Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 63

Chapter 63

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This was a very long and intoxicating kiss. After being kissed by Fan Yuan, Gu Yang felt dizzy and couldn’t taste the sourness of the plum in his mouth anymore. All he could feel was the sweetness that made his mouth water, and his limbs went soft as he was carried by Fan Yuan back to the bedroom.

As soon as they lifted off the ground, Gu Yang kicked his legs, almost causing them both to fall to the ground.

“My plums! Plums!”

Fan Yuan had no choice but to squat down with Gu Yang and watch as he immediately stuffed the plums, Fan Yuan’s clothes, and the tuft of fur he had pulled out all into his arms. Fan Yuan didn’t stop him and let Gu Yang carry the pile of things as they walked back to the bedroom.

Along the way, Fan Yuan didn’t say anything to scold Gu Yang for not staying in the bedroom.

Gu Yang was nervous at first, but seeing that Fan Yuan had no intention of blaming him, he happily swayed his rabbit tail as the fluffy rabbit fur rubbed against Fan Yuan’s arm, feeling soft and cozy.

Fan Yuan felt Gu Yang’s joy and hugged him tighter, carrying him back to the bedroom safely.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Gu Yang kicked his legs twice and was about to get down.

Fan Yuan bent over and let Gu Yang’s feet touch the ground. Gu Yang immediately stuffed Fan Yuan’s clothes back into his messy rabbit nest and even stuffed the few tufts of fur that he had pulled out into the layers of his clothes.

Gu Yang knelt in his rabbit nest, busy with his things, while Fan Yuan squatted next to him and watched. He pinched one of Gu Yang’s soft rabbit ears, which used to be a beautiful pair of rabbit ears but were now sparse and looked much uglier.

Fan Yuan lightly rubbed the sparse fur on the rabbit’s ear. Gu Yang immediately shrank his shoulders and held onto Fan Yuan’s clothes, carefully looking over and asking, “What’s wrong with you?”

Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s rabbit ear, took the clothes from his hand, and threw them into his rabbit’s nest. Then he pulled Gu Yang’s arm and pulled him backwards.

Gu Yang exclaimed and fell onto the big bed behind him, lying on top of Fan Yuan. He wanted to get up, but Fan Yuan held him tightly around the waist and wouldn’t let him go.

“My nest…” Gu Yang didn’t dare to speak too loudly, just murmuring it, his gaze fixed on the messy rabbit nest on the ground behind him.

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang into the bed, and their slippers fell to the ground. Fan Yuan wrapped his long arms and legs around Gu Yang, not letting him go.

“Forgot? In my arms, that’s your nest.”

Gu Yang obediently sat in the bend of Fan Yuan’s leg, with his hands pressed on the blanket in front of him. He didn’t dare to look at Fan Yuan, just nodded. As he nodded, his two fluffy rabbit ears on his head swayed.

Fan Yuan watched the two furry rabbit ears sway back and forth in front of him, and his heart began to race.

After nodding, Gu Yang didn’t raise his head and kept his fingertips grabbing the dark bedsheet. The bedsheet was wrinkled by his delicate fingertips. He seemed to want to say something, but was too shy to do so.

This silly rabbit, so sensitive and timid now.

“What do you want? Just say it,” Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s chin and made him look up.

Through his reddened and transparent eyes, Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan’s messy black hair and handsome facial features. Then his eyelashes drooped down again, as if he was very embarrassed.

“My plum…”

His voice was small, but Fan Yuan could hear him clearly. However, he intentionally teased him.

“I can’t hear you.”

Gu Yang released the hand that was clutching the bedsheet, placed one hand on Fan Yuan’s knee and the other on his wrist as he pinched his chin. His voice was a bit louder, even trembling at the end.

“Plum…I want my Plum…”

Fan Yuan let go of his hand and reached out his long arm to grab the bag of plums, placing it into Gu Yang’s arms.

Gu Yang held the plums and immediately picked out one with his fingertips and stuffed it into his mouth. He happily shook his big bunny tail and even raised his soft and floppy bunny ears on top of his head.

He sat kneeling in front of Fan Yuan, stuffing one plum after another into his mouth. His cheeks bulged as he chewed quickly, really looking like a little rabbit.

Fan Yuan placed one hand on his raised knee, watching Gu Yang eat the sour plums with such joy and not feeling annoyed at all.

Gu Yang felt a bit uneasy under Fan Yuan’s gaze, slowing down his actions as he reached into the bag for another plum, taking out a piece of plum meat and handing it to Fan Yuan’s lips.

“Here, you can have it too.”

Fan Yuan turned his head away, not interested in this sour plum meat.

But Gu Yang’s eyes lit up when he saw Fan Yuan didn’t want it, making Fan Yuan feel a bit annoyed.

So Fan Yuan simply held Gu Yang’s wrist and brought it closer to him, opening his mouth and taking a bite of the plum.

The strong sour taste immediately filled his mouth, causing Fan Yuan’s brows to furrow.

Gu Yang looked at his empty fingertips and then at the half-empty bag of plum meat in his arms, feeling a bit disappointed.

“But you said you didn’t want it…”

As soon as Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan approached with a plum in his mouth. As Fan Yuan approached, Gu Yang instinctively leaned back and bent his waist, creating a graceful curve. Fan Yuan held him and prevented him from retreating, and with his other hand, he pushed the plum into Gu Yang’s mouth.

After pushing the plum into Gu Yang’s mouth, Fan Yuan backed away slightly and lightly bit Gu Yang’s lips.

“I really don’t want it, you can have it back.”

Gu Yang, still in shock, held the plum in his mouth and didn’t know how to react.

Fan Yuan sat up straight and hooked his finger to make Gu Yang do the same. He pinched Gu Yang’s cheek, and Gu Yang instinctively began to chew. In three or four bites, he swallowed the plum.

Watching Gu Yang’s delicate throat swallow the plum, Fan Yuan pinched his cheek again, took the half-bag of plums from Gu Yang’s embrace, and threw it onto the bedside table.

“That’s enough, don’t eat anymore. Go take a shower and go to sleep.”

This time, Gu Yang didn’t look at the plum that was thrown on the bedside table. In fact, he was almost shocked by Fan Yuan’s actions.

The old Fan Yuan never kissed him no matter what he did, but now the new Fan Yuan always surprises him by doing so unexpectedly.

Fan Yuan patted Gu Yang’s tail, and Gu Yang woke up and crawled from under the bed. As he stood up, his legs were a little weak due to kneeling for too long and his posture was improper, so he almost fell to the ground, but Fan Yuan caught him by the waist.

Fan Yuan let go, and when his hand left, it seemed to take away some of the warmth.

“Your waist is so soft.”

The words drifted lightly past Gu Yang’s ears, and his two soft rabbit ears were tightly pressed against his human ears, but they could not block these words from entering his mind.

Gu Yang suddenly straightened up and walked towards the bathroom.

The bathroom door was closed, but there was no sound of water for a long time.

Fan Yuan leaned against the bed, and his expression gradually disappeared, his black eyes quietly watching the door of the bathroom.

When Gu Yang was not around, Fan Yuan was still the Fan Yuan who wore the perfect mask and was corroded by darkness inside.

At this moment, Gu Yang was squatting on the bathroom floor, holding his own bunny ears. The insides of the bunny ears were red, and his cheeks were almost turning red.

“Fan Yuan… Why is Fan Yuan getting more and more…”

Gu Yang couldn’t say the rest of the words, his eyes were watery, not because he was wronged or sad, but because he was shy, so full of shyness that it was about to overflow.

After a while, Gu Yang finally stood up, feeling that his waist was still soft, and went unsteadily to turn on the hot water for a shower.

As the hot water rushed down, Gu Yang suddenly remembered to take off his clothes. He hurriedly turned off the hot water and took off his clothes.

He took a hasty shower. Bunny ears are different from wolf ears, they were soft and could easily let water in if he wasn’t careful. Gu Yang didn’t take any protective measures, and after turning off the shower, he found that the two bunny ears were uncomfortable and water had gotten inside.

This feeling was very strange. Because it was only his bunny ears that got water inside and his normal human ears were fine, this led to the sounds he heard becoming particularly strange and uncomfortable.

Wrapped in a bathrobe, Gu Yang shook his ears and went out without caring about being embarrassed.

As soon as he came out, he found Fan Yuan lying on his side with his eyes closed, breathing very gently, seeming to be asleep.

Gu Yang relaxed his grip on his ears and walked slowly to Fan Yuan’s side, squatting down to look at his face.

Fan Yuan’s facial features belonged to the type with sharp edges and corners. When he doesn’t smile, he gives off a strong sense of oppression. However, when he’s at school, he wears a gentle and polite mask that makes it difficult for others to detect. Even with his eyes closed, he still gives off a strong sense of distance to others.

But not to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang let go of one of his rabbit ears and slowly approached Fan Yuan’s nose with his fingertips. He lightly tapped it and quickly withdrew his hand, as if he had done something wrong, and smiled secretly while pursing his lips.

While still smiling, Fan Yuan slowly opened his eyes and looked at him with his calm black eyes.

“What are you laughing at?”

Gu Yang immediately restrained his smile and squatted in front of Fan Yuan, asking foolishly, “You’re not asleep?”

Fan Yuan didn’t answer, but sat up and grabbed Gu Yang’s arm, pulling him onto the bed.

“What happened to your ear?”

Fan Yuan could immediately sense Gu Yang’s abnormality even though he hadn’t said anything. It was always like this.

Fan Yuan lifted up one of Gu Yang’s rabbit ears, which was wet and not just the soft fur on the outside, but also the skin inside was moist.

“Did water get in?”

Gu Yang unconsciously leaned forward, tilting his head slightly, to make it easier for Fan Yuan to lift his ear.

“Yeah…my voice sounds weird.”

Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s ear and turned to the bedside table to grab a box of cotton swabs, patting his leg.

“Silly rabbit.”

Gu Yang, who had just taken a shower, was covered in a fragrant scent of hot water and obediently laid on Fan Yuan’s legs while he cleaned the inside of his ears.

Fan Yuan wiped the moisture inside Gu Yang’s ears and said, “Your phone just rang.”

Gu Yang reached under his pillow to retrieve his phone, swiped the screen, and saw a photo of Fan Yuan and himself.

Fan Yuan glanced at it briefly before looking away.

It was a WeChat message from Pan Fei inviting Gu Yang to go out and play with Chai Jingqiu, Meng Zhan, and Li Ziyen.

Gu Yang hesitated as he thought about his current condition with rabbit ears and a rabbit tail. He wanted to decline, but Fan Yuan said, “You should accept. You need to get out and change your mood.”

Gu Yang was taken aback and looked up at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan lightly touched the sparse fur on Gu Yang’s rabbit ears and said, “Gu Yang, you’ve been too nervous these past few days.”

Gu Yang was indeed very nervous, and his mood was always inexplicably irritable. Whenever he couldn’t see Fan Yuan, he felt like it was the end of the world.

After a moment of thought, Gu Yang deleted his initial refusal and agreed to go out.

After wiping Gu Yang’s two rabbit ears, Fan Yuan turned off the bedside lamp and laid down with Gu Yang.

Gu Yang curled up in Fan Yuan’s arms but couldn’t fall asleep. He didn’t dare to disturb Fan Yuan and could only lie stiffly there, feeling Fan Yuan’s pat on his back becoming lighter and slower until it stopped.

Even though it was a comforting gesture, it couldn’t bring Gu Yang any peace. Instead, it made him increasingly irritable.

Due to the influence of “Rabbit Bride” golden finger, Gu Yang could see things a little more clearly in the dark. He nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms and his gaze fell on the necklace around Fan Yuan’s neck.

That was worn around his neck, but ever since he put the necklace on Fan Yuan’s neck, Fan Yuan would also put it on himself immediately after taking a shower.

Gu Yang lightly flicked the pendant on the necklace with his fingertips, feeling a little more secure in his heart. His possessiveness was becoming stronger and stronger.

After flicking the small blue pendant on the necklace twice, Gu Yang unconsciously raised his hand and twisted one of his rabbit ears, pulling out a tuft of hair. Once he started pulling hair, he couldn’t stop.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but pull out two more tufts of hair, and was about to pull again when his wrist was grabbed by Fan Yuan.

The bedside lamp, which had just been turned off, was turned on again. Fan Yuan grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and saw several tufts of hair lying next to him, as well as the rabbit ear that was completely bald where Gu Yang had been pulling hair.

“Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang shrank his shoulders, lowered his head, and buried his face in his arms, afraid to look at Fan Yuan.

He knew that Fan Yuan didn’t like it when he pulled the rabbit fur randomly, but he couldn’t help it. Whenever he was restless, he wanted to pull it, and once he started, he couldn’t stop.

Fan Yuan picked up several tufts of hair and put them on the bedside table, then leaned his forehead against Gu Yang’s.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Gu Yang shook his head and rubbed his forehead lightly.

“…I’m not sure.”

Fan Yuan moved closer to Gu Yang and gently kissed the bald spot on his rabbit ear.

“Can’t sleep?”

Gu Yang nodded, then quickly shook his head.

“You don’t have to worry about me! I’ll fall asleep soon!”

“Your’e turning into a bald rabbit, how can I not worry about you?”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and spoke almost against Gu Yang’s lips.

As soon as the words fell, their lips tightly pressed together, and Gu Yang felt like the world was spinning in an instant.

The taste of plum in his mouth had already disappeared, and after brushing his teeth, Gu Yang’s mouth was filled with a refreshing mint flavor.

The once cool taste gradually turned hot.

Heat defeated the coolness, causing chaos, and the mint flavor was forced to retreat.

Gu Yang was short of breath, and he had to tug at Fan Yuan’s clothes from time to time to get a chance to breathe.

The bedside lamp was turned off by Fan Yuan, and the wrinkled quilt was pressed down by two people. Gu Yang no longer had time to be sentimental or restless. Fan Yuan held his hands tightly, and the soft rabbit ears on both sides were as soft as his body.

He didn’t even have a chance to tug on the fur on the rabbit ears.

As time passed, Gu Yang didn’t know if it was the air or his mouth that was hot, he only knew that his head was dizzy, and he gradually couldn’t distinguish between directions, nor could he sort out any thoughts, and finally fell asleep.

Because of exhaustion, Gu Yang didn’t even dream that night.

Early the next morning, Fan Yuan woke Gu Yang up early. In the past, Fan Yuan would get up first to make breakfast, but today he woke Gu Yang up together.

The first thing Gu Yang did when he woke up was to pinch his lips, but surprisingly, they weren’t swollen! Fan Yuan’s kissing skills had improved!

Fan Yuan guessed what Gu Yang was thinking and didn’t expose him. He pulled Gu Yang’s arm and helped him untie the loose bathrobe belt.

Gu Yang suddenly woke up and shrank into his blanket with his bunny ears pressed tightly against his cheeks.

“I can dress myself!”

Fan Yuan didn’t argue with him and got up to leave.

“Wash up and come downstairs to make breakfast with me.”

Gu Yang nodded, but suddenly called out to Fan Yuan when he reached the door.


Fan Yuan turned back and looked at him, questioning with his eyes.

Gu Yang was still curled up in his blanket and whispered:

“Can you…wait for me here?”

Fan Yuan lowered his long lashes and leaned against the door, just looking at Gu Yang.


Gu Yang wanted to go to the closet to change his clothes, but he felt embarrassed while Fan Yuan was looking. However, he was too scared to ask Fan Yuan to turn around.

The pre-“Rabbit Bride” Gu Yang wouldn’t have cared about these things and would have just asked Fan Yuan to turn around. But now, he was constantly worried about being too much and annoying Fan Yuan.

With such a sensitive, suspicious, and timid personality, it would be hard for anyone to tolerate, but Fan Yuan didn’t seem to have any problem with it.

Fan Yuan kept looking at him, so he didn’t dare to procrastinate. He crawled out of the blanket, pulled out two pieces of clothing from the closet, and then crawled back into bed to dress.

Seeing the bulging blanket, Fan Yuan’s mouth hooked up, but it disappeared in a flash and he slowly turned around.

As soon as Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan turn around with his back facing him, he immediately lifted the blanket to reveal the pants leg he had just put on, hopped out of bed, changed his clothes in a few quick moves, and then rushed into the bathroom to wash up.

He washed his face too quickly, and his bunny ears got wet with water.

When washing his face and splashing water with his eyes closed, Gu Yang felt anxious and a nameless fear welled up in his heart.

But the thought of Fan Yuan waiting for him at the bedroom door made Gu Yang feel a little better.

In a hurry, Gu Yang ran out of the bathroom and saw Fan Yuan still leaning against the bedroom door with his back facing him. Gu Yang’s mouth immediately curled up and he bounced over, reaching out to hug Fan Yuan’s waist from behind, rubbing his cheek against Fan Yuan’s back and even rubbing his wet bunny ears on Fan Yuan’s back, wetting a spot on Fan Yuan’s clothes.

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, he just reached out his hand to Gu Yang, who immediately placed his hand on top of Fan Yuan’s. The two walked hand in hand slowly along the corridor of the small villa.

The day at the small villa started in the bedroom and then moved to the kitchen.

Gu Yang had a poor appetite, but when Fan Yuan cooked porridge and added some preserved meat with plum, Gu Yang ate several bowls, not showing any sign of his inability to eat anything yesterday.

Fan Yuan finished his own bowl first and looked at Gu Yang eating bowl after bowl with his jaw propped up.

Gu Yang felt embarrassed by Fan Yuan’s gaze and put down his bowl, rubbing his hand on his small and full belly.

Fan Yuan took his bowl, filled it again, and handed it to him.

“Keep eating, until you’re full.”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously and started eating again.

Although his appetite was poor yesterday, he felt strangely good today, and he had a feeling that it was not only because Fan Yuan added preserved meat with plum to the porridge.

After breakfast, Gu Yang took the initiative to go to the study to work on his exam paper.

Fan Yuan’s goal was to attend the best university in the country, and Gu Yang couldn’t hold him back.

The agreed meeting time between him and Pan Fei was at noon. Fan Yuan accompanied him in the morning, so Gu Yang didn’t have a chance to pluck the rabbit fur from his ear. However, he couldn’t resist and secretly reached out to pluck the fur on his rabbit tail. Unexpectedly, plucking the fur on the tail was particularly painful, causing him to stand up from his chair.

Fan Yuan immediately guessed the reason when he saw the tuft of fur that Gu Yang was pinching, feeling a bit helpless.

“Gu Yang, do you really want to become an ugly bunny like this?”

Gu Yang lowered his head while pinching the fur, looking like he had made a big mistake.

Fan Yuan directly took Gu Yang’s hand, pulled him into his arms, pressed him down, kicked away Gu Yang’s chair, took the rabbit fur in his hand and put it in his pocket. He then held Gu Yang’s hand and pressed it on the test paper.

“I’ll do the questions with you.”

Gu Yang sat in Fan Yuan’s arms, and the heat from Fan Yuan’s breath sprayed on his ear when he spoke. Now that both hands were held by Fan Yuan, he couldn’t secretly pluck the fur anymore.

The short rabbit tail couldn’t help but move, rubbing against the fabric of Fan Yuan’s pants. Fan Yuan changed his sitting posture and tightened his arms.

“Sit still.”

Wrapped in Fan Yuan’s aura, Gu Yang didn’t want to pluck fur anymore. They sat like this until 11 o’clock, and then got ready to leave.

Gu Yang put his hat back on, a loose woolen hat, and the rabbit tail was short enough to be covered by his own coat. The sweater inside was Fan Yuan’s, a little longer so that he could take off his coat inside.

The group met at a hot pot restaurant, not far from Shangshu High School.

As they were riding in the car, they were stopped by a man in a suit and leather shoes as soon as they got out of the car.

This man was still wearing sunglasses in the middle of winter, with only a thin coat on, seemingly not bothered by the cold. His eyes wandered back and forth between Gu Yang and Fan Yuan, before eventually handing a business card to Gu Yang.

“Young man, I see potential in you. Are you interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?”

Gu Yang took a step back as the card was handed to him, almost shrinking into Fan Yuan’s embrace.

Fan Yuan pushed the man’s wrist away and replied politely but with a hint of detachment, “No thank you.”

The man’s wrist was immediately redirected and the card was once again handed to Gu Yang.

“Hey… young man, I’m just asking your friend here. Why… do you have a special relationship or something?”

Gu Yang buried his face into Fan Yuan’s embrace and ignored the man completely.

However, the man persistsedwith a polite smile and a hint of seduction in his tone:

“I see potential in your aura and appearance. You have a unique presence that can attract both female and male fans to love you. As long as you enter the entertainment industry and come to my company, I will do my best to package you into a star that everyone loves and adores. You will receive not just one person’s love, but the love of countless people. Infinite love!”

Gu Yang suddenly looked up at the man with a slightly arrogant and disdainful gaze, despite his previously pitiful red eyes and soft appearance while leaning on Fan Yuan. “I don’t need any infinite love. In this world, I only need the love of one person.”

Fan Yuan pushed the man’s shoulder and took Gu Yang with him towards the hotpot restaurant.

“You’re blocking our way.”

The man was pushed aside and took off his sunglasses to look back.

Fan Yuan pushed open the door of the hotpot restaurant, letting Gu Yang go in first. He then turned around and looked at the man who was still standing outside the restaurant. His lips slowly curved upward, no longer the gentle and refined appearance he had just shown. Instead, his eyes were filled with paranoia and madness.

With just one glance, the man who had planned to chase after them was rooted to the spot, unable to move.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan’s figure disappeared into the hotpot restaurant that the man put his sunglasses back on and spat out, “D*mn, what a pair of freaks. Bad luck!”

Fan Yuan walked in and saw that Gu Yang hadn’t gone into the private room yet. He was still standing in the center of the crowded hotpot restaurant, attracting the curious and amazed gazes of countless men and women. However, he had no room in his eyes for anyone else. He just stood obediently in the bustling crowd, eagerly waiting for Fan Yuan to arrive.

As Fan Yuan approached Gu Yang, his steps became increasingly brisk until he once again had him under his control. His face regained its usual warmth and courtesy.

No matter how much infinit love there was, it could never compare to the warmth they shared between each other.

This shackle, I personally hand it to you.

Hold it tightly.

Hold it tightly and never let go.

Fan Yuan’s favorability rating: 40 points.

Author’s note: Today’s sunshine is particularly good, giving me a feeling of summer. =v=

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