Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Fan Yuan hooked the small gray scarf hanging on the tip of Gu Yang’s tail and took it off, helped Gu Yang smooth the messy hair on his tail rubbed by the coat, and then did he put the small scarf back on.

With no small scarf, the place where Gu Yang’s tail lacked hair was chilly. Now that he was wrapped in the small scarf again, he held Fan Yuan’s shoulders and heaved a sigh of relief, standing up from Fan Yuan’s legs.

The teacher in the front row had already reprimanded Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan, the students thought they were arguing in class.

Li Ziyan couldn’t expose his suffering, so he suppressed his wretched look, sat down very depressed, and glanced back secretly. He saw that Gu Yang had already stood back up, Fan Yuan was flipping through the book, both hands placed on the table, none in Gu Yang’s clothes, as if what he saw just now was just an illusion.

Gu Yang stood all morning, and Fan Yuan pulled back his table to accompany him all morning. If Gu Yang got tired from standing, he would secretly sit on Fan Yuan’s lap for a while, it wasn’t too difficult.

When it was lunch break, the two of them went to the storage room to eat, and deliberately stayed for a while, and came back right as the bell rang for class.

As soon as they came back, they found a dirty cloth bag on the table of the two of them. When they opened it, there were raw eggs wrapped in old newspapers.

“What’s going on here?”

Gu Yang held a raw egg in one hand and was puzzled.

Fan Yuan turned on his mobile phone and called up the surveillance video of the pinhole camera to check.

The monitor was adjusted to play what happened at noon. In the video, after the classroom was empty, a trembling figure slowly approached the table of two people.

When the figure got closer, Gu Yang could see the person’s face clearly.

It was the elder who came to collect the waste that day. The elder was still wearing a shabby padded jacket. She approached the table of the two of them nervously, put down the rag bag containing the eggs, and ran away in a panic.

“Is this… the feeling of guilt?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan turned off the surveillance video, and started looking for someone to check if any nearby jewelry stores received the sold small pearls.

After all, the small pearls that Gu Yang cried out were rare and easy to investigate. At the same time, he also asked someone to check the situation of the elder.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan complete all these, and asked him:

“Should we call the police? Or wait? I want to see what else she’s going to do? I feel…she’s starting to regret it.”

Fan Yuan glanced at Gu Yang and did not object.

In the afternoon Gu Yang returned to his seat, and Fan Yuan also moved the table back to the original place.

In the evening, Fan Yuan found someone to investigate the matter. There was no jewelry store nearby that received such rare pearls. The elder’s family was indeed in a difficult situation. Her son and daughter-in-law died early, leaving behind a sick grandson, eating was a problem.

Gu Yang looked at the results of the investigation and remained silent for a while.

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand and gently pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck without disturbing him.

The two waited for another day. Afternoon on the third day of the pearl being stolen, there were a few more high-quality, crystal-clear pearls in the transparent glass bottle containing the fake pearls. They were the ones that had been lost.

After the elder stole the little pearl, she struggled in her heart. Because of guilt, she sent a few eggs, but in the end she did not overcome the hurdle of conscience and returned the pearl.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan delete and clear the surveillance video, and put away the pinhole camera.

“I want to fund her anonymously.” Gu Yang said suddenly.

Fan Yuan put the transparent glass bottle into his backpack, ready to take it home and not place it in the classroom.

Hearing Gu Yang’s words, he turned his head to look at him, with a faint smile in his eyes:

“I’ve funded anonymously.”

The serious look on Gu Yang’s face finally dissipated, he showed his white teeth to Fan Yuan, and smiled happily:

“Then count me in.”

The matter of the elder can only be regarded as a small episode for them, and life was still going on at a leisurely pace. Generally speaking, the golden finger of “Little Red Riding Hood” did not bring too much trouble to Gu Yang.

With Fan Yuan’s company, his scores in comprehensive science also improved by leaps and bounds, and in the next monthly exam, he successfully defied the odds of being last place in their class.

Don’t look down on last place, the students in Class 1, Senior 3 are all the top students in the whole school. In the past, Gu Yang could not even touch the tail of the top 100, but now he had become the last in Class 1, Senior 3 in one fell swoop. It can be regarded as completely getting rid of the reputation of relying on donating the teaching building to enter the first class.

Now no one can say that he was not qualified to stay in class one.

After the monthly exam, Gu Yang ushered in the night of the full moon in December.

On December 10th, the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, Gu Yang felt a little strange from the moment he opened his eyes in the morning.

He seemed to be filled with inexhaustible energy, wanting to run wildly, to kill prey, and even more to devour his Little Red Riding Hood.

Since the last full moon, Fan Yuan had been paying attention to the influence of the moon on Gu Yang, so how could he ignore today’s full moon night?

He asked Zhuo Wan for a day off early, and stayed with Gu Yang in the cage room at the end of the corridor early in the morning.

Gu Yang laid lazily on the swing in the cage, swaying from time to time.

Fan Yuan took a book and sat on the side of the swing, allowing Gu Yang to swing beside him.

Gu Yang wobbled a few times and felt bored, so he crawled forward slowly, pressed Fan Yuan’s leg, and laid on Fan Yuan’s body.

Taking advantage of the situation, Fan Yuan placed the opened book on Gu Yang’s back as a cushion, and continued to read.

Gu Yang clasped Fan Yuan’s pants pocket with his fingertips, put his fingers in, and could feel Fan Yuan’s body temperature.

Fan Yuan paused when he flipped through the book, then raised his head and patted the back of Gu Yang’s head.

“Be good.”

Gu Yang shook his hairy ears aggrievedly, and complained in a low voice:

“Fan Yuan, I want to go out to play, you let me take the three puppies out to play?”

Fan Yuan directly refused: “No, it’s already pretty good that I didn’t let you study today.”

Gu Yang’s hairy ears drooped down, and he went to button the hole on the edge of Fan Yuan’s trousers.

He was obviously full of energy, but he couldn’t use it, he was stuck in his body, and it was terribly uncomfortable.

This situation continued until dusk when Gu Yang’s expression changed, and he was in a trance.

He got up from the swing, slowly climbed onto Fan Yuan’s shoulders and sat on top of him. With his fingertips, he pushed away the collar of Fan Yuan’s neck, and pressed his small fangs down, grinding his teeth lightly on his shoulders.

Fan Yuan seemed to have expected this situation a long time ago, put his arms around Gu Yang’s back, and was still turning the pages of the book calmly, until Gu Yang ground his teeth a bit too much, then he pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck and pulled him by the neck. 

Gu Yang was dragged by Fan Yuan and forced to raise his head, revealing a longing and bewildered face.

The edges of his pupils were slightly red, and his small fangs were faintly visible on his lips. He looked at Fan Yuan pitifully, and a dissatisfied sob came out of his throat.

Fan Yuan reached out and pulled the delicate iron chain from under the swing, and hung it under the necklace around Gu Yang’s neck. He didn’t know what switch was pressed, but the originally long chain was slowly retracted into the ground, and the length continued to shrink. In the end, only the length of Gu Yang being able to move half a meter around the swing was left.

Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang, stood up from the swing, walked to the edge of the cage, sat down on the floor, and continued to read.

Gu Yang was left alone on the swing, staring at Fan Yuan with his eyes straight. His hands unconsciously grabbed the long furt on the blanket, and after a while the blankets around him were pulled bald.

Dusk was passing, and night was coming.

Gu Yang looked very anxious, sitting on the swing and swinging vigorously, he couldn’t accommodate anyone else except Fan Yuan in his sight.

His Little Red Riding Hood was clearly in front of him, but he just couldn’t touch it.

Gu Yang got off the swing and moved a few steps forward, the chain was straightened, imprisoning him from moving forward.

He stretched out his arms to Fan Yuan, and called pitifully: “Fan Yuan, I feel so uncomfortable…”

Fan Yuan finally closed the book, put it aside, walked up to Gu Yang and squatted down, but he controlled the distance well so that Gu Yang could not touch him.

“Gu Yang, tonight is still long, you have to learn restraint.”

Seeing that he couldn’t reach Fan Yuan, Gu Yang finally didn’t try any more. He withdrew his hand and turned around aggrievedly, dragging his big tail listlessly behind him, motionless.

Fan Yuan retreated back to the edge of the cage and sat again, but this time he didn’t read any more, he just kept looking at Gu Yang’s back.

Gu Yang sat in silence for a long time, then suddenly said:

“Fan Yuan, turn off the light, I want to see the moon.”

Fan Yuan took advantage of the opportunity to turn off all the lights in the room, and the black cloth covering the cage went up, revealing a huge window in the room.

The curtains were opened, and the bright moonlight shone in, covering Gu Yang under a hazy white gauze.

Only then did Gu Yang’s drooping ears stand up slowly, and he turned to face the huge window, looking at the full moon outside the window. He was surprisingly good, not as affected as that night when the moon was slightly full.

Seeing Gu Yang like this, Fan Yuan finally relaxed a bit.

Gu Yang looked up at the moonlight, turned around suddenly, and looked at Fan Yuan with his head tilted.

He pursed the corners of his mouth, and showed Fan Yuan a cute and shy smile.

That smile looked even more beautiful in the dark room and under the hazy moonlight.

Gu Yang raised his hand and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. As the buttons were unbuttoned, he revealed a white smooth chest. The left chest was clean, it had once had Fan Yuan’s name written on it.

The buttons were half unbuttoned, Gu Yang stopped his hands again, spread out his palms to Fan Yuan, and shook them.

“Fan Yuan, come here, okay?”

Fan Yuan narrowed his black eyes slightly, staring at Gu Yang under the moonlight without moving.

Gu Yang’s outstretched palms and five fingers curled slightly, his expression became depressed, his eyes were slightly moist, and there were teardrops hanging in the eye sockets, which would fall down at any moment.

He said it again, carefully:

“Fan Yuan, come and accompany me, okay?”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, remained silent for a long time, finally stood up slowly, and walked towards Gu Yang.

Gu Yang sat on the ground, watching Fan Yuan slowly walk towards him step by step. Finally he walked in front of him, bent down and put his hand in his palm.

The two people’s hands were clasped together, Gu Yang blinked, but the tears that filled his eyes still fell down.

With the other hand he began to unbutton his shirt again until all the buttons were undone and he began to undress.

Fan Yuan sat next to Gu Yang and watched Gu Yang take off his shirt.

“What are you up to?”

Gu Yang let go of Fan Yuan’s hand, and grabbed his shirt sleeves with both hands, obviously there were still tears on his face, but he raised his head and gave Fan Yuan a naughty smile.

The next moment, he rushed over suddenly, tied Fan Yuan’s hands tightly with his shirt sleeves, tying several knots in a row.

The moment Gu Yang tied him up, Fan Yuan’s arm muscles tensed up. He could have turned the situation around, but when he saw Gu Yang’s triumphant appearance, he followed Gu Yang’s plan after all.

Gu Yang thought he tied Fan Yuan up firmly, and after tying him up, he pulled Fan Yuan to sit on the swing together.

He hummed proudly, and rubbed against Fan Yuan’s body with his whole body.

“Hmph, let me see how you run now! Why don’t you let me bite you obediently.”

Fan Yuan sat on the swing and let Gu Yang rub against him without saying a word.

Gu Yang opened his mouth to Fan Yuan, showing his small fangs as a threat.

“I’m warning you, be honest! Otherwise, I won’t have any fruit for you tonight!”

Fan Yuan was obviously tied up, yet he had a relaxed expression on his face.

“Is that right.”

Gu Yang immediately pressed his small fangs against Fan Yuan’s collarbone and rubbed:

“I want to eat you tonight.”

As he said that, he began to pull Fan Yuan’s shirt so that it was twisted, and began to grind his small fangs on Fan Yuan’s body, trying to bite Fan Yuan, making small teeth marks everywhere.

Fan Yuan tilted his head, his neck was itchy from Gu Yang’s rubbing, he moved his hands behind his back, and the knot of clothes binding his arms slowly loosened.

Just when Gu Yang was grinding his teeth and getting carried away, Fan Yuan suddenly turned over and restrained Gu Yang on his body, tying Gu Yang with the clothes that Gu Yang tied him with.

Gu Yang was not Fan Yuan, he didn’t have the ability to untie knots, so he was very unwilling to be thrown on the swing by Fan Yuan.

“How did you untie it! Let me go! Let me go! Fan Yuan, you are too bad!”

Standing in front of Gu Yang, Fan Yuan fastened the buttons that Gu Yang had untied one by one.

Gu Yang watched the meat from his mouth fly away, and tears welled up again.

“Fan Yuan, I’m so uncomfortable, let me grind my teeth, I won’t really eat you…”

Hearing Gu Yang’s cry, Fan Yuan paused while fastening the buttons. In the end, he didn’t tie it to the last one, turned around and picked up Guan Yang, sat on the swing together, and pressed Guan Yang’s head to his shoulder.

Gu Yang sniffed the pleasant smell on Fan Yuan’s body, and immediately pressed his little fangs down uncontrollably.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to touch Gu Yang’s black hair, inserting his fingertips into the hair and sliding it through slowly.

The other hand reached out to the base of Gu Yang’s tail, pulled down the small scarf, throwing it away, and wrapping his fingertips around the base of the bald tail.

Gu Yang’s big tail flicked uncomfortably, his hands were tied behind with the shirt, and his tail was held by someone, but when he thought of his little red riding hood taking the initiative to give him his shoulders to grind, Gu Yang felt that there was nothing unbearable.

The moonlight outside the window slowly came in, and the full moon slowly rose to the center of the night sky. There was still more than half of the time to be tossed about on this grueling full moon night.

Gu Yang grinded the person endlessly, and biting was not as restraint. Often, he tasted a little blood in his mouth, so he kissed and rubbed it in embarrassment, and then changed to another place to continue grinding his teeth. Sometimes when his brain was a little dazed, he might not even change the place.

Fan Yuan was leaning on the swing with Gu Yang in his arms, his slender fingertips hooked Gu Yang’s tail in circles. Looking carefully, there were even two circles of small teeth marks on his fingertips.

It was obvious that Gu Yang was chained between the square inches of this small swing, and Fan Yuan can get up and leave at any time, leaving Gu Yang here to live through this annoying full moon night alone.

But just like the last night with a slightly full moon, Fan Yuan, who was clearly able to leave, still stayed, allowing Gu Yang to grind him, bite him, and leave small marks on his body one after another.

As the full moon gradually sank, the morning sun shone in.

Gu Yang finally raised his head, the red color around his pupils faded, and he regained complete clarity.

He raised his hand to wipe his wet chin, and looked at Fan Yuan who was pressed down by him.

Fan Yuan’s shirt was ripped to pieces, and even his trousers were loose, revealing the perfect mermaid line.

On that perfect skin, there were small red tooth marks everywhere, and some blood oozed in some places.

Gu Yang’s heart was beating wildly, and he stretched out his fingertips to gently touch each of these small tooth marks, and finally mustered up the courage to look into Fan Yuan’s black eyes.

Fan Yuan had a lazy aura all over his body, he raised his fingertips with small tooth marks and hooked Gu Yang’s chin.

“Are you addicted to biting?”

Gu Yang nodded hesitantly, then shook his head immediately.


Fan Yuan sat up, grabbed the iron chain around Gu Yang’s neck and pulled him in front of him.

“I don’t need an apology.”

“You bit me 326 times.”

“I said, if you bite me, I’ll bite back.”

“326 times, counting double interest, and rounding it up, it equals one thousand times, from now on, you owe me one thousand times.”

Every time Fan Yuan said something, Gu Yang would be dumbfounded, until Fan Yuan finished speaking, Gu Yang was completely dumbfounded.

“What… a thousand…?”

Fan Yuan rubbed Gu Yang’s steaming cheek with his fingertips, and pinched again, until Gu Yang’s cheek was deformed then did he let go.

“What did you say?”

After the words were finished, Fan Yuan lowered his head, his gaze searching Gu Yang’s face, as if he was considering how to speak.

Gu Yang swallowed his saliva, he really had a lot of fun eating that night, the feeling of pleasure was still circling around his body and brain, and his reaction was very slow.

“Fan Yuan, why don’t we talk about it later?”

Fan Yuan ignored him, and directly lowered his head and bit Gu Yang’s earlobe. With a heavy blow, he immediately left a ring of teeth marks next to the freesia earrings wrapped in thorns.

“This is the first time, we still have 999 times, Gu Yang, you have to remember clearly, do you hear me?”

Gu Yang touched his painful earlobe and nodded slowly.

Fan Yuan sat up and pulled the iron chain around Gu Yang’s neck with some force, causing Gu Yang to lie down on his lap.

“Say it.”

Gu Yang sat up cautiously. Rubbing Fan Yuan’s Adam’s apple with the tip of his ears flatteringly, soft and delicate, the touch was excellent.

“I remember.”

“999 times, I will never miss one!”

The author has something to say: bite, bite hard, is 1000 bites enough? Not enough, then add more!

[A new gold finger coming soon~]

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