Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Gu Yang quietly let go of Fan Yuan’s hand. Nervous and because he was too anxious to drink the milk tea just now, he opened his mouth and hiccupped.

Fan Yuan came close and he smelled a strong smell of peanuts.

He backed away and looked at Xu Tian: “There were peanuts in the milk tea?”

Xu Tian thought that the two influential figures were going to fight because of her, but suddenly Fan Yuan pointed at her and she nodded in a daze.

“Yes, Mr. Cat’s latest new product, something good will happen, it contains peanut powder, it’s very fragrant.”

Fan Yuan put down the empty milk tea cup in his hand. When he backed away, Gu Yang had already slipped away, and he was lying on his desk with his back facing Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan nodded at Xu Tian: “Thank you, don’t buy it in the future, I don’t like sweets.”

Xu Tian’s face turned red and then turned pale again.

He didn’t like sweets, was it because he didn’t like the sweetness of the milk tea, or he didn’t like her, Xu Tian*?
* tian = sweet

The bell for morning self-study rang, and Zhuo Wan came in with her high-heeled shoes hurriedly, and slammed a stack of papers on the podium.

“The results of last week’s preliminary test have come out. Generally speaking, there was progress, but some students still have some serious problems. I won’t talk about other subjects here. I will save you some self-esteem, but let’s take Chinese as a subject to talk about.”

Gu Yang noticed that when Zhuo Wan mentioned “some students”, her eyes were obviously glaring at him.


He hoped that the original Gu Yang’s previous exam results would not be too ugly.

But Gu Yang also knew that this was an extravagant hope.

When the Chinese test papers were handed out, Gu Yang glanced at the results and immediately turned the paper upside down.

33 points.

This score was simply a shame for Gu Yang, who was a top student in liberal arts.

But once the Chinese test paper was turned over, Gu Yang felt that it was even more glaring, the composition got 0 points.

Topic: Enemy of Life: Stupid Fan.

Gu Yang: …

He flipped over the Chinese test paper again. Looking at the bright red score of 33, he unconsciously pinched the corner of the paper with his fingertips. This was the first time he had experienced such a sense of shame.

He knew why Zhuo Wan kept staring at him just now, this composition was really too much.

Fortunately, the morning self-study time was not long, Zhuo Wan picked out a few typical mistakes, talked about them, and left.

Gu Yang thought he would be criticized and be pointed out by name, but he wasn’t.

Zhuo Wan was still a teacher who took good care of students’ self-esteem, but before leaving, Zhuo Wan glared at Gu Yang again.

In the first class, math, Gu Yang was looking for a book in a hurry when he found that his chair moved.

Fan Yuan suddenly stretched out his leg and hooked Gu Yang’s chair, dragged him and the chair to his side, then stretched out his long hand, and dragged Gu Yang’s table over.

Before Gu Yang could react, his body subconsciously threw himself on the table, trying to cover the Chinese test paper.

Seeing Gu Yang lying on the table, Fan Yuan stared at him with wide eyes, but didn’t expose him, just tapped the table with his fingertips.

“You tore up my book, shouldn’t you take the initiative to show me your book?”

Gu Yang blushed, his forehead was sweating profusely. He got up slowly, pressed the Chinese test paper with one hand, and went to get the book with the other.

His books were all piled up on the table. Just now when Fan Yuan pulled the table, his tall stack of books became a little crooked. It was very difficult to hold the book with one hand. Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan again and saw that Fan Yuan was already looking at the blackboard, he quickly stretched out both hands to get the book.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he took out the math book, he turned around and saw Fan Yuan holding his Chinese test paper, reading it.

Gu Yang was so frightened that he dropped the math book in his hand. He immediately reached out to grab the Chinese test paper in Fan Yuan’s hand.

The bright red 33 points were facing him, which meant that Fan Yuan was reading his composition with zero points.

Fan Yuan directly raised his hand and pressed Gu Yang to the table, with his shoulder pressed against Gu Yang’s shoulder. Breathing next to Gu Yang’s ear, he seriously read the zero-point composition written by the original Gu Yang.

“Enemy of life? Gu Yang, you have nothing else to write about in your life? Was it all about me?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, closed his eyes and stopped struggling, but the blush on his face stretched all the way to his neck. He was wearing Fan Yuan’s clothes, and the wide collar showed his thin and beautiful collarbone, even his chest was a thin red.

“Fan Yuan! Gu Yang! Listen in class carefully! It’s class, don’t fight around!”

The math teacher on the podium suddenly yelled.

Some students couldn’t help laughing out loud, and some who were careful couldn’t help but look back, and found that the two people who had always been like fire and water were closely stacked together, unclear what they were doing.

Gu Yang was shaken by the yelling. Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang slowly, and returned the Chinese test paper to him.

“Write like that next time, and I’ll kill you.”

Gu Yang thought it was all right, but who knew that Fan Yuan would suddenly say something like this, his head was short-circuited, and he asked in a low voice: “Which gan*?”
* gan is the kill Gu Yang mentioned before but same sound can mean f*ck

Fan Yuan glanced at him in surprise, spread out the math book, and ignored him.

After Gu Yang realized that he had asked something strange, the temperature on his face was almost burning. He lowered his head, pulled up his school uniform jacket, and hid his chin in his collar, looking very shy and flustered, like a fresh tomato.

All morning, Fan Yuan didn’t separate the table between the two of them, and didn’t mention the Chinese test paper again, but Gu Yang felt ashamed in his heart, so he didn’t say much.

Before the lunch break, Zhuo Wan walked in with a brisk look, sweeping away the anger of the morning, with a happy expression on her face.

“Students! I have good news for you! The physical education class in the afternoon, your physical education teacher, plans to take you to the school’s new swimming pool to swim! Don’t say that the teacher doesn’t love you. With great difficulty did I convince the other teachers of the other subjects, snatching this physical education class to my hand.”

Swimming lessons?

Gu Yang was startled, and immediately stood up: “Teacher! I won’t go! I will study by myself!”

The smile on Zhuo Wan’s face immediately subsided, and she frowned at Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, what’s the matter with you? You want to go against the teacher, don’t you? A young man with hands and feet, what’s wrong with going swimming and exercising? Do you want to skip class and go online? Fan Yuan, you look after him for me, Gu Yang has to go to physical education class today!”

Gu Yang was flustered, he would turn into a mermaid when he got in the water, how could he go to swimming lessons?

He immediately looked at Fan Yuan as if asking for help, and Fan Yuan frowned slightly.

“I understand, Teacher Zhuo.”

Zhuo Wan left satisfied, Gu Yang immediately grabbed Fan Yuan.

“You know I can’t go into the water…”

Over there, Li Ziyan had already come to find Fan Yuan for food, but Fan Yuan just took one look at Gu Yang and left.

“Let’s talk about it in the afternoon.”

Gu Yang was apprehensive and flustered, until everyone went to the gymnasium together for physical education class. He couldn’t help it, he bit his lower lip and walked to Fan Yuan’s side.

He pulled Fan Yuan’s sleeve. Meng Zhan and Fan Yuan shut up immediately when they saw him, but Li Ziyan looked at Gu Yang with a strange expression.

Fan Yuan motioned to Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan, then pulled Gu Yang aside.

Not only Li Ziyan, but many students were also surprised seeing Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walking together.

Gu Yang’s face was a little pale, and the fingertips holding onto Fan Yuan’s sleeves were tightly clenched, and the rolled-up sleeves fell down, covering the back of his hand.

Looking at it, Fan Yuan suddenly stopped and raised Gu Yang’s wrist for some unknown reason, and carefully helped him roll up the sleeve of his right hand.

“I will tell the teacher that you are uncomfortable and can’t go into the water, and you will watch from the side when the time comes.”

Gu Yang was overjoyed, and immediately nodded obediently, then handed over his left hand along the way, the sleeve of his left hand fell down, and he needed to pull it up.

Fan Yuan’s movements paused, his eyelashes drooped, and he seemed to realize what he had done, he immediately threw away Gu Yang’s right hand, strode to catch up with the students in front, leaving Gu Yang behind.

Gu Yang pursed his lips, rolled up the sleeve of his left hand in an aggrieved manner, then looked at it after he finished it. No matter how he looked at it, it was not as good-looking as Fan Yuan’s.

In the physical education class, a group of boys and girls changed into swimsuits and jumped into the swimming pool. The water in the pool was not cold, and the boys and girls laughed and laughed. The whole swimming pool was full of youthful atmosphere.

Gu Yang was still wearing his school uniform, standing by the pool, watching them play in the water with envy and fear.

Li Ziyan swam around happily in the water, saw Gu Yang standing by the pool like a fool, thought of the strange atmosphere between Gu Yang and their male god Fan these days, and wanted to tease Gu Yang.

He dived into the bottom of the water and swam towards Gu Yang.

Swimming to the pool, Li Ziyan jumped out of the water, reached out to grab Gu Yang’s ankle, and pulled him into the water with all his might.

“Gu Yang, what’s the matter with you! You’re acting like a girl, you haven’t entered the water yet!”

Gu Yang never expected that someone would pull him, and was directly pulled into the swimming pool by Li Ziyan. Not to mention his whole body being soaked, his legs immediately felt a swelling pain.

It’s over!

The school’s swimming pool was not deep, so Gu Yang choked on two mouthfuls of water, and before he could stand still, he went to find Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was talking to Meng Zhan on the other side, Meng Zhan suddenly patted him and pointed to the opposite side, when Fan Yuan turned his head, he saw Gu Yang fall into the water.

Before Meng Zhan could finish speaking, Fan Yuan grabbed a towel and jumped into the swimming pool, swimming towards Gu Yang quickly.

Li Ziyan pulled Gu Yang into the water. Seeing his frightened look, he thought it was funny, and couldn’t help pulling him to the deep water area.

“What are you afraid of? That I will drown you?”

Gu Yang wanted to break free, but found that his whole body was starting to lose strength. His body was weak, his eyes were slightly closed, and he fell into the water.

His legs merged together under the water, flashing a faint blue light, and his legs broke through his trouser legs, turning into a bright blue fishtail.

Seeing that Gu Yang had fainted, Li Ziyan was about to drag him away when Fan Yuan rushed to him and pushed him away.

Fan Yuan stepped forward and hugged Gu Yang tightly. He dragged a wet bath towel in his hand to quickly wrap Gu Yang tightly, then put Gu Yang on his shoulder with one hand, used the ladder by the swimming pool, and jumped up.

The physical education teacher was startled, and hurried over to see the situation.

Fan Yuan supported Gu Yang’s back with one hand, dragged his fish tail wrapped in a bath towel with the other, then simply put on a bathrobe and ran outside.

“Teacher, he drowned. I’ll take him to the infirmary.”

The physical education teacher trotted a few steps to keep up: “I’ll go with you.”

Fan Yuan stopped suddenly, turned his head and looked coolly at the physical education teacher, then at Li Ziyan.

“No need, teacher.”

The physical education teacher was stunned by those eyes, and stopped unconsciously.

When Fan Yuan ran out of the swimming pool with Gu Yang on his shoulders, he finally came to his senses, smacked his lips, and murmured, “This Fan Yuan is a little scary.”

At the edge of the swimming pool, Xu Tian was holding a bracelet tightly in her hand and stared at the direction where Fan Yuan and Gu Yang disappeared, with a shocked expression on her face.

The female classmate next to her patted her: “Xu Tian, ​​why are you in a daze? Did you see that? Male God Fan carried Gu Yang on his back and ran away! Oh my god, it’s the second time! Look at Gu Yang like that!” How can he still have his previous arrogance!”

Xu Tian clutched the bracelet tightly with both hands, and nodded stiffly.

Not only did she see it, she also knew Gu Yang’s secret.

Her bracelet fell into the bottom of the pool just now, she dived down to pick it up, and saw the shocking scene.

It turns out that Gu Yang…is not a human being.

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