Monster Resurgence Chapter 57

Chapter 57

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Facing Lou Yan’s gaze, which seemed like looking at a dead person, Wen Yian’s heart sank continuously.

The method to delay the resurgence of the anomaly within the body was the condition Wen Yian negotiated with Lou Yan. Originally, Wen Yian came here to tell Lou Yan what this method was, hoping to gain his favor and facilitate future cooperation.

But now, Wen Yian felt that if she really told Lou Yan this method, he would immediately kill her.

Wen Yian’s internal alarm bells rang loudly, and her first reaction was not to tell Lou Yan. However, she couldn’t control her brain, and her mouth moved on its own: “Mr. Lou brought back a little girl from Liushu Village this time, right?”

Lou Yan’s expression turned cold. “Are you spying on me?”

At this point, Wen Yian stopped struggling. She tucked her scattered golden hair behind her ears, her red lips gracefully curved. “Mr. Lou also sent people to investigate me, didn’t he?”

Lou Yan looked at her expressionlessly for a few seconds. “What does the girl have to do with holding back the anomaly inside my body?”

Wen Yian chuckled lightly, seemingly unconcerned about the pain around her waist. Her voice was steady and alluring, “The last time I approached Mr. Lou, I actually wanted to make two deals. One was to use the method of delaying the resurgence of the anomaly for Cai Mo’s death, and the other was to use the method of integrating Mr. Li and an anomaly to help me bring someone from Cai Mo’s hands. Who knew that Mr. Lou guessed the way Mr. Li could survive, so I could only make one deal with Mr. Lou.” 

Li Sanxin suddenly realized, “The person you want to take away is Little Yu?” 

“Yes,” Wen Yian’s expression became much colder, with a hint of complexity amidst the coldness. There were many things she didn’t want to tell the people in front of her, but under the control of the surgical thread, she had to say it all, “Little Yu’s original name is Chen Muyu. Her parents are my fans. That day, her parents brought her to pick me up at the airport, and they had a car accident on their way back. Little Yu’s parents died, and she was taken away by Cai Mo into the cult. It’s not the first time something like this has happened to Little Yu’s parents. The cult uses my and my brother’s popularity to attract crowds and pick children to abduct. By the time I found out, of these children, only Little Yu was still alive.” 

Lou Yan’s brows furrowed with disgust, “What do the cultists want with these children?”

“Mr. Lou, don’t you know what cultists want?” Wen Yian smiled lightly, her smile extremely charming. She gave Lou Yan a coquettish glance, her eyes dark and full of meaning, elongating her tone with a smile, “Of course, they want to do bad things… Cai Mo has taken away at least thirty children, hoping that the Anomaly Lord will turn them into ‘vessels,’ but these children didn’t survive this ordeal. In the end, only Little Yu successfully survived. The survival rate is quite terrifying, but Cai Mo is ecstatic. He even thinks it’s a great stroke of luck to have Little Yu succeed. He keeps Little Yu by his side, takes her wherever he goes, and even wants to use Little Yu as merchandise to trade with other cultists. Such a greedy person, Mr. Lou, don’t you think such a greedy person shouldn’t be alive?”

So this was Wen Yian’s reason for wanting to kill Cai Mo.

“Wait,” Lu Haoxiu couldn’t help but interject, “What is the Anomaly Lord, are there leaders among these anomalies? What are ‘vessels,’ will Little Yu be okay? Did something really happen to the other children? Are they still hidden in your cult?”

A string of questions rushed out anxiously, with some individual words not being clear enough. Wen Yian chuckled, “Little brother, you’re really a kind-hearted child.”

Lu Haoxiu’s face was stern, his teeth clenched, and he tried to sound threatening, “Don’t change the subject! Answer my questions quickly!”

Wen Yian chuckled lightly, answering each question one by one, “The Anomaly Lord… anomalies vary in strength, and the Anomaly Lord is their master.”

At the mention of the Anomaly Lord, fear and dread flashed in Wen Yian’s eyes. She didn’t dare to mention the Anomaly Lord much, even just a sentence like this she hurriedly passed over, then immediately answered the next question, “Little Yu’s body won’t have any problems temporarily if nobody uses her.”

“‘Vessels’ are specifically for semi-anomaly users to use for merging anomalies. Once the anomaly within a semi-anomaly’s body is about to reach a critical point, they can use a ‘vessel’ to transfer some of their anomaly power into the ‘vessel’s’ body. This is also the method I mentioned to delay the resurgence of anomalies within your body,” Wen Yian looked at Lou Yan, “Mr. Lou, if you want to slow down the resurgence of anomalies within your body, as far as I know, the only way is to transfer the power over to Little Yu’s body. How is it, a good method?”

Lou Yan’s face remained expressionless as he recalled the scene in the small forest where he was contaminated by the anomalous power, and Little Yu simply held his hand, bringing him back to his senses.

He knew Wen Yian wasn’t lying, but obviously, this method meant trading Little Yu’s life for his own.

The faces of Li Sanxin and Lu Haoxiu instantly turned grim.

Seeing their expressions, Wen Yian’s eyes flashed with a hint of mockery. She gathered her golden hair behind her head, reached out and gracefully picked up the glass vase from the nearby coffee table, “Little Yu is like this vase, with a certain capacity. If it’s filled with anomaly power, she will burst…”

Wen Yian let go of the vase, which smashed into countless pieces on the floor with a crisp sound.

She smiled, “She’ll be turned into a pile of flesh because of excessive power.”

The glass shards reflected the flashlight’s light, piercing into the eyes of everyone present. Lou Yan glanced at the fragments, then lifted his eyelids to look at Wen Yian. He smirked, “You’re trying to scare me, aren’t you? You don’t want me to use Little Yu as a vessel. Wen Yian, turns out you still have a bit of conscience?”

Wen Yian’s smile froze for a moment, and she coldly replied, restraining any emotion on her face, “Cai Mo’s actions have crossed my bottom line. It’s fine if he messes with others, but he shouldn’t mess with my fans.”

“So you came to deceive me, trick me into killing Cai Mo for you?” Lou Yan’s smile grew wider, his lips curling higher. Those who knew him well felt a chill down their spines at his smile. Lou Yan’s mood was obviously extremely bad now. “Wen Yian, you really made a good plan. You said there’s a method to suppress the resurgence of anomalies within me, but you knew I wouldn’t be so selfish as to let Little Yu die for me. So effortlessly tricking me into killing Cai Mo and bringing back Little Yu, I’ve been doing business for so many years, and you’re the first one to make me do grunt work.”

Lou Yan stood up from the sofa, clapping his hands with a smile on his face, his expression full of admiration. “Impressive, Wen Yian. No wonder you became an internationally renowned superstar at such a young age. Let me think, including this time, you’ve deceived me twice.”

Wen Yian broke out in a cold sweat on her forehead. “Mr. Lou, I’ve given you the method as agreed. Whether you use it or not is not my decision.”

Suddenly, Duan Zege, who had been silent, turned his head and shouted into the dark corridor, “Little Yu?”

The adults in the living room froze for a moment, turning to look, and Little Yu, wearing pajamas and holding a teddy bear bought by Li Sanxin for her, walked out calmly from the darkness.

She was barefoot, her face calm, as if a little dazed, yet also as if she knew everything and was at peace.

There was a moment of silence in the living room, only Duan Zege squatted in front of Little Yu like nothing had happened, smiling and asking, “Why did you come out, Little Yu?”

Little Yu hugged the teddy bear, using sign language to communicate with Duan Zege.

Duan Zege nodded, then glanced at Wen Yian, “Oh, it turns out she was awakened by the sound of the vase.”

Wen Yian showed a hint of apology on her face.

Little Yu looked at Wen Yian, then glanced at Lou Yan and the others confronting Wen Yian, before fixing her gaze back on Wen Yian’s face.

She recognized this beautiful big sister.

Her parents really liked this big sister. Her dad asked her to call this sister “Auntie,” and her mom told her that women are girls until they die, so she obediently called her sister.

Little Yu didn’t dislike this big sister.

She thought for a moment, her toes curled up, then she looked up and gestured to Duan Zege.

After seeing it, Duan Zege couldn’t help but pat her head and said, turning his head, “Little Yu says she’s willing to be your vessel, Lou Yan.”

Lou Yan’s hand clenched suddenly. He stood up straight, his tone decisive, “No need, I don’t need it.”

Little Yu tilted her head, looking at him, and tugged at the hem of his clothes anxiously, making a few “Ah” sounds.

Lou Yan sighed, patting her head perfunctorily, “Go back to bed quickly, what are you, a child, getting involved in adult matters for?”

Little Yu looked up at him, then tugged at his clothes again.

Finally, Lou Yan lowered his head and met Little Yu’s gaze. He smiled and flicked her forehead lightly, “Stop pulling my clothes, they cost over ten thousand yuan. Go back to bed and don’t disturb me.”

Little Yu looked at his smile and couldn’t help but smile too. She nodded obediently this time, about to go back to the bedroom with her teddy bear.

Suddenly, Wen Yian spoke up, “Little Yu!”

Little Yu turned her head to look at her.

But Wen Yian looked at Lou Yan again, her expression unexpectedly pleading, “Mr. Lou, can you let me take Little Yu away? I’ll take good care of her. Her parents died because of me, and I have an obligation to raise Little Yu. I’ve made many preparations to take care of her, and there will be no accidents if she goes with me.”

Lou Yan sneered inwardly. You still want to leave?

But on the surface, he just raised his eyebrows calmly and democratically said, “You should ask Little Yu if she wants to go with you. If she chooses to go with you, I won’t stop her.”

Wen Yian’s expression softened, and she looked tenderly at Little Yu, lowering her voice, “Little Yu, do you want to go with me? I live alone, and I’ll take good care of you.”

Little Yu tilted her head, looking at this big sister her parents liked very much.

There were many posters of this big sister in her home, on the walls, in the books, on the TV. Little Yu had already unilaterally familiarized herself with Wen Yian’s existence.

She stared at Wen Yian for about four or five seconds, then shook her head.

Little Yu didn’t want to go with her.

Little Yu liked it here.

Wen Yian’s expression dimmed instantly.

Lou Yan gave Little Yu a satisfied look, then directly said, “Go back, don’t come out no matter what noise there is outside.”

Little Yu nodded obediently and ran back to the bedroom.

As soon as the child left, Lou Yan released the spinal whip. The whip fell from Wen Yian’s waist, and Wen Yian breathed a sigh of relief. Before she could even crack a smile on her face, in the next instant, the whip suddenly wrapped around her neck.

The pain surged from her neck as the bone spike deeply pierced into Wen Yian’s clavicle and the underside of her neck, blood gushing out from the wounds. Wen Yian’s expression blanked for a moment, then she desperately tried to pull off the spinal whip, but as her hand touched the whip, the bone spike instantly pierced into her flesh.

“No, don’t… let go…”

With each word Wen Yian uttered, the bone spike dug deeper. Her face turned pale with a tinge of blue, and below her chin became a bloody mess. The spinal whip tightened further, and Wen Yian let out sounds of agony, struggling to breathe.

Lou Yan approached Wen Yian step by step, his gaze filled with a terrifying intent that made Wen Yian feel indescribable fear. By the time Lou Yan reached Wen Yian, her eyes had already started to hollow out.

“How could you think I would spare you, Wen Yian?” Lou Yan ambiguously pinched Wen Yian’s chin, smiling with a hidden meaning. “What value do you still have to make me spare your life?”


Wen Yian’s eyes flickered. She immediately spoke with difficulty, “I can… I can be an undercover agent for you within the cult.”

Lou Yan loosened the spinal whip slightly, repeating, “Undercover agent?”

Wen Yian, with a hint of fear in her eyes, glanced at the spinal whip. “Yes, I have a high position within the cult and can access a lot of information about the cult and anomalies. Mr. Lou, keeping me alive would be better for you than killing me.”

“Is that so?” Lou Yan casually asked, his fingers lightly stroking Wen Yian’s chin for a moment. Suddenly, he let go of her hand, picked up a handkerchief from his suit pocket, and carefully wiped every finger that had touched Wen Yian, then smiled faintly at her. “How fortunate, I was thinking the same. Since our thoughts align, you wouldn’t mind us leaving something inside your body, would you?”

Wen Yian had a bad premonition. “What do you mean, something?”

Lou Yan glanced at Li Sanxin beside him. “Brother Li?”

Li Sanxin instantly understood his meaning, chuckling, a malicious smile appearing on his handsome face. The white silk thread on his index finger suddenly broke from his fingertip and all rushed into Wen Yian’s mind.

Wen Yian’s expression changed immediately. She quickly touched her forehead, finding it smooth with nothing there.

“Remember, Wen Yian, don’t betray us,” Lou Yan smiled, looking terrifying to Wen Yian, “If you betray us, you’ll have no way out.”

Author’s note:

Fu Xuezhou: Another day without my appearance (annoyed) (frowning) (hands in pockets) (snort)

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