Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 61

Chapter 61

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Breakfast was a bowl of fragrant little dumplings with pork and corn filling.

As a meat lover, Gu Yang should have really enjoyed this breakfast, but he didn’t seem very happy this morning.

Compared to the delicious little dumplings, Gu Yang seemed more interested in the soup and vegetables in his bowl. He picked out all the vegetables and ate them one by one.

When there were no more vegetables left in his bowl, Gu Yang felt disappointed and scratched his rabbit ears. He picked up a piece of vegetable with his chopsticks and put it in his bowl.

Fan Yuan picked out all the vegetables in his bowl and put them into Gu Yang’s bowl.

“You used to hate vegetables, but now it seems like you’ve changed your mind,” Fan Yuan remarked.

As Fan Yuan’s chopsticks descended, a piece of vegetable still hung from them when he lifted them away. Gu Yang hurriedly bit it off, grabbing onto Fan Yuan’s chopsticks.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang as he rolled the piece of vegetable around in his mouth. He didn’t say anything and simply retracted his hand, using the same chopsticks that Gu Yang had bitten to continue eating.

Gu Yang didn’t think much of it and used his spoon to eat the vegetables and the light dumpling soup in his bowl but he didn’t touch a single little dumpling in his bowl.

After finishing the vegetables, Gu Yang pushed his bowl towards Fan Yuan, directly knocking it against Fan Yuan’s bowl with a crisp sound.

Fan Yuan glanced at Gu Yang and said nothing.

“I don’t have any vegetables here.”

Gu Yang shook his head and pointed to the small dumplings in his bowl and said, “All the small dumplings inside are for you. You are my bride, so they’re all for you.”

Fan Yuan didn’t mind and directly poured the small dumplings from Gu Yang’s bowl into his own.

“You’re considerate. You gave me the things you didn’t want to eat.”

Gu Yang quickly shook his head and said seriously, “You are my bride! I will take care of you!”

Saying this, Gu Yang stood up and took his empty bowl to the kitchen to wash it. He even swept the floor of the house, showing great hospitality.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang bustling about while he leisurely ate breakfast.

After finishing his breakfast, he walked up the stairs to the study, planning to start his studies. Before leaving, he pulled the loose sleeping gown on Gu Yang’s body and saw a hole at the back, revealing a fluffy white rabbit tail.

“Do you still need to wear a dress now?”

Gu Yang slowly blinked his eyes, his cheeks turning slightly red. He lowered his head and his two soft rabbit ears drooped down, the white fluff blocking the blush on his face.

“No need…”

Fan Yuan let go and walked up the stairs.

“Go change your clothes and come to the study to study.”

Gu Yang nodded and didn’t even dare to look up at Fan Yuan.

Until Fan Yuan’s figure disappeared around the corner of the stairs, Gu Yang lifted his foot and kicked his leg, feeling inexplicably irritable. He slowly climbed up the stairs and didn’t go directly to the study, but back to his bedroom.

The curtains in the bedroom had already been opened by Fan Yuan, letting the morning light shine in and illuminate the whole room, warm and bright.

But Gu Yang didn’t like this kind of brightness. He closed the door and immediately went to pull the curtains back down. Not only that, but he also carefully checked the gap between the two curtains to make sure that no light could penetrate through.

Looking at the darkened bedroom again, Gu Yang finally felt a little happy. He bent his legs and jumped twice in place unconsciously, then disgustedly pulled his rabbit ears. After pulling them, he couldn’t help but jump again.

Finally, Gu Yang gave up. He realized that this was just a habit of a rabbit, and he couldn’t change it in a short time.

He opened the closet and pushed aside several skirts hanging there. He was finally relieved that he didn’t have to wear a skirt anymore!

He found a long-unworn shirt to wear, but when it came to changing his underwear and putting on pants, he had a dilemma.

Gu Yang held a pair of cartoon underwear with a small sun pattern in one hand and a loose home pants in the other. His gaze moved back and forth between the two.

He had a short rabbit tail again now. Although it was not as long as a wolf’s tail, it was still a tail. Did he have to start cutting a hole in the back of his pants again?

Gu Yang stood still and thought for a while, then grabbed his short rabbit tail and hesitantly put on his underwear without cutting a hole first.

As he pulled up the underwear, the edge of the back got stuck under the root of his tail, so it was slightly lower in the middle. Gu Yang reached back to touch it and thought it was still okay. The waistline was a bit low, but he could tug on his shirt later to cover it completely, so he wouldn’t have to cut a hole in his pants!

True to his word, Gu Yang put on his home pants, and the waistband got stuck under his short tail. With a shirt on top, he tugged it down and it just happened to cover the short tail.

After putting on his clothes, Gu Yang felt a bit clever and walked confidently towards the door. However, as he reached for the doorknob, he hesitated and looked back at the dim bedroom. His gaze swept from the spacious bed to the floor beside it.

The thick carpet on the floor had been re-laid by Fan Yuan. The nightstand and wardrobe were crowded, and the space was not large, but it looked very secure.

Gu Yang’s hand slowly slid down from the doorknob. He really wanted to… make himself a nest.

This idea grew stronger and stronger, and once it entered Gu Yang’s mind, he couldn’t shake it off.

Finally, Gu Yang left the door and walked to the bed. He stepped on the thick carpet and then turned around to pull the quilt off the bed and laid it on the floor. After that, he took the pillows from the bed and threw them on top of the quilt. He even leaned over and sniffed Fan Yuan’s pillow before putting it back and arranging everything neatly.

However, just laying a quilt and some pillows made the nest look too shabby.

The short bunny tail behind Gu Yang swayed gently as he opened the wardrobe beside him. He didn’t open his own side, but Fan Yuan’s.

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up with excitement as he looked at Fan Yuan’s dark-colored clothes. He wasn’t picky and took each piece down one by one, throwing them onto the quilt on the floor.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan’s wardrobe was almost empty that Gu Yang finally closed the door with satisfaction.

Now, the nest that Gu Yang made on the floor was no longer “shabby”. It was piled high with Fan Yuan’s clothes. Gu Yang laid on top of it, holding Fan Yuan’s clothes close to him, forming a small mountain that he snuggled into comfortably.

Inside here, everything was familiar to him and had the taste of Fan Yuan. Gu Yang’s inexplicable irritability gradually subsided.

He laid inside with his eyes closed and soon fell asleep, forgetting about Fan Yuan’s words to go to the study. He curled up in Fan Yuan’s clothes and fell asleep in no time.

After finishing half of the problems in the study, Fan Yuan did not see Gu Yang come to the study.

He put down his pen and got up to take the black, heavy notebook from the bookshelf, and returned to his desk.

He opened the notebook and turned to a page that recorded Gu Yang’s changes during these days.

Fan Yuan took up his pen and crossed out the question mark behind magic mirror, writing the four characters “Snow White” on it.

Finally, he added the words “wolf” and “silly rabbit”.

After finishing these, Fan Yuan proudly placed the notebook back on the bookshelf.

He suddenly became a little excited. What kind of expression would Gu Yang have if he saw everything written in this notebook one day?

Fan Yuan finished with the notebook and didn’t return to the desk to continue with the problems. Instead, he opened the study door and walked straight to the bedroom.

He stood at the bedroom door and listened quietly, but it was silent inside.

Fan Yuan gently pushed open the bedroom door and found that the curtains in the bedroom were pulled shut again. Now the light inside the bedroom was very dim, and the big bed was empty. Gu Yang wasn’t lying on the bed.

With a turn of his gaze, Fan Yuan saw Gu Yang curled up on the floor next to the bed, with his clothes scattered around him, all of them belonging to him.

Gu Yang was already asleep at this time, with his two soft and fluffy white rabbit ears sticking to his rosy cheeks, and his rabbit tail occasionally swaying behind him, stuck at the edge of his pants.

Because of Gu Yang’s curled-up posture and his back facing the door, the hem of his shirt couldn’t cover his tail, which was caught by his pants, exposing the surrounding skin completely in Fan Yuan’s direction.

Fan Yuan’s gaze fell on Gu Yang’s tail area and then moved away lightly.

He walked up and squatted in front of Gu Yang, gently lifting one of his rabbit ears with one hand while supporting himself next to Gu Yang. He bent down and softly said in Gu Yang’s ear:

“Good little bunny, will you open the door?”

Gu Yang was dreaming happily, cuddling in Fan Yuan’s arms, doing whatever he wanted and feeling ecstatic. When he was sleeping soundly, a familiar voice suddenly blew hot air into his sensitive ear, and he instinctively answered, “I won’t open it, only for Fan Yuan.”

Fan Yuan looked at the defenseless silly rabbit curled up next to him, put down his ear, and squeezed over to lie down next to him.

As Fan Yuan laid down, Gu Yang seemed to realize something and immediately loosened his grip on Fan Yuan’s clothes, turned around, and squeezed into Fan Yuan’s arms while mumbling:

“The bride… my bride is here…”

Fan Yuan raised his arm and looked at Gu Yang, who had taken the initiative to snuggle up to him. After Gu Yang found a comfortable position, Fan Yuan slowly put down his arm.

“Silly bunny, who’s the bride after all?”

Gu Yang was still asleep, so how could he give a clear answer to Fan Yuan’s question? Fan Yuan put his hand on Gu Yang’s back and lightly patted it. After just a few pats, Gu Yang started to shake. His back straightened, and he slowly unfolded from his curled-up position. The skin that was exposed gradually turned a light shade of red, like a flower bud slowly blooming in front of Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang’s strange behavior and stopped patting his back.

When no one was patting his back, Gu Yang immediately became unhappy. He flailed his arms and slowly opened his eyes, showing signs of waking up.

“Fan Yuan?”

Gu Yang always did this. Even before he opened his eyes, he would start looking for Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan reached out and caught Gu Yang’s flailing hand in his palm.

As soon as Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand, he stopped flailing and closed his eyes again. He squeezed into Fan Yuan’s embrace, and they both stayed that way tightly together.

Fan Yuan’s arm that was being squeezed by Gu Yang started to tingle a little because of poor blood circulation, but he didn’t move for a long time. He put his other hand back on Gu Yang’s back and began patting it lightly again.

This position wasn’t particularly comfortable, but Fan Yuan didn’t think much of it. He thought Gu Yang was sleeping comfortably and just being cute, so he didn’t stop patting Gu Yang’s back.

In the bedroom, there was only the sound of Gu Yang’s gentle breathing while he slept. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion of fireworks outside the window.

Someone nearby had started setting off fireworks already. It was getting close to the New Year, so people were already starting to celebrate in broad daylight.

As Fan Yuan’s hand paused mid-air after patting Gu Yang’s back, the daytime fireworks exploded in the sky, almost invisible. As the fireworks burst, something between the two of them also burst open.

Gu Yang, who was trembling slightly from Fan Yuan’s pat on his back, finally stopped trembling. He still had his arms around Fan Yuan’s other arm, and at this moment, he became a little sober. He opened his eyes drowsily, his voice sounding unusually soft and itchy to Fan Yuan’s ears.

Looking up, Gu Yang could only see Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Fan Yuan, did you wet the bed?”

Fan Yuan didn’t answer for a moment. Gu Yang rubbed his eyes, opened the bunny ears that were stuck to his face, and let go of Fan Yuan’s arm. He propped himself up with the blanket, but as soon as he moved, his body stiffened.

Gu Yang, who was still a little confused, suddenly became clear-headed. He turned his head and looked at Fan Yuan, who was still lying on the bed.

Fan Yuan looked at him quietly with his black eyes, without any light or shadow, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.

After a long while, Fan Yuan suddenly said, “Gu Yang, it’s you who wet the bed.”

The next moment, Fan Yuan also sat up. He reached behind Gu Yang and traced a short circle around the base of his bunny tail without pinching it, but instead, he put his finger into the edge of the loose and tight belt of Gu Yang’s home pants, pulled it up, and then immediately let go.

As soon as he let go, the elastic band snapped back against the skin, making a crisp sound. Gu Yang winced with pain.

But now that he had done something wrong, he didn’t dare to move even though it hurt. He just slowly curled up his legs and didn’t dare to lift his head.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, leaned close to Gu Yang, and pushed aside the two soft bunny ears covering Gu Yang’s face, revealing his reddened eyes.

The eyes were now filled with panic, disbelief, and shyness.

Fan Yuan pinched the tip of Gu Yang’s rabbit ears with his fingertips and whispered to the rabbit ears:

“Gu Yang, have I been feeding you too well?”

Gu Yang hid his face in his arms and dared not speak, allowing Fan Yuan to pinch his rabbit ears.

The inside of the rabbit ears had no white hair and the skin was especially tender. When Fan Yuan rubbed them with his fingertips, they immediately turned red.

After teasing Gu Yang enough, Fan Yuan gently flicked Gu Yang’s head.

“Get up, go take a shower and change your pants.”

Saying that and to prevent Gu Yang from feeling embarrassed, Fan Yuan stood up first and walked out of the bedroom.

It wasn’t until he walked into the bright corridor that the wet stain on Fan Yuan’s pants was exposed, and it became icy cold and stuck to his legs, highlighting it’s presence as he walked.

Gu Yang was still curled up in the blanket. When he couldn’t hear Fan Yuan’s footsteps, he jumped up like a frightened rabbit and ran into the bathroom in two three steps.

Soon, the sound of water came from the bathroom. Gu Yang stood in the cool water and took off his pants, throwing them aside. He vigorously rubbed his underwear in his hands, his face full of embarrassment and panic.

Gu Yang’s thin red color all over his body has not faded even after being washed in cold water for a long time. He rubbed his underwear and threw it aside, then went to rub his home pants.

If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t want to cut a hole in the back of his pants and wore them crookedly, he wouldn’t have been so embarrassed, and even his home pants were affected.

Gu Yang was frantically rubbing his pants in the bathroom of the bedroom, while Fan Yuan was in the bathroom on the first floor, but he wasn’t rubbing his pants, nor was he taking a shower.

He was holding his own pants in his hand, looking at the wet marks on them.

After watching quietly for a long time, Fan Yuan threw the pants aside and opened the cold water to wash them, just like what Gu Yang did.

The sound of water was loud, covering up Fan Yuan’s sigh.

“Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang washed his pants and shamefully came out to cut a hole in the back of all his pants. Because of his emotional excitement, the hole became bigger and more crooked as he continued to cut. He was so angry that he didn’t pay attention to it.

After cutting the hole, Gu Yang put on his pants and then pulled out his short tail. Then, feeling a bit disheartened, he lowered his head and his soft ears fell on his cheeks.

Gu Yang lifted his leg and stomped on the ground fiercely, and his shoulders also shrugged down.

“So embarrassing…”

“Too embarrassing…”

He even said it was Fan Yuan who wet the bed. Gu Yang even thought that if it were really wetting the bed, it might not have been as bad…

Gu Yang leaned against the wall of the bedroom, slowly slid down and sat on the ground, burying his face in his knees again.

He didn’t know how to face Fan Yuan in the future, wondering if Fan Yuan would find him disgusting. Or has Fan Yuan already started to dislike him? One of the characteristics of rabbits is being timid and sensitive.

Gu Yang didn’t know that he was already greatly influenced by the “Rabbit Bride” golden finger.

Fan Yuan came back wearing a bathrobe, as his clothes were not in the first floor bathroom. As soon as he entered the room, he saw the silly rabbit huddled up against the wall.

Gu Yang had already heard Fan Yuan’s footsteps, which was one of the most familiar sounds to him. But he didn’t dare to lift his head. In fact, he wanted to hide himself, but he didn’t know where to hide. In the end, he just stayed there motionless, curled up.

Fan Yuan walked past Gu Yang, leaning against the wall, without saying a word to him. He opened the wardrobe, but was taken aback by the almost empty space. He had to close the wardrobe and turned to pull out two pieces of clothing from Gu Yang’s rabbit nest, taking off his bathrobe to put them on.

Gu Yang heard the rustling sound of clothes changing, feeling restless again. He tightly clasped his shoulders with his hands, fingertips pressing into his skin, trying to control himself and not to tremble.

When Fan Yuan finished changing and turned around, he saw Gu Yang with his fingertips on his shoulders, turning white from the pressure.

“Gu Yang?”

Fan Yuan walked up to Gu Yang, looking down at him from above.

Gu Yang heard Fan Yuan calling him, and his rabbit ears slightly lifted up and then drooped down.

Fan Yuan crouched in front of Gu Yang and gently blew on his soft rabbit ears.

“Gu Yang, lift your head up.”

Gu Yang’s tightened arms moved slightly, but he hesitated then slowly lifted his head, revealing a still blushing face and a pair of watery, red rabbit eyes.

“What are you afraid of?”

Gu Yang shook his head, biting his lip with his white teeth, but remained silent.

Fan Yuan simply reached out, pinched Gu Yang’s waist, and lifted up the dumb rabbit who had curled up into a ball.

Gu Yang was suddenly lifted up and couldn’t curl up anymore. He panicked and looked down at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang against the wall, leaned over, and looked at Gu Yang’s eyes with serious black eyes.

“Gu Yang, tell me, what are you afraid of?”

Gu Yang shook his head and tears suddenly burst out, falling down one by one and hitting Fan Yuan’s face.

Fan Yuan let his face be washed by hot tears and continued to ask Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, are you afraid of me?”

As soon as these words fell, Gu Yang vigorously shook his head, his slender neck constantly moving back and forth, then finally hugged Fan Yuan’s neck with both hands.

“No, I’m not afraid of you. You’re my bride…”

“I’m afraid you’ll hate me. I-I did that kind of thing…”

Fan Yuan finally let go of Gu Yang and sat back down on the ground with him.

Gu Yang wiped his tears with his hand and said, “Why am I crying… It’s so embarrassing…”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s wrist, lowered his head slightly, and wiped away the tears that kept flowing from Gu Yang’s eyes.

“It’s not embarrassing.”

Gu Yang narrowed the eye that Fan Yuan approached, feeling itchy in his eyes, ears, and heart.

Fan Yuan leaned in next to Gu Yang’s other eye and repeated the same action.

“It’s human nature, nothing to be ashamed of.”

Gu Yang curled his lips, and the tears he had just wiped away began to fall again. He hugged himself tightly in Fan Yuan’s arms.

“Fan Yuan, you’re my bride, you can’t hate me, you can never hate me…”

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang and patted his back gently, causing him to cry and tremble.

“I don’t hate you.”

Gu Yang was finally satisfied, and his inexplicably sensitive and restless emotions slowly relaxed, and the tears stopped falling.

He pulled away from Fan Yuan’s embrace and grabbed his wrist, pulling him into the messy rabbit hole.

Fan Yuan refused to lie in the messy rabbit hole with Gu Yang and instead pulled him onto the big bed.

Gu Yang struggled and said, “No, you have to live with me in the rabbit hole.”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s waist and casually pinched his rabbit tail.

“Be honest, just lie down here, if you can’t sleep, go study.”

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were huddled together on the bed, without even a blanket. This was not his nest.

“I want to go back to my own nest…”

Fan Yuan stretched out his arms and legs, and pulled Gu Yang into his embrace, wrapping his limbs around him.

In the past, it was always Gu Yang who wrapped his arms and legs around Fan Yuan, but today it was Fan Yuan who wrapped Gu Yang up.

“Gu Yang, this is your nest.”

Gu Yang leaned his face against Fan Yuan’s neck and whispered, “Mmm, my nest, it’s mine.”

Fan Yuan pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck in satisfaction, and the room gradually became quiet.

The rabbit was sleepy, and Gu Yang began to feel drowsy again.

Just before he fell asleep, Fan Yuan suddenly backed away a little, his black eyes devoid of sleepiness as he looked at Gu Yang and asked him in a casual tone, “Gu Yang, what if I hated you just now? What would you do?”

Gu Yang was very sleepy, and his eyes were a little red and watery from yawning. He looked up at Fan Yuan, grabbed his clothes, and mumbled incoherently, “Catch you and lock you up.”

Although he looked like a silly rabbit with soft ears and a fluffy tail, lying in Fan Yuan’s arms, looking harmless, the words he said were chilling.

If it were someone else, they would probably be scared to death.

But unfortunately, it was Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan hooked his lips and hugged Gu Yang tighter.

“Silly rabbit.”

Gu Yang was almost asleep, but he still protested softly, “I’m not silly…”

“En, you’re not silly at all.”

Author’s note: Shh! Give Gu silly rabbit some face!

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