My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Cat Master’s Secret Base

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In an elegantly decorated vegetarian restaurant, An Bu and Shen Muran sat facing each other, each ordering several vegetarian dishes and chatting in a harmonious atmosphere.

“Teacher An, I really appreciate your abilities. Would you be willing to work at my company?” Shen Muran genuinely admired her talent, hoping to recruit her under his banner.

“Mr. Shen, I appreciate your kindness, but I am satisfied with my current life and have no intention of changing it for now,” An Bu responded professionally. If Jian Ningxuan were present, he would surely notice the difference in her demeanor compared to the leisurely atmosphere at home.

“That’s truly regrettable.” Shen Muran poured her another cup of tea. “If Teacher An changes her mind, I welcome you to join my company anytime.”

“Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.” An Bu raised her teacup, subtly observing the death aura on his body. Though not strong yet, its presence meant that something would happen within the next three days.

Shen Muran noticed her gaze and a faint smile played on his lips. 

Putting down the teacup, An Bu asked, “Mr. Shen, do you have any plans for a trip lately?” 

Shen Muran was taken aback, not expecting such a question. He replied, “Yes, I’m flying to F country tomorrow. Is there anything you’d like? I can bring you a gift.” 

“No need,” An Bu was contemplating his demise, and he actually thought of bringing gifts! Even if she were to confirm that his misfortune was related to this trip, she seemed to have no excuse to ask him to change his plans. If she guessed wrong, it would be even more awkward. 

An Bu sank into contemplation, and Shen Muran didn’t disturb her, just gazing at her with a smile, as if appreciating a fine piece of art.

At this moment, the sound of high heels tapping on the floor approached from a distance, followed by a sharp, angry female voice, “An Bu! I can’t believe it’s really you!”

An Bu lifted her head to see a familiar face.

“Siqi, what are you doing here?” Shen Muran slightly furrowed his brows, almost imperceptibly.

“Is it because of her?” Ji Siqi pointed at An Bu, questioning, “Is that why you’ve been neglecting me lately?”

“What are you talking about?” Shen Muran restrained his expression, warning her with his eyes to stop.

But Ji Siqi took it as confirmation and erupted in anger. She took off her sunglasses, pointed at An Bu, and shouted, “You shameless mistress! You have a man, yet you still want to steal someone else’s. Do you have no shame at all?”

The piercing voice, unrestrained and deliberate, seemed to aim to humiliate An Bu, drawing the attention of other customers in the hall.

Shen Muran stood up angrily, glaring at Ji Siqi, pointing to the door, “Get out!”

“You want me to leave? Because of this shameless mistress, you want me to leave?” Ji Siqi grabbed a teacup from the table, intending to splash it on An Bu’s face. However, just as she raised it halfway, a cold hand grabbed her, and she met a pair of icy eyes.

“Who did you just call a mistress?” An Bu’s tone was as calm as still water.

“I’m talking about you!” Ji Siqi cursed, “What? Did I say something wrong? Sneaking around behind your man, seducing other men… Ugh!”

Before she could finish her words, An Bu grabbed a handful of peas and shoved them into Ji Siqi’s mouth, leaving her bewildered, with scattered peas falling unnoticed from her mouth.

“God gave you a sexy mouth, and you use it to talk nonsense. It’s a waste.” An Bu picked up a green pepper from another plate, “Fortunately, the mouth has another function—eating. If you can’t talk, then make good use of its other function.” Trying to compare thick skin with a corpse, she really didn’t know the severity of her actions.

As Ji Siqi opened her mouth to speak, a large green pepper was shoved in again, choking her nearly to the point of suffocation. She coughed, trying to spit it out, her face covered in grease, her makeup smudged. How sorry could her appearance get?

An Bu, unperturbed by the oil stains on her hands, calmly extended her claws to reach for another dish. She had no intention of eating; she considered it a form of waste recycling.

On the side, Shen Muran watched in astonishment, witnessing a unique and colorful catfight for the first time. Although it couldn’t be called aesthetically pleasing, coupled with that disdainful expression and the seemingly effortless movements, it showcased a dominating aura. In front of An Bu, Ji Siqi looked like a humble little girl.

After dealing with her, An Bu released her grip, took a few tissues to wipe her fingers, then said to Shen Muran with a faint smile, “Take care of your woman. Don’t let her bite people recklessly.”

Having said that, she picked up her bag and, under the admiring gazes of onlookers, walked out of the restaurant like a queen.

An Bu didn’t bother with the afternoon reception work at the mall. Instead, she drove back to her residence.

Exiting the elevator, turning the corridor, and nearing her door, the door of the neighboring apartment suddenly opened. A familiar figure walked out, coincidentally meeting An Bu’s gaze.

An Bu: “…”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

“Mr. Jian, how come…” An Bu’s gaze swept back and forth between the neighboring apartment and the man, puzzled. “Are you visiting the neighbors?”

Even though she asked this way, An Bu didn’t think so. Because Jian Ningxuan at the moment was sweaty, his skin reddened, breathing heavily, looking like he had just been tormented by a torrential rain. Who could turn themselves into this state by “visiting” the neighbor’s house?

“Why did you… come back so early?” Jian Ningxuan’s face showed a moment of awkwardness. Taking a step forward, he reached back to close the door.

An Bu extended her hand, holding the door frame, then lowered her head under Jian Ningxuan’s raised arm, looking into the adjacent apartment.

“Wow? Why is it a gym?” An Bu looked surprised.

The various rooms of the apartment were connected, filled with various fitness equipment, and a large mat was placed in the middle of the hall, seeming like it was used for combat practice.

An Bu retracted her head, stared at Jian Ningxuan with clear eyes, waiting for him to explain.

Jian Ningxuan pursed his lips and replied, “I bought this apartment.”


“So, I transformed it into a gym.”

Who would transform a residential apartment into a gym? With this effort, why not just get a gym membership?

“Why?” An Bu asked again.

Jian Ningxuan looked deeply into her eyes, “You said I’m fat.”

An Bu: “…”

Jian Ningxuan: “I want to lose weight and don’t want to be too far from home (you).”

So, you bought the neighboring apartment, secretly transformed it into a gym, as your secret base? How did you manage to convince the original owner of that apartment? (Jian Ningxuan: Money.)

An Bu: “…” Suddenly, he blushed.

Avoiding An Bu’s sparkling eyes, Jian Ningxuan closed the apartment door, pulled her into the adjacent home.

Taking off their shoes, Jian Ningxuan’s first move was to step on the electronic scale, gesturing An Bu to come and see.

76.7, a weight loss of 1.8 kilograms in a week, a remarkable result. Originally, he wanted to wait until he lost a dozen or so kilograms before letting her “suddenly” discover that there’s a bodybuilder beside her…

An Bu gave him a thumbs up, “Impressive!”

After coming down from the scale, Jian Ningxuan turned his head, raised his eyebrows, and returned to his usual cold demeanor.

“Give it here,” An Bu suddenly stretched out her hand.

“What?” Jian Ningxuan was puzzled.

“The key to the next-door gym.”

Jian Ningxuan silently took out a spare key and placed it in her hand.

“Let’s work out together in the future~~”


“However,” An Bu expressed some concern, “Will it disturb the neighbors downstairs and on both sides?”

“No problem. I bought all the equipment that operates silently and used soundproof wall tiles. Unless a dumbbell falls on the floor, the neighbors won’t hear any noise at all,” Jian Ningxuan assured. To set up all this, he spent over seven million, more than the cost of the house he originally purchased.

“That’s good.” An Bu looked at the sweat-soaked Jian Ningxuan and urged, “Go take a shower quickly. You’re all sweaty, and it looks uncomfortable.”

Jian Ningxuan nodded, walking barefoot toward the bathroom, leaving transparent footprints along the way.

An Bu fetched a mop and vigorously cleaned up the cat master’s footprints.

Since he had started working out, there was no need to deliberately control his diet! From today onwards, she would restart the colorful nutritional recipes!

The floor was soon polished by An Bu, and her mood brightened. Indeed, her cat master was the most considerate, much better than those flashy cheap goods outside.

She hadn’t eaten anything during the previous meal, so An Bu prepared a hearty lunch for Jian Ningxuan, who was diligently working on his fitness and weight loss.

When he finished his shower, he was welcomed by a table full of colorful delicious dishes…

Jian Ningxuan would soon discover that every time he shed a few pounds, he would be nourished back by someone.

“So, what’s the point of working out?”

“It can turn fat into lean muscle.”

This answer left Jian Ningxuan speechless. Since then, he endured the torment of fitness and the enjoyment of delicious food in an endless loop…

In the evening, An Bu remembered Shen Muran’s situation. He was leaving the country tomorrow, and if she ignored it, he would be in trouble.

After some thought, An Bu suddenly got up from the bed and ran into Jian Ningxuan’s room.

Jian Ningxuan, who had just taken off everything but his underwear, “…”

An Bu ignored the “beauty” in front of her and quickly approached him, asking, “Mr. Jian, are you proficient in hacking?”

Is hacking more charming than his physique? Jian Ningxuan strongly disagreed, but he honestly replied, “Yes.”

“Great! Can you help me with something?” An Bu looked at him expectantly.

Jian Ningxuan glanced at her indifferently: Why ask such a question?

Go ahead, what is it? As long as he could do it, even if he couldn’t, he would create conditions to make it happen.

So, he agreed to this favor.

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