My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Stirring Trouble

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An Bu observed the others while casually being a part of the scene.

Although Ji Siqi had a bad temper, her acting skills were impressive. When she acted alongside Hua Ao and Yu Hao, she had a significant impact. On the other hand, Liu Waner, whenever in the same shot, became a mere backdrop. The director frowned several times due to her, causing delays in filming. This made Ji Siqi very displeased with her.

However, Liu Waner was adept at reading people’s emotions. She flattered and complied, remaining submissive. Over time, the two gradually became more acquainted.

An Bu thought to herself that if Liu Waner could use her people-reading skills in acting, she would have become famous long ago.

“Cut!” the director called again, pointing at Liu Waner. “Liu Waner, your character, Wang Luoxue, initially only has a slight crush on Xue Ciyi. Please, stop acting infatuated every time you see him. Your adoration is practically oozing off the screen!”

Blushing, Liu Waner whispered, “Sorry, director. I’ll pay attention next time.”

“Alright.” The director, looking weary, waved his hand. “Let’s call it a morning. We’ll start again at 2 PM.”

Everyone agreed and dispersed.

An Bu sat in the shade, reading the script and sipping juice. She was still wearing the beggar’s outfit, but her face was clean since her afternoon roles included being a cook, a maidservant, and a passerby. After lunch, she would change early.

Not far away, Yu Hao received his lunchbox from his assistant and noticed An Bu sitting under a tree. She appeared carefree despite her shabby clothes, with the dappled sunlight creating a serene atmosphere.

“Why don’t you go get a lunchbox?” Yu Hao walked over to An Bu and sat on the ground, just like her.

“I brought my own food,” An Bu said, placing her lunchbox in front of Yu Hao. It contained various fruits and pastries, vibrant and pleasing to the eyes.

“Is this enough for you?” Yu Hao unfolded his lunchbox. “Want to share?”

“No need.” An Bu rejected with a smile. “I prefer vegetarian food.”

Yu Hao didn’t insist, quietly enjoying his lunch.

After a while, he suddenly spoke, “I have something to ask for your help.”

“What is it?” An Bu looked at him curiously.

“Could you help me rehearse a scene? I need to get into the right mood,” Yu Hao said. 

An Bu looked at him strangely. “Why would you look for me? We don’t seem to know each other.” 

“Because, among the women in the crew, only you won’t have any fantasies about my face,” Yu Hao replied matter-of-factly.

An Bu: “…” Are you a latent narcissist?

“Alright, which scene do you want to rehearse?” An Bu didn’t make a fuss, readily agreeing.

“It’s the scene where Xue Ciyi meets Wang Luoxue in the Plum Garden. He pretends to be drunk, deliberately flirts and teases.”

Xue Ciyi is engaged to Wang Luoxue, but he is in love with the female lead, Du Yinhuan. He intends to make Wang Luoxue dislike him, but unexpectedly, this sows the seeds of a romance.

After finishing lunch, An Bu cleaned up her utensils, gesturing, “Let’s begin.”

Yu Hao glanced at the script she had placed on the ground and lazily leaned against the tree trunk. His shirt was slightly open, his eyes intoxicated, exuding a melancholic and profound aura. This criminally attractive demeanor made it understandable why his female colleagues couldn’t resist.

“Your Highness? Why are you here?” An Bu recited the lines for “Wang Luoxue.”

“Xue Ciyi,” with a ripple in his eyes, a faint smile on his lips, approached her with unsteady steps.

“Your Highness, have you been drinking?” 

“Drunk? How could I, the prince, be drunk?” Yu Hao reached out, hooking “Wang Luoxue’s” sleeve, leaning close to her ear. With a husky voice, he said, “In this long night, would you like to share a drink with me, my lady?”

“Your Highness, please restrain yourself!” The tone carried a hint of tension and embarrassment.

“What do you mean by ‘restrain’?” “Xue Ciyi” chuckled lowly, running his fingers over her earlobe, lifting a strand of her hair. “When the lady comes here alone to meet me, how can I disappoint her intentions?”

“Shameless! Let go of me.” Her voice, like feathers in the wind, trembled slightly.

“If I don’t let go, what will you do?”

“Then don’t blame Luoxue for being impolite.”

Following that, “Wang Luoxue” kicked “Xue Ciyi” harshly, broke free from his restraint, and hurried away.

The interaction between the two characters was not lengthy, but Yu Hao, with his demonic charm, whether in gaze, actions, or voice, was captivating. He seemed like the type that could make you pregnant with just one glance, explaining his bold claim that others would have fantasies about him.

An Bu thought the lines were already finished, but suddenly, Yu Hao changed his expression, gazing sharply at her. In a stern tone, he said, “Wang Luoxue, I didn’t expect you to be so malicious. What did Yinhuan do wrong that you want to ruin her reputation?”

An Bu almost without hesitation replied, “Malicious? In Wangye’s eyes, is Luoxue really such an unbearable person? Yinhuan’s father killed my foster mother. Shouldn’t I seek justice for her?”

“This matter is suspicious. I am investigating it. Why did you take matters into your own hands and send people to cause trouble at Yinhuan’s house?”

“Yinhuan, Yinhuan, calling her so affectionately. Wangye, I am your fiancée!”

“You… Of course, you are my fiancée, and Du Yinhuan is just a commoner. How can she be compared to you?” “Xue Ciyi” spoke with a stern tone, devoid of any emotion, but “Wang Luoxue” did not sense anything unusual.

“Why does Wangye always defend her?” Her voice carried a hint of grievance.

“She once saved my life. I just want to repay her kindness.”

“… I’m sorry, Wangye. Luoxue was impulsive…”

The next moment, Yu Hao changed his expression again, his gaze soft and melancholic. “You are just a pawn for me. Don’t try to escape from my chessboard, or else…”

“Or else what?” This time it became Du Yinhuan’s lines. “You’ll kill me?”

“Kill you? Wangye has countless ways to make you submit. Killing you is the least desirable.”

“Xue Ciyi, I once admired you, respected you, and thanked you. Now, all that’s left in my heart is hatred. You took away everything from me, but you can’t take or leave this life.”


Next, Yu Hao went on to several other plots, and An Bu seamlessly connected all of them. The two engaged in a passionate performance, fully immersed in their roles, almost forgetting time. Although there weren’t many physical movements, their expressions and tones were perfectly executed.

Many people nearby were attracted, watching the two showcase their acting skills and deliver their lines.

This drama had just begun filming, and most actors hadn’t memorized all their lines yet. Especially for significant roles with a considerable number of lines, it was impossible to memorize them all in advance. In the entire cast, only Yu Hao had an astonishing memory, not only reciting lines fluently but also using them effortlessly.

Previously, no one could keep up with Yu Hao’s pace, but now, there was a worthy opponent.

The passion and charisma emanating from the two captivated everyone.

An Bu was just an extra, without lines and no need to read the script, but unexpectedly, she had memorized all the lines. It was truly surprising.

“What are you doing?” Just at that moment, a cold voice interrupted the cooperation between the two.

Ji Siqi walked over, greeted Yu Hao, and then looked at An Bu. “Yu Hao, do you know this young lady?”

“Yes, she’s a friend.” Yu Hao replied calmly.

“She’s quite skilled. Did she participate in the audition for this drama earlier? Too bad she didn’t get selected; otherwise, she wouldn’t have to lower herself to be an extra.” Ji Siqi hinted with a tone that carried some sarcasm. 

Yu Hao furrowed his brows slightly, a hint of displeasure flashing in his eyes. He had just stated that An Bu was his friend, and she still made sarcastic remarks. What exactly was she trying to imply?

Ji Siqi gave An Bu a disdainful look in her ragged clothes. She didn’t want to deal with such a small figure but turned to Liu Waner next to her. “The director just watched for a while over there. It seems he appreciates her. Maybe he’ll arrange a small supporting role for her.”

Ji Siqi stared at Liu Waner coldly, whispered in a voice only the two of them could hear, “In this crew, she won’t get any role with lines.”

Liu Waner was secretly delighted, flattered, “As long as Sister Ji says a word, she naturally won’t have any scenes.”

Just now, An Bu recited mostly “Wang Luoxue’s” lines, and the cooperation with Yu Hao was seamless and spirited. This made Liu Waner feel a strong sense of crisis. It wouldn’t be surprising if the director had a sudden brain freeze and replaced her.

Now, with Ji Siqi’s assurance, she finally felt relieved.

Ji Siqi had a mixed reputation in the industry, good at acting but with a bad personality. However, she had a strong backing, constant film offers, and a high appearance rate. Although she hadn’t reached the level of a film queen yet, as long as she continued to develop, a red carpet nomination was only a matter of time.

This drama, “Unrivaled Everywhere,” was also funded by Ji Siqi’s patron. So, from the beginning, Liu Waner was prepared to build a relationship with her. In this crew, she could offend anyone except Ji Siqi.

“Yu Hao, the next scene is ready to start. Go over quickly.” Ji Siqi reminded Yu Hao and then turned to walk towards the director. After a few steps, she suddenly instructed her assistant, “Dismiss that woman from the crew tomorrow. I find her annoying.”

“Alright.” The assistant nodded hastily.

Firing an extra was just a phone call away, and the assistant didn’t pay much attention to it.

In the afternoon, there were several scenes with Yu Hao and Liu Waner. While there hadn’t been a direct comparison before, Yu Hao could endure it. However, after practicing with An Bu, Liu Waner’s affected and exaggerated performance made him lose focus, making the filming process very difficult.

“Yu Hao, what’s wrong with you?” The director angrily questioned, “Is Liu Waner’s facial twitching contagious to you? Liu Waner, if you can’t act, leave early. There are plenty of people in the crew who can replace you.”

At this point, the director suddenly turned to Yu Hao and said, “The girl who just rehearsed lines with you, let her change into costume and rehearse with you again.”

“Director!” Liu Waner exclaimed in panic.

Ignoring her, the director, who never really liked Liu Waner and only used her due to a recommendation from an acquaintance, insisted on his decision.

Meanwhile, An Bu, who was doing wall paintings in a corner, heard Yu Hao being asked to rehearse with her. She immediately refused.

Yu Hao asked in confusion, “You memorized the lines so well; it’s obvious you want to be in this drama. Now there’s a good opportunity, why refuse?”

An Bu replied firmly, “My goal is to be an excellent, unknown supporting actor.”

Yu Hao: “…” Can’t your goal be a bit more ambitious?

While the two were talking, an argument erupted between Ji Siqi and the director.

“Director, Liu Waner is the second female lead. How can you talk about replacing her?”

“Whether to replace her or not is my decision. No need for your interference,” the director replied, holding back his anger.

“Director, Mr. Shen invested in this drama mainly because of your ability. Acting so willfully now, don’t you think it’s irresponsible?” Ji Siqi spoke without reservation, confronting the director.

“Am I irresponsible?” The director slammed the script on the ground. “Is letting Liu Waner keep making mistakes responsible?”

“Acting skills can be polished. It’s too hasty to change someone on the spot.”

“Can you do it better? Why don’t you take over my director’s position?” The director mocked.

Ji Siqi stared angrily at him. “Are you insisting on replacing Liu Waner?”

“What if I am?” In fact, the director had only wanted Liu Waner to see how others portrayed Wang Luoxue; he didn’t really intend to change actors. Now, pressured by Ji Siqi, his little temper flared up.

“Good.” Ji Siqi sat in her chair, arms crossed, sneering. “Then there’s no need to continue filming this drama. Director, find another investment.”

The implication was clear: she would make the investors withdraw.

The director glanced deeply at her, said nothing, and walked away from the set.

From a distance, Yu Hao and An Bu looked bewildered. How did everything fall apart in the blink of an eye?

Although this director wasn’t a veteran, he was considered a talented newcomer. However, Ji Siqi had casually dismissed him. An Bu couldn’t help but wonder how Ji Siqi, with her personality and character, had climbed to her current position.

Yu Hao sighed quietly and said to An Bu, “It seems like this drama can’t be filmed anymore. Let’s go back to the hotel. Leave the aftermath to others.”

Hmm… An Bu played with a strand of hair hanging on her chest, her gaze subtly flickering.

Can’t be filmed anymore?

That might not necessarily be the case.

Author’s note: An Bu: It’s okay; sis has money. Sis will invest.

Explanation: In this scenario, the actors are not A-list celebrities, and the director is a newcomer. Therefore, the crew might not be as organized and strict as in larger productions, and changes in cast and funding are not uncommon.

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