My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 46

Chapter 46: My Date with a Corpse (Part Four)

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The script for the inn only lasts for 2 days. If the guests don’t leave the hotel within two days, they will face the comprehensive pursuit of the “widow female ghost,” with only 10 hours remaining until the deadline.

At night, An Bu sat at the dressing table to put on makeup. The dim light descended from above, casting this small room like an old photograph.

The dressing table faced the wardrobe, with two mirrors facing each other. This peculiar arrangement would be unbearable for a normal person.

An Bu calmly applied makeup, unaffected by the environment, earning the admiration of those watching her through the camera.

At this moment, An Bu paused. Through the dressing table mirror, she saw her reflection in the mirror on the wardrobe behind her, also putting on makeup. Strangely, that reflection in the mirror was also facing outward. She showed a sinister smile in the mirror, and the reflection behind her also revealed a sinister smile.

An Bu put down her eyebrow pencil, tapped the table with her fingers, and immediately the shadow in the mirror gradually blurred, then vanished like smoke. The image in the mirror returned to normal, but there was now a vague figure sitting next to An Bu.

If An Bu didn’t know what they were and wasn’t already a corpse herself, she would probably have been scared out of her wits.

In fact, they were not ghosts as people thought but Yin spirits, born from the fusion of a person’s lingering obsession and Yin energy after death. If someone dies in a place with extremely heavy Yin energy and their obsession is too strong, it will condense the surrounding Yin energy, eventually forming these very special life forms. They can only live in Yin places, have no thoughts, and no sense of good or evil. Usually, they wander around like air, doing nothing. However, they have one characteristic: they like to imitate.

This house has been abandoned for many years, rarely visited by the living. However, the arrival of the film crew disrupted the Yin spirits’ way of life. Moreover, this film crew was specifically shooting a supernatural show, full of mysterious, thrilling, and terrifying scenarios, as if opening a gateway to a new world for them.

Yin spirits can receive the thoughts of the living, replicate their fantasies, and, at the peak of Yin energy, even move objects and slightly alter their forms. The woman’s head that appeared behind Huang Wei last night was the work of Yin spirits imitating the crew members acting as ghosts.

In other words, this house didn’t originally have ghosts. With more people playing around, “ghosts” also appeared. After this episode is filmed, this place might really become a haunted house. The normal spiritual state cannot be captured by the camera; at most, you can see a faint shadow.

An Bu, being a walking corpse, naturally carried Yin energy with her, making Yin spirits love to wander near her. When she was idle, she imagined a piece of cake in her mind. The Yin spirits around her immediately transformed into a dark cake. Then, the cake melted away, condensed into a small cat that floated lightly onto her shoulder, and later transformed into a cloak, fluttering behind her.

An Bu enjoyed playing, but the crew members watching the video were dumbfounded. What they saw was An Bu sitting alone in a dim, old room, putting on makeup in front of a mirror, with many vague ghostly shadows appearing around her.

The director praised, “This effect is really great. Did the lighting designer do some special arrangement?”

The bewildered lighting designer said, “…”

Planning team: Director, how big is your nerve? It’s obviously a real ghost haunting now!

An Bu finished her makeup, checked the time, and it was almost midnight. The guests should have found their respective task clues by now. As long as they weren’t killed by the “ghosts,” they would soon choose to leave the inn. Her remaining task was to pass the last few hours and wait for the pursuit of guests who didn’t leave on time.

Just as she was about to leave the room, she suddenly heard a loud thunderclap, and soon after, heavy rain began outside. Several guests packed their bags, just reaching the doorway when this sudden downpour blocked their way.

“With such heavy rain, should we still leave?” Gao Liqian said in frustration.

“This house is at least three hundred meters away from the nearest inn. Running through the rain might make us sick,” Cheng Ziming frowned.

“Wait until the rain stops before leaving?” Wan Feng looked at Yi Zheyan.

Yi Zheyan pondered and didn’t speak. If it were just a game, it wouldn’t matter to stay a bit longer, especially since he got a life-saving item yesterday. Even if he encountered the “evil ghost,” he wasn’t afraid. However, he was worried that this house might actually have ghosts.

“Let’s wait until the rain stops before leaving.” Gao Liqian said, “Recording the program is important, but the crew shouldn’t neglect our health.”

Xiao Qing raised her hand, “I agree.”

After some discussion, they unanimously decided to wait until the rain stopped before leaving.

An Bu leaned against the wall, watching the people in the lobby, thinking that the inn’s plot might be extended, but as long as they honestly waited until the rain stopped, it shouldn’t have much impact.

Before anyone could finish thinking, Xiao Qing suggested, “Since we’re free, why not tell ghost stories?”

An Bu: “…”

“These past few days have been terrifying enough. Why tell ghost stories?” Gao Liqian strongly opposed.

“Isn’t this a supernatural program? The scarier, the more interesting,” Xiao Qing, with great courage, seemed eager to give it a try.

“No, no, no, I won’t tell, and I don’t want to hear it either.” Zhu Shanhu shook her head repeatedly.

Xiao Qing changed her mind, “Then let’s talk about the most memorable ghosts everyone has seen in horror movies.”

This time, Gao Liqian and Zhu Shanhu remained silent. The other men had no objections.

An Bu: Hey, are you sure about this…

Xiao Qing was the first to speak, “The scariest ghost I’ve seen is probably the one in ‘Ghost Eyes’ that can hypnotize. It can suggest to living people, making them commit suicide in various bizarre ways.”

An Bu kneeled to Xiao Qing mentally for pulling out such a big move right at the beginning. Yin spirits can receive the thoughts of the living and influence them as well. While faking being a ghost to scare people is harmless, hypnotizing is possible as long as there’s enough Yin energy! Please, don’t corrupt these innocent Yin spirits!

There was no need to listen to other ghost stories; Yin spirits that have learned hypnotism are terrifying enough.

Xiao Qing continued, “Guess how those people died?”

As soon as these words were spoken, An Bu watched as five of the six guests, plus three members of the camera crew, emitted death energy one after another. She didn’t know what kind of deaths they were imagining, but they were truly acting recklessly!

After a moment, Gao Liqian, who was leaning against Wan Feng, gradually became absent-minded. She reached into her bag, took out several hundred-yuan bills, rolled them into a ball, and nobody paid much attention, thinking she was just playing.

Then, the next second, she unexpectedly shoved the balled-up bills into her mouth.

Everyone: !!!

“Qian Qian, what are you doing?” Wan Feng forcefully pulled her hand, attempting to extract the bills from her mouth. However, she bit down on them, causing him to scream in pain, “Qian Qian, let go quickly, spit out the bills.”

A novel way to commit suicide—swallowing money. This method was truly unique.

Seeing the growing intensity of death energy around her, An Bu quickly rushed forward, used a karate chop to hit Gao Liqian’s back.

“Gag!” Gao Liqian’s upper body leaned forward, opening her mouth to spit out the bills.

As soon as one was resolved, another one started. Wan Feng, who was originally worried, suddenly slapped Gao Liqian, then took her scarf and tied it around his neck. He desperately pulled it on both sides, attempting to strangle himself.

Others rushed over in a state of panic, not knowing what had happened. The scene was chaotic.

However, the more frightened they were, the more excited the Yin spirits became.

An Bu picked up a teacup, fiercely knocked it on the table, and the Yin spirits around froze for a moment before dispersing like aggrieved children.

An Bu sat down slowly, looked at the bewildered people, and suddenly said, “Don’t mention dreams in the morning, and don’t talk about ghosts at night. Haven’t you heard this saying?” When it came to matters of life and death, she decided to break her silent character.

The cold voice echoed in the lobby, causing everyone to shiver, but strangely, the fear in their emotions calmed down a lot.

“What’s going on?” Yi Zheyan calmly looked at her, trying to inquire.

“Isn’t this what you guys said?” An Bu looked at Xiao Qing, “Ghost hypnosis.”

Xiao Qing was first stunned, then exclaimed, “What? Ghost hypnosis? How is that possible?”

“It’s not only possible, but didn’t you all just see it?” An Bu glanced at the emotionally weakened Wan Feng and Gao Liqian.

Cheng Ziming looked at An Bu incredulously, “Are ghosts really real?”

“Ghosts arise from the heart.” Yin spirits are not ghosts; they are mischievous and simple creatures. It’s humans who give them the power to harm others, “Just think about happy things.”

“Really? Is it that simple?” Old Zhao from the camera crew asked with a pale face. Although he had been working in paranormal recording for many years, he was still scared this time. In the past, even if he encountered something strange, it was just a scare. This time, he witnessed an unexplainable phenomenon. The actions of Wan Feng and Gao Liqian were the best evidence.

An Bu nodded, “It’s that simple.”

“What kind of person are you?” Yi Zheyan stared at An Bu, originally thinking she was a ghost, but she turned out to be someone who could control ghosts.

“Just a temporary actor hired by the crew.” An Bu looked outside and said, “Wait until the rain stops, and then leave this house. It’s perfect timing for the next phase.”

Cheng Ziming smiled bitterly, “Encountering such a thing, who dares to continue playing?”

“You’d better finish the program.” An Bu said, “The suicidal suggestions have been left in your minds. Even if you leave this town, you will continue to commit suicide.”

The faces of the crowd instantly turned fearful.

Yi Zheyan asked puzzledly, “What does this have to do with shooting a program?”

An Bu replied, “The influence of suggestions can only be eliminated by finding the source.”

She had previously asked Jian Ningxuan to investigate the deaths and disappearances in Kangquan Town, aiming to find the source of these obsessions. Seeing at least eight Yin spirits here indicated that at least eight people had died nearby, and they weren’t properly buried. Once she found the bones of these Yin spirits and dealt with them properly, once the source of these obsessions was gone, these Yin spirits would slowly disappear.

Although these Yin spirits wouldn’t intentionally harm people, human imagination is limitless, and a casual thought can be disastrous.

“Since that’s the case, let’s look for it together,” Yi Zheyan said, “I think it’s safer to stay by your side.”

The others nodded in agreement, looking at An Bu with hopeful faces, completely treating her as a lifesaver.

An Bu: You guys really have no idea about your situation. Sitting right in front of you is a living corpse, and the Yin spirits around a corpse are the most numerous. The chances of encountering supernatural events are also the highest.

However, everyone insisted on following her. As for the plot, they were free to improvise.

Planning Team: Is it really okay for you to be so disorganized and undisciplined?!

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