My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Full of Colors

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“I learned about many things later from my uncle and other family members,” Jian Ningxuan leaned against the headboard, his expression calm, as if narrating someone else’s story, “My father loved my mother very much. When they found out she was pregnant, they were both very happy. But three to four months later, my abnormal condition started affecting my mother’s health. The various symptoms caused by high temperatures made her suffer unbearably. When she was six months pregnant, my mother had a persistent fever. Due to concerns about the impact on the fetus, she tried to control it with medication.”

“My father couldn’t bear to see my mother suffer and strongly insisted on abortion, but my mother refused. Perhaps he still held a bit of hope, thinking that my mother could safely give birth to the child. However, things didn’t go as planned. My body temperature exceeded the limit she could endure, and I was born prematurely at nine months. During the cesarean section, there was massive bleeding from the uterus, and she eventually died on the operating table.”

An Bu listened quietly, not interrupting.

Jian Ningxuan looked up at the ceiling and continued, “Because of my mother’s death, my father harbors deep hatred towards me. From the day I was born, he never cared about me. My name was given by my uncle, and my life arrangements were made by my uncle. My birthday every year is spent with my uncle’s family. Without my uncle, I would probably have died in a corner where no one cared.”

“Do you… hate your father?” An Bu asked. She thought Jian Ningxuan didn’t grow into an anti-social second-year junior with a rebellious attitude, which was great.

“I used to,” Jian Ningxuan whispered, “I didn’t understand when I was little why my father was so cruel to me. But later, I found out that I was different from others. My mother’s death was indeed caused by me. The kind of temperature that even I couldn’t bear, and my mother endured it for a whole nine months. The pain can be imagined.”

For him, his mother suffered torment for his sake. His father lost the person he loved the most and gained a child he couldn’t get close to. The originally happy family became fragmented because of his birth.

Jian Ningxuan wasn’t a person who would dwell on trivial matters, but the guilt and self-blame in his heart had always troubled him. Uncle’s family cared for him in every way, and he could only try his best to do well. He learned to control his emotions, maintain a distance from people, and didn’t want to see the appearance of loved ones trying to care for him but having to endure. If someone had to bear guilt, he would bear it alone.

Although his father’s words were harsh, one thing he said was not wrong. If he insisted on being with An Bu, he might hurt her in the future. He should be grateful that things didn’t go too far during their last encounter at the hot spring resort.

“Mr. Jian,” An Bu’s voice came from beside him, interrupting his thoughts, “do you regret coming into this world?”

Jian Ningxuan remained silent for a moment and replied seriously, “No regrets.”

“Then everything your mother sacrificed is worth it.” An Bu sat up, “Don’t feel guilty for things beyond your control. Remember your mother’s love for you and the gift of life. Live a more meaningful life. Look at me; I’m living a very meaningful ‘life.'”

Her serious tone at the beginning was followed by a casual remark, making Jian Ningxuan couldn’t help but curl his lips.

“By the way, your father told you not to harm someone else’s daughter earlier?” An Bu stretched her long legs lazily, “I’m curious, how do you plan to ‘harm’ me?”

Jian Ningxuan’s gaze followed her long legs, slowly moving up to her face, with a hint of complaint in his eyes.

An Bu flipped off the bed, took off her coat, kicked off her slippers, and ended up in just an undershirt, standing bare-legged on the carpet. “Wanna give it a try?”

Jian Ningxuan: “Try… what?”

“Mr. Jian, don’t act dumb at times like this,” An Bu walked to the bathroom door, knocked on it, “Coming?”

In life, one should release oneself, be free-spirited and unrestrained.

Jian Ningxuan resisted with a stern face.

“Mr. Jian, you must not be good at biology,” An Bu suddenly said something irrelevant.

“What?” Jian Ningxuan looked at her puzzled.

“The highest temperature in the human body is in the liver, followed by the mouth. As for other parts, even during exercise, the temperature is not higher than in the mouth,” An Bu explained seriously, “Since we can happily kiss, there shouldn’t be any obstacles to further contact.”

Fire suddenly ignited in Jian Ningxuan’s eyes.

An Bu continued, “My body temperature is below normal. Instead of worrying about your temperature being too high, you should worry about whether you can endure my low temperature…”

Before she finished speaking, she was already pulled into the bathroom by a force.

The sound of water splashing echoed, and the glass door reflected two blurry figures overlapping.

Half an hour later, the misty Jian Ningxuan walked out of the bathroom, holding An Bu and falling onto the bed… An Bu laid on her stomach. In the moment of harmony, suddenly the room brightened. The originally gray pillow turned into a deep blue, expanding gradually like dye spreading. The bedsheet in deep blue, the silver-painted carved bed, the beige table lamp, the gray-blue walls, the purple-patterned curtains, the brown wardrobe, the green potted plant…

The closer, the more vivid the colors.

An Bu lowered her head, looked at her fair fingers clutching the blue bedsheet, then turned her head, meeting a pair of hot blue eyes. A few strands of hair hung on her forehead, beads of sweat slid down her tanned skin, and taut muscles were filled with tension.

An Bu saw Jian Ningxuan so vividly for the first time, colorful and dazzling.

“Uncomfortable?” Jian Ningxuan suppressed his movements and asked in a low voice.

“Don’t be so cautious; I’m strong and durable!”

A sentence severed the nerves, and Jian Ningxuan completely let go of his concerns…

Almost simultaneously, An Bu’s vitality soared by 450 points. A strange sensation surged through her spine, rushing into her brain like an electric current.

In that instant, An Bu seemed to feel the vitality of being alive again. All her senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste – were revived.

“Mr. Jian.”


“I suddenly want to eat chocolate.”


The next day, when Jian Ningxuan woke up, the bed was empty, with only the crumpled bedsheets and the pillow nearly falling to the floor.

He sat up abruptly, looking around, not finding that familiar figure. His heart tightened, quickly putting on a pair of sleep shorts, and running out. As he reached the door, it opened from the outside, and An Bu’s figure appeared in front of him.

He hugged An Bu as if afraid she would disappear.

“Awake? Perfect, go wash up and get ready for breakfast,” An Bu pushed him with one hand, holding a tray in the other, and walked into the bedroom.

Jian Ningxuan followed closely, watching her steady steps and graceful figure. Suddenly, he reached out from behind and hugged her waist.

They spent a passionate night yesterday, why wasn’t she tired at all? Shouldn’t she be lying softly in his arms, welcoming the morning sun together?

“Don’t be coy; go wash up quickly,” An Bu tilted her foot backward, poking him in the leg.

“Okay.” Jian Ningxuan reluctantly let her go, stepping into the bathroom.

Recalling the passionate night, Jian Ningxuan’s face was filled with happiness, his whole being radiant.

However, after a moment, he slowly restrained his smile, his fingers holding the toothbrush turning somewhat pale.

“Come have breakfast?” An Bu saw Jian Ningxuan coming out, smiling brightly at him.

Jian Ningxuan silently stared at An Bu for a long time, finally making a decision, saying, “I’ll be back in a moment.”

After saying that, he walked out of the room quickly. Five minutes later, he returned with a heavy expression.

An Bu looked at him with confusion. “What happened?” This made her feel a bit uneasy. Did he find out something last night?

Jian Ningxuan placed a box on the table and said solemnly, “An Bu, I’m sorry.”

An Bu: “???”

Apologizing right after making love, was this the rhythm of coldness and preparing to break up?

An Bu picked up the box he put on the table and found it was a box of contraceptives!

Jian Ningxuan struggled to speak, “I didn’t have condoms prepared in advance, so…”

An Bu: “…” 

If it weren’t for understanding his situation, giving a lover a box of contraceptives like that would easily lead to a big quarrel.

“Are you worried I might be pregnant?” An Bu asked.

Jian Ningxuan gazed deeply at An Bu, “I don’t know if my condition is hereditary, but even if there’s only a 1% chance, I don’t want to take the risk, and I definitely don’t want to experience the kind of pain my father went through.” Therefore, he would rather not have children in his entire life, only hoping that An Bu would be healthy and accompany him. 

“You apologize to me because you can’t give me a child?” 

Jian Ningxuan nodded silently. 

“I understand.” An Bu pushed the contraceptives back. “Don’t worry, I won’t get pregnant.” 

Jian Ningxuan was still concerned, “Just take two, and next time, I’ll have condoms ready. You don’t have to take the pills again.”

“You don’t even need condoms.” An Bu raised one leg on his knee, stretched out on the armchair, and said, “You know my constitution is also very special, and I can’t get pregnant at all. In this regard, we can reach an agreement. So, you don’t have to feel guilty.”

Jian Ningxuan gazed at her intensely, and the pressure on his heart instantly dissipated. Being with her felt like every difficulty could be easily overcome.

“Mr. Jian, you know,” An Bu leaned in, smiling, “are we naturally a perfect match?”

Jian Ningxuan grabbed her ankle with one hand, placed the other on her shoulder, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her passionately.

You are the treasure given to me by heaven, irreplaceable.

“Don’t call me Mr. Jian anymore.” Jian Ningxuan suddenly thought of this issue.

“What should I call you then?” An Bu sat on him, one leg bent and folded against her chest, chin on her knee, looking at him with a playful smile.


“Too ordinary.”

“Ah Xuan?”

“Sounds not domineering at all.”


“Hmm…” An Bu pondered for a moment and said, “How about this, usually, I’ll still call you ‘Mr. Jian.’ Don’t you feel a professional play vibe with this title?”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” So, this is what you usually think, a professional play…

“At other times, I can call you ‘Xuan Xuan,’ ‘Cat Master,’ or ‘Dear.’ What do you think?”

Jian Ningxuan liked the last one the most.

“Okay, call me whatever you like.” He gently gazed at the woman in his arms, happiness overflowing his heart.

While An Bu was satisfied with the harmony gained and the splendid colors, Mr. Jian had already started thinking about proposing.

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