My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 45

Chapter 45: My Date with a Corpse (Part Three)

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The planning team had set up a signal booster, and An Bu occasionally went over to the planning team to leech off the internet. In fact, the inn could receive signals, at least for the hidden cameras; however, there were some unspeakable things here. Anything with a signal emitted by a living person would be blocked by them.

Now, the guests dared not eat at the inn, so An Bu’s appearances were infrequent. Especially during the day, she didn’t need to stay at the inn, avoiding being found by the guests. During these times, she would remove her makeup, go to other places, climb mountains, touch fish, and review the knowledge she had learned.

Not long ago, An Bu took the registration book back from Cheng Ziming and carried it with her. According to the script, if he tore out the page with the registered names, it would trigger a hidden plot – the “widow” would immediately turn into a vengeful ghost, starting to hunt down the guests. As long as they survived and escaped the inn, they would pass the first stage, but they couldn’t retrieve their personal belongings left in the inn, and the following days would be miserable.

An Bu, a kind lady (corpse), facing their hostile glares, forcibly concealed the registration book on her person.

“An Bu, well done!” Ge Tingting praised generously.

“Thank you.” An Bu smiled at her, leaning on the sofa. She was about to send a text message to Jian Ningxuan when Ge Tingting said again, “By the way, we changed this episode to live-stream simultaneously. We did a test broadcast last night. I’ll send you the link. See how the effect is.”

Although it was described as a simultaneous live broadcast, the camera transitions, angles, screen effects, dubbing, etc., were adjusted by the director and other staff. What the netizens saw was a smoother plot development.

The first episode was about the guests’ experiences on the first day in Kangquan Town.

An Bu watched for a while, feeling that the effect was good. She casually sent the link to Jian Ningxuan.

Having just finished bathing, Jian Ningxuan, upon seeing An Bu’s message, clicked on the link without hesitation.

Accompanied by eerie music, the words “Escape Panic” appeared vividly on the screen.

Mr. Jian sat upright, watching without expression. It wasn’t until An Bu appeared that his gaze showed a slight change.

In the frame, An Bu wore an old floral shirt, her face pale and eyes blue, like a wax figure emitting a chilling atmosphere. She abruptly appeared in the shot, extremely horrifying, causing a rapid flood of comments on the screen.

[D*mn, scared the h*ll out of me!]

[This actor was well chosen. Just looking at her makes people despair.]

[That dead gaze, I can’t even look directly at it.]

[I think she might not be human. Guests, be careful!]

Jian Ningxuan’s face remained calm, but his chest tightened. He didn’t like An Bu’s lifeless appearance.

As the plot continued, many unimportant scenes were omitted, focusing on the few people who discovered the task clues.

The first was Xiao Qing, and netizens praised her for her performance in the kitchen. Seeing a face suddenly appear in the mirror in the cupboard and reaching out to pull out a strand of hair, with the combination of camera angles and sound effects, scared many people. But Xiao Qing remained calm and successfully completed the task.

In comparison, Zhu Shanhu’s performance was somewhat mediocre, but netizens expressed understanding. Seeing a companion’s head suddenly fall off and facing her face to face, who could stay composed?

If viewers weren’t scared up to this point, the next scene where Yi Zheyan suddenly revealed a sinister smile while holding a severed head made everyone lose their composure.

【Who told me, how can a fake head laugh?!】

【Is this added in post-production?】

【Anyway, I was really scared.】

Afterwards, following the task clues, Yi Zheyan went alone to the second-to-last room on the right side of the corridor. He first noticed the broken light, then saw a photo of a dead person, and later found a coffin. From the crack in the coffin, he saw a pair of feet wearing red shoes… In this dim and deathly silent environment, the netizens watching the program were more nervous than the participants.

However, just like Yi Zheyan at the time, netizens also believed that there was just a fake person lying in the coffin. It wasn’t until Yi Zheyan pushed open the coffin lid, revealing that familiar and pale face, that the netizens exploded.

【I must give a thumbs up to this actress; she’s really brave, a true heroine among women!】

【It’s said that acting as a corpse, lying in a coffin, all come with extra pay. I strongly demand triple the bonus for her!】


Just as netizens were enthusiastically sending barrage comments, Yi Zheyan’s next move stunned them all. First, he tested the “female corpse’s” breath, then he went to touch her chest…

【Ah ah ah ah, I didn’t expect this from you, Yi Zheyan!】

【Groping, unabashedly groping!】

【If I were that innkeeper, I would have played dead on the spot.】

【Hey hey, take a closer look; she only used her fingers to point at the upper part of her chest.】

【So what? Knowing she’s a living person and deliberately touching her chest, isn’t that clearly harassment?】

【Yi Zheyan really has strong tastes, not letting even a corpse go untouched!】

If Yi Zheyan saw this, who knows how awkward he would feel.

In the room, Jian Ningxuan stared fixedly at the hand groping the chest, filled with rage. He picked up his phone, dialed his assistant’s number, “Arrange a car for me immediately, send me to Kangquan Town.”

In fact, when Yi Zheyan used his hand to check her heartbeat, An Bu hesitated whether to fake being a corpse directly. However, considering the plot direction, she ultimately endured it. She wasn’t afraid of Yi Zheyan suspecting anything; as long as she said it was using a special method to enter a brief state of feigned death, it would be fine. After all, it was a supernatural show, and everything beyond the ordinary was reasonable.

In the footage, Yi Zheyan left the room with the task item, and the room returned to complete darkness. Just at this moment, An Bu, who had been lying quietly in the coffin, suddenly opened her eyes. A pair of blood-red eyes shimmered with a chilling light in the darkness.

【Ah ah ah ah…】Screams filled the screen.

Everyone thought this was either colored contact lenses or a post-production effect. Even though they were scared, it didn’t seem strange.

The director also praised, “This effect is good; it could compete with movie productions.”

Post-production: Strange, I didn’t do this effect. Are colored contact lenses so realistic?

Ge Tingting: Who prepared colored contact lenses for An Bu? She hasn’t reached the state of a fierce ghost yet; why put on colored contact lenses? But this effect is indeed impactful, even she didn’t expect it.

An Bu: Natural performance, absolutely real.

The heavier the Yin energy, the more apparent the glow of corpse eyes, just like ghostly flames that would ignite in specific environments.

As the plot progressed, An Bu finally understood what happened to Huang Wei. Shortly after Yi Zheyan got the task item and returned to his room, Huang Wei, alone in the courtyard, received the task clue: 【Under the locust tree, something is buried】.

In the quiet courtyard late at night, with a cold wind blowing, a slightly plump figure squatted under the tree, holding a small hoe, digging vigorously.

The camera switched behind him, a woman’s head slowly emerged from his left shoulder, revealing a pair of blood-dripping eyes.

Barrage comments on the screen crazily appeared: 【Look behind, behind!】

Huang Wei seemed to sense something, abruptly turned his head, but saw nothing. Muttering a few words, he resumed digging.

After a short while, he dug up a burlap bag from the soil. Opening the bag revealed a pile of white bones, not surprising to most people. Huang Wei steadied himself and intended to drag the burlap bag out. However, he found that the bottom of the bag seemed to be hooked on something. He had to pick up the hoe again and dig for a while. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that a pale bone hand was hooked to the bottom of the burlap bag.

“Ah!” Huang Wei’s heart almost skipped a beat, even though he knew it was fake, it still felt creepy. He used the hoe to push away the bone hand and then saw a paper slip falling from the bone hand. He picked it up and unfolded it:

【Found the widow’s skeleton, please deliver it to the widow’s room before the evil ghost catches you; otherwise, you will die】

Evil ghost?!

Huang Wei looked up in horror, only to see a man’s ghost head peering out from behind the tree, staring at him menacingly.

With a scream, Huang Wei stood up abruptly, turned and ran towards the widow’s room. Midway, he realized he forgot to take the burlap bag containing the skeleton. He turned around to retrieve it, only to be met with the incoming ghost…

The screen went black, blood splattered across the screen, and then three big words appeared: 【Huang Wei eliminated】

“Brother, you were careless.” The guy playing the “ghost” patted Huang Wei’s shoulder, gloating and laughing.

Huang Wei covered his face, in deep sorrow, “I wanted to show my face a few more times, but I got eliminated on the first day. Ah ah ah ah, I can’t accept it!”

“Stop howling, come with me.” The “ghost” hooked his shoulder, walking towards the house, comforting him, “If we can’t be humans, we can still consider being ghosts…”

Huang Wei: Weeping…

The director praised, “The brothers from the planning team really put in effort. The appearance of that woman’s head in the middle scared me; your improvisation skills are truly remarkable.”

Planning team: No, Director, we prepared a male ghost, not a female ghost! Where did that woman’s head come from???

Ge Tingting asked with interest, “That woman’s head is on the fake person’s body, right? How do you control that person’s head? I checked several camera angles and didn’t find any flaws. It’s really amazing.”

The planning team shivered and said, “Hehe, what’s truly amazing is that even we didn’t find any flaws…”

An Bu calmly glanced at them, then messaged her cat master at home, asking him to help check all the deaths and disappearances in Kangquan Town in the last thirty years.

Cat Master: [Why do you want to check this? What happened?]

An Bu: [Nothing, it’s for the plot.]

Cat Master: [As a female ghost widow, you’re also part-time investigating?]

An Bu: [Just tell me if you’re helping or not!]

Cat Master: [Already checking.]

An Bu: [Patting.jpg]

[The cat Master patted away the paw of the litter-shovel officer and threw a basin full of integrity at her.]

An Bu: “…”

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