Not Obedient Chapter 45

Chapter 45 By my side, you can be not obedient

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 Although hiding in Lang Zhuoyu’s arms and crying for a while, the phone call from his mother still needed to be dealt with.

Lian Yin intended to go to Lian Tiancheng after getting off work today to discuss the conditions, at least so that he will not bother to go to Liang Zhen again.

When it was time to get off work, Lian Yin received an unexpected message from Lin Jiayu.

Lin Jiayu: Lian Yin, I went to the Internet cafe opened by my cousin today to do errands and I met a person with the same name as your father who registered to go there. Your surname is very rare, so I paid attention to it. I secretly saw that the address on his ID card was written in a small county town under the jurisdiction of Xicheng, and I guessed that he was your father.

Lian Yin was confused for a moment. When he first went to college, he briefly told Lin Jiayu about his family’s situation, so Lin Jiayu knew Lian Tiancheng’s name. What can Lian Tiancheng be doing in an Internet cafe?

Lin Jiayu: If it was just that, I wouldn’t come to you specifically. After I found out it was him, I followed and took a look, and realized that things might be a little serious.

Lian Yin immediately replied to her: Sister Jiayu, what’s the matter?

Lin Jiayu quickly typed and replied: Do you know your father is gambling online?

When he received the call from Guan Shi, Lang Zhuoyu had just finished a job and was starting the car to go home.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Lang Zhuoyu asked.

Guan Shi’s voice was a little low, and the background sound was very noisy. He seemed to be talking secretly while covering his mobile phone.

“Boss, I’m afraid Lian Yin’s family is in trouble.”

“If you have something to say, just say it.” Lang Zhuoyu ordered.

Only then did Guan Shi realize that he had said something nonsensical and hurriedly entered the topic: “I followed Lian Yin’s father to an Internet cafe. After entering, I saw that he opened a computer in the corner, as if he was gambling online.”

Lang Zhuoyu stopped starting the car, and in the next instant, he put the mobile phone on the stand. Then, he started the car up and asked, “Which Internet cafe, send me the location.”

Guan Shi acted quickly. After hanging up, he immediately sent a position. Lang Zhuoyu clicked on the navigation and drove to the Internet cafe.

This Internet cafe was relatively close to where Lian Yin used to work, and it was not far from Lian Yin’s rental house. It took Lang Zhuoyu twenty minutes to drive there.

During this period, Guan Shi called again, saying that Lian Tiancheng seemed to have lost money. He had slapped the keyboard loudly and cursed.

Lang Zhuoyu frowned. Internet gambling is a thing where you will bet ten and lose ten. Thinking of the behavior of Lian Tiancheng asking Lian Yin for 500,000 yuan before, he was afraid that he had lost a lot.

It was estimated that in the previous month, the 20,000 yuan was quickly spent because of this.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t hang up Guan Shi’s phone. After pulling over to the side of the car, he paced into the Internet cafe and asked him where he was. Guan Shi said the table number, and Lang Zhuoyu asked the little girl at the front desk. He was in such a hurry, he did not recognize Lin Jiayu, who he had seen before..

Lin Jiayu was sitting at the front desk and lowered her head to play with her mobile phone. She raised her head when she heard the movement, just in time to see Lang Zhuoyu walking into the Internet cafe in a hurry. She stayed for a moment, and immediately told Lian Yin about it.

Guan Shi behind Lian Tiancheng’s back turned on a machine, Lang Zhuoyu quickly found his position and patted his shoulder.

“Boss.” Guan Shi said hello in a low voice and pointed to the corner of the opposite row, “He’s there, see?”

Of course he did and he saw it clearly.

“Go ask if there is a small private room here, and open one if there is one.” Lang Zhuoyu instructed Guan Shi, and Guan Shi immediately went to do it.

Then Lang Zhuoyu walked over and tapped Lian Tiancheng’s table with his fingers. Lian Tiancheng was still obsessed with the content of the screen and did not even glance over.

“Lian Tiancheng.” Lang Zhuoyu called out his name directly.

This time, Lian Tiancheng finally turned his head. He looked at Lang Zhuoyu and frowned. It took a while to recognize the person and then he stared at Lang Zhuoyu with a puzzled face.

It happened that Guan Shi also came over with a little manager, and said to Lang Zhuoyu: “Boss, there is a small private room, let’s go.”

Lang Zhuoyu nodded to Guan Shi, then turned to Lian Tiancheng and said, “You know online gambling is against the law right, Mr. Lian? If you don’t want me to call the police, talk to me in another place.”

As an inexperienced citizen of a small city, the word “breaking the law” was eaten to death by him. Not to mention, Lang Zhuoyu’s aura was too strong, making people subconsciously want to obey, so he frowned, got up and followed Lang Zhuoyu to the private room.

The small private room also had a row of computers. The door cannot be closed, but fortunately it was located on the other side away from the hall, so there were no people and there was a bit of privacy.

Lang Zhuoyu pulled out a computer chair, sat down, then stretched out his hand, indicating Lian Tiancheng to sit.

Lian Yin hurried to the Internet cafe. Lin Jiayu got the news of his arrival on the phone, stood up to look for him, saw Lian Yin appearing at the door, and waved to him.


Lian Yin took a few steps to Lin Jiayu.

“I don’t know why, but  just now Lang Zhuoyu also came. After he came, he found Lian Tiancheng. Now they’ve gone to a private room.” Lin Jiayu informed Lian Yin of the situation.

Lian Yin clenched his fists tightly and said, “Thank you, Sister Jiayu, please take me there.”

“Let’s go.” Lin Jiayu came out from the front desk and led the way.

The two walked to the door of the private room and found that the door was slightly open, and the voices of the people inside could be heard clearly.

“I was really thinking it would be the last time, to see if I can win back the money I lost. It’s 150,000 yuan. If I don’t gamble, how can I pay back so much money? There’s absolutely no way.” The voice was urgent and upset.

Lian Yin suddenly stopped the hand pushing the door and quietly listened to the conversation inside.

Lang Zhuoyu’s voice sounded: “You owe 150,000 yuan, but asked Lian Yin for 500,000 yuan.”

Lian Tiancheng snorted and explained: “I understand Lian Yin. If I just said the exact amount, he would definitely not give it to me. If I say more, and then take a step back, he might give it to me.”

“If you don’t gamble, you won’t even owe 150,000.” Lang Zhuoyu said lightly.

“At that time, Lian Yin gave me half a year’s living expenses at one time. I had spare money in my hand, and I met an old man. He said there was a way for me to make money, so I tried to play two games and watched the money change from one thousand to three thousand in an instant. When I transferred it to my card, I was fascinated at the time.”

This is the way of online gambling. First let the player win a little money, and even withdraw cash. Almost immediately, it will get to their heads where they think that they were favored by good luck. However, they did not know that they had fallen into a trap and it was impossible for any large sum of money to be withdrawn successfully in the future. Later they will just invest more and lose more. 

Sure enough, Lian Tiancheng then said: “One time I won more than 10,000 yuan. I didn’t expect to see that the withdrawal had failed, so I used a few thousand yuan to unfreeze the money, but I didn’t get the money. The customer service said that I need to win 20,000 yuan to get the money. Thus, I bet again and in the end, I didn’t even have that 10,000 yuan.” 

Lang Zhuoyu asked, “After you lost 20,000 yuan, where did the other money come from?” 

Lian Tiancheng said with a guilty conscience, “I first asked a friend to borrow some, then finally I heard from a buddy that it is convenient to borrow money online, so I borrowed it from the Internet.” 

Next, Lian Tiancheng’s tone changed, earnestly begging Lang Zhuoyu: “Teacher Lang, I know that you are making a lot of money now. 150,000 is not much to you. As long as I pay back the money, I will never gamble again. The repayment date is coming soon, and I have never owed money before. It is said that those who owe debts will be chased and have their hands chopped off, so I fled to Beicheng!” 

Lian Yin, who was standing outside the door, heard this, and couldn’t bear Lian Tiancheng’s thick skin like a city wall any more, and opened the door with a kick. 

The people inside the door looked surprised when they saw him. 

Lang Zhuoyu was facing the door. The moment he saw Lian Yin, his eyes widened, he did not expect Lian Yin’s arrival.

And Lian Tiancheng’s butt left the chair when he leaned forward. This action was a bit like kneeling, but after seeing Lian Yin, he immediately sat back on the chair.

“Lian Tiancheng, do you have any shame?” Lian Yin cursed.

When Lian Yin came, this matter completely became the private matter of Lian Yin’s family. Guan Shi and Lang Zhuoyu nodded, closed the door and backed out, also covering Lin Jiayu’s figure.

After everyone else left, Lian Yin continued to talk to Lian Tiancheng: “I didn’t expect you to be so capable, you dare to gamble? Are you rich?”

“I had no choice… I owe 150,000 yuan now. I’ve never seen 150,000 in my life! Besides trying my luck, how else can I get the money back?” Lian Tiancheng quibbled.

Lian Yin angrily laughed at him, and said coldly: “You actually don’t realize what you did and are still thinking about turning it over. Don’t be stupid, you will only lose more and more.”

“Then what should I do?!” Lian Tiancheng suddenly stood up and shouted at Lian Yin, “You aren’t giving me money to plug the hole, do I have any other way to pay it back!”

Lang Zhuoyu stood up instantly and stepped in front of Lian Yin in two steps, between Lian Yin and Lian Tiancheng.

“You better speak properly.”

“Is this what you want?” Lian Yin was trembling with anger, “Let me tell you straight, I have no money. No matter what, it is useless for you to force me.”

“Let’s take it ten thousand steps back. Even if I have money, I won’t give it to you.” Lian Yin patted Lang Zhuoyu and motioned him to move.

Lang Zhuoyu stepped aside. Lian Yin had grown taller than Lian Tiancheng, he lowered his eyes slightly and looked down at Lian Tiancheng.

“What is it that gives you such confidence to keep asking from me? Lian Tiancheng, have you raised me? Yes, you had a serious job before me going to middle school and gave me some money for me to study in a free middle school and let me eat. You gave me enough food, so I would not starve to death. What about other times? If you thought I was troublesome, I would not dare say a word of disobedience. Even so, you would always drink and beat me when you are drunk. Because you are incompetent, you beat me just to find a little bit of pathetic dignity.”

Lian Yin took a step forward, forcing Lian Tiancheng to sit on the chair.

“After I went to high school, you didn’t give me a penny. I worked everywhere by myself. Later, the class monitor introduced me to be her brother’s tutor to barely earn some money, so that I wouldn’t drop out of school. At that time, you even took my money to buy wine, do you think I don’t know? How thick skinned are you to ask me for money again and again?”

“I’m your father!” Lian Tiancheng defended with strong momentum.

Lian Yin tilted his head and sneered and said to him, “Lian Tiancheng, just because I’m your son doesn’t mean I owe you from birth.”

“Instead, you owe me. I didn’t ask you to violate an innocent woman and give birth to me. Why didn’t you ask me if I want to live in this world? From the moment I came to this world, you owed me, and you can’t pay it back in your entire life.”

Speaking of this, Lian Yin’s eyes turned red, then a large hand quietly stroked his back, stroking along his spine, comforting him silently.

Lian Yin was comforted by this action. He took a few deep breaths, and the redness at the corners of his eyes gradually faded.

Lang Zhuoyu patted Lian Yin’s shoulder and said in his ear, “You sit, I’ll go.”

Then he stood in front of Lian Yin and waved at Lian Tiancheng with the phone that was recording.

“This is the recording you just agreed with me to record. Now it’s a testimony.” Lang Zhuoyu put the phone on the computer table and changed the conversation, “I can give you some money.”

At the sound of this, Lian Tiancheng was overjoyed. Lian Yin hurriedly tugged at Lang Zhuoyu.

Lang Zhuoyu shook Lian Yin’s hand and motioned him to be calm.

“The amount of this money is all the expenses since you raised Lian Yin. Taking into account the inflation of more than ten years, in order to facilitate the calculation, we will increase it by 30% on this basis. At the same time, considering Lian Yin gave you living expenses when you were an adult, this part of the money will be deducted.”

Lian Yin looked at Lang Zhuoyu.

“In addition to this money, I will give you 5,000 yuan to reimburse you for your travel expenses. Of course, if you don’t want to take a plane when you go back, you can choose a train, and you can keep the rest of the money yourself.

“The condition is that you never disturb Lian Yin again and cut off ties with him.”

Lian Yin interjected at the right time, “You are not allowed to harass my mother again.”

Lang Zhuoyu nodded, expressing his approval.

Lian Tiancheng swallowed his saliva, very hesitant.

“You either agree and take a sum of money to go or you can’t get anything and just go.” Lang Zhuoyu said, “Lian Yin is an adult, and his permanent residence is thousands of miles away from you. If I don’t give you the money, if he changes his phone number, you won’t be able to find him. It’s because he has a conscience that he has allowed you to make progress for so many years.”

“But I’m stingy, so I don’t think I should give you money. But for the sake of Lian Yin, you can feel at ease. Now I propose to settle the cost of your support, I will pay for it, and Lian Yin will have nothing to do with you in the future.”

“Or if you feel unconvinced, we can call the police and see if the police will deal with us first for not helping you repay your debt. Or we can deal with your gambling first.”

Lang Zhuoyu was tall, standing in the same place, he seemed very condescending.

“You choose.”

Lian Tiancheng was detoured by Lang Zhuoyu’s words, thinking in his heart whether to liquidate or not to liquidate. In fact, the balance in his heart has long favored liquidation, because although he didn’t know how much he can get, at least he can get a sum of money. What’s more, Lang Zhuoyu said he would call the police.

He didn’t know the laws, but only knew that gambling was illegal and that if he broke the law, he would be caught and put into jail.

Moreover, he had raised Lian Yin for more than ten years and Lian Yin only gave him money after he went to college.

After thinking about it like this, Lian Tiancheng finally decided, “Let’s settle it.”

“Okay, let’s settle it on the spot now, you can do the math.” Lang Zhuoyu decided to go out and let Guan Shi, who was guarding the door, ask the front desk to get a pen and a calculator, and hand them over to Lian Tiancheng.

After getting the pen and paper, Lian Tiancheng sat down at the table and wrote down the food expenses for a long time.

“The cost of food is thirty per day…”

“Hey.” Lian Yin suddenly spoke up, startling Lian Tiancheng.

“Ten yuan, ten yuan, ten yuan a day…”

“Be honest, Lian Tiancheng. I’m here, yet you still want to cheat?” Lian Yin leaned on the table, folded his arms and said coldly, “Don’t remember wrong, you never gave me pocket money. After my mother left, before I went to high school, all my meals were leftovers from you or I got it myself, you didn’t spend any money on me.

” I know, I know.” Lian Tiancheng waved his hand impatiently, wanting Lian Yin to shut up.

But at this time, Lian Yin was no longer the child who had to be obedient because he couldn’t resist. He continued: “I only went to preschool for a year and it’s near my home. That preschool was very small and had already closed down, it’s not expensive, right?”

“I remember!” said Lian Tiancheng gruffly.

“My elementary and middle school was all compulsory education. There was no tuition fee, only book fees, and I also received a scholarship. Do you remember this?” Lian Yin reminded.

“En, I know, don’t chatter.” The more Lian Tiancheng counted, the more sweat there was on his head.

After Lian Yin went to high school at the age of fifteen, Lian Tiancheng never paid a penny, all of it was earned by Lian Yin himself. Lian Yin listed the hourly jobs he had done before, making Lang Zhuoyu frown frequently.

In the end, the calculation results came out. After fifteen years of alimony increased by 30% –

“Eighty, eighty thousand.”

Lian Tiancheng said that without confidence. He himself didn’t know how he had raised a child for fifteen years, but only spent so little money. He frantically looked at the above calculation process, trying to pick out some omission.

“Is there a problem?” Lang Zhuoyu, who had been silent for a while, finally spoke up and took out another piece of paper, “Now count the money Lian Yin has given you over the past few years.”

“No need to count.” Lian Yin interrupted Lang Zhuoyu, Then he took out his mobile phone, “I have recorded every transfer.”

When Lian Tiancheng heard this, he became annoyed: “Why do you remember this! Did you think that one day, you will settle accounts with your father!”

Lian Yin glanced at Lian Tiancheng angrily as he explained, “Because I’m living in poverty, and I have to transfer money to you on time every month, how can I manage money without keeping accounts? If I don’t manage money, am I going to spend all this money to eat the Northwest Wind(nothing)?”

Lian Tiancheng was speechless.

Because of the bookkeeping, Lian Yin’s part was calculated very quickly. Lian Tiancheng looked at the sum of the transfers on the calculator, and finally came up with a number that he could not accept.

“It’s around 90,000 yuan if we minus a few hundred.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was flat.

It’s more than 30% more than the money he spent on Lian Yin in the past 15 years!

How could this happen? Lian Tiancheng thought it was unreasonable, so he grabbed the blank paper and started to read it.

But no matter how he looked at it, he could not remember what he had paid Lian Yin for  his other expenses.

“I didn’t expect this result.” Lang Zhuoyu looked at Lian Tiancheng in a strange tone, “You owe Lian Yin 10,000 yuan.”

“Impossible, impossible! I have raised him for more than ten years, how is that possible?” Lian Tiancheng was a little hysterical.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t want to argue with him anymore, and said directly: “But since you are currently in debt, the 10,000 yuan you owe will be treated as a charity act and it will be written off. I will also add another 5,000 yuan to you. You can now buy a ticket back to Xicheng.”

“No…” Lian Tiancheng still wanted to struggle.

“Or you want to call the police?” Lang Zhuoyu interrupted him.

Lian Tiancheng opened his mouth and dared not speak.

In the end, under the surveillance of Lang Zhuoyu and Lian Yin, Lian Tiancheng bought the last train ticket back to Xicheng that day. Lang Zhuoyu did what he said and transferred 5,000 yuan to Lian Tiancheng’s account on the spot.

“The departure time is almost here, if you go to the train station now you can still make it. I’ll send you off.” Lang Zhuoyu looked at his watch and said.

“I haven’t taken anything yet…” Lian Tiancheng said weakly.

“There’s still an hour left, take your things and leave in time.” Lian Yin urged, “Why don’t you go quickly?” 

The two stared at Lian Tiancheng as if they were escorting a prisoner, took him back to Lian Yin’s rental house to pack up his things, then took him to the train station.

Lian Yin stood in front of the entrance of the train station, surrounded by people coming and going. He stood still, watching the time pass by the departure time, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

He had nothing to do with Lian Tiancheng from now on.

Lang Zhuoyu stood with him, not missing Lian Yin’s obviously relaxed posture, and put his hand on his shoulder lightly.

Lian Yin looked at the train station and suddenly sighed, “Teacher Lang, am I going too far?”

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t say anything, he knew that what Lian Yin needed at this time was just a person to talk to.

“My dad owes 150,000 yuan, and he can’t repay it at all, but I not only don’t want to help him, but I also feel happy because I cut ties with him. Am I bad?”

“He doesn’t deserve it,” said Lang Zhuoyu.

Lian Yin smiled slightly and continued: “I was actually puzzled for a long time when I was a child, why other children had parents who loved them, but my mother left and my father didn’t care about me at all. Teachers, they all say that children must be good and sensible, and parents will love them, so I thought, is it because I am not good enough.”

“In fact, this kind of thinking continued until before college.”

“No.” Lian Yin shook his head, denying his previous words, “Actually, this feeling, like a shadow, accompanied me until just now. I allowed Lian Tiancheng to take advantage of me again and again after I became independent because of my heart. I was still looking forward to being a good child and being able to get even a little bit of love from my parents.”

“But I am destined to be unable to be a good child, because they can’t love me.”

After he finished speaking, Lang Zhuoyu slowly raised the hand on his shoulder and rubbed his head: “You don’t have to be a good child. In fact, the teachers and the TV have made a mistake. A pair of parents who love their children, no matter whether their children are obedient or not, will still love you. Whether you are well-behaved and sensible is not a condition for others to love you. People who don’t love you will not love you no matter how much you please them. And those who love you will love you even if you are arrogant and willful.”

Lian Yin raised his head slightly, looking into Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes.

The train station was noisy, the joys and sorrows of the people who came and went were all turned into phantoms at this moment, only the people in front of them were real and tangible.

Lian Yin heard Lang Zhuoyu say seriously: “At least by my side, you don’t need to be a good child.”

The author has something to say:

   ·Stay away from gambling, online loans, and cherish life. I only learned some information in this regard through the internet, there may be mistakes, so just ignore it.

·The reason for not calling the police is because the most serious punishment of the scumbag is nothing but detention, it is useless, and the implications are unclear.

·Don’t be fooled by the calculation of child support. I have roughly calculated it, and this is probably the number. The amount of money that Lian Yin gave was clearly stated in the previous episode.

The final ending of the scumbag is not so easy. The ending will be given later, but he will not appear again.

·This chapter is very long, equivalent to two chapters. I am afraid that some people think that it is too much.

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