Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 42

Chapter 42

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Gu Yang nestled comfortably on Fan Yuan’s neck, but he didn’t sleep honestly.

When he was not small, his limbs did not move much, but now that he was smaller, he was more reckless, kicking back and forth with his two short legs, as if he was having some intense dream, kicking Fan Yuan’s chin.

Finally Fan Yuan couldn’t bear it any longer and stretched out his hand to hold down the fidgeting little Gu Yang. He held him in his hand and rubbed his cheeks and back, Gu Yang calmed down, put a pair of small hands on Fan Yuan’s fingers, lowered his head subconsciously and kissed Fan Yuan’s fingertips, calming down.

But as soon as Fan Yuan let go of his hand, Gu Yang started to make trouble again within a few minutes. Fan Yuan could only hold Gu Yang in his hand the entire time, put his hand on the side of his head, and sleep with him.

Gu Yang was a little overly frightened by the sudden reduction in size, and did not sleep well at night, but because of Fan Yuan’s reassurance, when Gu Yang opened his eyes in the morning, he had slept comfortably.

He opened his eyes, sat up, and looked around in a daze. The room was dark, the curtains were still drawn, Fan Yuan was no longer on the bed.

Gu Yang stretched comfortably, but accidentally rolled off the pillow and landed on the bed with a grunt. Fortunately, the bed was soft enough, otherwise, with his current small size, he would definitely have a concussion.

When he woke up, the first thing he wanted to do was go to the toilet.

Gu Yang stood up from the bed, walked tremblingly to the side lowered his head to look down, and immediately fell back down in fright.

In the past, it was only the height of one leg, but now it looked like a cliff. Gu Yang sat on the edge of the bed and stepped back. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then he began to call Fan Yuan’s name.

“Fan Yuan—Fan Yuan—”

Gu Yang’s voice became smaller as he became smaller. He stood by the bed and yelled vigorously, but Fan Yuan didn’t appear. Instead, a small head pushed open the bedroom door, and stood at the door carefully looking inside.

It was a little puppy, and immediately after that, a second puppy put its head on top of the first one, and also looked in.

When Gu Yang saw these three little milk dogs, he was overjoyed, and a brilliant idea came to his mind.

He squatted cautiously beside the bed, and waved to the three little milk dogs.

The three little milk dogs observed carefully and saw that there was no Fan Yuan in the room, so they got a little more courageous, pushed the door open, walked inside, looked up at Gu Yang on the bed, and were a little puzzled.

Gu Yang clearly had the familiar aura the three of them recognized, but there was something wrong with his size.

Gu Yang urged a few more times, and then the three little milk dogs walked over to the bed, looking at Gu Yang and whimpering.

At this point, Fan Yuan should be making breakfast downstairs.

Gu Yang looked under the bed again, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ran to the bed and grabbed a tissue to wrap around his lower body as a skirt, turned around and grabbed the bed sheet and crawled down a little bit.

Halfway through the climb, he let go, and his whole body fell on the back of a little milk dog.

The little milk dog looked at the little spot on his back suspiciously, and poked his head to smell it, but Gu Yang lifted his leg and kicked the dog’s head away.

Gu Yang sat on the little milk dog, grabbed the fur on the back, and shouted:

“Charge!!! Forward! Run for me! Take me to the bathroom!”

After shouting, he turned around and patted the little milk dog’s buttocks. The little milk dog was also very obedient, and ran forward with his head down. Gu Yang almost couldn’t sit still and was thrown off.

As a result, the little milk dog lost its direction when it ran, and led Gu Yang in circles, never going to the bathroom at all.

In the living room, Fan Yuan called Zhuo Wan to ask for leave. He helped Gu Yang obtain a long-term sick leave, but he only took half a day off for himself.

After asking for leave, he went to find someone to buy clothes for a doll with Gu Yang’s body shape. He just hung up the phone when he heard a small cry.

“No! Slow down! Slow down! I’m going to roll down! Help!”

The next moment, a little milk dog rolled down the stairs and fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, the second and third ones rolled down one after another, and as soon as the third one rolled down, a little man on the puppy’s back was thrown off, and fell to the ground on his butt. With his size, something was bound to happen.

Gu Yang knelt on the ground and rubbed his butt, sweating from the pain. Before he looked up, he saw a pair of big feet wearing slippers walking up to him and standing still.

He immediately stood up and looked up, his neck was sore, and he couldn’t see Fan Yuan’s face.

Fan Yuan knelt down, looked at Gu Yang who was no bigger than a palm, and asked him:

“Does it hurt?”

Gu Yang nodded immediately, pointed at the three little milk dogs aggrievedly and complained:

“It hurts, they are not obedient at all.”

Fan Yuan stretched out his fingers and poked Gu Yang’s forehead, which made Gu Yang fall backwards. He just stood up, now he was back on the ground again.

“Were they disobedient, or were you disobedient? You couldn’t wait for me where you were? Why were you running around?”

Gu Yang was sitting on the ground, grabbing the tissues around his body. From his point of view, Fan Yuan was very tall, and naturally he was very scary when he was fierce. The voice revolved around Gu Yang’s small head, making him feel more and more wronged.

He covered his ears and shook his head, with tears in his eyes. He grabbed a small ball of the tissue on his body and threw it at Fan Yuan.

“You, why are you so fierce…I wanted to go to the toilet! No matter how I called you, you did not come! Why are you so fierce to me!”

As he said that, he sobbed twice, tears fell from his eyes, and crackled on the tissue skirt on his body, and the tissue quickly became limp and stuck to his body.

Fan Yuan looked at the little Gu Yang who was shaking from crying, and felt a strange feeling in his heart, slightly sour and uncomfortable.

He held little Gu Yang in his hands, and gently rubbed his back with his fingertips.

“It’s because I didn’t think carefully, don’t cry.”

Gu Yang twisted his back, trying to avoid Fan Yuan’s fingers, but now that he was holding his whole body in the palm of his hand, how could he dodge him, he could only let Fan Yuan pat him on the back.

Gu Yang grabbed the tissue under his body with both hands, and whispered:

“I want to go to the bathroom…”

He was too small, and Fan Yuan couldn’t hear him clearly when he spoke in a low voice.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, approached Gu Yang, and asked him:

“What did you say?”

Gu Yang’s cheeks were flushed, and finally he stopped crying, but there were still some tears in the corners of his eyes, and he repeated:

“I want to go to the bathroom…”

Fan Yuan still didn’t hear clearly, so he simply cupped little Gu Yang to his ear.

Gu Yang put his hand on Fan Yuan’s ear, pursed his lips, and said it again cautiously.

Fan Yuan heard it clearly this time, and immediately took him to the bathroom, put Gu Yang on the edge of the toilet, supported Gu Yang’s back with one hand, and just looked at Gu Yang like this.

Gu Yang stood on the edge of the toilet, turned his head and urged Fan Yuan:

“You get out!”

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand to compare Gu Yang’s current height, and then compared the depth of the toilet.

“If I leave, what if you fall in?”

Gu Yang turned his head and glanced at the toilet that was like an abyss to him now, and when he thought of falling into it, he immediately trembled all over. He pinched Fan Yuan’s fingers with his small hands.

“Then you, you turn your head away.”

This time Fan Yuan immediately turned his head away and did not look at Gu Yang.

Only then did Gu Yang untie the tattered tissues on his body, and faced the toilet.

There was a long silence.

Fan Yuan waited for a long time, but he didn’t hear any sound, so he asked Gu Yang:

“Don’t you want to go to the toilet? Why don’t you go?”

Gu Yang blushed from holding back. Obviously he felt like he was going to explode, but Fan Yuan was here, so he was so nervous he couldn’t make it come out for a while.

When Fan Yuan asked at this time, he became even more anxious, and tried hard against the toilet, sweating a little, but he couldn’t do it.

Gu Yang didn’t answer. Fan Yuan seemed to have guessed it, and didn’t urge Gu Yang any more. He just gently rubbed Gu Yang’s head with his fingertips, and then patted Gu Yang’s back. The movements were slow and gentle to reassure him.

After a while, there was a very small sound of water in the bathroom, but the sound of water lasted for a long time before it stopped.

After going to the toilet, Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, surrounded himself with tattered tissues, and pushed Fan Yuan’s finger.

“I’m good.”

Fan Yuan turned his head and saw little Gu Yang whose whole body was covered in pink.

He raised his hand and pulled the rotten paper towel off Gu Yang’s body and threw it away. Gu Yang exclaimed, and immediately curled up to cover himself tightly.

Fan Yuan glanced sideways at Gu Yang:

“What’s the point of blocking it? It’s too small to see.”

Gu Yang’s face was already a little red, and it became more and more red. After hearing this, he felt dissatisfied and kicked Fan Yuan’s palm.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang into the wide pocket of his coat, washed a hot towel, waited until the temperature of the towel was not too high, then grabbed Gu Yang and put him in the towel, rubbing him gently.

Gu Yang was wrapped in a hot towel, and he felt so comfortable that he almost fainted.

He raised his hand to touch his ears, the pierced ears by Fan Yuan were still there, but the earrings could no longer be worn due to his size, and the necklace around his neck was also gone.

Suddenly, a small sigh came from the towel under Fan Yuan’s hand. He lifted the towel and saw Gu Yang with his messy hair, pulling the towel to one side, looking up at him, quite shy:

“Fan Yuan…how about you give me another collar…that one is too big, I can’t even wear it now.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, and rubbed Gu Yang’s cheek again with his fingertips on the towel.

Gu Yang’s cheeks were deformed by rubbing, and he said vaguely:

“Earring studs, give me another pair…otherwise I won’t get to wear them for a while.”

Fan Yuan wiped little Gu Yang clean, then took him out of the towel, threw the towel away, and held Gu Yang in both hands to come up to him.

Gu Yang was not wearing anything now, and being looked at so bluntly by Fan Yuan, he still couldn’t help curling up and covering himself. With a small red face and messy hair on his face, he watched Fan Yuan approach.

“Are you going to give it or not?”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang in his palm, he was so small and so fragile.

“Gu Yang, I haven’t bitten you for today’s portion yet.”

When Gu Yang heard this, he felt worried. He looked at Fan Yuan’s mouth, opened his hands to make a gesture, then compared his body size, and shook his head vigorously.

“No, no, no, if you bite me like this, I will die!”

Fan Yuan intentionally frightened Gu Yang. He slowly lowered his head and approached, and opened his mouth.

Looking at the approaching mouth, Gu Yang was frightened, and sat there dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, when Fan Yuan approached Gu Yang, he suddenly closed his mouth and kissed Gu Yang’s little head lightly.

Gu Yang rubbed his head. Knowing that he was being tricked, he stood up from Fan Yuan’s palm, he didn’t care to cover himself, ran to Fan Yuan, and kicked Fan Yuan’s nose.

The tip of Fan Yuan’s nose was touched with negligible force, Fan Yuan lowered his eyes to look at Gu Yang’s raised leg, and narrowed his eyes.

“I saw it, it’s really small.”

Gu Yang froze all over, turned around and curled back into Fan Yuan’s palm, facing Fan Yuan with his buttocks, his whole body fell into infinite annoyance.

Fan Yuan chuckled, put little Gu Yang back into his pocket, and walked towards the kitchen.

Gu Yang huddled in Fan Yuan’s pocket, and after a while of silence, he poked his head out to look outside.

Fan Yuan seemed to sense it, and suddenly said:

“I asked for leave for you. Although you don’t have to go to school on the surface, I will still take you to class in secret. During this time, your study progress must not lag behind at all.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then immediately retracted into Fan Yuan’s pocket and started acting like a demon, kicking his legs and waving his hands everywhere.

What kind of devil was Fan Yuan! Learning, learning, learning! Learn every day!

He was as tall as a pen now! About the same height as a pen!

After all this, he still wanted him to learn!

Gu Yang kicked indiscriminately, but only exhausted himself. After kicking, he collapsed in Fan Yuan’s pocket and was out of breath.

Apparently Fan Yuan knew what Gu Yang was doing, so he reached into his pocket, groped, touched Gu Yang’s small arm, squeezed it, and Gu Yang pushed him.

So Fan Yuan changed to another place. He squeezed Gu Yang’s calf, and Gu Yang raised his foot and kicked him.

He kicked, and Fan Yuan changed the place again. He pinched Gu Yang indiscriminately, until Gu Yang moaned and begged for mercy in Fan Yuan’s pocket, Fan Yuan then withdrew his hand, but before pulling his hand, Gu Yang held his fingertip and bit hard.

Fan Yuan looked at the tiny circle of teeth marks on his fingertips. Even though Gu Yang no longer had ears and tails, his biting temperament had not changed.

When eating breakfast, Fan Yuan scooped up a spoonful of porridge for Gu Yang and put it in front of him. He didn’t finish the small spoonful of porridge, he only ate half a spoonful of porridge and his stomach was already bulging.

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang’s bulging belly for a while, then turned around and went upstairs to take off the little scarf knitted just for his tail, put it on Gu Yang’s body, having him temporarily wear it as a tube top skirt.

Although Gu Yang was not very satisfied, there was finally something covering him.

Fan Yuan took half a day off, and around noon, the small clothes he ordered arrived.

Gu Yang looked at the strange clothes spread out on a table, kicked away the small skirt with a cat tail, and looked at Fan Yuan in disbelief.

“Fan Yuan, you? Do you have this hobby?”

When Fan Yuan ordered the clothes, he didn’t specify what they were used for. Such small clothes, no one would have thought that they were for people to wear. They were supposed to be clothes for dolls, so it was natural to give them whatever was cute.

But Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s shocked expression, and suddenly had bad thoughts.

He took a set of small clothes with cat ears and cat tails, handed them to Gu Yang, and let Gu Yang make his own choice.

“Wear it to school, or nothing at all.”

Gu Yang stared at Fan Yuan vigorously, finally lost the battle, took the little set of clothes, turned around and put them on, his little back felt very bleak.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang get dressed, then pinched the small cat ear headband with his fingertips and put it on Gu Yang’s head.

Gu Yang pushed it off in disgust, then let go of his hand, resigning to his fate halfway through the push.

Seeing that Gu Yang really didn’t like his appearance, Fan Yuan felt a little soft in his heart, and planned to let Gu Yang change.

Unexpectedly, Gu Yang stood up, walked in front of Fan Yuan with his head down, buried his little face in Fan Yuan’s palms and rubbed it against his palms. He then raised his head up after a while, with his messy hair and cat ears, and whispered:

“Fan Yuan, I’m already so obedient, do you want to re-order the earrings and collars for me?”

Fan Yuan was taken aback for a moment, he didn’t expect that Gu Yang was still thinking about his collar and earrings.

Looking at Gu Yang’s palm-sized appearance, Fan Yuan nodded slightly.

“En, I will give you another set.”

Only then did Gu Yang hold Fan Yuan’s fingertips and laugh. Seeing Fan Yuan looking at him, he lowered his head and kissed Fan Yuan’s fingertips very obediently.

“Then you have to keep your word.”

Fan Yuan held little Gu Yang in his palm, Gu Yang’s figure was reflected in his dark eyes.

“I promise.”

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