My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 54

Chapter 54: How Undercover Agents Are Trained (Part Four)

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An Bu arrived at the museum, where Officer Sun had just finished a phone call with someone else. His face was gloomy, with a few more lines on his forehead, looking quite exhausted.

“Miss An, I want to confirm with you again.” Officer Sun said seriously, “Is there really something wrong with that pair of jade pendants?”

An Bu affirmed, “Indeed, there is an issue.”

“Is there any way to handle it?”

“Put it in the temple for a few years, or find a magical tool to suppress it.” Seeing his troubled expression, An Bu curiously asked, “Has something happened again these days?”

“Some officers who are in charge of guarding the artifacts have been having nightmares after returning home. I’m worried about them…”

“You should let me meet with them.” Police officers, being righteous, are generally not easily troubled by evil spirits. The people who died suddenly before were staff in the museum with weak vitality. Having nightmares is not a big deal, but if they become too frightened, accidents might happen.

“That’s simple.” Officer Sun didn’t hesitate. “After work, I’ll invite them out for a meal.”

“By the way, about the magical tools you mentioned…” Officer Sun brought up the topic again.

The magical tools An Bu referred to mainly meant spiritual objects that were saturated with human and yang energy, such as objects that had been enshrined in temples or Daoist temples for many years, items used by practitioners frequently, or jade items that had been buried for over five years. The specific object wasn’t strictly limited. The crucial point was not the object itself but the people who used them and the environment they were in.

“Good magical tools are hard to come by. If you want, it’s better to buy a piece of good jade and nurture it slowly. It’s both convenient and cheap.” An Bu, being an undead, was incompatible with magical tools. She wouldn’t go to places like temples or Daoist temples. Officer Sun wanting magical tools clearly asked the wrong dead person.

An Bu then thought, if she bought a bunch of jade items to nurture, she should be able to cultivate a large group of spirits or object spirits. By then, she could make whoever she wanted die, make whoever she wanted go insane, and destroy the world with just a thought… Well, she’d better focus on raising cats. Raising spirits might destroy the world, but raising cat people might rule the world.

Officer Sun didn’t continue this topic and instead asked, “How’s the situation at the antique appraisal event? Have you found anything?”

An Bu handed him a piece of paper with a name and an address written on it.

Officer Sun casually glanced at it and then froze.

“Tong Jun?” Wasn’t he the suspect they were currently investigating intensively? How did An Bu know?

“The clues I provided are just for reference. Whether to investigate or not is your decision.”

“Do you know him from before?”

“No, we met for the first time at the antique appraisal event.”

The first time we met, she identified the suspect that the police had taken half a month to locate! 

“How did you come to suspect him?” Officer Sun couldn’t help asking. 

An Bu countered, “What kind of smell would someone who sells fish all year round have?” 

“The smell of fish.” 

“What about someone who grows tobacco?” 

“The smell of tobacco.” 

“Many professions have their own distinct odors, and Tong Jun is no exception,” An Bu explained. “I detected the scent of an ancient tomb on him.” 

Officer Sun looked at her in astonishment: You can smell that too?! 

“If he were an archaeologist, I wouldn’t have suspicions, but he’s just a jewelry designer,” An Bu added.

After a long pause, Officer Sun finally accepted An Bu’s explanation and pondered, “Do you think he’s secretly involved in tomb-robbing activities?”

“I’m not sure about that, but he definitely often comes into contact with funerary objects.”

After thinking for a moment, Officer Sun suddenly stared at An Bu and asked, “Can you ‘smell’ anyone who has come into contact with funerary objects or has been in a tomb?”

“More or less.”

“That’s great.” Officer Sun excitedly said, “Can you go with me to the ghost market the day after tomorrow? According to the information provided by Song Yinhe, someone will hold an antique exchange event there. The police suspect that the stolen artifacts might appear in the transactions. I want you to go and look for suspicious targets for us.”

Go to the ghost market at night? An Bu wasn’t very happy about that.

Although most of the items sold in today’s ghost markets were modern handicrafts, with few genuine ancient items, such places were full of negative energy, especially at night. If even one or two funerary objects appeared, it would affect the feng shui and bring negative effects to people with weak vitality. If her undead body joined in, dormant object spirits might awaken. Who knows what could happen then.

Seeing An Bu hesitating, Officer Sun assured her, “Don’t worry. I’ll have someone secretly protect you. You won’t be in any danger.”

The danger lies with you living people…

As An Bu was weighing the pros and cons, she suddenly thought of her trump card—her cat master!

Her cat master, who radiated excessive yang energy, could completely neutralize the yin energy on her body, minimizing the impact.

An Bu said, “How about this, I’ll go back and ask Mr. Jian. If he agrees, I’ll go.”

Officer Sun: Isn’t Mr. Jian very submissive to his wife? You’re actually asking for his opinion…

“That’s settled then.” Officer Sun checked the time. “It’s getting late. I’ll meet with those officers. Can you check on their conditions for me?”

An Bu naturally had no objections. While Officer Sun was making a call, she also took out her phone and sent a text message to her cat master: 【Mr. Jian, are you free the day after tomorrow night?】

【(Cat Master) Yes.】

【Want to go to the ghost market with me?】

【(Cat Master) Okay.】


The two quickly set a date. As long as it was An Bu’s request, Jian Ningxuan had never refused unless the old corpse was going to do something reckless, causing the cat master to display explosive fur.

In the room, Jian Ningxuan looked at the facial expressions on the screen of his phone, screened through them for a while, and finally chose an expression that was both affectionate and aloof to send: 【

An Bu: “…” Want to tease him again.

At this moment, Officer Sun had finished his call, beckoning to An Bu to get in the police car and head to the agreed-upon location.

A few people gathered at a fast-food restaurant, with Officer Sun treating everyone. He invited the whole team, including An Bu, totaling nine people, excluding the on-duty officers.

A group of men, with a girl in the middle, looked somewhat out of place. An Bu didn’t mind, her gaze sweeping across everyone.

“This is the temporary consultant I invited, Miss An Bu. Everyone, please get acquainted,” Officer Sun briefly introduced An Bu to the others and then asked quietly, “Did you notice anything unusual?”

He didn’t directly point out the officers having nightmares; he wanted to see An Bu’s abilities.

An Bu replied, “Officers Ye and Wang’s conditions are not severe. They just need to go to lively places these days, and everything will be fine. But Officer Pei…”

“What’s wrong with him?”

An Bu sensed a deathly aura on him, indicating that something would happen within two days. However, it wasn’t due to the influence of object spirits but his own impending calamity.

“Did you assign him an important task?” An Bu asked.

Officer Sun was taken aback but managed to avoid asking, “How did you know?” He instead calmly inquired, “Why do you ask?”

“He’s going through a disaster involving blood these two days, a life-threatening situation,” An Bu paused, hesitating, “I suggest you assign someone to stay with him. It’s better to have someone to look after him.”

If it involved investigating a case, An Bu wouldn’t interfere. Despite her consultant title, she was brought in by Officer Sun to handle supernatural issues. As for matters related to the case, he wouldn’t share much with her.

Officer Sun nodded half-believingly, looking worriedly at Officer Pei. The latter sensed his gaze, straightened his back, adjusted his expression, and sat upright, presenting a disciplined and organized appearance.

Officer Sun completely ignored his excellent performance, shifted his gaze away, and made a decision. When it came to an officer’s life, he would rather believe it.

An Bu didn’t finish the meal, taking her leave after receiving a text message. Once she left, the officers immediately bombarded Officer Sun with questions about her. Most of them were single, and encountering such a beauty naturally piqued their interest.

Officer Sun coolly said, “Give it up, guys. She’s already taken. Her boyfriend is rich, handsome, and has a powerful background. What’s more terrifying is that with just a snap of his fingers, he can turn his rivals into wanted criminals.”

The officers: “…” Is it necessary to be so ruthless?!

In the evening, An Bu browsed information about the ghost market online while contemplating whether she should buy something to ward off evil for her cat master. After some thought, she decided against it. Having such a large evil object at home, buying something to ward off evil would only create trouble for herself. Besides, with the cat master’s temperament, no evil spirit could get close.

An Bu’s situation was quite unique. As the inheritor of the Book of Life and Death, she could not only control death energy but also gather life energy, traversing between yin and yang. However, she couldn’t get too close to living people. Only Jian Ningxuan was an exception, possessing a constitution that could ward off evil and neutralize the yin energy on her body, a rare quality.

With such a unique cat master, how could she bear to abandon him in the future…

Two days later, at 8 p.m., An Bu and Jian Ningxuan arrived at the ghost market together. The moment they stepped in, the surrounding aura seemed to be drawn towards them, spreading outward from their center. The air seemed to stagnate for half a second before returning to the bustling atmosphere.

An Bu smiled slightly; having the cat master by her side was indeed the right choice. Her yin energy didn’t trigger any chain reactions.

Near the ghost market were mostly antique-style buildings, each stall lit by an oil lamp or a bean oil lamp. The flickering lights created an eerie atmosphere, but during market hours, many people came for leisure.

An Bu took out her phone and took some pictures, occasionally picking up a few small trinkets at various stalls, acting like an ordinary tourist wandering around. She didn’t ask Officer Sun to send people to protect her to avoid wasting police resources. The combination of an undead’s yin energy and the cat master’s high temperature would make trouble for anyone seeking it.

As An Bu raised her phone, ready to take a shot, she suddenly caught sight of drifting yin energy in the air, connecting into a river, flowing slowly from one direction to another.

In this yin energy, there were also strands of death energy, indicating that someone might die tonight.

On the other side, Officer Sun and his team, disguised, arrived at the trading location provided by Song Yinhe, only to find it empty. Inquiring around, no one nearby knew about any trading event.

Officer Sun’s face darkened. After making several calls and exchanging information with his team, it turned out that if their intelligence wasn’t faulty, then the information had leaked.

Feeling frustrated, Officer Sun suddenly received a text message with only an address: [44 Yibao Road East Street Alley].

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