My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Understanding Sister

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The next day, Xin Yan woke up with a splitting headache. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw An Bu sitting by the bedside, wearing a truly lifeless expression while looking at her.

“What happened?” Xin Yan asked bewilderedly, clearly not fully awake.

“What do you think?” An Bu said faintly. “Someone, I don’t know who, decided to go to a convenience store and get drunk!”

Xin Yan was momentarily stunned, then covered her face, in pain, “Bu Bu, I got dumped!”

“Yeah, spill it. What happened?” An Bu poured her a glass of water, then leaned against the bedside, waiting for her to narrate the heartbreaking experience.

After staring blankly for a while, Xin Yan, in a low mood, said, “He’s getting engaged.”

“What?” An Bu hadn’t seen Xin Yan’s boyfriend, only knew he was a rich young man, and they were schoolmates. Even though Xin Yan dropped out later for certain reasons and, without a diploma, temporarily worked as a waitress in a restaurant, they hadn’t broken up. They had been in a relationship for nearly three years. To match the other party, Xin Yan, besides working, also enrolled in a VM CNC training class, striving to enrich herself, hoping to achieve something in her career one day.

She had always believed that their relationship was unbreakable until yesterday, when everything changed.

The story was very cliché yet realistic. The wealthy young man abandoned his commoner girlfriend and found a fiancée who matched his social status. What was more cruel was that Xin Yan’s boyfriend had never genuinely committed. He regarded her as a regular bed partner. She was clean, beautiful, obedient, and he found it convenient to maintain such a relationship for three years. Until the wealthy young man, under family pressure, decided to get engaged to a woman from a prestigious family.

Xin Yan didn’t inform her boyfriend about going to pick him up at the airport, planning to give him a surprise. However, she witnessed him walking out of the airport arm in arm with another girl, laughing and talking intimately. At that moment, she even consoled herself, thinking that the girl might be his sister. So, with courage, she went up to greet them.

However, that wealthy young man’s reaction to her appearance lasted only a few seconds. Afterward, he calmly introduced, “This is my fiancée, Yuan Shishi.”

As for Xin Yan, the introduction was just, “My former schoolmate, Xin Yan.”

Former schoolmate, not even “ex-girlfriend.”

Seeing her boyfriend’s attitude, what else did Xin Yan not understand? If he had even a shred of emotion for her, he wouldn’t casually define their relationship like that, without a hint of panic or guilt, as if she were just an irrelevant passerby.

At that moment, Xin Yan felt like the entire world collapsed. Three years of love shattered with a single sentence. Under the gaze of his bright and beautiful fiancée, she had no strength left to question. She just watched them leave.

Later, she received a text from that man, telling her that he was about to get engaged. If she was willing to follow him, he would take care of her.

Take care of her? Wasn’t that making her a mistress? Her identity only qualified her for that?

Xin Yan didn’t know how she left the airport at that time; she just wanted to find a place to vent her emotions.

“So, that convenience store became your venting place,” An Bu asked with interest. “I’m curious, how did you choose that convenience store?”

Xin Yan replied awkwardly, “The liquor in that convenience store was displayed on the shelves near the window…”

An Bu said, “…Hehe.” So, things that easily lead people to brain damage shouldn’t be placed in such conspicuous positions!

“No, haven’t you got your priorities wrong?” Xin Yan suddenly reacted. “I’ve been hurt by a scumbag, and you’re more concerned about that convenience store?”

“You said he’s a scumbag too. Why bother tormenting yourself for such a scumbag? At the airport, you should have cut ties with him, not foolishly watched them leave.”

“What else can I do?” Xin Yan lowered her head, her eyes were red, “His fiancée looks like a rich family’s young lady, with a perfect match of talent and beauty, deeply in love. If I make a scene in public, it’ll only make me more embarrassed. We’ve been together for three or four years, and I always thought we truly loved each other. Turns out, he only saw me as a pastime. Is it because my background is not as good that I’m not qualified to be with him? Is family background really that important?”

Indeed, it’s very important.

An Bu had seen too many couples with disparate backgrounds, and most of them ended in tragedy. True love was elusive, especially in relationships where the foundation was unequal from the start. Cinderella’s story truly existed only in fairy tales. Those wealthy offspring, who had encountered all sorts of beautiful women, how many of them would be moved by an ordinary woman, let alone give up opportunities to advance the family business for her? Moreover, although Xin Yan was beautiful, there were also plenty of wealthy women who possessed both looks and talent. The choices for wealthy offspring were too many and too easily obtained.

“What do you plan to do next?” An Bu asked.

“What’s next?” Xin Yan looked bewildered. The man’s meaning was clear: either break up or become his mistress, with no third option.

“When are they getting engaged?” An Bu suddenly asked.

“I don’t know.” Xin Yan, feeling powerless, leaned against the bed, her heart ashen.

An Bu glanced at her, took the notebook from the bedside table, opened a webpage, and quickly searched. Indeed, she found the information Xin Yan was looking for in an entertainment news article.

【Young Master Liang of the Liang family and Miss Yuan, the precious daughter of the Yuan family, will hold their engagement ceremony on the 28th of this month.】

Liang Hefu, the young master of the Liang family, and his fiancée Yuan Shishi.

The 28th? Just three days later.

“Alright, stop moping in bed; let’s go out for a walk.” An Bu put down the notebook and pulled her up.

Clutching the bedsheet desperately, Xin Yan wailed, “No, let me lie down and die. I don’t want to go out!”

“This is my bed. If you dare to die on it, I’ll strip you naked and throw you on the road for people to admire.”

“How can you be so malicious!!!” Xin Yan angrily accused.

In the end, Xin Yan succumbed to An Bu’s coercion and followed her out, her steps heavy.

An Bu took her to a breakfast shop outside the neighborhood first, ordered soy milk and fried dough sticks for her, and just a glass of milk for herself. This shop’s food was clean, one of the few eateries An Bu had been to that didn’t decrease her vitality. As for the taste, she had no comment.

Clearly, Xin Yan had no appetite. She clutched the dough sticks, staring blankly at the family portrait of the shop owner hanging on the wall.

An Bu took out a 10 yuan bill and waved it in front of her. “Eat your breakfast; this is a reward for you.”

Xin Yan glanced at her indifferently. Although she was heartbroken, she wasn’t stupid, so she decisively took the banknote from An Bu’s hand and started eating.

An Bu: “…” Money truly is almighty.

After breakfast, An Bu planned to take her to an amusement park to relax, but it turned out to be a very wrong choice. Xin Yan had just entered the amusement park, and tears streamed down her face. She crouched on the ground, crying bitterly, “He used to bring me to amusement parks often.”

An Bu: “…” It was her mistake; she forgot that the amusement park was one of the sacred places for couples.

Dragging Xin Yan up from the ground, An Bu decided to take her to a place her boyfriend would never have taken her—a beauty salon.

In the city center, there was an internationally renowned beauty institution called “Huancai Huadu,” mainly specializing in beauty treatments, aromatic spa, health care, yoga, and health shaping. The techniques were very professional, and the prices were equally professional.

However, Xin Yan had no concept of this; she just felt that the decoration here was high-end, and she seemed to have entered another realm.

The receptionist noticed the two entering, quickly and discreetly assessed their attire, then revealed a professional smile. “Hello, may I help you with something?”

Xin Yan tugged at An Bu’s clothes and whispered, “Why are we here?”

An Bu replied, “To get a spa, to relax a bit.”

“Is it expensive?”

“It’s just a spa; it won’t cost much.” An Bu casually replied.

Hearing this, the receptionist’s mouth twitched slightly. A regular spa might cost a few hundred or a thousand, but doing one here started at 10,000 yuan. It seemed the casually dressed beauty in front of her was a hidden wealthy person!

An Bu handed a card to the receptionist, selecting an available spa treatment.

After payment, another receptionist came over, warmly leading them inside.

Xin Yan had never been to a place like this before, finding everything quite novel, and her sorrow seemed to lessen.

“How much did it cost? I’ll transfer the money to you later.” Xin Yan knew An Bu wanted to make her happy, but she wouldn’t take advantage of others.

“Sure, treat me to a meal at the health food restaurant afterward.”

Xin Yan nodded. The health food restaurant An Bu mentioned was quite pricey, costing around five to six hundred for a three-course meal.

They changed into bathrobes and each went into the bath.

After the bath, An Bu went into the relaxation room first, having her whole body massaged by a masseuse. As long as her chest wasn’t pressed, or her pulse wasn’t intentionally felt, there was little worry about the masseuse discovering she was a corpse.

Massage helps improve muscle activity. An Bu massaged herself every time she showered, but self-massage couldn’t cover the whole body. That’s why she got a spa treatment every month, though this was her first time at this “Huancai Huadu” place.

Closing her eyes, An Bu relaxed her entire body. Although she couldn’t feel the refreshing comfort, she could still sense the changes in her muscles.

At that moment, a rather aloof female voice came from behind the curtain, “Xin Yan? You’re called Xin Yan, right? A schoolmate of He Fu’s.”

An Bu slowly opened her eyes and, through the curtain’s gap, vaguely saw three figures. One was Xin Yan, and the other two stood in front, left and right.

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