My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 55

Chapter 55: How Undercover Agents Are Made (Part Five)

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An Bu and Jian Ningxuan sat in an antique-style tea pavilion, drinking tea and taking a break. This place was close to the center of the ghost market, with shops on the east and west sides, and two streets connecting the north and south. Visitors came and went, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere. 

Across from An Bu, there was an elegant and quaint study, divided into two floors. The first floor served as a book display area, while the second floor was a reading and leisure space. On the surface, everything seemed normal, but An Bu made a calculation. Within fifteen minutes, a total of 19 customers entered the study. Among them, three individuals exhibited obvious Yin energy, and once they entered, they never came out. From An Bu’s perspective, she could clearly see the situation on both floors and hadn’t noticed any sign of those few people. 

At this moment, An Bu caught sight of a familiar figure – Officer Sun in plainclothes. He had received An Bu’s message and found the alley at 44 Yibao Road, where the study named “San Gu” was located. 

He entered the study with two plainclothes officers, apparently intending to investigate the situation. However, An Bu was certain that they would return empty-handed. Despite being in plainclothes, their tough and masculine aura was clearly out of place in the peaceful atmosphere of the study.

Indeed, in less than ten minutes, the three of them walked out of the bookstore dejectedly.

Shortly after, An Bu received a text message from Officer Sun: [Are you sure the address you sent me is correct?]

An Bu: [For this kind of meeting without invitations and internal recommendations, you won’t be able to get in.]

Officer Sun: [Song Yinhe does have an invitation, but he got the location wrong. I’m not sure if his words are still trustworthy.]

An Bu: [You need to investigate that. I’m only responsible for “observing.”]

After sending this message, An Bu ignored the frustrated Officer Sun because her cat master had been staring at her for a long time.

“I know you have questions to ask me.” An Bu speared a piece of fruit with her fork and offered it to him, “Ask a question, eat a piece of fruit.”

Jian Ningxuan’s eyebrows slightly relaxed as he bit into the fruit and asked, “What are you doing in the ghost market tonight?”

“Helping a police friend find suspicious individuals,” An Bu didn’t hide anything and then fed him another piece of fruit.

Jian Ningxuan chewed slowly and asked with confusion, “Why would he ask for your help?”

“Because I have a pair of CT eyes,” An Bu pointed to her eyes, “I can scan things that others can’t see.”

Jian Ningxuan immediately thought of An Bu’s supernatural ability, understandingly asking, “Is the person you’re looking for related to the supernatural?”

An approving look appeared in An Bu’s eyes.

“Is there any danger?” That was what Jian Ningxuan truly cared about.

“Not when I have you,” An Bu’s eyes curved, “My cat guardian will definitely protect me~~”

Jian Ningxuan helplessly glanced at her, feeling that he couldn’t do anything about her. Every time there was a serious question, she would stuff cat food in his mouth, and then he couldn’t get angry. The only thing that reassured him was that she didn’t choose to conceal anything. As long as it didn’t endanger herself, he was willing to accept everything she did.

“After two hours of wandering, did you gain anything?” Jian Ningxuan finished all the fruits on the plate, and An Bu started to peel peanuts for him.

“Yes, in the photo album on my phone. If you’re interested, you can take a look.” Her slender fingers, like playing with pearls, peeled the peanuts one by one into a small plate.

Jian Ningxuan didn’t hesitate to reach into An Bu’s pocket, took out her phone, and asked, “Password?”

“You don’t know?” An Bu looked at him with a half-smile.

Jian Ningxuan silently entered the password: zuiaimaozhuzi (LoveMyCatMaster)

When he entered the last letter, Jian Ningxuan’s whole body seemed to flicker, as if he had a built-in boot-up effect.

Opening the album and browsing through the pictures, among dozens of landscape photos, there were seven or eight figures that appeared repeatedly. Jian Ningxuan sent these photos to his own phone and said to An Bu, “Tomorrow, I’ll be able to find out the information about these people.”

An Bu was momentarily surprised but didn’t hesitate to give him a thumbs up. She hadn’t thought about asking him to help with the information, and now, with his reminder, she realized that their combined efforts might surpass the efficiency of the police.

She screened the suspects, narrowed down the scope, and Jian Ningxuan used his hacking skills to dig out the ancestors of these people. The police only needed to follow up on the clues. Although it couldn’t guarantee 100% accuracy, it could save a lot of time.

“Mr. Jian, you’re so capable. How can I escape from the palm of your hand in the future?” An Bu looked distressed, her cat master had been watching the scene for a long time.

“Then don’t run away.” Jian Ningxuan returned her phone, speaking earnestly, “I will do my best to make you unwilling to leave me.” 

An Bu rested her chin on her hand, gazing quietly at him. In the midst of the gloom, only this person in front of her, like the sun, illuminated her world, allowing her to taste the true flavor of happiness. Suddenly, she felt afraid. If she were to lose him in the future, she might have to choose to forget, in order to continue “living” without attachments. 

“What’s wrong?” Jian Ningxuan seemed to sense her emotions and asked with concern. 

“Nothing.” An Bu gathered her thoughts, smiled, and said, “I want to go to the convenience store later to buy a few boxes of chocolate.” 

“Sure, I’ll buy them for you.” Hearing “chocolate,” Jian Ningxuan immediately thought of their first time, and a warm feeling filled his heart.

An Bu smiled teasingly, “Can you guess if I know what you’re thinking?” 

Jian Ningxuan replied, “… what am i thinking?” 

“You’re thinking…” An Bu deliberately elongated her tone, “…about what brand of chocolate I like.” 

Jian Ningxuan: “….” Giving the wrong answer equals being punished to accompany and sleep for a century. 

An Bu couldn’t help but laugh at his powerless resistance every time he was teased. 

While the two of them were shamelessly flirting, Officer Sun, not far away, finally noticed their presence. 

An Bu had a broad view from her location, only about fifty to sixty meters away from the study. He was sure she had seen them a long time ago but hadn’t revealed anything, just quietly watching the show. 

Officer Sun naturally wouldn’t go over to say hello; he just glanced at them with a bitter expression. 

While others worked hard on the case, they were sweetly showing affection! He felt psychologically unbalanced! 

“Wait for me here for a moment,” Jian Ningxuan checked the time and stood up, saying, “I’ll go buy chocolate for you.” 

“Okay,” An Bu casually agreed. It wasn’t until Jian Ningxuan walked about seventy or eighty meters away that she realized something was wrong. Without the cat master’s yang energy to balance it out, her Yin energy immediately swept through all directions like a vortex. A trace of chill seeped up from the ground, shrouding every corner of the ghost market. 

An Bu’s eyes flashed with a strange light. In her vision, the Yin energy between heaven and earth formed clear veins. Her expression gradually turned cold, and her aura became eerie and formidable. 

Following the veins of Yin energy, An Bu turned her head towards the location of the study. Her icy gaze pierced through layers of buildings and “saw” that beneath the study, a large amount of Yin energy had gathered, originating from at least three or more object spirits and dozens of people carrying ominous energy.

Not long after, the yin energy gradually dispersed, slowly approaching the exit.

An Bu picked up her phone and, facing the entrance of the bookstore, took pictures of all of them. These people mingled with ordinary individuals, making it difficult for the police to identify suspicious targets quickly. However, they couldn’t escape An Bu’s eyes, especially those carrying dark artifacts.

At this moment, one person caught An Bu’s attention. He was short, with dark skin, wearing a hat, and carrying a backpack. His demeanor was casual, easily overlooked if not paying attention.

An Bu sent the photos to Officer Sun, telling him that this person might be hiding the stolen Scholar Cautionary Carving Heart Vase.

Upon receiving this information, Officer Sun was instantly revitalized, signaling his team members to follow the person discreetly. At this point, he had no idea about the person’s significance and couldn’t anticipate that he would become a key figure in solving the case. A group of art thieves who had been operating freely for seven or eight years, involved in numerous crimes, were finally caught by the police thanks to this person’s exposure.

If An Bu hadn’t discovered and alerted them in time, this person would have already escaped with the vase, and even if caught later, they would have had to release him due to lack of evidence.

Amidst the yin energy, An Bu observed everything around her with a cold gaze, like a stagnant pool of water without any ripples.

“An Bu.” A familiar voice accompanied by vitality suddenly surged into her heart.

An Bu turned to look at the person, and in her silent eyes, a layer of ripples gradually spread, transforming from a stagnant and dim image to a vivid one.

An Bu slowly unfolded a smile, stood up, and went to meet him, hugging him tightly. “Mr. Jian, you’re so warm.”

“Being coquettish again?” Jian Ningxuan handed her chocolate. “For you.”

“Help me put it in the backpack.” An Bu hugged him without letting go.

Jian Ningxuan looked helplessly at the top of her head, unzipped her backpack, and stuffed the chocolate inside.

“I’m tired. Let’s go home.” An Bu rubbed against his chest, absorbed some vitality, and then held his hand.

“Do we no longer need to find suspicious individuals?”

“No need. The mission is complete. Retreat!” An Bu pulled Jian Ningxuan, marching confidently towards the exit of the ghost market.

A hint of amusement flashed in Jian Ningxuan’s eyes, allowing her to lead, and he followed her at an unhurried pace.

On the other side, Officer Sun secretly arrested the suspicious target identified by An Bu. Indeed, the stolen artifact was found in his backpack. He was overjoyed, but the next moment, his good mood was shattered by an unexpected phone call.

“Captain, Officer Little Pei is seriously injured and on the way to the hospital for emergency treatment. Hurry over.”

Officer Sun’s face changed slightly, and the words An Bu had mentioned before echoed in his mind: “Officer Pei… there will be bloodshed in the next two days, life-threatening.”

This sentence was said two days ago.

Officer Sun rushed to the hospital, and several police officers were waiting outside the emergency room.

“How is Officer Xiao Pei?”

“Not too good. He was stabbed in the abdomen, severely injured…” a police officer with a grim expression replied.

Officer Sun looked at another exhausted-looking officer, covered in blood, silently sitting on a chair. This officer was the one who had brought Little Pei to the hospital, assigned by Officer Sun himself.

In the midst of worry, the door of the emergency room suddenly opened, and a doctor came out, saying, “The surgery was very successful. Officer Pei has temporarily escaped the danger of losing his life.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the yin energy atmosphere dissipated. They all thanked the doctor.

The doctor continued, “Fortunately, he was brought in for treatment in time. If it had been a little later, Officer Pei might have died from excessive blood loss.”

Officer Sun leaned against the wall, silently thanking An Bu in his heart…

At the same time, An Bu, who was exercising with her cat master, suddenly received 500 points of Life Energy. In a good mood, after finishing a set, she opened the chocolate box, feeding a piece to each of them.

Mmm… so sweet~ (≧ω≦)~

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