Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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Fan Yuan frowned, pushed Gu Yang’s head away in disgust, pulled Gu Yang’s wing and wiped his chin with it, rubbing Gu Yang’s saliva that was on it.

Gu Yang tried his best to recover his wings: “What are you doing! It’s so disgusting!”

Fan Yuan sneered: “You smeared saliva on me, aren’t you disgusting?”

Gu Yang couldn’t refute, he flapped his wings suddenly, and brought a gust of cool wind.

Fan Yuan sat up and looked at the huge black wings behind Gu Yang with some surprise.

“Can you fly?”

Gu Yang vigorously flapped his wings on both sides, and the wind brought up the things in the storage room, blowing them up and down. His feet were slightly off the ground, then he fell down again.

Such a small distance from the ground already made Gu Yang’s hands and feet limp from exhaustion. He knelt on the ground with his wings drooping, as if he didn’t even have the strength to move.

“No, I can’t fly, it’s too heavy.”

Gu Yang crawled to Fan Yuan’s place, and tried to make trouble by wiping the sweat from his forehead on Fan Yuan’s clothes.

Fan Yuan directly pulled Gu Yang away by the collar: “Stop making trouble, put your wings away, it’s time to go back.”

Gu Yang was held by Fan Yuan. He put his hands on Fan Yuan’s shoulders, knelt down in front of him, and nodded obediently.

The two looked at each other in silence, Gu Yang didn’t move, neither did Fan Yuan.

After looking at each other for a while, Fan Yuan said, “Put your wings back, what are you doing looking at me?”

Gu Yang finally moved the wings behind him, with a serious face: “I’m putting them away.”

That’s what he said, but the pair of big wings behind him still stayed quietly, showing no sign of disappearing at all.

Fan Yuan understood: “Can’t take it back?”

Gu Yang’s tense body instantly relaxed, his wings spread lazily to both sides, and he shook his head.

“I don’t think I can.” He said quite confidently.

Fan Yuan reached out to touch the base of Gu Yang’s wings. Gu Yang dodged for a while, then moved forward again, allowing Fan Yuan to pull his wings apart as if he was eating chicken wings, and leaned closer to see the connection between his wings and his shoulder blade.

“When you seem to be stimulated or emotional, you will grow wings.” Fan Yuan said his guess.

Gu Yang tilted his head and thought for a while, then nodded with uncertainty: “It seems to be the case?”

Fan Yuan’s fingertips groped along the junction of the circle of black feathers and fair skin, his tone slowed down.

“Gu Yang, relax.”

Being touched by Fan Yuan, Gu Yang couldn’t help straightening his back, leaning his waist forward, bending out a flexible arc.

He climbed onto Fan Yuan’s shoulder, lowered his head, and softly agreed: “En.”

Fan Yuan patted Gu Yang’s shoulder lightly like coaxing a child, and his fingertips touched the base of Gu Yang’s wing in a detached way.

Gu Yang was very nervous at first, and his heart beat faster and faster. After a while, he felt relaxed and drowsy.

When the lunch break bell rang, the wings behind Gu Yang finally disappeared slowly, revealing his shirt that was torn by the wings.

“Okay.” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang immediately sat up and touched his back, and touched two big holes in his shirt.

“It’s really gone! Wow, the clothes were broken again, this is such a waste of clothes.”

Fan Yuan stood up and threw the school uniform that Gu Yang was wearing to him.

“Gu Yang, are you wasting your clothes, or mine?”

Gu Yang froze his hands on the sleeves of his school uniform, and turned his head to the side: “You… have quite a lot of clothes, haha…”

He had forgetten that during this period of time, whether he was becoming a mermaid or growing wings, most of the time he was wearing Fan Yuan’s clothes.

It seems to be a waste of Fan Yuan’s clothes…

Fan Yuan saw that Gu Yang’s school uniform was crooked, and the zipper was not pulled up to the top, revealing the shirt with a wide neckline inside. He raised his hand and pulled Gu Yang’s zipper to the top, and then pulled his own zipper to the top, covering the tooth marks that Gu Yang gnawed out.

“Let’s go to the store.”

Gu Yang was a little puzzled: “Why not go to the cafeteria?”

When Fan Yuan stopped, Gu Yang bumped his head against Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and saw Fan Yuan turn around, pointing his fingertips at the tooth marks on his chin.

“Look, can I see people?”

Gu Yang immediately avoided his sight, a little shy. Seeing Fan Yuan leave, he chased after him, three steps at a time, and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

Before class in the afternoon, Fan Yuan took Gu Yang to Zhuo Wan’s office.

Fan Yuan wore a black mask on his face. The mask was only worn below his lips and covered his chin, which made Fan Yuan, who had always been a good student, a bit like a ruffian.

Gu Yang stood behind Fan Yuan, only showing half of his face to look at Zhuo Wan.

Zhuo Wan was very angry, staring at the two of them and almost spitting fire.

“Fan Yuan, what’s the matter with you? Teacher had always trusted you so much, why did you do that, messing around with Gu Yang? Do you know that the dean had been yelling at me here for almost half an hour? He asked me to supervise you guys properly! “

Fan Yuan had a respectful and polite mask on his face, remaining calm in the face of Zhuo Wan who was burning with anger.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Zhuo, to cause you trouble, but this matter is not Gu Yang’s nonsense.”

Zhuo Wan didn’t expect Fan Yuan to defend Gu Yang, she was a little surprised: “What?”

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang from behind to the front, and put his hand around one of Gu Yang’s shoulders.

“It’s my fault that I forced Gu Yang to study all night last night, which made him too sleepy in the morning and couldn’t help lying down for a while.”

The corners of Zhuo Wan’s eyes twitched: “Gu Yang? Study all night?”

She wasn’t dreaming right? Gu Yang was not the same as before recently, not so thorny, but Gu Yang studying all night? Is this a joke?

Gu Yang’s eyes were slightly rounded, he pursed his lips, and secretly looked at Fan Yuan. Fan Yuan had a serious face, and he lied without changing his face, making it impossible for anyone to see any flaws.

Seeing Zhuo Wan’s surprise, Fan Yuan nodded affirmatively.

“Teacher Zhuo, Gu Yang had reformed himself a long time ago. I think you can tell from the results of the last monthly exam. Recently, Gu Yang asked me to help him with tutoring. I was strict, which made him sleepy in class today. Falling asleep, if you really want to talk about this matter, you should blame me. I hope you can plead with the dean and allow us to be forgiven.”

It took Zhuo Wan a long time to close her mouth, frowning and looking at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang felt guilty when he was looked at, and wanted to hide behind Fan Yuan, but Fan Yuan pressed against his back to prevent him from hiding.

Gu Yang could only nod at Zhuo Wan, “That’s right, Teacher Zhuo… I really… studied all night…”

Zhuo Wan sighed, and waved her hand as if chasing flies: “Okay, okay, let’s leave it at that, I’ll go talk to the dean, you guys hurry back to the classroom and don’t make any troubles for me this afternoon!”

Gu Yang quickly turned around and ran towards the door, Fan Yuan followed behind him. The two of them were about to go out when Zhuo Wan stopped them again.

Zhuo Wan patted the table and walked in front of the two of them. She was quite small, but she had an astonishing aura.

“I was so angry that I forgot. Not talking about the dean, I haven’t asked you two why you hung up your phone on me and turned it off?”

Gu Yang went to touch his pocket and found that the phone was missing.

On the contrary, Fan Yuan took out Gu Yang’s mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to him, and said two words to Zhuo Wan very seriously.

“My hand slipped.”

Gu Yang pinched the phone that had been turned off in his hand, thinking that Zhuo Wan might be going crazy with anger.

But Zhuo Wan just twitched the corners of her eyes and mouth for a while, and let them go.

Looking at the closed door, Zhuo Wan took a deep breath.

She suddenly discovered that Fan Yuan, who she always thought was the most sensible, might not be so obedient, while Gu Yang, who was supposed to be the most troublesome, looked a little silly instead.

After successfully leaving the office door, Gu Yang still didn’t realize it, blinked his eyes, and went to look at Fan Yuan:

“You actually lied to Teacher Zhuo.”

Fan Yuan still had that polite and perfect appearance, until the two of them turned a corner, Fan Yuan glanced lightly at Gu Yang.

The next moment, Gu Yang began to howl, and Fan Yuan covered his mouth tightly after howling halfway.

Gu Yang’s yelling attracted the attention of other students in the class, Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang tightly and dragged him to the corner of the stairs.

“Stop screaming! Do you hear me?”

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s wrist and nodded pitifully.

Only then did Fan Yuan let go of his hand, and as soon as he let go, Gu Yang immediately complained.

“Why did you suddenly pinch my butt!”

Fan Yuan clicked his tongue, took a step back to widen the distance, gave Gu Yang a warning look, and walked back to the classroom first.

The two entered the door of Class 1, Grade 3 one after the other, and they were greeted by warm cheers from their classmates.

The boys cheered collectively, and some even stood up exaggeratedly and waved the school uniform as a flag.

“Male God Fan! So mighty! Fighting against the dean!”

“That’s right! You don’t know how this bald man tortured us during the time you asked for leave!”

“It’s so relieving! You didn’t even see his expression at that time!”

Among them, Li Ziyan was the happiest to cheer. He was addicted to playing with his mobile phone and often missed out in class. Since the arrival of the new dean who loved to watch the surveillance, he had been criticized and called out numerous times.

He pushed aside his classmates and rushed towards Fan Yuan in the most victorious posture, and along the way he pulled the mask off Fan Yuan’s face.

“I say Male God Fan, what are you doing with a dirty, broken mask… what…”

The mask on Fan Yuan’s face was pulled off, and the students who were far away couldn’t see clearly, but Li Ziyan, Meng Zhan and Pan Fei who were close could see clearly, the circle on Fan Yuan’s chin. The small red teeth marks, no matter how you look at it, was from a human.

Li Ziyan took a step back suddenly: “F*ck!!”

Gu Yang immediately jumped up and stretched out his hands to cover Fan Yuan’s chin. He put both hands on it together. Because he was too anxious, he knocked Fan Yuan back, and the back of his head hit the door, making a loud noise.

He pressed Fan Yuan’s face with both hands, and in a panic, his little finger got into the corner of Fan Yuan’s mouth, almost touching Fan Yuan’s sharp canine teeth.

The loud noise from Fan Yuan knocking the back of his head made the class a little quiet for a while, and the atmosphere was a little condensed.

Gu Yang’s little finger moved uncomfortably, and his fingertips pressed against Fan Yuan’s fangs. He wanted to withdraw his hand, but he was afraid that others would see the tooth marks on Fan Yuan’s chin, so he could only stand in a stalemate.

Fan Yuan lowered his head slightly, the scattered hair in front of his forehead fell a little messy, half his brows concealed. His black eyes looked down, he didn’t look at anyone, it was unsure what he was thinking.

After a while, Fan Yuan raised his hand to adjust the mask, pushed Gu Yang away, and walked through the lively crowd.

“Stop messing around and get ready for class.”

It was quite a cold sentence, but the students really didn’t dare to make any more noise, and quietly returned to their seats. It was obvious that class hadn’t started yet, but Class 1, Grade 3, was silent.

Gu Yang felt that Fan Yuan was angry because of the hit on the head?

But he subconsciously felt that it was not just because of this.

Fan Yuan had already returned to his seat and started reading, while Gu Yang was still standing at the door, looking at Fan Yuan hesitantly.

Until someone pushed him.

Gu Yang turned his head and saw that Pan Fei was still standing behind him, and when he turned his head, she pushed him forward again.

“Go back.” Pan Fei whispered, seeming a little excited.

Gu Yang bit his lower lip, walked slowly to the back row, and stood in front of Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan sat on the outermost side, blocking him, so he couldn’t get in.

Gu Yang stood for a while without speaking, and Fan Yuan didn’t take the initiative to back away to let him in.

Gu Yang stood still for a while, then quietly reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

Fan Yuan still flipped through the book and wrote the questions without looking sideways.

Gu Yang bent down, leaned close to Fan Yuan’s ear, and asked in a low voice.

“Fan Yuan? Male God Fan? Let me in.”

Fan Yuan tilted his head to avoid Gu Yang’s breathing.

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, feeling aggrieved, he pursed his mouth, and obediently leaned over, yelling in a low voice.

“Brother Fan? Father Fan? Let me in, Father Fan?”

Fan Yuan finally put down his pen and looked up at him. There was no trace of impurity in his black eyes, and no light could see through them, but Gu Yang’s figure was clearly reflected.

He finally turned his body back to give Gu Yang some space.

Gu Yang looked at the tiny gap and squeezed in bravely.

Halfway through the squeeze, his butt got stuck, and he bent over and got stuck between Fan Yuan and the table, unable to get in or out, so anxious that he twisted back and forth, trying to find an angle to get in.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang anxiously with a blank face, and suddenly stepped on the floor and pulled the chair back a long distance.

Gu Yang was originally squeezed and his body was bent, but at this time the space suddenly became larger, which made him lose his balance, so he leaned back and sat on Fan Yuan’s lap.

He sat firmly and ruthlessly, but Fan Yuan, who was being pressed by him, didn’t make a sound.

Gu Yang was about to stand up immediately, but at this moment Fan Yuan stretched out his arms to wrap around Gu Yang’s waist.

Gu Yang was so anxious that sweat oozed from his forehead, and Fan Yuan made too much movement when he stepped back that many students secretly looked back curiously.

Fan Yuan suddenly slammed his forehead heavily on Gu Yang’s shoulder, and a hoarse voice came over.

“Gu Yang, can you stay away from me? Can you stop messing with me again?”

Gu Yang’s heart was agitated when he was asked. His hands clasped the edge of the table tightly, his head also drooped, revealing a soft and white neck in front of Fan Yuan, which was white and fragile.

Being asked this, his heart clenched and his hand clenched the table. He lowered his head and showed Fan Yuan a vulnerable appearance, speaking the most resolute words.

“Fan Yuan, you know that I cannot live without you, you already know that.”

Fan Yuan let go. Gu Yang stood up silently, sat down inside, laid down on the table, and curled himself into a ball.

He was a little flustered, he felt that Fan Yuan was tired of him. Fan Yuan must think he was too troublesome, always causing trouble for him.

Gu Yang read the little book in his left hand over and over again, afraid that Fan Yuan’s 13 points of favorability would drop by a few points in the next moment.

Neither of them spoke until after school.

The bell rang, and the students in Class 1, Grade 3 rushed out of the classroom cheering.

Fan Yuan was very slow to pack his things, until there were only the two of them left in the class did Fan Yuan stand up and walk out.

Gu Yang raised his hand and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve, Fan Yuan lowered his head, only seeing a whirl.

Gu Yang didn’t dare to look at Fan Yuan’s expression, he was afraid of seeing even the slightest bit of boredom on Fan Yuan’s face.

His voice was dry and his tone was cautious: “Fan Yuan, can I go to your house?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

Gu Yang lowered his head and waited for a while, then finally let go of his hand.

He heard Fan Yuan go out, the classroom door closed, and he was the only one left in the class.

Gu Yang sat alone in the corner, and he stood up after a while, without taking his schoolbag, and walked out.

As soon as he walked out of the classroom, a voice sounded in the dark corridor.

“So slow.”

Gu Yang suddenly raised his head, and in the dark corridor, there was a slender figure standing against the wall.

The light from the distant light came in from the windows in the corridor, only illuminating half of Fan Yuan’s body, while the other half melted into the thick darkness.

Gu Yang blinked his eyes and rushed forward, wrapping his hands and feet together, causing Fan Yuan to take two steps back.

“Fan Yuan…”

Fan Yuan raised his hand and lifted Gu Yang to hold him steady, turned around and walked downstairs.

Gu Yang buried his cheek into Fan Yuan’s neck, and after a while, hot tears wet Fan Yuan’s shoulders.

Fan Yuan paused, moved the hand supporting Gu Yang’s back upwards, pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck with five fingers, and pinched it hard twice.

“Why are you crying, you troublemaker.”

Gu Yang wiped all the tears on Fan Yuan’s neck, raised his head slightly, pressed his wet cheek against Fan Yuan’s ear, and sprayed his hot breath into Fan Yuan’s ear.

“I’m a troublemaker, but this troublemaker can’t live without you.”

Fan Yuan pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck with his fingers and placed them on Gu Yang’s artery. Gu Yang shrank his shoulders and immediately relaxed, allowing Fan Yuan to gently press there.

“You can cry and make trouble.”

Gu Yang didn’t care what Fan Yuan said, he shrunk his shoulders, and clamped Fan Yuan’s fingers in the socket of his neck.

Anyway, no matter what Fan Yuan said, he would take this troublesome guy home now, wouldn’t he?

He spread out his left palm, Fan Yuan’s favorability score: 14 points.

Troublesome Gu Yang was carried home by Fan Yuan after crying a lot, and he didn’t even want to get off Fan Yuan’s body when he entered Fan Yuan’s house.

He clasped Fan Yuan’s waist tightly with his legs, buried his face in Fan Yuan’s neck and pretended to be dead.

Fan Yuan let him hang on his body, kicked off his shoes at the door, and even took off Gu Yang’s shoes.

Gu Yang shook his feet uncomfortably, and couldn’t help laughing, he was ticklish.

Fan Yuan walked upstairs with the large human-shaped pendant on his body. When he passed by the broken bird cage, Gu Yang finally stopped pretending to be dead, he couldn’t help pulling the black hair on the back of Fan Yuan’s head.

Fan Yuan hissed, stood on the spot, pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck and pinched it hard like a demonstration.

“What demonic thing are you doing?”

Gu Yang looked sideways at the dilapidated birdcage, his back straightened unconsciously, and his gaze was fixed on it.

Fan Yuan followed Gu Yang’s line of sight, and immediately asked his aunt at home to take the birdcage away.

Gu Yang watched helplessly as the birdcage disappeared from his field of vision, lowered his head in frustration, and then looked at Fan Yuan again.

Fan Yuan ignored him and carried him to the study.

As soon as he entered the study, Gu Yang found something different, the huge fish tank was gone.

Only then did he jump off Fan Yuan and walk to the place where the fish tank was originally placed to look.

Before the fish tank, there used to be a huge bookshelf, but the bookshelf disappeared and a huge fish tank was placed.

Now the fish tank was gone, exposing the bare walls, which made it look extremely empty.

Gu Yang stepped on the ground with bare feet and walked around there twice.

Turning his head and looking at Fan Yuan with sparkling eyes: “It’s pretty empty here.”

Fan Yuan sat behind the desk, took out the exercise book, and glanced there: “It’s quite empty.”

Gu Yang laid down on the desk again, put his head in front of Fan Yuan, and said it again.

“It’s really empty, it doesn’t look good when it’s bare.”

Fan Yuan nodded, pushed Gu Yang’s head away with his fingertips, and looked at him with a half-smile:

“So what?”

Gu Yang showed a shy smile at Fan Yuan, obviously he was wronged before he came back, he was crying on Fan Yuan’s body, now that the scar was healed, he forgot the pain, and leaned towards Fan Yuan with all his strength.

He laid down on the large desk, took Fan Yuan’s pen, and drew a very abstract birdcage on Fan Yuan’s exercise book.

After drawing, he raised his head to look at Fan Yuan, his expectations and desires were clearly written in his eyes.

Fan Yuan’s eyes were dark, but his eyes were not looking at the broken bird cage that Gu Yang had drawn.

He raised his hand towards Gu Yang’s chest, pinched Gu Yang’s shirt with his fingertips and lifted it up twice.

“Gu Yang, didn’t I tell you not to lower your body so low?”

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s fingertips in a daze, and along the way he held his own collar.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, and then looked at the birdcage drawn by Gu Yang.

He picked up a pen and added a few strokes to the ugly birdcage, making the original simple birdcage more beautiful and gorgeous.

Gu Yang’s eyes became brighter the more he looked, and he couldn’t help but let go of the hand that was holding his shirt, and went to take the exercise book with the gorgeous birdcage.

Fan Yuan stopped drawing and asked Gu Yang, “Does it look good?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously: “It looks good!”

Fan Yuan asked again: “Do you want it?”

Gu Yang continued to nod: “I want it!”

Fan Yuan smiled, and suddenly stretched out his finger and flicked Gu Yang’s forehead forcefully.

Gu Yang immediately jumped down from the table, clutching his red forehead and looking at Fan Yuan sadly.

Fan Yuan tore off the exercise page with the picture of the birdcage and put it aside.

Gu Yang looked at the paper belatedly, and asked Fan Yuan:

“If you tear it off like this, the teacher will scold you, right?”

Fan Yuan changed his pen indifferently: “Who said I tore it up, it was my pet who tore it up.”

Gu Yang’s eyes widened: “You’re lying! How could the teacher believe you if you tore it so neatly!”

Fan Yuan stopped turning his pen, and looked at him slightly sideways.

“Do you think the teacher will believe me?”

Gu Yang suddenly remembered Fan Yuan’s perfect character design, the teacher may really believe it…

He picked up the paper and looked at it again and again, held it in his palm, ran behind the desk, knelt down beside Fan Yuan, put his chin on Fan Yuan’s lap, and shook Fan Yuan’s trouser legs with both hands.

“Father Fan, after the monthly exam results are issued, my birthday will be over, why don’t you give me the birthday present earlier?”

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang from a high position, and saw Gu Yang lying on his lap and pretending to be pitiful.


Gu Yang lowered his head dejectedly, and muttered in a low voice: “Stingy ghost.”

Hearing this, Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes, slowly stretched out his hand to pinch Gu Yang’s chin and lifted it up, lowered his head slightly, and approached him.

Gu Yang was a little excited, his eyelashes trembled, he didn’t hide, he raised his chin obediently, and his heart beat faster.

A pair of dark and beautiful wings slowly spread out from the back, casting a shadow on the wall.

Fan Yuan was stunned for a moment, hooked the corners of his lips, opened his mouth slowly, and bit Gu Yang’s chin, leaving a ring of teeth marks of the same style as his chin on Gu Yang’s chin.

Gu Yang cried out in pain, pushed Fan Yuan away and backed away, shaking off a few black feathers from his wings. He stood in the corner and held his chin to accuse Fan Yuan.

“Are you a dog! Why did you suddenly bite me!”

Fan Yuan bared one canine tooth at Gu Yang, as if threatening him.

“I’m a cheapskate, of course I have to retaliate.”

Gu Yang gasped, swallowing the word childish in his stomach.

But still kept slandering in his heart: childish ghost!

The author has something to say: Why not put the crying little troublemaker in a cage?

Fan Yuan: I restrained myself :)

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