My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Cat Master

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Back at the hotel, An Bu sent an email to her proxy lawyer, asking him to contact the director, Zhang Tingnan, immediately. She wanted to grant him enough power and freedom to negotiate for the opportunity to continue directing “Unrivaled Everywhere.” Although the withdrawal of funds was not confirmed, An Bu wanted to give the director a morale boost, allowing him to confront the current investors confidently.

After sending the email and a drafted contract, An Bu’s phone suddenly received a text message notification. The screen displayed “Cat Master,” the nickname she gave to Jian Ningxuan as a reminder not to forget to feed him.

【(Cat Master) An Bu, why are you at the film and television city instead of resting at home?】

An Bu was momentarily surprised, then remembered that this person could track her phone, so it wasn’t strange that he knew where An Bu was.

She tapped on the phone screen and replied: 【I have a very capable doctor friend here. She is taking care of my treatment.】

【(Cat Master) How long will it take? Will it leave a scar?】

【About a month, and it won’t leave a scar.】

With modern medical technology, common injuries could recover in one to two months, and avoiding scars was possible with a significant cost.

Jian Ningxuan remained silent for a while. Just when An Bu thought there might not be any more messages, the phone screen lit up again.

【(Cat Master) If you don’t have money for the treatment cost, you can advance your salary.】

An Bu raised an eyebrow. She was just a “temporary worker,” so how much salary could she have?

Intrigued, she asked: 【How much can be advanced?】

【(Cat Master) For wound suturing, cosmetic care, and later recuperation, around 150,000.】

Did this mean she could advance 150,000? Jian Ningxuan was really generous for someone he had only met a few times.

【Thank you. If needed, I will definitely ask for your help. You’re a good person. I’ll make a mixed seafood dish for you when I go back (*^-゜)v】

Jian Ningxuan stared at the screen, and in his mind, a colorful, smiling mixed seafood dish appeared…

In the morning, with no specific plans, An Bu exercised in the hotel’s gym. She wore headphones, listening to energetic music while jogging on the treadmill.

Not long after, the treadmill next to her started, and she glanced sideways to see Yu Hao, that outrageously handsome face of his.

“Hey,” Yu Hao smiled at her.

An Bu nodded in response.

Yu Hao looked her up and down. She wore a pink tank top on her upper body, black capri pants on her lower body, a pair of yellow sports shoes on her feet. Her chest was full and firm, her waist slender, her exposed abdomen tight and tense, radiating a gem-like luster.

Unaware of being captivated by the beauty, Yu Hao, who was dazzled by her charm, did not notice that after running for so long, An Bu not only didn’t break a sweat but also didn’t seem to pant. 

Seeming to realize something was amiss, An Bu concluded her jogging early and turned to leave. 

“An Bu.” Yu Hao called out to her. He was about to say something when his phone in his pocket suddenly rang. 

“Hello… Yes, okay, got it.” Hanging up the phone, Yu Hao caught up with An Bu and said, “The director invited us for a meal. Shall we go together?”

An Bu sighed, “Big brother, I’m just an extra. Do you think it’s appropriate for me to go?”

Only now did Yu Hao remember An Bu’s status. Perplexed, with such a top-tier appearance, why did she only want to be an extra?

As they walked out of the gym, they coincidentally ran into the director, Zhang Tingnan. When he saw the two, he greeted, “I’ve booked a spot in the Orchid Hall; you guys hurry over later.”

“Sure, we’ll be right there.” Yu Hao watched the director leave and turned to An Bu, saying, “Let’s go, change clothes, and then have dinner together.”

An Bu: “Hmm?”

“Didn’t you hear what the director said?” Yu Hao pointed at himself and then at An Bu, “He said ‘you guys’—both of us.”

An Bu: “…”

After taking a shower in her room, An Bu changed into casual clothes and went with Yu Hao to the Orchid Hall. On the way, they encountered other actors from the crew.

Entering the Orchid Hall, they each chose a seat. It was a table with over ten people, but Ji Siqi and Liu Waner were absent.

Everyone had witnessed the argument yesterday, and since Ji Siqi wasn’t invited to the director’s banquet, the withdrawal of funds was likely confirmed. This dinner was probably a farewell gathering.

The atmosphere was quite tense, and everyone’s expressions were subtly complicated.

“Today, I asked everyone to come here because there’s something I’d like to discuss with you all.” Zhang Tingnan began, and everyone sat up straight, anticipating the “bad news.”

Zhang Tingnan cleared his throat, about to continue, when someone pushed open the door of the private room. Ji Siqi entered with Liu Waner and a few others.

“Director, you’re treating everyone to dinner and didn’t invite me?” Ji Siqi looked at Zhang Tingnan with a smiling face. “I was impolite yesterday. If the director doesn’t mind, let’s sit down and have a good talk. Maybe there’s room for maneuver.”

“Oh?” Zhang Tingnan was surprised. “Mr. Shen isn’t withdrawing his investment?”

Ji Siqi chuckled lightly. “As long as I say a word, Mr. Shen will definitely give the director some face.”

Zhang Tingnan understood. This woman just wanted to use Mr. Shen’s name to demonstrate against him, forcing him to compromise publicly and establishing her position in the crew.

Certainly, “Unrivaled Everywhere” wasn’t a big production. For Mr. Shen, it was just an investment to amuse his lover. But for Zhang Tingnan, it was a goal he needed to complete with all his heart and effort. He could compromise a bit on casting, but he would never become a yes-man to some celebrity.

“Miss Ji, please tell Mr. Shen that our cooperation ends here.” Zhang Tingnan calmly stated.

Ji Siqi frowned elegantly. “Without Mr. Shen’s support, how do you plan to continue filming this drama?”

“I invited everyone here today to discuss this matter.” Zhang Tingnan looked around, smiling. “I won’t give up on this drama. If you’re willing to trust me, please stay and rebuild the crew with me.”

Before anyone could respond, Ji Siqi sneered, “Zhang Tingnan, do you intend to invest yourself? Hehe, do you have enough funds? Offending Mr. Shen, I’m sure you won’t be able to attract other investments.”

Pausing, she addressed the people present, “Mr. Shen is about to invest in another new drama. If you’re willing, follow me. I guarantee you will be selected.”

She was blatantly forcing others to take sides.

The people exchanged glances, their hearts moved but also hesitant.

Zhang Tingnan’s face turned unpleasant, staying silent and watching everyone’s reactions. 

After a moment, someone stood up, bowed to Zhang Tingnan, and then walked towards Ji Siqi. 

Following suit, a second person, then a third… Six or seven people walked out one after another. 

“Hahaha.” Ji Siqi looked at the scattered empty seats, couldn’t help but laugh, then glanced at the motionless Yu Hao, furrowing her brow, “Yu Hao, aren’t you leaving?”

“No,” Yu Hao, with a wine glass in hand, remained unmoved. “Can’t be bothered to move.”

“Then forget it.” Ji Siqi glanced at An Bu and walked out of the private room like a proud peacock.

After a few people left, Zhang Tingnan sighed heavily, thanking those who stayed. “Thank you all for staying. I promise not to disappoint you.”

“Director, no need to be so polite. I mainly don’t like acting with Ji Siqi,” a girl with short hair said with a smile.

“Haha, me too.” An adjacent middle-aged man echoed.

Zhang Tingnan showed a sincere smile to them, dispelling the gloom on his face, his eyes filled with determination.

After the breakdown with Zhang Tingnan, Ji Siqi immediately called Mr. Shen and, with a coquettish tone, persuaded him to agree to withdraw the investment.

The matter was quickly settled. Ji Siqi was looking forward to seeing Zhang Tingnan’s failure, but unexpectedly, within a few days, she heard that he was openly rebuilding the crew, holding open auditions for all major roles except for Yu Hao’s character, Xue Ciyi.

Ji Siqi couldn’t believe it and immediately had her assistant investigate where Zhang Tingnan got the investment from.

“We found out. It’s an investment company called ‘Fengshang,’ headquartered in M country.” The assistant quickly obtained the information.

“M country?” Ji Siqi hadn’t considered foreign countries in her calculations. “A foreign company investing in a third-rate film and television drama in our country? Are they bored or something?”

Assistant: “…”

“D*mn it!” Ji Siqi gritted her teeth. “Don’t be too happy yet.” After thinking for a moment, she called her agent, “Contact Bei Mengla’s agent, ask when Bei Mengla’s injury will recover. If she can recover within a month, invite her to play the female lead in my new drama, provisionally cast as the second female lead.”

Before the bus incident, Bei Mengla was just a relatively unknown actress, but now she had a good reputation and high popularity that even top stars might envy. Having her in the cast would undoubtedly attract widespread attention.

Since Ji Siqi intended to challenge Zhang Tingnan, winning was a must!

“Miss An, are you really not interested in accepting my invitation?” Zhang Tingnan wanted An Bu for the second female lead role, but she declined.

“Sorry, my interest in acting is limited to being an extra,” An Bu said.

Zhang Tingnan: I’ve never seen this kind of interest before…

Yu Hao, on the side, suggested, “An Bu, can’t you at least do this one?”

An Bu shrugged, “Sorry, I might leave in a few days. I don’t have time for acting.”

“You’re not even doing extras?” Yu Hao seemed to hear the sound of his own heart breaking.

After becoming an investor in the drama, An Bu no longer needed to play a minor role. She only needed to wait for the drama to finish shooting, and when it was publicly broadcast, she would gain popularity points. However, she didn’t know how many she could get. If the popularity points were too few, she might not invest in TV dramas again. A TV drama consumed a lot of resources and time, and anything less than 5000 return would be considered a loss.

An Bu smiled, “Even if I don’t do extras, we can still keep in touch.”

“That’s true.” Yu Hao returned to his lazy expression, stretched his body on the sofa, and said to the director, “Director Zhang, you have to work hard. My character, Xue Ciyi, is already eager to overthrow the throne and ascend to the top.”

“Okay! I’ll make sure you’re immortalized on the throne.”

“Don’t make me feel like staying was a mistake…”

A month later, the new actors were in their positions, and the crew was ready to start filming.

On the other hand, news of Bei Mengla joining “Jiangshan Beauty” to play the second female lead quickly spread on the internet. For a while, the attention on “Jiangshan Beauty” skyrocketed, far surpassing “Unrivaled Everywhere.” People expressed their support, even if they didn’t like period dramas, just for Bei Mengla, they would watch. The topic’s popularity was unmatched.

At this point, An Bu had returned to the city. The first thing she did was invite Jian Ningxuan to dinner.

She kind of missed the rainbow halo on the cat master…

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