My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Caution in Rescuing

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She put the noodles into boiling water, cooked them until 70-80% done, then fished them out and placed them in cold water. Next, she cracked open an egg… thought for a moment, and added another egg, separating the egg white and yolk. After draining the noodles, she mixed them with beef sauce, added the egg whites, stirred evenly, formed a nest, and put it in a pan preheated with cooking oil. After frying for a minute, she added the egg yolk and continued frying for 3-4 minutes. Finally, she sprinkled chili sauce and green onions, presenting a plate of delicious nest noodle pancake with eggs.

The egg yolk in the middle of the noodles was round and full, with a golden color. With the addition of red chili sauce and green onions, it resembled amber – both beautiful and delicious.

Placing the nest noodle pancake with eggs on the table, An Bu also squeezed a glass of yogurt fruit juice for Jian Ningxuan to aid digestion.

“It’s ready, Mr. Jian, try it and see if it suits your taste?” An Bu took off the apron while inviting Jian Ningxuan in the living room.

Sitting at the dining table, Jian Ningxuan picked up a fork and silently tasted the dish. Perhaps due to the dispersal of the internal heat, this simple midnight snack opened up his appetite. He ate it very satisfactorily, and the lines on his face involuntarily softened, revealing a barely visible curve at the corners of his lips. He exuded a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Although there wasn’t much expression on his face, An Bu could see a layer of happiness radiating from him. It wasn’t an exaggeration but a tangible presence.

Her vision was unusual, and the world in her eyes lacked color. However, just now, she saw a yellow glow, as if the two egg yolks Jian Ningxuan had eaten had turned into souls and manifested on him. Although it was just a moment, in the black-and-white world, this glow shone brightly like fireflies in the dark night.

If Jian Ningxuan had just eaten spicy crayfish, garlic broccoli, purple cabbage, blueberry ice cream, and millet pumpkin congee, would there have been a colorful glow of red, green, purple, blue, and orange around him?

Thinking of this, An Bu’s eyes sparkled, and she looked at Jian Ningxuan as if she were gazing at a rare treasure.

Jian Ningxuan seemed to sense something, looked up at An Bu, but found her demeanor calm, showing no signs of anything unusual.

“Thank you for the noodle pancake; it’s delicious,” Jian Ningxuan commented sincerely.

“No need to be polite,” An Bu showed a standard butler-like smile. “If you need anything in the future, feel free to summon me anytime.”

Jian Ningxuan felt that An Bu’s attitude seemed a bit different from before, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. It seemed to be less distant, with a bit more warmth?

After clearing the table, An Bu politely asked, “Any other instructions, Mr. Jian?”

Glancing at the time, after some internal struggle, Jian Ningxuan finally said, “No, thank you. You can go now.”

“Alright, then I’ll take my leave.” An Bu turned to walk towards the door, ready to change her shoes, and noticed Jian Ningxuan following her.

Seeing An Bu looking at him with a puzzled expression, Jian Ningxuan explained, “It’s late, and it’s not safe for you to go back alone. I’ll accompany you.”

“No need.” An Bu replied while changing shoes, “I came by car.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” Disappointed, he put the half-taken shoes back. He thought he might have had a chance to spend more time with her on the way.

Nevertheless, he still escorted An Bu downstairs, watching her get into a small car that swiftly disappeared from his sight.

Jian Ningxuan stood in the unbearable heat of the night for a while. For a brief moment, he wanted her to stay overnight, but considering the difference between men and women, he sensibly gave up.

He irritably tugged at his shirt, revealing tense muscles. Walking with a powerful stride, he quickly entered the elevator.

Back at home, An Bu first took a shower, changed into comfortable home clothes, and then took out a new diary album, writing: [July 2175 AD, met Jian Ningxuan at Cool Joy Amusement Park and established a friendly temporary employment relationship with him. This person has a unique physique and a strong internal heat. It seems he also possesses a magical ability to reveal the colors of food. However, this ability needs further verification. Next time we meet, I’ll try different colored foods.]

Finally, she drew a simple sketch of the nest noodle pancake with eggs, added a circle representing the glow, and wrote: [Golden, yellow-orange~~ I am the most dazzling egg yolk in the world.]

The next morning, An Bu made clothes for herself at home, simultaneously memorizing the Commercial Law of Country Z. After memorizing “The Method of Pursuing Business Liability,” a dress was also finished.

Taking a thirty-minute break, An Bu drank two cups of vegetable and fruit juice, then changed into sportswear and went out.

Usually, if she didn’t have translation work or other part-time jobs, An Bu would go for a drive, memorizing every street, community, and store in the city while looking for people with stagnant energy, casually rescuing them.

After picking up and dropping off several waves of customers, everything went smoothly. While waiting at a traffic light at a crossroads, An Bu casually scanned the surroundings. Her pupils suddenly contracted. A long-distance bus was slowly passing by, heading towards the right side of the road.

The bus was carrying dozens of passengers, each submerged in a thick aura of death, completely unaware that they were heading towards the road of death.

When the green light came on, without much thought, An Bu turned the steering wheel and quickly chased after the bus.

If everyone in the bus was surrounded by death energy, the most likely scenario was an imminent serious traffic accident. The bus’s final destination was Longcheng County in City S. It would leave the urban area in twenty minutes, entering a third-level highway.

On both sides of the third-level highway were fields and lakes, with sparse traffic, not a common accident-prone area.

An Bu didn’t know the cause of the accident, so she couldn’t make the bus stop. She could only follow them out of the city, keeping an alert eye on the bus’s situation. Unfortunately, she didn’t notice any abnormalities.

Seeing the death energy growing thicker, An Bu frowned and decided to overtake them, intending to make them stop first.

Just at that moment, the bus, which had been driving at a constant speed, suddenly accelerated. The vehicle swayed left and right as if out of control, then headed straight towards the lake on the right.

The bus flew into the air amidst screams, splashing a large spray of water, skewing into the lake with a loud crash and slowly sinking.

An Bu slammed on the brakes, grabbed a hammer from the toolbox, and then ran out of the car, jumping into the lake.

The weather was hot, the bus had air conditioning, and the windows were tightly closed. Under the pressure of water, it was difficult for passengers to escape from the enclosed space, especially in a panic, causing confusion.

An Bu had also died in a car submerged underwater, so she could understand the despair of having no escape. Thanks to that accident, her swimming skills were now comparable to Olympic athletes. Arriving at the front of the bus, she watched passengers desperately banging on the windows. Their faces, full of fear and anxiety, looked distorted underwater.

An Bu didn’t bother asking them to step back. She raised the hammer and smashed the corner of a window repeatedly. After several hits, the window finally broke, allowing a large amount of lake water to rush into the bus, pushing the people away slightly. However, they quickly crowded towards the broken window, ending up in a chaotic pile, and no one managed to escape.

An Bu ignored them and continued smashing the second window. Generally, people can hold their breath for a maximum of 2-3 minutes underwater. Exceeding this time will lead to unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen, and unconsciousness in water means death. So, An Bu didn’t have time to comfort the passengers; she could only provide as many escape routes as possible.

During the window-breaking process, An Bu noticed that the driver was lying motionless against the steering wheel. There were no apparent injuries on him, indicating that he might have suffered a sudden illness while driving.

Within a minute, An Bu consecutively smashed open three windows, but only four or five people managed to escape. More were still inside, struggling and fighting, not giving way to each other. Some children were on the verge of suffocation.

After breaking the fourth window, An Bu couldn’t bear it any longer. She stepped on the head of a middle-aged man who was attempting to force his way out, pushing him back into the bus, and then grabbed the collar of another person at the window’s edge, pulling him out. She continued pulling out the second person, stepping on whoever tried to cut in line. This brought a semblance of order, and some of the more water-savvy passengers joined An Bu in helping.

However, after a while, the middle-aged man who had been kicked suddenly retaliated. As An Bu turned around, he swiftly struck her face with a shard of glass, leaving a deep, approximately five to six centimeters long gash from her forehead to the lower right jaw. It narrowly missed piercing her right eye, the flesh and blood opening up, blood gushing out.

A young man helping rescue people nearby witnessed this scene, his eyes widening in anger. He forcefully pushed the middle-aged man aside and quickly swam to An Bu, pulling her towards the shore.

An Bu didn’t resist, and she followed the young man swimming out of the water.

“What the h*ll, are you even human?!” After reaching the shore, the young man grabbed the middle-aged man who had just floated to the surface, angrily berating him. “She saved your life, saved all of us! And you dare to repay her with malice!”

The middle-aged man, pale-faced and gasping for breath, weakly defended himself, “I-I didn’t mean to…”

“To h*ll with your I didn’t mean to!” The young man raged, throwing a punch at him.

Most of the rescued people around were puzzled, sitting on the ground and looking at them in confusion. Later, from the young man’s angry scolding, they finally understood the situation. Knowing that the middle-aged man had attacked the girl who saved him out of spite, everyone directed disdainful glares at him.

Continuing, they turned their gaze towards An Bu and were astonished to find that she was injured so severely. A long, approximately five to six centimeters, wound ran across her face from the forehead down to the right jawline, narrowly missing her right eye. The skin and flesh were torn open, blood soaking half of her face, presenting a horrifying sight. Such a deep wound, unless undergoing cosmetic surgery, would likely leave scars. 

For a young and beautiful girl, having such a scar would be akin to disfigurement, especially considering it happened at the hands of the person she was trying to save. 

An Bu walked silently towards her small car, took out a towel from inside, and tightly covered the wound. Since she got injured, her vitality value had been continuously decreasing, and her death value steadily increasing. Only now, at this moment, did the death value gradually stop changing. However, the vitality value continued to drop because repairing the wound required consuming vitality points. The blood content in her body was fixed, and for every drop lost, an equivalent amount of vitality points would be used. Repairing this facial wound would require around 200 vitality points to be completely restored. 

Not far away, many onlookers recorded this scene with their phones, quickly spreading the footage online…

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