Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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The corridor was dark, and there was a gap in the back door of the classroom.

Gu Yang obediently raised his chin to show Fan Yuan his neck. The neck was covered with red marks from his own scratches, some were scratched hard, and there were bloodstains.

Taking advantage of this dim light, Fan Yuan touched the red marks on Gu Yang’s neck with his fingertips.

Gu Yang squinted his eyes and let out a moan, the voice was a bit loud, and all the voice-activated lights in the corridor turned on.

Fan Yuan was stunned for a moment, then suddenly raised his head to look at Gu Yang.

Apparently Gu Yang himself was also taken aback, covering his mouth and blushing.

This sound was too much…

How could he moan suddenly?

The two looked at each other silently, and the voice-activated lights dimmed again.

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang closer again, and whispered in his ear: “Stop scratching your neck, it’s all damaged.”

Gu Yang nodded with his mouth pursed, and stood side by side with Fan Yuan. After a while he raised his hand to scratch his neck, but was slapped away by Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang felt a little wronged, this time remembering, he spoke in a very low voice.

“But my throat is so itchy.”

Fan Yuan looked at him for a while, then suddenly bent over to approach him, pinched Gu Yang’s chin and lifted it up.

“Don’t move, I’ll blow it for you, it won’t itch.”

Gu Yang’s ears were also red, he gave a soft “Mmm”, and honestly asked Fan Yuan to blow on his neck.

The cool wind blowing on the neck can indeed relieve the itching for a while, but it was followed by more severe discomfort.

Gu Yang turned his head sideways, avoiding Fan Yuan and not letting him blow.

Then he leaned forward again, climbed up to Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and said very close to Fan Yuan’s ear:

“I want to sing, can I sing for you?”

In the dark, Gu Yang couldn’t see Fan Yuan’s face clearly, he could only hear Fan Yuan say calmly: “Sing.”

Gu Yang then opened his mouth cautiously, and sang an old song that could not get older.

“The one I love has flown away, but the one who loves me hasn’t come yet…”

As soon as the singing came out, Fan Yuan was a little surprised.

“How do you…”

Gu Yang covered Fan Yuan’s mouth to prevent him from speaking, and happily continued singing into Fan Yuan’s ear.

“What kind of bird was there on the tree? Huh-huh-huh-this lovebird-“

Gu Yang’s singing voice was very small, so low that it was almost breathless, but he sang “Hu Hu Hu” very slowly, blowing into Fan Yuan’s ear again and again.

The distance between the two of them was very close, and the moist breath was blown into the ear hole. Fan Yuan endured it for a while, and when Gu Yang sang the second time, he pushed him away.

Gu Yang was pushed back a step, and the light voice control was startled by the movement of the two.

Under the light, Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang quietly with his black eyes, with some scrutiny and oppression.

“Gu Yang, you didn’t let me blow your neck, but you chose to blow on my ears. Did you do it on purpose?”

Gu Yang was a little innocent, but he still wanted to approach Fan Yuan: “No, I just want to sing for you…”

Before getting close, Fan Yuan stretched out his hand to block him.

The next moment, Fan Yuan pushed open the back door and entered the classroom, leaving Gu Yang alone in the corridor.

Gu Yang approached the back door, and whispered Fan Yuan’s name through the crack of the door.

Immediately afterwards, the door was also closed tightly.

Gu Yang curled his lips, didn’t he just blow on his ears, why such a big reaction.

After school, Gu Yang rushed into the classroom. Fan Yuan had already packed up and was ready to leave, Gu Yang looked to see whether he would be stopped.

Just now he sang to Fan Yuan for a while and his throat was not so uncomfortable anymore.

Back home, Gu Yang looked at his neck in the mirror.

Is this “Nightingale” just singing to Fan Yuan?

Although he found that his voice was a little better when he sang, was that the only function of the golden finger?

Soon, the itchy feeling in his throat told Gu Yang that his guess was too naive. Judging from the side effects of “Mermaid”, the side effects of “Nightingale” would not just be a matter of just singing a few lines of the song to completely resolve it.

Gu Yang grabbed his mobile phone and sent Fan Yuan WeChat messages, one by one, all of them were phrases of him singing, just a few words back and forth.

There was no other way, he just wanted to sing this song.

Fan Yuan, who was far away at the Fan house, finally picked up the phone and turned on the audio after the phone buzzed and vibrated.

Listening to Gu Yang singing that old-fashioned song in his voice, when he sang “Huh huh”, Fan Yuan pressed the phone to turn it off.

Gu Yang sent a few voice messages to no avail, so he started to send video requests, and of course the video requests were ignored.

He circled around the room, scratching his neck from time to time, it was painful and itchy.

Finally, Gu Yang couldn’t sit still any longer, and rushed out putting on his shoes and coat.

He took a taxi to Fan Yuan’s house, and was let in by the auntie there.

Auntie wanted to inform Fan Yuan, but was stopped by Gu Yang. Gu Yang lived here for a while, and the Auntie knew him very well, so she let Gu Yang go up with confidence.

Gu Yang sneaked up the stairs with bare feet, halfway through the walk, he suddenly turned around, looking at a dilapidated and faded birdcage in the corner of the hall, a little lost in thought.

The door of the bird cage was broken, and the inside was empty and looked very old. He didn’t know how long it had been there.

This bird cage had been here for a long time. When Gu Yang saw it before, he didn’t feel anything. For some reason, when Gu Yang saw it just now, he felt a strange feeling in his heart.

But soon, he left this feeling behind and quietly went to Fan Yuan’s bedroom.

He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He leaned on the door and listened again, but there was no sound.

Gu Yang thought to himself, don’t blame me, then quietly opened the door and went in.

Fan Yuan’s bedroom was tidy, the bathroom was lit, and the sound of splashing water could be heard inside.

Gu Yang sneaked to the bathroom door, cleared his throat, and began to sing softly.

Sure enough, as long as he sang with Fan Yuan near him, the discomfort in his throat would be relieved to a great extent.

Gu Yang heaved a sigh of relief. The doorknob above his head was suddenly turned, his whole body tensed up, his head got stuck for a moment, and he actually hid in Fan Yuan’s closet.

Through the gap in the closet, Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan coming out wrapped in a bathrobe, wiping his hair casually with a towel in his hand and walking to the bedside, as if he had no intention of coming to the closet for a while.

Gu Yang nervously tugged at the sleeve of Fan Yuan’s shirt, unconsciously singing in a low voice, his eyes fixed on Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was bending over to take something from the bedside table. Gu Yang twisted Fan Yuan’s sleeve with his fingers, the closet was filled with the familiar smell that belonged to Fan Yuan.

But at this moment, the smell couldn’t relieve his tension.

He was so nervous that the lyrics he sang in a low voice trembled a little.

With his back turned to him, Fan Yuan took something and walked past the closet towards the door, as if he was about to go out.

Gu Yang was still humming “Huhuhu”, but his heart almost jumped out, just waiting for Fan Yuan to go out, so he could sneak out and leave.

Unexpectedly, when Fan Yuan came to the door, he suddenly turned around and rushed towards the closet. When he opened the door, the thing in his hand stabbed at him.

It was a sharpened knife!

Fan Yuan had noticed that someone had entered the room a long time ago, he was on guard and opened the closet with a knife, but he didn’t expect that the person hiding inside was Gu Yang.

However, the knife in his hand had already stabbed out suddenly, and it was difficult to stop, so he could only stretch out his other hand to block it, and blood burst out immediately.

Gu Yang’s heart tightened suddenly, watching Fan Yuan open the closet and stab at him with a knife.

At the moment of extreme tension, his back felt hot, and a pair of huge black wings pierced his shirt and stretched out from his back, and the crow-colored feathers slowly fell between the two of them.

The knife fell to the ground and hit the carpet with a muffled sound.

Fan Yuan stood with his hands hanging on both sides of his body, and an inch-long hideous wound on his left arm was gushing blood crazily.

Gu Yang knelt down in front of Fan Yuan, with the huge black wings stretched behind him, and pitch-black feathers fluttering down slightly.

Fan Yuan took a step back, looked at Gu Yang, his black eyes couldn’t distinguish emotions, and his voice was condensed:

“Gu Yang, what on earth are you…?”

Gu Yang’s overly frightened brain turned slowly, his eyes fixed on Fan Yuan’s bleeding arm, and his heart beat violently.

When Fan Yuan took a step back, he stepped forward a little and stretched out his arms to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s hand. He stopped moving backwards, stood where he was, and let Gu Yang hold his bleeding arm.

Gu Yang looked at the inch-long hideous wound on his perfectly textured arm, and his eyes felt a little hot.


Gu Yang blew lightly on the wound, then lowered his head subconsciously.

Fan Yuan watched as Gu Yang put his lips on his wound and rubbed it slightly.

The corners of Gu Yang’s lips were stained with blood, and his eyelashes trembled slightly.

He saw that Fan Yuan’s wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Soon, the wound disappeared, and only the torn sleeve and the blood stains around it proved that the wound had indeed existed.

Gu Yang let go of his hands, still kneeling on the ground, with his head down, and the black wings behind him drooped listlessly.

“I don’t know what I am, but I won’t hurt you.”

Gu Yang felt very guilty, he didn’t expect his temporary trick to cause such a big reaction from Fan Yuan.

It’s also his fault that he had been so close to Fan Yuan these days, so he had forgotten Fan Yuan’s early experiences, and the caution buried in his bones.

Fan Yuan didn’t speak for a while. Gu Yang didn’t dare to look up, his vision gradually blurred, and soon the carpet in front of him was a little wet.

When Gu Yang was flustered, Fan Yuan suddenly grabbed his waist and lifted him up.

No matter how one says it, Gu Yang was also a boy, and he was not short. At this moment, he was lifted up by Fan Yuan, and he grasped Fan Yuan’s wrist with both hands helplessly. The wings behind him spread unconsciously, covering the light.

Fan Yuan looked up at Gu Yang’s crying eyes, “I can finally see your face, what are you doing with your head down?”

Tears rolled down Gu Yang’s cheeks and hit Fan Yuan’s arm.

Fan Yuan put down Gu Yang, and reached out to touch the part where Gu Yang’s wings connected to his shoulders.

His faintly discernible touch made Gu Yang bite his lips tightly, but his wings spread out trustingly, allowing Fan Yuan to grope.

“You are no longer a mermaid, how can you still cry like this?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, smashed his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, choked up a few times, and couldn’t help but began to sing softly again.

Fan Yuan listened attentively and laughed lightly.

Gu Yang was singing: “This love bird had already flown away, my love bird had not come yet—”

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