Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 59

Chapter 59

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Gu Yang looked into Fan Yuan’s eyes and walked slowly towards him. He lifted his hand and was about to place it on Fan Yuan’s right hand, which was covered in tomato sauce. However, Fan Yuan suddenly pulled his right hand behind his back and grabbed Gu Yang’s outstretched hand with his left hand, pulling him towards him.

During the day, little Fan Yuan was much shorter than Gu Yang. Now, the height difference between the two of them standing face to face was even more noticeable.

Gu Yang looked down at Fan Yuan, who was much shorter than him, and his excitement suddenly cooled down.

Fan Yuan seemed to feel the same way. He looked at Gu Yang for a long time, squinting his black eyes. He seemed a little unwilling, then finally just stood on tiptoe, leaned towards the corner of Gu Yang’s lips, and bit down.

After biting Gu Yang’s lip, Fan Yuan pushed him away, turned on the tap, and continued cooking.

“I’ll deal with you tonight,” Fan Yuan said in a not-too-good tone.

But Gu Yang didn’t take it to heart. He touched his mouth and opened his eyes slightly, looking surprised.

Watching Fan Yuan continue cooking, Gu Yang touched his mouth and licked it, somewhat incredulously asking, “Fan Yuan, did you just… kiss me?”

Fan Yuan “clang” cut away a piece of rib and said, “No.”

The corner of Gu Yang’s mouth couldn’t help but curve up. After being kissed by Fan Yuan on the corner of his mouth, he was so happy that he couldn’t describe it. He took another step forward.

“Fan Yuan, are you shy? You kissed me and now you’re denying it?”

Again came a “clang” sound, Gu Yang’s shoulder shaking slightly. His gaze fell on the cutting board, where the ribs had been chopped up into pieces.

Fan Yuan put down the knife, threw the ribs into the bowl, and then turned to look at Gu Yang, his gaze drifting from the corner of his mouth.

“Gu Yang, in your opinion, does that count as a kiss?”

Gu Yang covered his mouth, looking foolish. “Doesn’t it count? Your mouth touched mine!”

Fan Yuan turned around to grab some vegetables, casting a meaningful glance at Gu Yang before falling silent.

Gu Yang’s heart started to race inexplicably under Fan Yuan’s gaze. He took small steps out of the kitchen and stood in the living room, holding his chest where his heart was beating irregularly, taking a deep breath.

“A kiss is a kiss,” Gu Yang thought. No matter what Fan Yuan said, he felt that they had shared a legitimate kiss.

With a kiss under their belt, how could the rest be far behind?

As Gu Yang thought this, his heart started beating faster and faster. He walked around the living room a few times before running up to the study.

Ever since he discovered the USB drive from Pan Fei on his bedside table, he had hidden it away in the study. But no matter where Fan Yuan hid it, Gu Yang could always find it.

Taking out the USB drive, Gu Yang sat cross-legged on the bed, closed the bedroom door and drew the curtains before starting to flip through the thirty-eight pictures.

He didn’t look closely last time, but as he looked at them carefully this time, he was increasingly amazed.

“Oh my god, this position… wouldn’t his leg break?”

“Looking at this posture just makes me feel back pain. Can I endure this?”

As Gu Yang exclaimed while looking at the pictures, he sometimes touched his leg or massaged his waist.

After flipping through the thirty-eight pictures several times, he began to search online for specific methods of friendly behavior between men.

After browsing for a while, Gu Yang was initially frightened.

His mind was filled with “this is impossible”, “I can’t do it”, and “it’s too scary”.

He was so focused that he didn’t even hear Fan Yuan calling him to eat as he stood at the bedroom door.

It wasn’t until his laptop was turned around that he noticed, with Fan Yuan propped up on the bed, looking down at the computer screen.

The webpage on the screen was very unhealthy, with a row of discordant small ads on the edge and a problem forum in the middle.

Fan Yuan glanced at it casually, but before he could finish reading, Gu Yang had already “slapped” the laptop lid shut.

Gu Yang closed the lid, snatched the laptop and turned around, stuffing it under the covers. He grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand, got off the bed, and pulled him outside.

“Let’s go, let’s go eat! Ah! I’m starving! Food! Food!”

Gu Yang’s heart was in a panic, not even noticing that he was wearing his slippers backwards as he pulled Fan Yuan forward. But he didn’t budge.

He turned around and saw that Fan Yuan was still sitting on the bed, pulling the laptop that Gu Yang had stuffed under the covers out, slowly opening the lid, and the screen automatically lit up, returning to the page he had just been browsing.

Gu Yang was like a child who had made a mistake waiting for his parents to criticize him, standing nervously by the bed, looking at Fan Yuan anxiously.

Fan Yuan leisurely browsed through the webpage that Gu Yang had been looking at, and then checked the browsing history that Gu Yang had searched. Only then did he get off the bed, but turned around and pushed Gu Yang back onto the bed.

Gu Yang was now so nervous that he almost dared not breathe, lying still on the bed with his eyes closed and looking like he had accepted his fate.

Fan Yuan knelt in front of Gu Yang, took off the two slippers he was wearing backwards, and helped him put them on properly one by one. Then he stood up and saw that Gu Yang had a red face lying on the bed, his head turned to the side, exposing a beautiful neck without defense. The black necklace on his neck was particularly conspicuous, and he was nervously biting his own fingertips, looking as if he was at Fan Yuan’s mercy.

As soon as Fan Yuan saw Gu Yang like this, he wanted to tease him.

Gu Yang closed his eyes nervously and felt his slippers being taken off and put back on his feet. He was wondering what Fan Yuan was doing when he suddenly felt warm breath sprayed on his ear.

Fan Yuan gently blew on Gu Yang’s ear and asked him, “Gu Yang, how old are you? Apart from all these messes in your head, do you have anything else?”

Although Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were already very familiar with each other and had gone through so many thrilling experiences together, ever since Fan Yuan bit his lip today, Gu Yang was different. He became increasingly nervous, and his heart rate could not return to a normal frequency.

When Fan Yuan blew into his ear, Gu Yang finally opened his eyes, and he saw Fan Yuan above him. Gu Yang’s clear and translucent eyes reflected Fan Yuan’s figure, focused and full of dependence.

Gu Yang did not agree with Fan Yuan’s question, but he did not dare to argue. He just turned his head and sneaked a look at Fan Yuan, then closed his eyes again. He secretly stretched out one hand and hooked Fan Yuan’s little finger with his index finger.

“It’s not true… How could it only be that… In my head, there’s only you, only you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Yang closed his mouth and breathed nervously.

Fan Yuan, who was still on top of Gu Yang, didn’t say anything for a long time. Then he stood up and pulled Gu Yang up by his arm.

When Gu Yang opened his eyes, he saw Fan Yuan had already let go of his hand and walked away.

“Quickly come down to eat. After dinner, stand in the corner and recite all the ancient poems and verses required in the language textbooks to calm down your brain.”

Gu Yang let out a sigh and his coquettishness from earlier disappeared instantly. He kicked his slippers and went slowly downstairs to eat. The thought of reciting ancient poems and verses after dinner made even the taste of the ribs in his mouth less delicious.

Fan Yuan picked up the pork rib with the most meat and put it into Gu Yang’s bowl. Gu Yang tilted his chin and looked at Fan Yuan, who was now around thirteen or fourteen years old. Suddenly, he sighed.

“Actually, I have always regretted not meeting you earlier, but I am still happy to see what you used to look like.”

As Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan’s hand hesitated while picking up a dish, then he put down the rib that he had picked up with his chopsticks. Instead, he picked up a mouthful of the green vegetables that Gu Yang disliked the most and put them in Gu Yang’s bowl.

“Don’t be picky. Eat more vegetables.”

Gu Yang pouted and obediently ate the vegetables that Fan Yuan had picked for him.

Seeing Gu Yang obediently eating his vegetables, Fan Yuan’s lips curled slightly, but then he quickly returned to his usual expression.

“I am also very fortunate to have met you.”

Gu Yang was still grumbling while eating his food, but when he heard Fan Yuan muttering something softly, he looked over in confusion.

“What did you say?”

Fan Yuan immediately picked up a bunch of green vegetable leaves and put them into Gu Yang’s bowl.

“Just eat your food properly.”

Gu Yang made a half-hearted “hmph” sound, but there was no trace of unhappiness in his tone.

As promised, after they finished their meal, Gu Yang had to recite ancient poetry facing the wall while Fan Yuan washed the dishes and played games on the sofa.

As Gu Yang recited two lines of poetry, he would turn his head to sneak a few glances. Gradually, an evil idea began to form in his mind, and he began to shout at the top of his lungs:

“The hawks and turtledoves, on the river island, the graceful Fan Yuan, a gentleman’s ideal companion–“

Fan Yuan’s fingers trembled, causing him to miss several music notes in a row.

He put down his phone and looked up at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang made a face at Fan Yuan, turned around, and continued to repeat the same sentence over and over again.

Fan Yuan put down his phone and walked behind Gu Yang, placing his hand on Gu Yang’s shoulder, asking him, “Is it fun?”

Gu Yang pretended not to hear and shook his head while reciting a poem, “The hawks and turtledoves, on the river island, the graceful Fan Yuan, a gentleman’s ideal companion–“

Fan Yuan didn’t force him to stop, he had his own way of dealing with Gu Yang.

His hand slowly slid down from Gu Yang’s shoulder, following the thin shoulder blade to the part of Gu Yang’s body where he had the most flesh, and he squeezed it hard.

Gu Yang’s recitation immediately changed tone, and he turned his head, his eyes filled with tears from the pain. He looked at Fan Yuan and said, “Fan Yuan, you’re my younger brother now, and I’m your older brother. How can you treat me like this?”

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand and calmly retreated back to the sofa to pick up his phone and play games.

“Gu Yang, if you recite a line wrong, you have to start again from the beginning.”

“Oh, and Gu Yang, have you ever heard of ‘to go against the odds’?”

Of course, Gu Yang had heard of it, but he felt that there was some other meaning in Fan Yuan’s words. So he secretly took out his phone, searched for “to go against the odds*”, and the first page happened to be an article about the topic.
* replacement of the original ruler by a person of low rank through political or military means

He quickly read through it, his ears and cheeks turning red. It took him a while to put down his phone to start reciting the ancient poetry again, with a soft and gentle tone that sounded like it was mixed with dense sugar. The sugar slowly melted and became a sticky syrup.

Fan Yuan didn’t make Gu Yang stand in the corner for too long, and in less than half an hour, he released him. Gu Yang immediately ran over to Fan Yuan’s side on the sofa, carefree and happy, watching Fan Yuan play the game. He realized that Fan Yuan was using his account to help him clear a level he had been stuck on for many days.

During the winter break, Gu Yang had many things to do, and he had only mentioned it casually to Fan Yuan before forgetting about it. He didn’t expect Fan Yuan to remember.

Watching Fan Yuan’s fingers move quickly, Gu Yang felt ecstatic and rested his chin on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, quietly watching him play the game.

After completing a level, Fan Yuan stopped and took off one of his earphones, handing it to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang didn’t take it and instead leaned his head over, asking Fan Yuan to put the earphone on him.

Fan Yuan didn’t say much, he just handed the headphones to Gu Yang and when his hand left, he casually pinched Gu Yang’s earlobe.

Gu Yang loved watching Fan Yuan play games because his fingers were beautiful, with perfect lines and slender bones. He had fast hands and his movements were particularly sharp.

Fan Yuan stopped after passing more than ten levels for Gu Yang in a row, then turned around and went to the kitchen to get a hot boiled egg and handed it to Gu Yang.

“Put it on your mouth.”

Then Fan Yuan did the same set of treatments he did for Gu Yang yesterday. Gu Yang touched his swollen mouth, which had almost healed, and came up with an idea:

“Fan Yuan, let’s take out the mosquito net tonight or light some mosquito repellent incense to kill the mosquitoes?”

While Fan Yuan was rubbing Gu Yang’s mouth with his ice-cold fingertips, he listened to his suggestion and applied more pressure, causing Gu Yang to cry out in pain.

Watching Gu Yang back away while holding his mouth, Fan Yuan got up to pack up his things.

“The mosquito net and mosquito repellent are useless. Whenever I want, I can handle it.”

Gu Yang didn’t understand. “Whenever you want? What does it have to do with you?”

Fan Yuan took the ice pack and turned to the bathroom without answering Gu Yang. He just stared at him with his black eyes like he did at noon.

Gu Yang’s heart was pounding and he felt like something big was going to happen tonight.

In the afternoon, Fan Yuan’s phone kept ringing non-stop.

Fan Yuan glanced at it several times and hung up each time. Gu Yang was doing his homework next to him and noticed that although Fan Yuan’s expression didn’t change, his speed of answering the questions had slowed down. He had some suspicions in his heart.

When Fan Yuan went to the bathroom, his phone rang again.

Gu Yang secretly took Fan Yuan’s phone and glanced at it, seeing Father Fan’s name.

He picked up the phone and went out quietly, walked to the corner of the stairs and answered the call.

As soon as he answered the phone, he immediately heard Father Fan yelling, “Fan Yuan, are you deaf? You only answer the phone now?”

Gu Yang bit his lip and said coldly, “I am not Fan Yuan.”

Father Fan on the other end of the phone was stunned and asked, “Who are you? Where is Fan Yuan? Let him answer the phone.”

Suppressing his disgust for Father Fan, Gu Yang tried his best to be polite, “Uncle Fan, I won’t let Fan Yuan answer your call. Let me guess, it’s winter vacation now, and Chinese New Year is coming soon. You called because you want Fan Yuan to come back to your old house to stay, right? Why do you want to do this? It’s definitely not for your shallow father-son love, right? Is it to show off Fan Yuan’s achievements to others? Or to show off Fan Yuan’s capabilities?”

“Forgive me for speaking frankly, Uncle Fan. Fan Yuan’s excellence has nothing to do with you, and you don’t deserve the glory that Fan Yuan brings. “

Gu Yang said a lot in one breath, and Father Fan was so angry that he forgot all about etiquette and cursed loudly on the phone, “Who are you, you little b*stard? How dare you talk to me like this? Give the phone to Fan Yuan, and I’ll teach you all a lesson!”

Gu Yang’s nervousness from earlier slowly dissipated, and he gradually calmed down.

“I am not a little b*stard. I am Gu Yang, Fan Yuan’s Gu Yang. You can’t be a qualified family member, so I’ll take care of it. I’ll give Fan Yuan what you can’t give him. Fan Yuan doesn’t need your shallow family and affection!”

After speaking, Gu Yang hung up the phone immediately.

Once the call was disconnected, the nervousness that had disappeared earlier slowly surged back up.

Gu Yang was walking around the corner of the stairs, holding Fan Yuan’s phone, and his heart began to panic.

Was he interfering too much?

Does Fan Yuan think he is meddling in other people’s affairs?

Will this cause trouble for Fan Yuan?

“What are you meddling in?” Fan Yuan’s voice suddenly came from above.

Gu Yang turned around and saw Fan Yuan sitting on the top step of the staircase, propping up his chin and looking at him. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there.

As soon as he saw Fan Yuan, Gu Yang instinctively hid Fan Yuan’s phone behind his back, then slowly took it out and walked towards him, handing it over.

“You, you heard everything?”

Fan Yuan nodded, took the phone and threw it aside, then grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and pulled him to sit next to him.

“Gu Yang, you’re so stubborn.”

Gu Yang sat next to Fan Yuan and unconsciously squeezed towards him, sitting tightly next to him, then finally heaved a sigh of relief.

As if he had made a decision, Gu Yang turned his head to face Fan Yuan and said seriously:

“Fan Yuan, let’s move, let’s move to my place. I have a lot of money now, we don’t have to use your parents’ money! I’ll take care of you!”

Fan Yuan suddenly raised his hand and flicked Gu Yang’s forehead with his fingertip:

“Who said I’m using their money?”

Gu Yang covered his red forehead that had been flicked by Fan Yuan, feeling a bit dumbfounded:


Fan Yuan stood up and reached out to Gu Yang:

“When my grandfather passed away, he gave me half of the company’s shares. If that event didn’t happen, they would be the logical proxy for the shares, but…now all the shares are in my own hands, and I’ve hired professionals to manage them. Gu Yang, all you have to do is study hard. I’ll take care of everything else.”

Gu Yang slowly placed his hand into Fan Yuan’s palm, and was pulled up by him. Their hands held each other and did not let go, walking back to the study together.

It turned out that Fan Yuan had already thought about his future path, and these were the details that were not written in the book “Fan Yuan”.

No wonder Father Fan and Mother Fan both detested and feared Fan Yuan. They had indeed reached their current height by sacrificing Fan Yuan, but who knew that all of this does not truly and completely belong to them.

The phone that was thrown on the stairs soon rang again, but no one paid attention to it for a long time. The phone vibrated and rolled down the stairs, finally unable to ring anymore when it reached the first floor.

Night quickly fell. After the incident with Father Fan’s phone call, Gu Yang had long forgotten the sentence Fan Yuan had said during the day, until Fan Yuan returned to his normal size at night, opened his laptop, inserted the USB drive, and pulled Gu Yang to look at the pictures together. It was only then that Gu Yang remembered.

“I’ll take care of you tonight.”

Gu Yang replayed this sentence in his mind and was pulled by Fan Yuan to look at the pictures on the computer screen. He was so nervous that he couldn’t say anything.

When he was alone, he didn’t feel anything when looking at these things, but it was a completely different feeling when he looked at them with Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang looked for two glances, and his gaze slowly shifted elsewhere. He was immediately turned back by Fan Yuan, who held his chin, forced to look at the computer screen.

“You always wanted to see them, didn’t you? I didn’t let you see them, but you kept sneaking a peek. Now that I’m showing them to you, why aren’t you looking?”

Gu Yang’s cheeks turned crimson, and he felt hot all over. His long hair stuck to his face due to the heat.

He raised his hand to pull his hair away and then placed his hand carefully on Fan Yuan’s wrist, pitifully saying, “Fan Yuan, I was wrong. Let’s not look at them anymore, okay? Let’s go to bed quickly.”

But Fan Yuan didn’t listen and forced Gu Yang to look at each picture one by one. In the end, he asked Gu Yang, “Which one do you like?”

Gu Yang turned his head aside but dared not avoid the question. He pointed his finger at a picture randomly.

Fan Yuan clicked on that picture and raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I see.”

Gu Yang thought it was over, that tonight’s torture was finally over. Who knew that Fan Yuan suddenly pinched Gu Yang’s waist and lifted him up.

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s waist, letting Gu Yang lean back against him, holding him in his arms. He then lifted his hand to pinch Gu Yang’s chin and turned it to face him.

As a result of this movement, Gu Yang’s chin tilted slightly to the side and lifted up, facing Fan Yuan who was looking down at him.

Fan Yuan released his grip on Gu Yang’s chin and slowly grasped his neck.

The most vulnerable and vital part of Gu Yang was in Fan Yuan’s palm, but Gu Yang was not afraid. He just looked at Fan Yuan with slightly moist eyes.

“Fan Yuan, what are you going to do?” Gu Yang whispered, his swollen lips slightly parted.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and whispered, “Doing everything you forgot.”

As the words disappeared from his lips, the sudden kiss made Gu Yang widen his eyes. In his mind, it was like a grand fireworks display, with colorful fireworks exploding in his mind. The hot flames dropped into his throat and continued to burn.

The familiar touch finally awakened the memories that Gu Yang had forgotten while he was feverish. He reached up with one hand and hugged Fan Yuan’s neck tightly. Fan Yuan pulled him down and held him tightly in his palm.

Although the posture looked beautiful, it was not comfortable. Gu Yang’s neck was stretched out in a taut line, and soon even the perfect line was colored with redness.

After several fireworks displays had exploded in Gu Yang’s lungs, consuming his oxygen supply, Fan Yuan finally stepped back slightly.

Although Fan Yuan had retreated, Gu Yang was still silly looking up at him, with wet corners of his mouth.

He subconsciously wiped his mouth and looked at Fan Yuan, whispering, “You are my miracle medicine…”

Fan Yuan raised his lips and asked, “Do you remember?”

Gu Yang nodded and turned around, burying his head in Fan Yuan’s arms.

He had forgotten such an important thing, it was simply too embarrassing!

However, Fan Yuan did not let him go. Pinching the back of Gu Yang’s neck and pulling him out of his embrace, he pressed him to open his laptop screen and continue to read.

“Come on, pick another one?”

Gu Yang refused to choose, and Fan Yuan did not force him. He directly opened the first picture.

“Aren’t you curious? It’s only a little past nine, we have plenty of time. I can let you understand one by one.”

As he spoke, the lights in the room dimmed, leaving only the light from the laptop screen.

After a while, the laptop screen, which no one was operating, also dimmed.

This night was extremely long, at least for Gu Yang.

In the dark room, there was constant movement, but the lights were never turned back on. Only the laptop computer screen would light up again every so often.

The next morning, Pan Fei was sleeping soundly at home when she was awakened by a series of WeChat notification sounds.

Pan Fei angrily picked up her phone and saw a string of WeChat messages from Gu Yang.

“Classmate Pan Fei! I want to condemn you! Seriously condemn you!”

“Do you know that drawing should be ergonomic?”

“Look at the poses you drew! They look good, but they’re not practical at all!”

“Fancy and impractical!”

“Who lifts their legs up for no reason?”

“What’s with the bending?”

“Classmate Pan! I need an explanation from you!”

After a string of WeChat messages appeared one after another, Pan Fei’s anger gradually disappeared.

A smile that she couldn’t restrain appeared on her face. After more than ten WeChat messages popped up in her phone, they suddenly stopped.

After a minute of silence, a new message came through.

“Thank you, not bad.”

After this message, her WeChat went silent and there were no new messages coming in.

Pan Fei looked back and forth at these WeChat messages, unable to sleep. She got up and took out the digital screen that Gu Yang had given her. She suddenly had a rush of inspiration, and began to draw with her pen.

On the other side, in the master bedroom of the villa.

Gu Yang’s phone was thrown onto the carpet, and the WeChat interface was still on the screen. Soon, the screen’s light went out.

On the big bed, Fan Yuan pulled the covers over their heads again and blocked countless protests from Gu Yang with his own lips.

After a while, a slender white hand struggled out of the covers, only to be grabbed by another large hand with long fingers and pulled back in.

Under the covers, Gu Yang couldn’t speak, and he looked at the palm of his left hand with red eyes.

Fan Yuan’s favorability rating sparkled at 38 points.

Gu Yang felt both embarrassed and angry. Would his favorability rating rise only through kissing from now on?

No way!

It was his youthful ignorance!

It was his fault!

Gu Yang realized his mistake!

Was it not enough?

The author has something to say: Pan Fei: “Everyone, sit down. No need to thank me, it’s only natural, hehe.”

Let Little Gu and Little Fan take you through the 38 styles of kissing.

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