Overturning the Male God Daily

Overturning the Male God Daily (攻略男神翻车日常)
Author: Jian Que (作者:渐却)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Status: Completed

Author Summary:

Gu Yang read this youth campus novel. The male lead, Fan Yuan, had superior IQ, top grades, incomparable handsomeness, countless strengths, gentle temperament and was popular since he was a child.

But only Gu Yang, who read the novel from a God’s perspective, knew that this Fan Yuan was a person who was fake nice and was actually really ruthless.
All his gentleness and harmlessness was pretend, and all his politeness a mask.
Taking off the mask, Fan Yuan was more indifferent than anyone else.

As a fan of the book, Gu Yang fell in love with Fan Yuan’s domineering personality.

But when he woke up, the world changed.

Gu Yang arrived inside the book, was given a mission, given a golden finger, and wore a beautiful face in a prosperous time.

Mission: Capture Fan Yuan.
Golden Finger: The host can read a fairy tale every month to get a random cheat related to the fairy tale, which lasts for one month.

Gu Yang was happy, this feeling was very good. He read “The Mermaid” first to shed some tears and turn them into pearls to sell for money.
Who would have thought that after reading the story, Gu Yang dripped eye drops on his eyes, and cried for half an hour but did not see the tears turning into pearls.

In order to capture the target, he sneaked into Fan Yuan’s birthday party, and accidentally fell into his swimming pool, his legs turned into a fish tail.
Gu Yang was so frightened, his tears flowed out uncontrollably, turned into pearls and sank to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Fan Yuan happened to pass by and raised his eyebrows.
In a panic, Gu Yang jumped out of the swimming pool with a flick of his tail and pressed down Fan Yuan, flapping his tail threateningly at Fan Yuan, with a fierce look on his face; but tears kept streaming from his eyes, and the pearls smashed Fan Yuan’s face.

“Don’t talk! Don’t move! Don’t resist!”

Fan Yuan: “…” I seem to have discovered some treasure.