Monster Resurgence

Monster Resurgence (怪物复苏)
Author: Wang Sanshan (作者:望三山)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBA

Author Summary:

After the resurgence of monsters, major cities are engulfed in fear, and bizarre extinct creatures emerge endlessly.

Lou Yan, with his attractive appearance and strong personality, became the object of admiration for countless people who went crazy for him, kneeling at his suit pants. Awakening a remarkable ability, he follows the first and strongest hero known as the savior, Fu Xuezhou.

Everyone believes that Fu Xuezhou will lead them to end the monster resurgence.

However, after Fu Xuezhou ascends to the throne, he destroys the world, shattering everyone’s hopes.

Lou Yan welcomed his rebirth amidst despair and hatred.


After the rebirth, Lou Yan learned that this world has been destroyed three times by Fu Xuezhou and restarted three times. Each time, Fu Xuezhou can go from the beginning to the end but, in the last moment, smiles and destroys everyone’s trust in him.

This is a huge playground for him.

On the night of the monster resurgence, Lou Yan merges with a terrifying monster, turning into a ghostly appearance.

With black eyes tinged with red, exuding venom, and wearing a smile, Lou Yan, in a completely different and assertive posture, stands in front of Fu Xuezhou.

You like watching others in despair, right? 

Well, let me make you feel that way too :)

  1. The entire story is fictional, set in a non-real world;
  2. Some bugs are actually foreshadowing;
  3. Please do not mention this work under others’ works, and vice versa;
  4. Enjoy reading! – Wang Sanshan on Jinjiang

Tags: Strong-strong, Fantasy Space, Supernatural, Refreshing, Easygoing

One-sentence summary: Humanity will never perish.