My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Jian Family

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Knowing that Jian Ningxuan had returned, Jian Cheng had been waiting in the living room early on. Upon hearing the maid’s report, a happy smile appeared on his face. He looked toward the door as Jian Ningxuan walked in, ready to greet him. However, his greeting was cut short by the appearance of the girl who followed.

He incredulously watched Jian Ningxuan walk over, holding the girl’s hand and approaching him.

“Uncle, I’m back.” Jian Ningxuan calmly introduced, “This is my girlfriend, An Bu.”

“Hello, Uncle.” An Bu smiled reservedly.

Jian Cheng stared at the scene with surprise written all over his face. Did he hear it right? “Girlfriend”? Did Ningxuan just say she’s his girlfriend?!

Jian Ningxuan let the servant take the luggage into the room, then pulled An Bu to sit on the other side of the sofa.

Jian Cheng blinked, still digesting the unexpected news. He was used to Ningxuan sitting farthest from everyone, not out of intentional distance but to avoid causing trouble due to his high body temperature. However, this girl sat next to him as if she didn’t mind the heat at all.

“Ah Xuan, welcome home.” A brisk voice came from the stairs. An Bu turned to see a handsome man coming down. When their eyes met, the smile on his face was immediately replaced by surprise. “Who is this?”

“My girlfriend, An Bu.” Jian Ningxuan seemed to enjoy this scene very much, not finding it troublesome at all.

“Your girlfriend???” Jian Ningze’s expression was like he saw a ghost. “You can actually find a girlfriend?”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

“Jian Ningze, watch your words.” Jian Cheng stared disapprovingly at Jian Ningze. He just found a girlfriend with great difficulty, and you’re messing with him!

“Haha, sorry, I’m just a little ‘shocked.'” Jian Ningze walked over, extended his hand, and said, “Hello, Miss An, I’m Jian Ningze, Ningxuan’s cousin, 37 years old, and married.”

An Bu, confused, shook hands with him. Why did he bother to mention that he’s married? Did it matter?

Jian Ningxuan understood his cousin’s personality. Because of his handsome face, he was afraid that others would fall in love with him, making his wife unhappy. Therefore, he always made it clear about his married status whenever he introduced himself.

During the handshake, Jian Ningze’s eyes flashed with a strange light. He asked, “Miss An, is your constitution also special?”

An Bu’s body temperature is extremely low, although not as obvious as Jian Ningxuan, normal people can still perceive it when in contact with her.

“Yes, I naturally have a low body temperature,” An Bu replied.

“Haha, no wonder you and Ah Xuan are together, it’s indeed suitable.” 

Jian Cheng was secretly praising his son for finally speaking like a normal person when he heard him add, “I wonder when it would be convenient for you to allow me help you with a full-body examination?”

Jian Cheng angrily shouted, “Jian Ningze!”

Jian Ningze spread his hands and said, “Sorry, it’s a professional habit.”

An Bu turned to Jian Ningxuan and whispered, “What does your cousin do?”

“He’s a forensic doctor.”

An Bu: “….”

No wonder I felt something was off when I saw him earlier. An Bu immediately decided to put Jian Ningze on the blacklist of people to avoid.

Later, Jian Ningxuan’s cousin’s wife Shu Yun, cousin Ge Sirui, and cousin’s sister Ge Tingting also met An Bu. As for other relatives, they hadn’t returned yet.

Later, Jian Ningxuan’s cousin-in-law, Shu Yun, his cousin, Ge Sirui, and his cousin, Ge Tingting, successively met An Bu. As for the others, they haven’t returned yet.

After meeting these people from the Jian family, An Bu regretted going home with Jian Ningxuan. The reason was simple: Shu Yun, Jian Ningxuan’s cousin’s wife, was an archaeologist; Ge Sirui had a Ph.D. in life sciences, and Ge Tingting was an image designer specializing in supernatural makeup. Add to that Jian Ningze, the forensic doctor, there were also relatives in the funeral business. The professions of everyone in the family exuded a chilling hostility towards corpses.

It is said that they also have relatives engaged in the funeral industry in their family…

An Bu suddenly felt unsafe staying here; each of them seemed to have a pair of eyes exploring life and death.

“What’s wrong?” Jian Ningxuan asked as they walked in the garden, noticing her low spirits.


Jian Ningxuan reassured, “You don’t need to be nervous. I can tell they all like you.”

An Bu: Hopefully they don’t like me too much!

“Mr. Jian.”


“I want to elope with you.”


During dinner, the same people An Bu had met during the day were at the Jian family dinner table, with the addition of Jian Xiaowei. Jian Xiaowei had seen An Bu before, but couldn’t recognize her because she was wearing a poker-faced bear baby costume.

The vast dining table seated Jian Ningxuan and An Bu alone at one end, with no one else within two meters. Everyone was used to this seating arrangement, but to An Bu, it felt awkward. Jian Ningxuan seemed isolated, sitting alone, tall and proud, both lonely and cautious, trying not to cause trouble. Although he was such a gentle person, he pretended not to be close to others.

Although An Bu knew his family had no ill intentions, she still felt sorry for him.

“Little Bu, how did you and Ningxuan meet?” Jian Cheng asked with a smile.

“At a banquet,” An Bu replied, “I was a hotel waiter, and he was an invited guest.”

“No,” Jian Ningxuan interjected, “we first met at Carisse restaurant, where you served me.”

At that time, Jian Ningxuan was just a stranger to An Bu, and she didn’t pay much attention. But Jian Ningxuan remembered the refreshing coolness deeply.

“The second time was at a banquet, where you were a hotel waiter,” he continued. “The third time was at the amusement park, and you were the poker-faced bear baby.”

“Ah!” Jian Xiaowei looked at An Bu with joy. “You’re the poker-faced bear babyr!”

An Bu smiled at her and made the signature poker-faced bear baby gesture.

Everyone in the Jian family was puzzled. What exactly did this girl do? One moment a waitress, the next a hotel waiter, and then a poker-faced bear babyr?

“The fourth time,” Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu, “I hired you as my life assistant, and then you let me move into your house.”

Jian family members: Hey hey, isn’t this too fast without even dating properly?

Jian Ningze exclaimed, “You didn’t even go through the process of dating and directly moved in together?” This guy was so efficient in love!

Jian Ningxuan looked high and cold, but a fleeting brilliance betrayed his good mood.

“Miss An, how could you like my cousin?” Ge Tingting curiously asked. Aside from the unusual physique, Jian Ningxuan’s personality was solitary and reserved, while An Bu seemed like a cheerful and popular type.

Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu with slightly narrowed eyes.

An Bu pretended not to see his gaze and replied with a smile, “I can’t find any reason not to like him.”

Suddenly, Jian Ningxuan’s whole person lit up, and his eyes sparkled, extraordinarily handsome.

For the first time, the Jian family saw such a vibrant Jian Ningxuan, like a clear sky after rain, dispelling all gloom, exceptionally handsome.

After dinner, Jian Ningxuan took An Bu to rest in their respective rooms. Her room was next to his. Except for the day at the hot spring resort when things almost went too far, they had always slept in separate rooms. Although there were often intimate actions, it mostly stayed above the neck.

Jian Ningxuan, in a semi-open state, was in a state of unfulfilled desire every day. But out of respect, he hadn’t taken it further.

An Bu naturally wouldn’t actively request it, considering that too much “deep” communication might expose her identity. She didn’t want to be in the middle of it and suddenly have Jian Ningxuan discover he was engaging in necrophilia…

In these days, Jian family members returned home one after another, and Jian Ningxuan didn’t like socializing. Except for greeting close relatives, he rarely showed up. An Bu also enjoyed the quiet, studying and exercising as usual, finding things to do when idle.

It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that all the Jian family members gathered together, including Jian Ningxuan’s father, Jian Xun, who was around 60 years old. He was sharp and reserved, exuding the dignity and depth of someone accustomed to high positions. An Bu learned from Jian Ningxuan that he held a high-ranking position at the provincial level, was low-key in his actions, and had a good reputation.

From beginning to end, Jian Xun never looked at Jian Ningxuan, but instead paid a slight attention to An Bu.

The New Year celebration at the Jian family was no different from an ordinary family, chatting, playing cards, watching shows— lively and ordinary. The only difference was the addition of An Bu. As Jian Ningxuan’s girlfriend, she received all-around attention. Fortunately, she was not shy, graceful, and had a broad experience, a likable personality, quickly gaining unanimous approval from the Jian family.

An Bu was doing well on her end, while Jian Ningxuan leaned against the window alone, silently watching her.

Sensing something, An Bu turned to look at him. Seeing him standing alone in the corner, sweat dripping from his body due to the indoor temperature, a few strands of hair sticking to his temples, and his collar soaked, she said, “Sorry, excuse me for a moment,” to the others. She was ready to find her family’s cat master so that he wouldn’t faint from the heat.

As she turned, she saw him following Jian Xun out of the hall, and An Bu followed suit.

In the garden, the two stood facing each other, an awkward atmosphere between them.

After a while, Jian Xun finally spoke, “Is that girl your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, her name is An Bu,” Jian Ningxuan calmly replied.

Jian Xun coldly looked at him, “Don’t you know about your own physical condition? Why do you want to harm someone else’s daughter?”

This sentence was like a sharp sword, piercing Jian Ningxuan’s heart. He clenched his fists, stood tall, and forced himself not to show weakness.

“If you can’t bring happiness to others, don’t casually provoke them, so you won’t regret it in the future,” Jian Xun mercilessly said.

While others in the Jian family were blessing him, his father treated him as if he were an enemy.

“It’s not your concern whether I regret it or not,” Jian Ningxuan said and turned to leave.

Just a few steps out, he saw An Bu standing not far away.

“I’m tired; let’s go back and rest,” she reached out to him.

Jian Ningxuan’s chaotic emotions settled for a moment. He walked over, held her hand, and walked towards their rooms.

He could give up everything, but he was unwilling to let go of this person.

Watching the two leave, Jian Xun’s eyes flickered with complex emotions.

An Bu followed Jian Ningxuan into his room, seeing his serious expression, she asked, “Don’t you want to say something?”

“Say what?”

“About grievances, love and hatred, family secrets, anything?” An Bu laid on the bed with a pillow in her arms, staring at him fixedly.

Jian Ningxuan came to her side and said solemnly, “There’s nothing special. My father hates me because, because I caused the death of my mother.”

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