Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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But Gu Yang did not give up, as soon as he entered the classroom in the morning, taking advantage of Fan Yuan’s time to collect his homework, Gu Yang knocked on Pan Fei’s desk.

“Student Pan,” Gu Yang lowered his voice, and secretly looked back at Fan Yuan, making sure that Fan Yuan wasn’t looking this way, before continuing, “What did you give Fan Yuan yesterday?”

Pan Fei smiled connotatively, imitating Gu Yang to speak in a low voice.

“Did Class Leader Fan not show it to you? It’s good stuff! Chai Jingqiu and I have been drawing for a long time, and we sorted out everything for Fan Yuan yesterday!”

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up: “Drawing? What drawing? Can you give me another copy? Fan Yuan, that cheapskate, hide it and won’t show it to me.”

Pan Fei immediately took out her mobile phone: “Okay, I’ll pass it on to you again. The pictures in my mobile phone are all finished drawings, but the scanned copies in the USB flash drive are more clear.”

Gu Yang waved his hand: “It’s okay, it’s okay, send it to me quickly…”

Before he could finish speaking, his mouth was covered from behind.

Gu Yang grabbed the hand covering his mouth and turned around, only to see Fan Yuan standing behind him and nodding to Pan Fei.

“I’ll give it to him in the future, please don’t send it to Gu Yang, Classmate Pan.”

Pan Fei’s mind immediately began to diverge, thinking that Fan Yuan was going to use her Pan Fei’s thirty-eight moves to accomplish great things, she nodded happily in agreement, and looked at Gu Yang without apology.

Gu Yang was so angry that he opened his mouth to bite Fan Yuan’s hand, but Fan Yuan dodged it and pinched Gu Yang’s cheeks so his mouth became like a goldfish’s mouth.

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s chin to make him turn his head to face himself: “Be honest, go back to your seat and do the questions.”

Gu Yang puffed out his goldfish mouth and spoke vaguely, making it difficult for the person to hear.

But looking at Gu Yang’s angry expression, he knew that it must not be a good word.

Fan Yuan let go of his hand, pushed Gu Yang’s back, and let him go back to his seat.

Gu Yang turned his head and grimaced at Fan Yuan, who was about to go to the office to deliver homework, then returned to his seat, looked at the comprehensive questions and wanted to doze off.

When Fan Yuan came back, he saw Gu Yang dozing off with his head leaning against the wall.

His mask fell to his neck, revealing the already faded teeth marks on his chin.

Gu Yang slept uncomfortably. When Fan Yuan looked closely at him, it was as if he could feel Fan Yuan’s breath, he immediately opened his eyes and leaned his body onto Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

He leaned halfway, and was pushed away by Fan Yuan’s hand to his forehead.

Fan Yuan pushed him to the table, and nodded to the comprehensive exercises.

“Do one page first, and I will allow you to sleep in the first math class.”

Gu Yang was lying on the table, his eyes seemed to be looking at the exercises, but they were not focused at all.

Fan Yuan stuffed the pen into Gu Yang’s hand, but Gu Yang didn’t hold it firmly, and the pen slipped out of his hand and onto the table.

He picked up the pen and stuffed it into Gu Yang’s hand again. He dropped it a few times after stuffing it in. Gu Yang blinked his eyes slowly, very sleepy.

Fan Yuan simply stretched his arms around Gu Yang’s shoulder, holding his hand to hold the pen together, his voice was right next to Gu Yang’s ear.

“Gu Yang, do you still want a birthday present?”

It was only then that Gu Yang reacted a little. He raised his head slowly, and leaned his head listlessly on Fan Yuan’s approaching arm, but fortunately, his sight finally fell on the exercise book.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s hand and took the pen with him, tapped the pen on the exercise questions, and read the questions in Gu Yang’s ear.

He read very carefully, his voice was soft and serious, Gu Yang really listened to it a bit, but soon lost his focus again, and his ears became hot.

After Fan Yuan finished reading the questions, he asked Gu Yang, “Can you do it?”

Gu Yang’s attention had long been deviated from the exercises, and he was only focused on the warm breath sprayed by Fan Yuan against his ears. There was no way to think about any problems, so he shook his head immediately.

“No, you teach me.”

Fan Yuan didn’t notice Gu Yang’s careful thinking, so he held his hand and wrote the ideas to problem-solve on the paper, talking while writing.

However, Gu Yang’s ears became more and more red, his thin ears were dyed deep red, and the red spread along his ears all the way to his limbs and bones, and even his back became hot.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang, his chest was half pressed against Gu Yang’s back, and immediately felt the temperature on Gu Yang’s back which was different from ordinary people.

He lowered his head and looked at Gu Yang with his head down, biting his lips lightly, as if he was enduring.

Seeing that Fan Yuan stopped talking, Gu Yang looked up at him pitifully, his voice a little helpless.

“Fan Yuan, well, it seems that wings are about to grow…”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s right hand unconsciously, and Gu Yang’s right hand hurt a little, so he pitifully called out to Fan Yuan again.

Only then did Fan Yuan let go. He pulled Gu Yang’s wrist to stand up, hurriedly said something to Zhuo Wan who was watching the morning self-study on the podium, and led Gu Yang out through the back door.

“Teacher, we’re going to the bathroom!”

Zhuo Wan just raised her head and before she could speak, the back door was already closed.

Looking at the two empty seats in the last row, Zhuo Wan almost broke the pen in her hand.

Fan Yuan was really becoming more and more outrageous!

The pen dropped by Gu Yang rolled on the desk, slowly slid forward, hit the back of the chair in the front row, and fell to the ground.

Pan Fei bent down to pick up the pen and put it on Gu Yang’s desk, then turned around and smiled at the little sister beside her.

Gu Yang was dragged by Fan Yuan to the toilet, he stumbled and couldn’t keep up, and almost fell several times.

Fan Yuan simply turned around and picked up Gu Yang, rushing all the way to the toilet.

It was time for morning self-study, and the toilet was empty.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang into the innermost compartment, and immediately began to take off Gu Yang’s clothes as soon as the door closed.

Gu Yang was taken aback, he held Fan Yuan’s wrist to stop him but hesitated.

“Fan Yuan, why are you taking off my clothes?”

Fan Yuan was stunned by Gu Yang’s question, looked up at Gu Yang’s red face and moist eyes, and let go of his hands as if they were scalded.

Gu Yang’s school uniform jacket had been taken off and hung aside, at this time Fan Yuan also undid three buttons of his shirt, revealing his white and moist chest.

Fan Yuan let go suddenly. Gu Yang looked at him blankly, before he could speak, a pair of huge black wings stretched out behind him, filling the toilet cubicle.

With the stretching of the wings, the shirt fabric behind Gu Yang made the sound of being torn.

Gu Yang grabbed his open shirt, and finally realized why Fan Yuan wanted to take off his clothes. Now another piece of clothing piece was wasted.

The toilet space was small, Gu Yang’s wings had to form a circle, including Fan Yuan inside.

Fan Yuan glanced at the school uniform hanging on the side, Gu Yang was a little guilty, but luckily the school uniform was fine, he knew that Fan Yuan had just applied for a few new school uniforms with Zhuo Wan.

Gu Yang’s wings moved forward, the narrow space made the distance between the two very close.

He turned his head to the side, not daring to look around, his heartbeat was disordered, and he forced himself to calm down.

However, the more he wanted to calm down, the more he couldn’t calm down, and instead his throat began to itch.

Gu Yang cautiously raised his hand and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

He was finally willing to look at Fan Yuan, his eyes and brows were full of pleading.

“Fan Yuan, my neck hurts.”

Fan Yuan was pulled by his sleeve, he didn’t move, he just looked at Gu Yang quietly.

Gu Yang’s shirt collar was wide open, and his breathing became heavier and heavier. He shook Fan Yuan’s sleeve with one hand, and was about to scratch his own neck with the other.

Halfway through scratching, Fan Yuan held up his hand.

Gu Yang’s fingertips moved against Fan Yuan’s palm, and the itching in his throat became more and more intense, and he even wanted to relieve the discomfort with a violent cough.

He puffed out his chest and approached Fan Yuan, raised his chin and brought his neck closer.

“Fan Yuan, help me? I can’t take it anymore.”

Fan Yuan’s gaze fell on Gu Yang’s neck that was actively leaning towards him, and after looking at it for a long time, he raised his hand, hooked Gu Yang’s chin, and scratched it like teasing a kitten.

Gu Yang immediately narrowed his eyes comfortably, and his breathing slowed down. Fan Yuan’s reassurance made him instantly feel much more relaxed.

As soon as he relaxed, he wanted to sing.

Gu Yang gently held Fan Yuan’s wrist with both hands, leaned his head back against the wall, raised his neck, and looked slightly sideways. His forehead hair covered half of his brows and eyes.

He looked at Fan Yuan, and asked him softly with expectation:

“What song do you want to hear? Shall I sing it to you?”

Saying this, his wings on both sides seemed to want to move, the tips of the wings pressed against Fan Yuan’s back and patted it lightly.

Fan Yuan hooked Gu Yang’s chin with his fingertips, and his little finger circled around Gu Yang’s small Adam’s apple again and again.

“What do you want to sing?”

Gu Yang raised the corner of his mouth: “You will listen to everything I sing?”

Fan Yuan’s gaze shifted from Gu Yang’s neck to Gu Yang’s face, and finally met his gaze.

“Sing first for me to listen.”

Gu Yang straightened his body, and threw himself forward onto Fan Yuan’s body. Fan Yuan fell on the wall behind him, was cushioned by Gu Yang’s wings, leaning against fluffy feathers.

Surrounded by pitch-black and smooth feathers, Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s fingers and stuck them to his neck.

He pressed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s chin and started humming.

He sang in a chaotic manner, he had to sing a few lines about everything, even nursery rhymes came out, but he was very happy, and his wings tightened, even Fan Yuan began to feel the heat.

As the wings tightened, the chests of the two slowly touched each other, and Gu Yang seemed to feel Fan Yuan’s heartbeat.

Bang bang——

Bang bang——

Jumping faster and faster.

Gu Yang stopped singing in surprise and went to look at Fan Yuan: “Your heart beats so fast!”

Fan Yuan broke free from being held by Gu Yang, kept his fingertips away from Gu Yang’s neck, raised his hand and pushed Gu Yang away, and the distance between the two of them widened.

“You heard it wrong.”

He lifted Gu Yang’s open shirt up, buttoned it up in twos, and threw the school uniform to him.

“Calm down, put away your wings and come out quickly.”

Saying that, Fan Yuan opened the door and went out, leaving Gu Yang in the toilet cubicle.

Without Fan Yuan present, Gu Yang quickly calmed down, the wings disappeared, and there were two big holes in the back of the shirt.

He put on his school uniform, opened the door and found that Fan Yuan had already gone back to the classroom first.

Gu Yang curled his lips and muttered: “If I heard it wrong, I heard it wrong. Why do you have such a big reaction?”

When he returned to the classroom, the first math class was almost over, and he didn’t know what Fan Yuan told the math teacher. The math teacher didn’t blame Gu Yang for not saying anything, and he still had a loving face.

Gu Yang rushed to the back row and squeezed Fan Yuan into the innermost seat.

It was originally Fan Yuan’s seat, but ever since it was taken over by Gu Yang, the two of them had been sitting like this.

The desks of the two of them were also used indiscriminately, things were placed randomly, regardless of the other, what remained unchanged was that there was always a glass bottle with small flowers in it and full of small pearls on the corner of Fan Yuan’s table.

Gu Yang started to be dishonest as soon as he sat down. He put his arms on the table, and squeezed towards Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan didn’t move, and said two words quite coldly.

“Control yourself.”

Gu Yang’s body froze, he reluctantly withdrew the arm that was squeezing Fan Yuan, picked up the pen and began to listen to the class seriously.

He pestered Fan Yuan and touched his neck in the toilet, so he was not so sleepy now, instead he studied hard all morning.

But once the lunch break was over, the word sleepy was written all over his body, and he kept yawning non-stop.

Gu Yang leaned his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, begging one after another.

“Father Fan, let me sleep for a while? Okay? Just for a while! I promise to get up soon and continue studying!”

Fan Yuan was unmoved, but Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu in front looked back at them from time to time.

In the end, Fan Yuan compromised and told Gu Yang to sleep for a while in non-comprehensive classes.

Gu Yang woke and slept all afternoon, and he became more energetic when he went to evening self-study. He pestered Fan Yuan to give lectures to him, and when he got tired of doing the questions, he started playing with his mobile phone again.

He cut a hole in the mesh on the inside of the school uniform, put the phone in his pocket, and looked at the phone from the inside of the school uniform with his head down.

But this can only be operated with one hand and he could not play games.

Gu Yang started playing tricks, he opened the memo, typed a line in large font, patted Fan Yuan, and let him read it.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, and saw a few big bold characters on the phone.

“Fan Yuan, you are so good looking.”

Gu Yang smiled and waited for Fan Yuan’s reaction, who knew that Fan Yuan acted like he didn’t see anything, he looked away and continued to study.

After that, no matter how Gu Yang called Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan never looked down at Gu Yang’s cell phone again.

Gu Yang was a little angry, typed “Fan Yuan is fake serious” on his phone, patted Fan Yuan, but Fan Yuan didn’t look at it.

He typed “Fan Yuan the bookworm”, but Fan Yuan still didn’t read it.

Gu Yang was angry and helpless, poked his fingertips hard on the phone, and typed on it.

He thought that Fan Yuan wasn’t looking at it anyway, and he didn’t care what he typed, so he typed out with a little revenge:

“Fan Yuan is a cheapskate.”

“Fan Yuan was pressed down by Gu Yang every day and whimpered.”

After Gu Yang typed a lengthy amount, he felt a little satisfied, and was about to happily put away his phone to do a few questions, when he felt a hot breath coming from his ear.

Fan Yuan lowered his head at some point, and was looking at him with half-raised eyelids, which made him shrink back against the wall.

Gu Yang shrank to the wall, Fan Yuan leaned over, rested his hands on the edge of Gu Yang’s chair, and his eyes slowly searched his face.

Gu Yang’s eyes dodged, looked at the sky and the earth but he didn’t dare to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan got closer and closer, then finally, he almost pressed against Gu Yang’s ear:

“Gu Yang, you are quite capable of dreaming.”

Gu Yang’s face was timid, but his mouth was firm:

“You are dreaming, is there anything wrong with what I wrote?”

Fan Yuan nodded, with a subtle tone: “That’s right.”

Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan unzip his coat neatly, and take off the coat.

He stared at Fan Yuan with wide eyes:

“What are you going to do?”

Fan Yuan suddenly smiled at Gu Yang, showing his pointed canine teeth, and he smiled very nicely. Before Gu Yang could react, Fan Yuan used his school uniform and pressed him down.

Gu Yang was terrified, and was pressed down by Fan Yuan to hide under the school uniform together.

This was in the classroom, and there were surveillance cameras behind!

The next moment, Gu Yang heard a pop above his head, the classroom was dark, and Fan Yuan turned off the lights in the classroom.

There were two lights in the classroom, one by the front door and one by the back door next to their seats.

As soon as the lights went out, the classroom immediately became noisy.

“What’s going on? Power outage?”

Zhuo Wan stood up from the podium, went to the window and looked out.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were hiding together under Fan Yuan’s school uniform at this time, it was pitch black, and Gu Yang could only feel Fan Yuan’s breathing.

The warm, moist breath was on his lips and cheeks. Gu Yang’s heart beat faster, his hands pressed against Fan Yuan’s chest, his eyes widened.

“Fan Yuan, are you crazy? What are you going to do?”

In the darkness, Fan Yuan chuckled lightly, parted Gu Yang’s collar with his fingertips, and lowered his head.

Gu Yang laid stiffly on the chair, his neck feeling the warmth and coolness of his lips in addition to his breathing.

At this time, Zhuo Wan had already moved from the window to the door switch, and she found that all other classrooms had lights.

The sound of Zhuo Wan’s high-heeled shoes thumping under her feet unexpectedly and clearly reached Gu Yang’s ears in the somewhat noisy classroom at this time.

Gu Yang’s heart beat faster and faster, his clenched lips loosened, and he couldn’t hold back a moan.

As soon as the voice came out, Fan Yuan immediately pulled away and left.

“Gu Yang, what are you moaning for?”

The lights were turned on at this time, Zhuo Wan frowned and looked around the classroom, and found that Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu’s faces were particularly red, which seemed a little strange.

Behind the two, Fan Yuan sat on the seat with his cheeks propped up, turning the pen with his fingertips, looking careless, but Gu Yang next to him disappeared.

Zhuo Wan frowned and asked, “Where’s Gu Yang? Where did Gu Yang go?”

The whole class immediately looked back, and saw Gu Yang standing up from his seat with a coat in his hand, rushing out through the back door.

“Teacher, I have a stomachache and going to the toilet!!!”

Zhuo Wan looked at the wide open back door of the classroom, and the veins on her forehead twitched twice.

“What happened to Gu Yang?”

Fan Yuan put down his pen, straightened his messy shirt, and stood up.

“Teacher, I also have a stomachache.”

Zhuo Wan watched Fan Yuan go out from the wide-open back door of the classroom, and closed the back door behind him.

Pan Fei noticed with sharp eyes that when Fan Yuan went out just now, he was not wearing a school uniform jacket, and when Gu Yang went out, he was obviously carrying an extra jacket in his hand.

Not only that, others may not be able to hear it, but the two of them sitting closest to Fan Yuan and Gu Yang could hear it very clearly.

That sound, the sound of the switch being turned off.

And… Gu Yang’s moaning.

It was that toilet cubicle again.

The tails of Gu Yang’s eyes were red, and a pair of huge black wings stretched behind him. He wrapped himself up and huddled in a corner.

There was a knock on the door, but Gu Yang didn’t move.

Fan Yuan’s voice came from outside: “Gu Yang, let me in.”

Gu Yang heard it, but still didn’t move.

As a result, there was no sound outside the door. Gu Yang buried his flushed face in his arms and snorted.

“Impatient, can’t knock for a while longer?”

“Who is impatient?” Fan Yuan’s voice suddenly came from above his head.

Gu Yang suddenly raised his head and saw Fan Yuan standing in front of him.

Gu Yang was a little dumbfounded: “How did you get in?”

Fan Yuan shook the campus card in his hand, then stuffed it into his pants pocket.

“The door of the toilet opened as soon as I picked it.”

When Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan coming in, he couldn’t help being a little happy, but then he thought that he had been tricked by Fan Yuan just now, so he immediately buried his face in his arms and hid himself.

“You go, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Fan Yuan squatted in front of Gu Yang, and pulled the school uniform that belonged to Fan Yuan that Gu Yang was holding in his arms.

“Okay, return the school uniform to me first.”

Gu Yang’s hand holding the school uniform tightened suddenly. He squeezed it tightly, then let go and threw the school uniform towards Fan Yuan’s face.

“I’ll give it back to you! I don’t want this broken school uniform.”

The school uniform hit Fan Yuan’s face, fell down, and was caught by Fan Yuan’s hand.

He hung the school uniform on the hook on the wall, and bent down to pull Gu Yang’s arm.

Gu Yang, who seemed to be curled up into a ball with all his might, was easily opened up by Fan Yuan, revealing a red face with wet eyelashes, it was unclear whether he was angry or crying.

Fan Yuan stretched out his fingertips to touch Gu Yang’s wet eyelashes: “So delicate? Are you crying?”

Gu Yang swatted Fan Yuan’s hand, and then slapped Fan Yuan’s back with his wings, but it was not strong enough, just like a cat tickling him.

Fan Yuan didn’t dodge and Gu Yang patted him with his wings.

Gu Yang smacked him enough, and then gave Fan Yuan a hard look. It seemed that his anger had calmed down, but he still wanted to complain.

“Fan Yuan, you are so childish.”

“Fan Yuan, are you a p*rvert? Scaring people in the classroom.”

“Fan Yuan, you…”

Gu Yang’s lips were pinched by Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan lowered his head and looked at Gu Yang closely.

“Gu Yang, I don’t suffer losses.”

Gu Yang shook off Fan Yuan’s hand, very puzzled: “What’s wrong with you? How can you suffer losses!”

Fan Yuan took out Gu Yang’s cell phone from his pocket, and deleted the line Gu Yang typed in front of Gu Yang.

In the end, he put the mobile phone back in Gu Yang’s pocket, and when he retracted his hand, he raised his hand and squeezed Gu Yang’s flushed cheek, the temperature was very high.

“Gu Yang, who was being suppressed? Who was moaning?”

Gu Yang found it hard to understand: “Just because of this?”

His eyes widened slightly, looking at Fan Yuan, he still felt wronged, wronged badly.

Fan Yuan reached out and touched the base of Gu Yang’s wings, comforting him again and again.


Gu Yang shook his head, then nodded vigorously.

Fan Yuan chuckled, obviously Gu Yang was aggrieved, but he was still in the mood to laugh.

He lowered his head and hugged Gu Yang, and pressed his chin on Gu Yang’s shoulder.

Aggrieved, Gu Yang turned his face sideways to avoid him, and then leaned against him, his overheated cheeks rubbing against Fan Yuan’s cold ears.

Fan Yuan let him rub his ears, and suddenly said: “Didn’t you always want to take me flying? Should we try tonight?”

Gu Yang immediately forgot all his grievances, and immediately got out of Fan Yuan’s arms to look into Fan Yuan’s eyes.


Fan Yuan nodded: “Don’t throw me to death.”

Gu Yang stood up excitedly: “No! My skills are very good!”

Fan Yuan also stood up: “Retract your wings first.”

After the scar healed, Gu Yang forgot about the pain, he burrowed into Fan Yuan’s arms again, stretched his wings, and exposed the roots of the wings to Fan Yuan.

“Then touch it for me, touch it and put it away.”

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang who was squeezing himself into his arms again, the corners of his mouth curved slightly.

He lowered his eyes, and there was a thick and indissoluble black in his eyes.

“Okay, I’ll touch it.”

The author has something to say: Gu Yang: I was the one who was suppressed, it was I who moaned :)

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