Monster Resurgence Chapter 41

Chapter 41

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Lu Haoxiu’s mouth formed an “O” shape, secretly glancing at Li Sanxin’s belly.

Li Sanxin’s mouth twitched, knowing what Duan Zege was plotting. He didn’t mind fusing with the anomaly, but as a grown man, he really couldn’t accept having a baby in his belly.

It felt weird.

Li Sanxin coughed, put his T-shirt back on properly, took several steps back seriously, and answered firmly, “I mind!”

Duan Zege advised kindly, “The ghost baby is really suitable for you.”

Li Sanxin felt that something was wrong with this statement, and he looked at the ghost baby wrapped in two layers of clothes in Duan Zege’s arms, couldn’t help but shudder, and said involuntarily, “How is it suitable?”

Duan Zege had reasons and persuasive power, very convincing: “First, this ghost baby is weak, so the chance of successfully fusing with you is very high, and it won’t quickly recover inside your body; second, unlike other anomalies, the ghost baby won’t fuse with your body but will grow alone in your abdomen like a baby. I want to try if when the ghost baby is about to recover in your belly, we can use Lu Haoxiu’s [Void Grab] to directly take it out.”

Lu Haoxiu was surprised, “Can we do that?”

“In theory, yes, but we don’t know if it will work in practice,” Duan Zege looked at Lu Haoxiu, “The reason I came up with this idea is also because Lou Yan asked you to take out the phone from Liu Kang’s belly before.”

Lu Haoxiu and Li Sanxin pondered, and Duan Zege knew from their expressions that they were a little tempted. He continued, “The most important thing is that the strange skin on your body is growing too fast. Maybe it will cover your whole body by tonight, and we don’t have time to wait to catch another anomaly.”

Lu Haoxiu nodded after listening, sighed again, “Brother Duan makes sense. It seems that the ghost baby is indeed a good choice. Shall we catch the ghost baby first and wait for Brother Lou to come back? Let’s see what Brother Lou says. If Brother Lou hasn’t come back when the strange skin on Brother Li’s body is about to cover his whole body, then Brother Li will fuse with the ghost baby?”

Li Sanxin also thought so. He glanced at the ghost baby, who was kicking and hitting, touched his own abdominal muscles uncomfortably, and pinched his brow, “Okay, let’s do it this way.”

Duan Zege smiled slightly, “Perfect, you can also become a real male mother.”

Li Sanxin: “…”

Lu Haoxiu chuckled and shook Little Yu in his arms, “Shall we go back to Old Tree Furniture now?”

“Let’s go back,” Duan Zege said a word and then took a few steps forward to hand the ghost baby in his arms to Li Sanxin, “You first develop a relationship with it.”

Li Sanxin instinctively hugged the ghost baby, “…”

F*ck, he really felt that Duan Zege deserved a beating now.

The ghost baby in his arms was really strong. Li Sanxin had to use all his strength, and his biceps were tense. He thought of the image of the ghost baby he had just seen, with dark green skin, skinny as a skeleton, but with a big belly and head, a pair of eyes that took up one-third of its face without eyeballs, only a pitch-black color condensed with resentment… This thing, really going into his belly?

Li Sanxin swallowed hard and glanced at the adorable Little Yu, who was being held by Lu Haoxiu.

Little Yu, seeing Li Sanxin looking at her, tilted her head in confusion.

The contrast was too stark; the ghost baby was simply unbearable to look at.

But what made Li Sanxin hesitate the most was actually the abilities of the ghost baby.

This ghost baby didn’t look very powerful. If Li Sanxin swallowed it, would he become powerful? If his access to an anomaly’s powers was weak, how would he protect Lou Yan and others he wanted to protect?

Forget it, let’s see first.

If a more powerful anomaly appeared before his entire body was covered in strange skin, then there would be a better choice. If not, the ghost baby would be fine.

Anyway, Duan Zege also said that the ghost baby would grow, and its power would become terrifying.

The group cautiously walked towards Old Tree Furniture. In this extremely anomaly filled Liushu Village in the deep night, they were all on edge. When passing by a stack of firewood, Little Yu, who had been quietly lying on Lu Haoxiu’s shoulder, suddenly sat up and looked at the stack of firewood.

Lu Haoxiu noticed her movement and immediately stopped, following her gaze to the stack of firewood. “Little Yu, what’s wrong?”

Little Yu gestured with her hands, and Duan Zege translated softly, “She says there’s someone in the stack of firewood.”


Lu Haoxiu and Li Sanxin exchanged glances, and the three of them silently approached the stack of firewood from three directions. Duan Zege keenly noticed half a shoe hidden in the firewood, he quickly bent over and pulled out the person inside!


The little girl hiding in the stack of firewood struggled frantically, starting to scream. Fortunately, Duan Zege reacted quickly, covering the girl’s mouth just as the scream was about to escape. He also got a clear look at the girl’s face, “Little Ling? It’s us, we’re not bad people.”

Little Ling desperately pushed against Duan Zege’s arm, her tearful eyes full of fear. She cautiously turned her head after hearing these words, only to let out a sigh of relief and sit down on the ground as if exhausted after recognizing Duan Zege and the others.

Duan Zege picked her up, whispering, “Let’s go! Her scream just now might have attracted something else. Let’s leave here first.”

The three of them hurriedly left the stack of firewood, each carrying a child, and found a relatively safe alley under Little Yu’s guidance. When they arrived, Duan Zege carefully checked the surroundings before putting Little Ling down.

Little Ling cautiously took a few steps back, watching them vigilantly, and asked with an airy tone, “Are you guys human or ghosts now?”

Li Sanxin looked at the girl’s appearance, feeling both amused and sympathetic, “We’re definitely human.”

Little Ling also leaned towards them being human, after all, they were outsiders who had just arrived in the Liushu Village today. However, she still stubbornly asked, “Then why did you come out in the middle of the night?”

Duan Zege countered, “Why did you come out?”

Being just a child, Little Ling couldn’t help but answer according to Duan Zege’s words, “I’m going to find Teacher Lin…”

Duan Zege asked, “Who is Teacher Lin?”

“Teacher Lin is our Chinese teacher,” Little Ling burst into tears, choking, “Teacher Lin noticed something wrong and has been warning us. She’s a good teacher, she wants to protect us, but Teacher Lin was discovered, they’ll definitely kill Teacher Lin, I want to protect Teacher Lin.”

Seeing Little Ling cry, Little Yu gestured to get down from Lu Haoxiu’s arms. Lu Haoxiu put Little Yu down, and Little Yu ran to Little Ling and carefully wiped away her tears, awkwardly patting her back.

Under the comfort of this little sister, Little Ling felt embarrassed and wiped her face.

After she calmed down, Duan Zege continued to ask, “You went to find Teacher Lin, why did you hide in the stack of firewood?”

“I met someone on the way, I didn’t know if that person was real or fake, so I hid,” Little Ling honestly explained the process and then anxiously said, “I want to find Teacher Lin! Can you accompany me to find her? Teacher Lin is really good, she has protected many people!”

The several people understood. This Teacher Lin was like Liu Kang, the first to discover something abnormal in the village. But while Liu Kang chose to escape and hide alone in the cemetery, Teacher Lin stayed in the village and used various methods to hint to her students that something was wrong, trying to make the villagers notice the existence of the anomaly.

Li Sanxin and the others admired such a person. Without saying a word, they agreed to accompany Little Ling to find Teacher Lin. With a few adults accompanying her, Little Ling felt more confident and quickly led them to take a shortcut to find Teacher Lin.

After walking for more than twenty minutes, they finally arrived at Teacher Lin’s door.

The location here was relatively remote, with houses scattered around in groups of three or four, not as dense as the village center. Willow trees swayed on both sides of this simple cottage, with no lights inside, indicating that the people inside should be asleep.

Little Ling looked around and gently approached the door, knocking in a specific rhythm—two long knocks, three short knocks, and two long knocks again. After knocking, the door creaked open, revealing a weary woman in her thirties standing in the doorway, wearing thick clothes and cautiously looking outside.

When she saw Little Ling, she smiled. But when she saw Li Sanxin and the other men, her face paled, and she suddenly pulled Little Ling into the house and tried to close the door.

Li Sanxin quickly said, “Teacher Lin, we’re good people.”

Little Ling also tugged at Teacher Lin’s clothes inside the house and told Teacher Lin that the people outside were outsiders who had just arrived in the Liushu Village today. Teacher Lin touched Little Ling’s hair and then cautiously looked at them from outside the door. After a while, she lowered her voice and said, “Show me your arms.”

The few of them showed their arms one by one, then showed their necks and calves to Teacher Lin. Although Teacher Lin found it strange that the color of Li Sanxin’s skin was different, when she didn’t see any black spots, she breathed a sigh of relief and let them in.

When Li Sanxin entered, the ghost baby wrapped in his clothes kicked the clothes again, and Teacher Lin happened to see it, asking suspiciously, “What are you holding in your arms?” 

“A pet, a pet, haha,” Li Sanxin laughed it off, “I’m a veterinarian, pets are always with me.” 

Teacher Lin suddenly realized and asked with concern, “Won’t your pet suffocate like this?” 

Li Sanxin smiled, “It’s fine, this pet is tough, I left some air underneath.” 

Teacher Lin didn’t ask any further. Without turning on the light, she lit a candle and placed it on the table. After inviting everyone to sit down, she asked wearily, “What brings you here to find me?” 

Little Ling threw herself into her arms, sobbing, “Teacher Lin, my dad, my dad found out that you wrote the true and false mother’s question, he said you’re crazy, told me not to believe you! I’m afraid they’re going to kill you, so I rushed over to tell you!” 

Teacher Lin was stunned, her hands trembling, fear and panic flashed across her face, then she calmed down amidst Little Ling’s suppressed sobs. She forced a bitter smile, tightened her clothes, and murmured, “I guessed it, they won’t let me go…” 

Duan Zege took out his tarot cards directly and began divination. Li Sanxin and Lu Haoxiu, aware of his ability, stared closely as he drew the cards. 

After seeing the cards, Duan Zege looked up at Teacher Lin and calmly said, “You will die tonight.” 

Teacher Lin looked at him in astonishment, her heart tightening. “What?!” 

She didn’t know Duan Zege, but the young man’s tone was so certain, as if he had already seen her death scene. 

Duan Zege glanced at the time displayed on his phone and said, “Just three hours later.” 

Teacher Lin was speechless. 

Three hours… 

“No, no!” Little Ling cried, “I don’t want Teacher Lin to die!” 

Li Sanxin frowned, about to ask Duan Zege how Teacher Lin would die, when he heard Duan Zege’s tone change. 

“However,” Duan Zege suddenly smiled, looking at everyone in the room, then raised his hand, scarred with knife marks, and knocked on the table lightly. “I have a way to avoid your death, and also to save the lives of the remaining villagers.” 

Messy hair obscured Duan Zege’s expression, but couldn’t hide the calmness in his tone. “The premise is—you’re willing to believe what I say.”

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