My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 10

Chapter 10: An Bu’s Eclectic Style

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In the world, there are genuinely kind and good-hearted people, as well as despicable individuals who repay kindness with malice. An Bu had encountered many such situations and was no longer moved by them. She saved people to gain vitality and didn’t need others’ gratitude or repayments, but she wouldn’t allow malicious harm from evildoers.

If an ordinary girl had faced such a situation, the actions of that middle-aged man would have dealt a severe blow to her both mentally and emotionally.

In An Bu’s pitch-black pupils, a thick aura of death lingered. She slowly raised her hand, using her fingers to wipe a drop of blood from the edge of the wound. The blood condensed into a bead, and she flicked it accurately into the mouth of the middle-aged man. As a cost for her losing several hundred points of vitality, An Bu sent him a drop of blood tainted with death energy. Over the next ten years, his body would gradually be corroded by the venom, weakening during the day until death. This man should have died in this accident, so letting him live an extra ten years was already a bargain.

“Little Xi, Little Xi!” At this moment, cries for help echoed from the lakeside. “Someone, please help, save my child!” 

An Bu followed the sound and saw a woman in her thirties holding an unconscious little boy. She anxiously cried for help from the surrounding crowd, but most of the passengers who had just been rescued were preoccupied, and the onlookers didn’t know how to handle the situation. Everyone stood there hesitating.

Dropping the towel in her hand, An Bu, ignoring her own injuries, quickly walked to the mother and son. After checking the child’s condition, she flipped him over, pressed her knee against his abdomen. He expelled a few mouthfuls of water, and still, there was no sign of awakening. Placing him on his back on the ground, she started performing CPR. One, two, three… Drops of blood flowed out from the gaping wound, making her already gruesome face even more horrifying. However, at this moment, no one felt fear or disgust; they all silently watched her every move.

Qiao Nuo, the young man who had previously defended An Bu, watched her disregard her own injuries and fully exert herself to save others. He couldn’t help but feel moved. Having been betrayed by a friend, swindled out of his savings, and losing faith in humanity, witnessing this girl’s actions reignited a spark of passion in him.

“Cough, cough…” The child on the ground let out short coughs, and an enthusiastic cheer erupted around them.

After over a minute of emergency care, An Bu successfully snatched the child back from the clutches of the grim reaper.

The child’s mother cried tears of joy, thanking An Bu profusely as she hugged her son.

At this moment, An Bu, her right eye completely soaked in fresh blood, her wet hair clinging disorderly to her face and body, looked like a wretched mess.

Upon seeing this, the onlookers felt both admiration and pity for An Bu, and at the same time, their anger towards the middle-aged man who had caused her harm deepened.

“D*mn it, that guy ran away!” When Qiao Nuo regained his senses, he discovered that the middle-aged man had sneaked away when everyone was not paying attention.

Upon hearing this, others searched around, but there was no trace of the man.

“D*mn, where the h*ll did he run off to? I’m going after him right now.”

“I don’t know, didn’t pay attention just now.”

“So shameless!”


While the crowd was searching for the middle-aged man, An Bu quietly returned to her car and left the accident scene. She couldn’t stay; otherwise, she would have to undergo medical treatment and an injury assessment. Although she had flesh and blood, she had no vital signs of a living person. A thorough examination would reveal everything.

Shortly after, the police and ambulances arrived at the scene to investigate and handle the aftermath of the accident.

The bus had a total of 47 passengers, and in the end, 42 were rescued. The driver had died of acute myocardial infarction shortly after the bus plunged into the lake, making him the main culprit of the accident. The driver’s premature death meant that he couldn’t open the doors promptly. With the bus submerged, completely sealed, and passengers in a panic, the chances of survival were very low. Yet, only five people, including the driver, tragically lost their lives. It could be considered a significant miracle.

That evening, reports about the traffic accident appeared on the pages of major media outlets. Videos captured by netizens were widely shared. Similar accidents happened every day, but this one was different. Forty-two passengers were saved because of a girl, and yet, this girl ended up disfigured by the very person she saved, leaving people indignant.

Video 1: The girl emerging from the water, slowly lifting her head, revealing a terrifying face with a six to seven-centimeter-long wound like a deep groove, visible bone, blood mixed with lake water continuously dripping down.

Video 2: A young man violently beating a middle-aged man, angrily accusing him of “repaying kindness with malice.”

Video 3: The girl covered in blood performing CPR on a child, ultimately succeeding in saving him.

Video 4: The middle-aged man sneaking away, with passersby unsuccessfully chasing after him.

Underneath numerous videos, there were textual descriptions detailing the incident, making netizens furious.

“D*mn, can’t they be more shameless?”

“Nowadays, people are indifferent, and those who sacrifice themselves to save others are already rare. Finally, there’s one, and she faces such harm. It’s really heartbreaking!”

“Estimated to be in her early twenties, although the face isn’t clear, the features are perfect. She’s undoubtedly a beauty. What a pity.”

“Isn’t this level already considered a severe injury?!”

“Does anyone know who the b*stard is? Expose him; we can’t let him escape.”

“There are pictures of him online; let’s doxx him together!”

Returning home, An Bu’s facial wound began to slowly heal. Although she didn’t need to worry about scarring, this injury would likely keep her from going out and having fun for several days.

Looking at her vitality points dropping by 1, 2, 3 per second, An Bu felt some distress. Rescuing a whole bus of people earned her 2,709 vitality points, but due to the injury, she gained an additional 124 points of death energy. Furthermore, she needed to consume more than 200 points to repair the wound. Overall, she earned a lot, but without the attack from the middle-aged man, her rescue mission would have been perfect.

At this moment, Xin Yan, who was preparing for the provincial exam, accidentally saw the news about the accident. At first glance, she recognized the person in the video, and her face turned pale. She immediately called An Bu, “Bu Bu! Are you injured? How serious is it?”

An Bu replied, “Who said I’m injured?”

“…You’re not injured? Isn’t that you in the video?”

“What video?”

Xin Yan quickly sent her the video link.

After watching it, An Bu calmly replied, “It just looks a bit like me, that’s all. It’s not me.”

“Really?” Xin Yan was a bit skeptical.

“Yes.” An Bu’s tone was firm.

“No, I don’t trust it. Let’s video call to confirm.”

“I’m not convenient right now. If you don’t believe it, I’ll come to see you next week. You can verify it in person then.”

“Really?” Hearing her say this, Xin Yan smiled happily and stopped questioning. If she had suffered such a serious injury, it would be impossible to recover in a week. “You’re not injured, then I can relax. Be careful, and remember to come find me in a week. I’ll save up a week’s salary to treat you.”

An Bu chuckled, “Sure, it’s a deal.”

After ending the call with Xin Yan, An Bu glanced at the reports and comments about the accident, feeling no significant emotional fluctuations. It was as if the incident had nothing to do with her. After a while, she stopped paying attention and began her usual routine of studying and exercising.

On the other side, on the top floor of the Hengdi Building, Jian Ningxuan was browsing current news. He casually glimpsed a prominent photo and furrowed his brows. Clicking on the webpage, he quickly scanned the content, his expression becoming somewhat unpleasant. He then took out his phone and dialed An Bu’s number.

An Bu didn’t expect Jian Ningxuan to be following this incident. Denying, she said, “The video you mentioned, it’s not me.” She only wanted to quietly accumulate some vitality points and had no intention of being recognized.

Jian Ningxuan was not as easily fooled as Xin Yan. The accident happened not far from the city, and the girl in the video looked so much like An Bu, even driving the same model and color of car. Although the license plate wasn’t captured, Jian Ningxuan was certain that the girl in the video was her.

Seeing that An Bu didn’t admit it, he didn’t press further. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he hung up in silence.

The next day, An Bu was carving in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Opening the video feed, she was surprised to see a tall and handsome figure standing quietly at the door.

Jian Ningxuan? Why would he come?

An Bu’s eyes flashed with astonishment. Instead of immediately opening the door, she heard the man outside saying, “I know you’re at home.”

An Bu asked curiously, “How do you know I live here?”

“Phone location,” Jian Ningxuan answered succinctly.

As far as An Bu knew, precise phone tracking could only be done by the public security system or parental monitoring programs, not to mention hackers. However, she didn’t bother asking further questions. After hesitating for a moment, she opened the door.

Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu, half of her face wrapped in bandages, with a faint hint of displeasure in his eyes.

“How severe are your injuries?” Jian Ningxuan asked solemnly.

“Not very severe.” An Bu let him in and handed him a pair of oversized slippers.

Jian Ningxuan put on the slippers and followed An Bu into the living room. When he raised his head, he was almost blinded by the eclectic interior design.

Bright yellow walls, pure white ceiling, deep blue sofa, reddish-brown carpet, light purple coffee table and TV cabinet, a colorful background wall, peony-patterned curtains, rainbow chandelier, abstract paintings, bizarre ceramics, and various cute decorations…

Jian Ningxuan felt like he had entered a world randomly painted by a mentally disturbed artist. Everything before his eyes, to him, pursuing perfection, was a visual torture.

“Feel free to sit, don’t be polite.” An Bu invited, turning to enter the kitchen.

Jian Ningxuan sat stiffly on the sofa, trying to keep his gaze within a 20-degree range to avoid deeper shock. The only comforting thing was that, next to An Bu, he could always feel that unparalleled freshness.

After a short while, An Bu returned to the living room with a fruit platter and a cup of green tea, saying, “These fruits arrived yesterday; they’re very fresh. Give them a try.”

Jian Ningxuan lowered his head to see a lotus-shaped fruit platter neatly arranged with sliced kiwi, mango, watermelon, and orange—four types of colorful and fragrant fruits.

He looked at the girl in front of him, her face half-covered in bandages, and couldn’t understand why she could still be so carefree after such an injury.

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