Monster Resurgence Chapter 44

Chapter 44

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The anomalies outside, smiling, suddenly exerted force and shoved the doors and windows. They madly rushed forward, completely blocking out the light from outside. The old wooden doors and windows couldn’t withstand the onslaught of countless people. The doors and windows were pushed so hard they were on the verge of breaking, and chunks of wall plaster fell off the walls.

Glass shattered on the ground, making sharp and piercing sounds.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Someone, come hold the door!!! The door can’t hold much longer!!!”

“The windows, the windows are broken!”

The screams and roars were incessant, mingling with the cries of children, the pleas of the elderly, and the pervasive sense of despair.

The main door bore the brunt of the pressure, but there were the most people holding it back. Surprisingly, the windows were the first to be destroyed by the people outside.

The mutated villagers rushed in through the broken windows like zombies, crazily knocking down the villagers standing next to the windows.

The dim light of early morning spilled onto the ground, and the cold wind carried a musty and bizarre smell.

The kindly-looking old woman, with a strange smile on her face, followed the other anomalies in climbing in through the window. Her movements were incongruous with her age. After entering the ancestral hall, she walked directly to the bound old man.

The old man stared blankly at his wife. He had never felt his wife was so unfamiliar. The old woman walked up to him, and as she spoke, saliva flowed from the corners of her mouth, greedily licked a few times, and still spoke in that gentle tone, “Honey, Big Geng and I are hungry.”

“You guys,” the old man stuttered, “you guys…”

The old woman smiled at him, squatted down to pat his hand comfortingly, then suddenly opened her mouth wide, revealing sharp yellow teeth, and fiercely bit into the old man’s neck, swallowing chunks of his flesh.

The old man was stunned. He tremblingly grabbed the old woman’s hand, tears streaming down his wrinkled face, “Honey, I’ve made you suffer all my life.”

The old woman said nothing, just greedily eating the flesh. The old man, as if he didn’t feel any pain, chattered on for several sentences, “I’ve saved money for several years. The money is hidden under the brick at the foot of the bed. There’s about twenty thousand. I wanted to take Big Geng to see a doctor… Honey, our chickens haven’t been fed yet. Take Big Geng and go… Eat, eat, I haven’t treated you to a good meal in years.”

When he was about to die, the old man looked around at the tragic scene, closed his eyes weakly, “It’s all because of my sins…”

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Liu Kang watched helplessly as the window broke in front of him, and saw the anomalies laughing weirdly rush in.

Liu Kang was so scared that his legs trembled. His mind was blank, and he instinctively turned around to run.

“Wuwah, Dad, don’t come over!”

A tender cry sounded, and when Liu Kang turned around, he saw Old Wang, from the furniture shop, smiling sinisterly as he approached his daughter Little Ling. His expression was terrifying, “Little Ling, didn’t Dad tell you not to cause trouble?”

Little Ling stood alone in the panicked crowd, her small and thin body filled with fear, taking two steps back in fear but falling down. She looked at her father, who had become a stranger, choked up and uncomfortable, unable to say anything, just crying and calling out, “Daddy… Daddy…”

Old Wang smirked as he approached her, his face covered in black spots, and just as he was about to grab Little Ling, Liu Kang, scared out of his wits, ran over from behind and knocked Old Wang over and picked up Little Ling and ran.

Liu Kang’s face was pale, covered in cold sweat. His mind was still blank, but his body had already run ahead to save someone.

This was something Liu Kang had never expected.

He held Little Ling tightly in his arms, trembling all over, his eyes full of fear, clearly looking like he was about to be scared to death, but he didn’t know where the courage came from, he didn’t regret saving Little Ling.

Maybe it was because everyone was trying so hard to survive that he felt ashamed without realizing it…

Even a little girl like Little Ling dared to protect outsiders to show them the stories Teacher Lin had made up for them. He couldn’t, he couldn’t be a coward anymore.

A few moments after Liu Kang had this thought, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his back, screamed in agony, and collapsed to the ground.

Old Wang tore off Liu Kang’s clothes and large chunks of flesh from his back with one slap, then grinned evilly as he chewed on the flesh. Liu Kang was in so much pain that he was about to pass out, and when he saw Old Wang’s appearance, he was even more frightened and urinated directly.

His pants were wet, emitting a foul smell. Old Wang smirked, chuckled, and extended his hand, covered in black spots, towards Little Ling in Liu Kang’s arms.

Little Ling’s voice was hoarse with crying, “…Daddy!”

“Ah! I’ll fight you to the death!”

Liu Kang suddenly went crazy, forcefully pushing Little Ling away, his eyes bloodshot as he pounced towards Old Wang. With his fat and heavy body, he pinned Old Wang to the ground, then turned to Little Ling and roared, “Run! Run, you little brat! Go find your Teacher Lin!”

Little Ling, in a panic, sobbed helplessly and, frightened by his glare, ran off without noticing Liu Kang’s trembling arms and legs.

Liu Kang was a very timid person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have run to the cemetery immediately after discovering that his parents had been replaced by ghosts. He hated those ghosts, but he dared not confront them. He had some morals, but after telling acquaintances about these incidents without being believed, he stopped trying. He was still scared now, still panicked, but when Liu Kang looked at Old Wang’s terrifying face, it was as if he saw the faces of his parents being replaced by ghosts.

Tears and mucus smeared his face, his vision began to blur, but Liu Kang had never been this brave. He screamed loudly, pressing down on Old Wang with all his might, pounding him with his fists, and shouting incoherently, “You made them kill my parents! You came to Liu Tree Village! D*mn it! I’ll kill you!!!”

Several anomalies converged and pulled Liu Kang off Old Wang. These anomalies, hungry as if they hadn’t eaten for days, tore at Liu Kang’s flesh.

Liu Kang’s face turned purple with pain. He turned his head to the left through the gap between the anomalies’ legs and saw Little Ling’s figure running farther and farther away.

This girl… she runs really fast.

Ever since Li Sanxin discovered the anomalies purpose outside, he had a very bad premonition. When he saw the anomalies rushing in, he knew that the situation could no longer be held.

The main gate of the ancestral hall had not yet been broken through, but it was only a matter of time. The anomalies cleverly kept coming in through the windows, and the screams around stimulated Li Sanxin’s nerves.

Veins popped on his forehead, Li Sanxin gritted his teeth, and looked at the ghost baby in his arms, his eyes changing again and again.

Now, only he, only this method, could deal with those anomalies.

Li Sanxin took a deep breath, his face calmed down, and he decisively untied the coat wrapped around the ghost baby…


The process of the red coffin floating from the river bottom to the surface was longer than what Lou Yan had imagined.

When Lou Yan, already somewhat impatient, was waiting, he finally heard the sound of the coffin breaking through the water.

Lou Yan’s spirits lifted. It’s out!

“Thump, thump.”

Suddenly, the sound of a heartbeat rang in his ears.

Lou Yan abruptly opened his eyes to see the dark lid of the coffin.


The heartbeat sounded again, clear and loud, as if… Lou Yan was lying inside a heart.

Lou Yan cautiously reached out and touched the coffin boards on both sides, which were previously wooden but now soft, resilient, like skin. In less than two seconds, Lou Yan felt the coffin next to his hand protrude outward like a heartbeat for a moment.

Not only the sides but also the bottom under his body pulsated.

Lou Yan’s eyes gradually lit up.

This was the heart of the red coffin!

So that’s how it is. Only when you enter the red coffin and return safely will you discover the heart of the red coffin! And the heart of the red coffin is not hidden in a certain position of the red coffin, but the entire red coffin is its heart!

“This red coffin is definitely an A-rank anomaly,” Lou Yan muttered, “the heart is hidden so deeply, if I hadn’t luckily encountered this, I wouldn’t have been able to find it.”

Now that he had found the heart of the red coffin, the next thing was easy. Lou Yan was about to create bone spikes to devour the heart of the red coffin when he suddenly hesitated.

Li Sanxin needed an anomaly to merge with. Right now, the heart of the red coffin was here. Should he take the red coffin to Li Sanxin for fusion?

But Lou Yan quickly gave up this idea. He rubbed his chin and thought, “Not very realistic.”

First of all, this red coffin was too sinister, too powerful. If he let Li Sanxin, an ordinary person who hadn’t awakened his talent, merge with it, who knows who would end up devouring whom in the end. Second, this red coffin was too big, Lou Yan couldn’t drag the entire red coffin to find Li Sanxin. Even if he could call Li Sanxin over, was he going to let Li Sanxin gnaw on the coffin empty-handed and swallow the entire coffin?

“… ” Thinking of Li Sanxin nibbling on the coffin, Lou Yan burst into laughter.

He only spent a few seconds thinking about these things. The heartbeat frequency of the heart of the red coffin began to slowly decrease. The texture of the coffin boards pressed by his hands changed from skin to wood.

It could be imagined that if it were a moment later, the heart of the red coffin would hide again.

Lou Yan clicked his tongue, looked disdainfully at the coffin lid, “Stingy.”

Just a dozen seconds to find the heart.

He no longer hesitated, bone spikes burst out of his palms, piercing into the coffin boards of the red coffin.

The bone flowers blossomed instantly, devouring the coffin voraciously, the sound of flesh and blood chewing loud.

As the bone spikes devoured, Lou Yan could keenly feel that the bones all over his body were undergoing some kind of change. The sound of bones growing “crack, crack” resounded, and Lou Yan touched the broken foot bone and found it healed.

Then, Lou Yan suddenly felt itchy at the back of his neck, he frowned, reached out and touched the cervical vertebrae at the back of his neck.

Then, Lou Yan felt a bone breaking through the skin.

With disbelief, he pulled out a bone from his body, a long spine bone about two meters long.

Author’s note:

Brother Lou’s whole body is a weapon.

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