My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Fairy Godmother

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“Shishi, do you know this young lady? Which wealthy family’s daughter is she?” the curly-haired girl beside Yuan Shishi asked with curiosity.

Yuan Shishi crossed her arms, looking at Xin Yan with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I also want to know. Can I trouble Miss Xin to introduce herself?”

Xin Yan tightly gripped her bathrobe, stiffly responding, “I’m not some wealthy young lady, just an ordinary person.”

“Oh?” The curly-haired girl said with interest, “An ordinary person who can afford to pay at Huancai Huadu is quite rare.”

Yuan Shishi chuckled. “Maybe she just came here to experience it. Regular services aren’t expensive; spending a few months’ salary is still affordable.”

Xin Yan lowered her head, suppressing the sorrow that surged again. She struggled to hold back tears, feeling too inferior to muster the courage to counterattack.

“Shishi, let’s go. Don’t waste time here. The handsome male masseur I booked is probably waiting for me in the room.” The curly-haired girl urged.

“Alright, just wait a moment,” Yuan Shishi comfortingly patted Xin Yan’s hand, then turned to Xin Yan and said, “Three days from now is the engagement banquet for He Fu and me. As his ‘schoolmate,’ I wonder if you received an invitation? If not, I can ask He Fu to get you an extra one.”

The condescending tone and feigned generosity in her words made Xin Yan feel extremely embarrassed. It took her a while to squeeze out three words from between her teeth, “No need, thanks.”

“Well, that’s a pity,” Yuan Shishi’s eyes flashed with a hint of mockery. She then gracefully took the hand of the curly-haired girl and said, “Let’s go, time for our spa.”

As the two walked away, watching their backs, Xin Yan could no longer control her tears, and they began to fall drop by drop.

“Why didn’t you fight back just now?” A calm voice suddenly came from beside her.

Wiping away her tears, Xin Yan turned to look at An Bu and choked out, “How could I fight back? Tell her that I’m He Fu’s girlfriend?”

“No, no, no.” An Bu led her into the relaxation room, first asking the masseuse to leave. Then she said, “You should have told her that He Fu is a scumbag you don’t want. Thank her for selflessly taking this scumbag into her embrace, bravely making a huge sacrifice for the harmony of society.”

“Pfft.” Xin Yan couldn’t help but laugh through her tears.

While Xin Yan laughed, An Bu didn’t. She brought Xin Yan here hoping she would quickly recover mentally and not let herself languish over a scumbag. However, all of that was ruined by this prospective fiancee. An Bu didn’t even push Xin Yan to go to the newspaper office with a bottle of gasoline and sulfuric acid. Instead, this woman came here arrogantly, disrupting everything. It was simply outrageous!

“Xin Yan,” An Bu gently patted Xin Yan’s head.

“What?” Xin Yan looked at her lethargically.

“Have you ever heard the story of Cinderella?” An Bu asked.

“Of course, who hasn’t heard of such a well-known fairy tale?”

An Bu smiled alluringly, “Do you want to be Cinderella for a day?”

Xin Yan was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“I’ll be your fairy godmother, give you a pair of glass slippers, and take you to attend their engagement banquet. The magic will last for one night.” An Bu extended a finger, “After that, I hope you can completely forget about that man and start a brand new life.”

Three days later, early in the morning, An Bu appeared spirited outside Xin Yan’s home. She held a black parasol, wore a fiery red gown, stepped into golden high heels, and stood under the blazing sun. She looked more like a she-devil from h*ll than a fairy godmother, lacking any semblance of the latter.

Xin Yan looked at her dazedly and was then led out in a daze, heading straight to the shopping mall.

Five-digit high heels, a six-digit gown, seven-digit accessories, plus a professional stylist – An “Fairy Godmother” Bu transformed Xin Yan from head to toe.

Xin Yan was cute and adorable, feeling like An Bu really had some kind of magic. She forgot about her sadness and was too busy being stunned. No wonder they say shopping can relieve stress; An Bu, with her extravagant spending habits, powerfully proved that point.

Around 9 pm, outside the St. Da Hotel, luxury cars gathered, and celebrities and wealthy individuals from various industries arrived at the hotel, all radiant and luxurious.

Before long, a red popular sports car smoothly parked at the hotel entrance.

The doorman immediately approached, respectfully opened the car door, and a pair of beautiful legs slowly emerged, the crystal shoes on her feet sparkling. A tall and elegant woman gracefully walked down.

Alluring glances gathered in their direction. It was the first time Xin Yan appeared in front of everyone in such a gorgeous manner. Her heart uncontrollably pounded, and her palms were nervously sweating.

“Lift your head, straighten your chest, don’t let your gaze waver. Treat yourself as a queen,” An Bu’s words involuntarily echoed in her mind. “The people in front of you are all actors on the same stage. Whoever acts better can lead the plot.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t. Don’t forget, your magic only lasts for one night. If you mess up, just leave; they didn’t pay you anyway.”

“Bu Bu, aren’t you coming with me?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come find you later.”

Xin Yan took a deep breath and stepped forward slowly.

In the banquet hall, An Bu, wearing the hotel waiter’s uniform and carrying a tray, roamed among the guests. She observed the surroundings, listened to conversations, and quickly memorized the appearances, heights, clothing, expressions, and behaviors of everyone present.

This was her habit, mainly to exercise her brain. She only had momentary memory, and if she didn’t memorize properly for more than three days, she would forget everything she had learned. So, anything she studied, she had to review repeatedly and train regularly; otherwise, she would have to start from scratch.

An Bu poured more wine into a glass, placed it on the tray, and was about to move when a hand suddenly reached out from her side and took a glass of red wine from the tray. Long, slender fingers gently grasped the rim of the glass, and clean and neat nails shimmered with a gentle luster in the wine light.

Following this hand, An Bu turned to look at its owner.

Around thirty years old, a full head taller than An Bu, with a perfect golden ratio figure. Distinctive features bearing the characteristics of a mixed-race person, and a pair of ice-like eyes exuded a sharpness that kept people at a distance. Standing under the bright lights, he stood out, his temperament outstanding.

This man was the same customer An Bu had served a few days ago at the restaurant, the one noticed by Zhiniya but not approached. An Bu had already forgotten about him.

Jian Ningxuan took a glass of red wine, didn’t leave immediately, but stood next to An Bu, staring at her with sharp eyes.

Being stared at like this, An Bu couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, is there anything else you need?”

“Have you worked as a waitress at Carisse’s Restaurant?” Jian Ningxuan asked.

“Yes.” An Bu nodded. “Are you a regular customer at Carisse’s?”

“No.” Confirming his guess, Jian Ningxuan stopped talking and let his gaze linger for a moment on the name tag on her chest.

What does he want?

An Bu wondered. She didn’t believe that the man was coveting her “beauty.” His cold, elegant gaze resembled someone looking at a “dead person.” Well, she did technically qualify as a dead person, but being stared at like this made her think she might feign being a corpse.

Deciding it was the best course of action, An Bu left the man with a polite smile and headed towards the hall with the tray.

After walking about ten meters, she noticed the man was still following, not making any conversation, just purely tagging along, maintaining a distance of four or five steps.

An Bu: “…” What do you want? Why are you following me like a tail? Do you not realize how strong your presence is?

Seven or eight minutes later, An Bu finally couldn’t bear it and stopped, asking, “Sir, may I ask what you want?”

Jian Ningxuan calmly said, “I’m just wandering around.”

An Bu widened her eyes: The venue is so big, why do you keep “wandering around” next to me?

Seeing a flicker of fire in her eyes, Jian Ningxuan asked expressionlessly, “Is there a problem?”

An Bu: “…” Did heaven give you a straightforward face for you to pretend to be garlic?

“If you just want to wander around, I suggest going to the dining tables. You can enjoy delicious food and appreciate the night view,” An Bu pointed out a clear path for him.

“I don’t need you to decide what I want to do,” Jian Ningxuan’s tone remained flat.

An Bu: Fine, I can’t decide what you want to do, but I can decide to dislike you.

“Sorry, feel free to do as you please,” An Bu turned away, paying no more attention to him, and focused on her work.

In theory, such an outstanding man should be sought after, but he was alone, indifferent to everything around him. He didn’t socialize with people, nor did he greet the host. What was he here for?

At 9:30 pm, Father Liang approached the front desk, first giving a routine speech and then loudly announcing the engagement of Liang Hefu and Yuan Shishi. The two completed the engagement ceremony amidst the applause, and the hall echoed with enthusiastic applause. Next was the time for guests to exchange toasts and mingle.

Liang Hefu and Yuan Shishi moved through the venue, receiving congratulations from the guests.

“Shishi, your fiancé is so handsome. Keep an eye on him, so he doesn’t get seduced by some outside temptress,” Ding Yi jokingly said.

“A high-quality man will naturally attract attention. I didn’t care about those flowers and grass in the past, but from now on, he’ll only love me. What do you say, Hefu?” Yuan Shishi turned to Liang Hefu with a charming smile.

Liang Hefu tapped her nose, “Of course, with such a beautiful fiancée by my side, what woman could catch my eye?”

Yuan Shishi wore a sweet expression, which made Ding Yi secretly roll her eyes. As soon as Liang Hefu left, she leaned in and whispered, “Shishi, I heard your fiancé had a long-term girlfriend before. Aren’t you worried at all?”

“That woman,” Yuan Shishi sneered, “she’s just an ordinary supporting character, not worth worrying about.”

“Really?” Ding Yi glanced around and asked, “Is she here today?”

“Humph, Hefu didn’t even send her an invitation. Do you think, with her status, she’s qualified to attend my engagement banquet?”

“True…” Before Ding Yi could finish her sentence, a commotion at the door caught everyone’s attention.

A woman walked gracefully into the hall, wearing a blue off-the-shoulder gown that accentuated her curves. The gathered waist design outlined her figure attractively, and the dress’s hem had wavy pleats. Her hair was elegantly gathered, revealing a slender, fair neck adorned with a sapphire necklace, highlighting her delicate skin. The naturally applied three-dimensional makeup perfectly showcased her elegance and charm.

As the last person to arrive, she inevitably became the center of attention, stunning many with her momentary brilliance.

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