochun swallowed and asked, “Do you suspect the sanatorium is on that extra floor?”

Wen Shi shook his head and asked the Gatekeeper Ghost to share what he knew. The latter puzzledly recounted the things mentioned in the inspection area, like helping the factory manager move the Beautiful Soul Elixir and the factory manager living on the seventh floor while the sanatorium staff lived on the eighth floor.

Ji Yuanzhi suddenly said, “Elevator.”

Wen Shi nodded. “Big Factory has strict hierarchical relationships, and there’s no sign of elevators in the dormitory building. There’s no reason for the factory manager to climb up and down every day and let new employees live on lower floors.”

He wasn’t some kind of do-gooder.

“Besides, the sanatorium detains monsters. If it were built on the top floor, the factory manager would definitely choose to live on a lower floor for safety,” Wen Shi sneered, “The sanatorium is indeed in the dormitory building, but not on the ninth floor.”

In Zhou Xiaochun’s astonished gaze, Wen Shi emphasized each word, “It’s underground in the dormitory building.”

This place that players searched for tirelessly and feared was right under their noses from the beginning.

“As for the extra ninth floor, I believe there’s an elevator inside that leads directly to the sanatorium. It’s convenient for the eighth-floor staff, ensuring they won’t cross paths with ordinary employees during their daily commute.”

The night grew darker, and the coolness mixed with the hot summer wind increased.

“If it’s as you say.” A layer of goosebumps appeared on Liu Yuan’s back. She asked with some lingering fear, “Where will they take away people like Tu Bianxi?”

“The bus taking away the senior employees is just a distraction. They will undoubtedly be moved to the real sanatorium by other means. As for the shuttle bus… who knows if the passengers and the driver at this hour are human or ghosts?”

When saying the last few words, Wen Shi’s soft cat ears perked up spiritedly, his tail swaying slightly from side to side. With a slightly anticipatory and cunning smile, he looked exactly like a mischievous little demon.

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