My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Want to Warm You

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Jian Ningxuan felt that this scoundrel was teasing him again, but his face remained calm as the wind. “Don’t all girls like to get their beauty sleep? Not sleeping by midnight will result in dark circles the next day.”

“I really want to know how it feels to have dark circles,” An Bu said, looking pitiful.

Jian Ningxuan: “… ” Couldn’t resist the urge to pinch her.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you,” An Bu sat up, flipping over, “I won’t go out after 11 o’clock from now on. If I have to, I’ll bring one or two buddies with me.”

“I’m enough,” Jian Ningxuan suddenly spoke.


“Just bring me along,” he decided to prioritize practicing combat skills.

On this day, after completing her daily learning tasks, An Bu started looking for part-time jobs online and also posted some cute pictures. With Jian Ningxuan as her vitality charger, her need for vitality was not so urgent, but exercise was still a must.

The filming of “Unrivaled Everywhere” was halfway through and had started airing on TV and online, three episodes per week. It had just aired three episodes, and the response was very positive. Despite most of the cast being newcomers with somewhat inexperienced acting, their vitality and serious attitude exceeded the audience’s expectations, earning the title of a “conscientious work” by many.

On the other hand, “Jiangshan Beauty” had a significant promotion, but due to the controversy surrounding Bei Mengla, the audience’s enthusiasm was low. Combined with the clichéd story and the forced introduction of handsome men and beautiful women, it felt aesthetically fatigued. After a week, the ratings were dismal, barely holding on at the tail end.

With the hot broadcast of “Unrivaled Everywhere,” An Bu also received vitality scores ranging from 400 to 1000, and this was just the beginning.

Two days later, the police station called, asking An Bu to come over. The suspects who were present at the crime scene that day had been found, and they wanted her to identify them.

Jian Ningxuan, worried, accompanied her to the police station.

“Miss An, take a look, are these the people you saw that day?” The middle-aged police officer pointed to two men sitting separately in two interrogation rooms.

An Bu carefully looked and nodded, “That’s right. Although I didn’t see one of their faces clearly, the tattoo on his neck is the same as the person I saw.”

The middle-aged police officer breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Great, we’ll trouble you to sign as a witness in the case files.”

“Have they confirmed that one of them is the murderer?” An Bu asked.

“In fact, both of them are murderers. One of them still had clothes stained with the victim’s blood, and the other was wearing the victim’s down jacket and leather shoes,” the middle-aged police officer felt it was the easiest case he had solved since working, “Because it was impromptu, they followed the victim back to their residence and then killed and dismembered them. If you hadn’t happened to see them, this seemingly motiveless murder case would probably have been difficult to solve in a short time. However, they are mentally ill and may not have to bear full criminal responsibility. The only consolation is that the daughter of the deceased happened to be away that day and escaped unharmed.”

At this moment, the young police officer next to him whispered, “Boss, will the testimony of a color-blind patient be fully accepted?”

Jian Ningxuan’s gaze froze. A color-blind patient?

The middle-aged police officer said, “Color blindness only makes it difficult to distinguish colors; it’s not blindness. Why wouldn’t their testimony be accepted?”

“That’s good,” the young police officer patted his chest and then smiled apologetically at An Bu.

An Bu didn’t mind, but Jian Ningxuan became concerned. Before leaving the police station, he specifically found the young police officer, “The color-blind patient you mentioned refers to An Bu?”

“Yes, didn’t you know?” The young police officer first looked at him with confusion, then showed a regretful expression and remedied, “Sir, you won’t dislike that girl because of this, right? Although her eyes have some defects, she’s a very nice person…”

Jian Ningxuan didn’t listen to his chatter, walked out of the police station with a stern face, and saw the figure waiting for him outside.

“Going home?” An Bu smiled and asked.

“Yeah,” Jian Ningxuan took the initiative to hold her hand, walking towards the parking lot.

Back at the residence again, looking at the colorful world in front of him, Jian Ningxuan felt a strange sourness in his heart.

Turns out, she couldn’t see colors at all.

No wonder strange color combinations appeared around her, no wonder she was always keen on making colorful food, and no wonder she liked to wear brightly colored clothes.

Because she couldn’t see, but she longed to.

They had lived together for so long, and he hadn’t noticed.

What did a world without colors look like?

“Mr. Jian, you’ve been eating vegetarian these days. Today, I’ll make you a few dishes with meat?” An Bu was preparing ingredients in the kitchen, speaking without looking back.

The next second, her back felt heavy, and two strong arms tightly encircled her waist.

“Mr. Jian?” An Bu turned her head in confusion and called out.

Jian Ningxuan slowly let go of his hands, stepping back, “Sorry, just wanted to hug you suddenly. Thank you for taking care of me during this time.”

An Bu turned around, “Are you planning to move out?”

Jian Ningxuan: “Why did you think I would move out? Don’t you want me to stay?”

“Because what you just said seemed like a farewell.” Thanking her for taking care of him during this time…

Originally, he just wanted to comfort with physical contact to the person he liked, but she interpreted it as a farewell. Jian Ningxuan felt like he failed miserably.

“No, I never thought about moving out.” He spoke decisively.

“That’s good.” An Bu smiled comfortably, patting her chest, “You scared me. I can’t bear to have you move out. Without you, what joy is there in my life?”

Once again fed a spoonful of cat food, Jian Ningxuan felt sweetness almost overflowing in his heart. If she likes him so much, he should also express himself, stay by her side, and be her support.

His gloomy mood from earlier disappeared, and Jian Ningxuan, light-footed, returned to the living room, catching sight of the car keys on the coffee table. Suddenly, he realized a serious problem.

This guy can’t see colors, yet dares to drive around the world recklessly! Although cars have color recognition systems for traffic lights, what if it suddenly malfunctions? How does she cross the road when walking outside? How does she recognize images and text that require color identification?

For a moment, Jian Ningxuan worried for An Bu…

That night, Jian Ningxuan searched for a lot of information about color-blind patients, even consulting foreign experts, understanding necessary precautions. He spent the whole night without sleep, diligently recording.

What he didn’t know was that An Bu’s color blindness was not due to her eyes but because, after becoming a living corpse, yin and yang overlapped, and the world she saw was entirely covered by yin energy. Only when her vitality score accumulated to a certain extent could she cross the boundary and see the vitality belonging to the yang realm.

“Mr. Jian, I’m going out,” An Bu changed her shoes and habitually notified.

Jian Ningxuan followed her to the door, his eyes like a worried tracker locking onto her.

“Don’t be nervous; it’s daytime now. I’m just going to the mall to do some temporary translation work,” An Bu reassured.

“Yeah, go and come back soon,” Jian Ningxuan also knew he couldn’t be attached to her like an accessory.

An Bu waved her hand and walked out of the house with light steps.

Jian Ningxuan leaned out of the doorway, watching until her figure disappeared around the corridor corner before slowly retracting…

Today, the Wanlihong Shopping Mall is receiving several batches of foreign tourists. An Bu, as a temporary translator, is mainly tasked with accompanying them to shop, introducing products, and local customs.

Apart from An Bu, the mall also arranged five other translators, aiming for perfection since among these tourists, there are quite a few powerful investors and potential clients.

An Bu is proficient in three foreign languages, and she has some knowledge of other minor languages. Although not very skilled, it’s more than enough to entertain tourists. Coupled with her outstanding appearance and excellent eloquence, among the group of translators, she stood out remarkably.

What An Bu didn’t know is that this mall belonged to the Jinhai Group, and Shen Muran, the deputy general manager of the Jinhai Group, is also on-site.

Watching the radiant An Bu, Shen Muran’s eyes were full of appreciation.

After seeing off the last group of tourists, An Bu picked up a bottle of juice, thinking of replenishing energy when she suddenly saw a strand of death aura drifting over from behind.

She turned around and saw Shen Muran had somehow walked over, smiling, “Teacher An, we meet again.”

“Hello, Mr. Shen,” An Bu greeted politely. The last time they met was at Yang Qianqian’s birthday party, and at that time, this man did not have signs of death. Now, however, death omens have appeared.

“It’s already lunchtime; I wonder if Teacher An would like to join me for lunch?” Shen Muran asked politely.

An Bu thought for a moment and nodded, “Sure.”

“Where would you like to eat, Teacher An?”

“A vegetarian restaurant, I like vegetarian dishes.”

“All right, I happen to know a good one nearby.”

The two left together, and many people noticed, especially one person who is a friend of Ji Siqi. She immediately called Ji Siqi and told her about Shen Muran inviting another woman for a meal.

“Siqi, you should pay attention. That woman looks very beautiful, and Mr. Shen seems to have a good impression of her.”

Ji Siqi, however, was dismissive, “How many women does Muran have around him? If I scrutinize every one of them, wouldn’t I be exhausted?”

“But have you seen him actively invite anyone before? When you and Shen met, wasn’t it because you took the initiative?”

Ji Siqi paused and asked, “Do you know the background of that woman?”

“What background? I don’t know, just a temporary hire, seems to be called ‘An Bu’…”

As soon as the words fell, Ji Siqi immediately interrupted, “You said her name is ‘An Bu’?!”

“Yeah, do you know her?”

Ji Siqi gritted her teeth, “Do you know where they’re having food?”

“Well, it should be at a vegetarian restaurant near Wanlihong…”

Before the other party finished speaking, Ji Siqi had already hung up.

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