Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 95

Chapter 95

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The carefully designed and arranged flower bouquet was still destroyed by Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. When they returned home, Gu Yang immediately unwrapped the packaging of a bouquet of roses, blushing. He threw away the rose with the bald crown and arranged the remaining flowers in a vase, placing it in the bedroom.

With Fan Yuan around, Gu Yang didn’t bother putting water in the vase; after all, the flowers had frozen into ice. Putting water wouldn’t make a difference.

On the way back, Gu Yang had eaten so many rose petals that even with Fan Yuan’s mercy of giving him candy, the bitter taste of the rose petals lingered in his mouth. He couldn’t help but open the fridge and looked at the yogurt inside, leading to a mischievous idea.

He pulled Fan Yuan, who had just changed into casual clothes in the bedroom, and held two large bottles of yogurt excitedly, saying, “Fan Yuan, let’s make some delicious snacks for the night!”

As he spoke, Gu Yang stuffed the two large bottles of yogurt into Fan Yuan’s arms and instructed, “You freeze them for me, so that they have that icy texture with some ice crystals. Don’t freeze them completely!”

Gu Yang unabashedly treated Fan Yuan as a natural super freezer, and Fan Yuan didn’t reject him, playing along with his antics.

The two bottles of yogurt turned into frozen yogurt, and Gu Yang chopped up a pile of fruits and tossed them in. Then, he and Fan Yuan cuddled on the sofa, enjoying a large bowl of yogurt with fruits while watching TV.

“After eating, we can study together.”

Fan Yuan knew that Gu Yang had a sense of proportion. As the college entrance exam approached, no one wanted to study hard more than Gu Yang because he wanted to attend the same university as Fan Yuan.

Holding the large bowl in his arms, Gu Yang ate contentedly. He would take a bite and then feed Fan Yuan a bite.

The bowl was hugged tightly by Gu Yang, and a layer of mist formed along the edges due to the cold. The ice crystals in the yogurt melted quickly.

As Gu Yang took a few more bites and went to scoop more yogurt, there were almost no ice crystals left inside.

Looking at the large bowl in his arms, Gu Yang spread open one of his hands and placed it in Fan Yuan’s palm.

“Touch it,” he said.

Fan Yuan didn’t know what Gu Yang was up to but subconsciously touched Gu Yang’s palm.

Suddenly, Gu Yang became serious and asked him, “How does it feel?”

Fan Yuan tightened his grip on Gu Yang’s hand and kissed it, saying, “Very warm.”

Gu Yang nodded and showed Fan Yuan the large bowl of yogurt, saying, “You see, I’ve been holding this, but my hand isn’t cold at all.”

“Fan Yuan, I think I’ve been influenced too. For example, I don’t feel cold. Except for the other day when I sneezed because my nose was itchy, I haven’t shown any signs of getting sick.”

As Gu Yang spoke, he extended his foot towards Fan Yuan’s leg and gently touched it.

Although they were both sitting on the same sofa, there was still a little distance between them.

When Fan Yuan could tolerate the cold, he wouldn’t touch Gu Yang too much.

Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan was worried about him getting sick. After all, this last month before the college entrance exam was a crucial period, and falling ill would be very troublesome.

Fan Yuan seemed to have guessed what Gu Yang wanted to express. He grabbed Gu Yang’s hand and held it tightly, pulling him closer.

Gu Yang went along with it and leaned back, a smile forming on his lips.

“So… you don’t need to worry about me getting sick. If you want warmth, just come and hug me.”

“I like giving you warmth, I like your hugs, and I also like the coolness of your body.”

As Gu Yang spoke, Fan Yuan exerted force and pulled Gu Yang into his embrace. Gu Yang held the yogurt bowl with one hand, and as he was pulled, the entire bowl pressed against his body, causing the yogurt to splatter everywhere, with the remaining pieces of fruit sticking to Gu Yang’s body.

“My yogurt!”

Just a second ago, Gu Yang was worried about his yogurt, and the next second, Fan Yuan had already taken off his shirt.

Momentarily stunned by having his shirt taken off, some yogurt splattered around Gu Yang’s clavicle, trickling down his chest.

Fan Yuan’s icy fingertips wiped away some yogurt, which he then put in his mouth before wiping away more and feeding it to Gu Yang.

“There’s only this left; I’ll buy more for you tomorrow.”

Only then did Gu Yang react, ignoring the sticky yogurt on his body, and directly jumped into Fan Yuan’s arms, smearing the yogurt on Fan Yuan’s newly changed casual clothes.

“You wash the clothes!”

Fan Yuan immediately hugged Gu Yang tightly, greedily absorbing his warmth.

“I’ve always been the one doing the laundry.”

Gu Yang realized that Fan Yuan was right. So he went all out and smeared all the yogurt on Fan Yuan’s new clothes, even taking off Fan Yuan’s shirt in the process.

The living room gradually became covered in frost, and the bowls that fell to the ground froze into ice bowls.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang laid on the sofa, tightly embracing each other, covered in a cloth that Fan Yuan tore off the sofa.

Gu Yang tugged at the cloth and wiped away the stickiness left by the yogurt on his clavicle, saying, “Now you have to wash another cloth.”

Fan Yuan wrapped the cloth around Gu Yang and hugged him as they went to the study.

Relaxation was always short-lived; studying almost occupied most of their time. In the final few months before the college entrance exam, every second counted and their nerves were stretched to the limit.

Since Gu Yang developed Fan Yuan’s natural super-freezer ability, every day after school, he would drag Fan Yuan to make some frozen sweet treats. Fan Yuan never refused him and willingly played the role of Gu Yang’s natural speed freezer.

Just like today after school, Gu Yang suddenly wanted to make frozen sugar-coated haws.

He followed an online tutorial to cut the fruits into small pieces and, with Fan Yuan’s help, boiled sugar into a dense syrup. Then, he dipped each well-arranged fruit into the thick syrup and handed them to Fan Yuan.

Every time Fan Yuan received a fruit with syrup, it quickly froze into freshly made frozen sugar-coated haws.

Gu Yang placed the finished frozen sugar-coated haws in a foam flower pot, and with Fan Yuan’s power, they wouldn’t melt and could be displayed discreetly, just like the frozen roses in the bedroom.

There was still plenty of syrup left in the pot. This was Gu Yang’s first attempt, and he didn’t get the proportions right; he had boiled too much sugar.

Seeing Gu Yang’s distress over the excess syrup, Fan Yuan picked up a leftover wooden stick and walked to the kitchen counter, suspending the wooden stick above the syrup.

Gu Yang saw the syrup in the pot encasing the wooden stick and gradually forming into a little figurine. Fan Yuan controlled the frost and syrup, perfecting the details of the syrup figure until a shrunken version of Gu Yang appeared before him.

Gu Yang took the shrunken version of himself and observed it with delight.

“It looks just like me!”

The syrup figure wore the same clothes as Gu Yang, barefoot with curled toes, messy hair sticking up just like Gu Yang’s usual at-home appearance.

After glancing at it for a moment, Gu Yang handed the syrup Gu Yang to Fan Yuan, then picked up another wooden stick and passed it to him, looking expectant.

“I don’t want this; I want a mini you. Can you make one for me?”

Fan Yuan turned the wooden stick between his fingertips but didn’t move it.

“I won’t make one.”

Gu Yang immediately pounced into Fan Yuan’s arms and rubbed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s chest.

“Please, I really want a mini-Fan Yuan.”

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang, pressing the syrup mini-Gu Yang against Gu Yang’s lips.

“What do I get if I make it?”

Gu Yang instinctively licked the syrup figure close to his lips and answered Fan Yuan sincerely.

“I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Fan Yuan pulled away the syrup figure and licked it as well.

“Anything? You’ll give me anything?”

Gu Yang nodded.

“Anything, even if you don’t make the syrup figure, I’ll still give you anything you want.”

Gu Yang’s obedient and well-behaved appearance made it impossible for Fan Yuan to resist.

He walked to the kitchen counter, controlling the frost to encase the syrup and made a second syrup figure – a lifelike mini-Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang wasn’t very interested in his own syrup figure, but he was incredibly fond of the syrup figure resembling Fan Yuan. He held the syrup mini-Fan Yuan and ran upstairs.

Fan Yuan looked at his own syrup figure in hand, lowered his head, and kissed the sweet little head of the syrup mini-Gu Yang. Then, he followed Gu Yang upstairs.

They never stopped their daily study tasks. Gu Yang held the syrup mini-Fan Yuan happily and opened his test paper to answer questions, occasionally glancing up, but reluctant to take a bite.

Fan Yuan, on the other hand, licked the syrup mini-Gu Yang several times. Seeing Gu Yang’s reluctance, Fan Yuan’s frozen heart, hurt by malicious mirror shards, suddenly throbbed intensely.

As Gu Yang concentrated on his questions, he heard a “crunch” sound from beside him, as if something had been bitten off.

When he turned to look, his eyes widened.

Fan Yuan’s black eyes were fixed on Gu Yang, and the syrup mini-Gu Yang’s head was missing, bitten off and chewed into pieces by Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang watched the headless syrup figure, and his shoulders shook involuntarily.

“Fan Yuan… you…”

Fan Yuan, in front of Gu Yang, chewed up the remaining syrup mini-Gu Yang and swallowed it, then immediately reached out and snatched the syrup mini-Fan Yuan from Gu Yang’s hand.

Gu Yang immediately pounced to snatch the syrup figure back, but Fan Yuan lifted him into his arms, holding him tightly.

“No, don’t eat it! You can’t eat this one!”

Gu Yang sat in Fan Yuan’s lap. Fan Yuan kicked away Gu Yang’s chair, preventing him from sitting back down.

“Why can’t I eat it?”

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, where he held the syrup figure, afraid that Fan Yuan might bite off the head of this syrup mini-Gu Yang with his sharp teeth.

“You can eat that one, but not this one. I want to keep this one.”

Fan Yuan raised the hand holding the syrup figure, keeping it out of Gu Yang’s reach, and asked again, “Why do you want to keep it?”

Gu Yang felt a little anxious under Fan Yuan’s questioning, but he decided to be straightforward. He sat on Fan Yuan, his waist erect as he tried to reach for the elevated syrup mini-Gu Yang.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan’s hand on Gu Yang’s waist tightened, and he pressed on the hollow of Gu Yang’s side.

Gu Yang immediately lowered his waist, burying his head in Fan Yuan’s shoulder. He knew that being forceful wouldn’t work now, so he decided to act spoiled instead.

“You can’t eat it… because it’s an exact replica of you.”

Fan Yuan’s lips curled up with a hint of maliciousness hidden in his smile.

“Am I important, or is this thing more important?”

Gu Yang looked up at the syrup mini-Fan Yuan in Fan Yuan’s hand, sighed, and knew that he couldn’t keep this syrup figure today.

He averted his gaze, lifted both arms, and hugged Fan Yuan’s neck tightly, rubbing his forehead against Fan Yuan’s cold neck, repeatedly saying, “You are important, you are the most important, Fan Yuan is the most important.”

Only then did Fan Yuan lower his elevated arm, still holding the syrup mini-Fan Yuan and placing its head against Gu Yang’s lips.

“Eat it.”

The syrup figure was so lifelike, looking exactly like Fan Yuan. Gu Yang felt a bit reluctant, so he took small bites. Every time he stopped, Fan Yuan pressed on the hollow of his waist. Eventually, the head of the syrup mini-Fan Yuan melted away, losing its original shape.

Gu Yang looked at the syrup figure, which had lost its form, feeling a bit disheartened. He took a big bite, imitating Fan Yuan’s manner of eating the syrup mini-Gu Yang. He chewed it up in a couple of bites and swallowed it.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s chin and lifted it.

“Open your mouth; let me see if you really swallowed it.”

Gu Yang obediently opened his mouth for Fan Yuan to inspect.


His mouth was clean; he had swallowed all the syrup remnants.

Satisfied, Fan Yuan discarded the bare wooden stick on the desk, held Gu Yang tightly in his arms, and whispered softly into his ear, his breath carrying a chilly sensation.

“Gu Yang…”

Gu Yang instinctively tilted his ear but immediately leaned it back against Fan Yuan’s chest, listening as Fan Yuan asked, “Do you know where I am?”

Gu Yang didn’t understand the meaning behind Fan Yuan’s question and put his hand on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“You’re right here.”

Fan Yuan didn’t say if Gu Yang was right or wrong. He adjusted Gu Yang’s position in his arms, making Gu Yang face away from him, and sat him back on the chair near the desk. He spread out the sets of test papers they needed for today’s study.

Gu Yang thought that the matter of eating the syrup figure had already ended, but unexpectedly, Fan Yuan suddenly placed his left hand gently on Gu Yang’s belly and whispered slowly into his ear:

“Gu Yang, I’m inside your body.”

Gu Yang dropped the pen he had just picked up back onto the desk. The pen rolled to the edge of the desk, swayed for a moment, and fell to the ground.

Fan Yuan glanced at the fallen pen, then placed his right hand on the table, holding Gu Yang’s right hand in his palm.

“Sooner or later, I will devour you.”

Thinking of the syrup mini-Gu Yang being “crunched” by Fan Yuan and the syrup mini-Fan Yuan that Fan Yuan urged him to swallow, Gu Yang finally understood the meaning behind Fan Yuan’s words.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, gazing at the faintly red skin peeking out from Gu Yang’s wide collar. He brought his lips closer:

“Have you remembered it?”

Gu Yang didn’t evade, nodding and following along with Fan Yuan’s words.

He pulled his hand out of Fan Yuan’s grasp, took another pen, and didn’t even think about getting down from Fan Yuan’s lap. He just sat there, starting to work on the test papers, and even laid out the papers Fan Yuan needed to complete, opening the pen cap for him as well.

Gu Yang’s left hand was slightly spread on the desk, and he secretly stole a glance at his palm. A little smile appeared on his lips.

Fan Yuan Affection Level: 79 points.

Despite being influenced by Fan Yuan’s malicious intentions and threatened with “sooner or later, I will devour you,” Gu Yang still managed to gain one point of Affection Level from Fan Yuan.

He wasn’t scared at all; in fact, he thought it was quite nice. He even happily wiggled his feet a bit.

Fan Yuan’s left hand continued pressing against Gu Yang’s little belly, and the icy fingertips gradually absorbed warmth from the contact.

After solving two questions, Gu Yang’s hand circled the edge of the paper, seeming hesitant. Finally, he spoke up:

“I still want the syrup figure…”

Fan Yuan lightly pinched Gu Yang’s belly with his fingertip.

“Do you like it that much?”

Gu Yang nodded, and the circle he was drawing became increasingly messy.

“I do.”

With Gu Yang in his arms, the warmth seemed to spread from their touching points throughout Fan Yuan’s body.

He gently rubbed Gu Yang’s snowy white nape with his nose, and the strands of hair at the nape of Gu Yang’s neck tickled his nose.

“Since you like it so much, I’ll make more for you.”

Gu Yang immediately smiled, not thinking about the syrup figure he had just eaten. After all, Fan Yuan would make more and more for him.

With Fan Yuan’s assurance, Gu Yang’s efficiency in solving the test papers increased.

In the months leading up to the college entrance exams, even their study sessions were filled with happiness because they were always together.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, always together.

After that, Fan Yuan gave Gu Yang many syrup figures, and Gu Yang would always eat the syrup mini-Fan Yuan in front of him. In the end, he got used to it.

Their life was filled with busy studying, and time passed quickly.

Soon, it was Sunday, the day Fan Yuan and Gu Yang had planned to go to the hot springs outside the city.

The hot spring resort was far from the city center, and with no evening self-study on Sundays, they quickly packed their belongings after school and headed out.

Thinking about relaxing in the hot springs, Gu Yang was filled with happiness. Even though they had to get up earlier tomorrow than going to school for this hot spring trip, he didn’t mind at all.

The driver also seemed a little happy; he also wanted to go and relax in the hot springs.

Fan Yuan had booked a private open-air hot spring room in advance. Once they arrived, they freshened up and immediately changed into yukatas before heading towards the small outdoor hot spring.

Gu Yang squatted by the hot spring pool to test the water temperature before slowly easing himself in, letting out a contented sigh. Then, he turned back to call Fan Yuan.

This hot spring was a flowing one, so there was no need to worry that Fan Yuan getting in would cause the temperature to drop.

Sitting next to Gu Yang, Fan Yuan furrowed his brows slightly.

Compared to the heat of the hot spring, he preferred the warmth coming from Gu Yang’s body.

The warmth of the hot spring seemed to be meaningless temperature, completely different from the warmth he felt from Gu Yang.

Seeing Fan Yuan’s constant frowning, Gu Yang thought he might be feeling uncomfortable.

“Is it too hot?”

Fan Yuan shook his head, not saying a word. Gu Yang then stood up:

“How about we don’t soak in the hot spring!”

Fan Yuan pressed down on Gu Yang’s shoulder, motioning him to sit back down. He himself got up and sat at the edge of the hot spring, immersing only his legs.

Gu Yang followed suit, wanting to sit by the edge of the hot spring like Fan Yuan did. However, Fan Yuan held him down by the shoulder, not letting him get out of the water.

“You stay in the water.”

Worried about Fan Yuan, Gu Yang obediently laid down on Fan Yuan’s legs, resting his cheek against the damp yukata.

Despite being in the hot spring, Fan Yuan’s body temperature was still cold.

With the hot spring’s heat behind him and Fan Yuan’s chill in front, Gu Yang found it rather comfortable.

With one hand supporting himself at the edge of the hot spring, Fan Yuan gently played with Gu Yang’s black hair with the other.

The tips of Gu Yang’s hair got wet, and the strands at the back of his neck clung to his skin, making him unconsciously move his neck.

“My neck feels a bit itchy.”

When Gu Yang complained of itchiness, Fan Yuan lifted the tips of his hair and used his icy fingertips to gently scratch the back of his neck.

“Is it still itchy?”

Gu Yang shook his head, comfortably lying on Fan Yuan’s legs, one arm occasionally dipping into the hot spring, creating ripples in the water.

Silence fell between them, yet it wasn’t boring at all.

Occasionally, Fan Yuan would lightly play with the tips of Gu Yang’s hair, or when Gu Yang splashed water, he would catch his fingertips.

Whenever their fingertips touched, Gu Yang would raise his head and smile at Fan Yuan. His lips turned red, his cheeks flushed from the hot spring’s steam.

At first, Gu Yang was lost in thought, but then he suddenly noticed an ice-crafted rabbit floating on the surface of the hot spring. The rabbit was wearing small glasses and looked incredibly adorable and lifelike.

Then, one after another, small ice rabbits appeared in the hot spring pool. Gu Yang recognized a few of them and couldn’t help but reach out and grab them, hugging them tightly.

“This one is Boss, and this is Four Eyes!”

“And here’s Second Melon!”

“Where’s Third Boy?”

As soon as Gu Yang mentioned Third Boy, another little ice rabbit that looked exactly like Third Boy floated up.

He held the four familiar ice rabbits in his arms and looked at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan remained calm, surrounded by an unyielding cold aura.

His black eyes showed no emotions or feelings, yet Gu Yang could see tenderness in them.

Gu Yang placed the four small ice rabbits by the edge of the hot spring and then snuggled back onto Fan Yuan’s legs, using his fingertips to gently touch the noses of each ice rabbit.

Between him and Fan Yuan, there was no need for many expressions of gratitude. They were each other’s best gifts.

Until Gu Yang’s eyelids began to droop, and he started to doze off on Fan Yuan’s legs, Fan Yuan spoke up to remind him:

“Don’t soak for too long. Come out when you’re sleepy. We have to wake up early tomorrow.”

Gu Yang shook his head and looked up at the moon in the sky.

The small hot spring was located in the courtyard, an open-air one where you could see the night sky when you raised your head.

Although tonight’s moon wasn’t completely full, it was still very bright.

“Tomorrow will be a sunny day too.”

Fan Yuan softly responded with an “Mm” and suddenly bent down to lift Gu Yang out of the hot spring.

As Gu Yang’s yukata left the water, the moisture quickly evaporated and stuck to his body.

Fan Yuan lifted Gu Yang and, with each step, created an ice step that seemed to extend all the way to the sky.

Gu Yang was amazed and excitedly hugged Fan Yuan’s neck as they moved up step by step.

They kept rising higher and higher, seemingly getting closer to the moon.

Gu Yang knew they couldn’t possibly touch the moon, but he couldn’t help feeling happy.

They finally stopped when the moon seemed to be right in front of them. Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang and sat on the ice steps, looking at the moon together.

Gu Yang stretched out his arm and traced the outline of the moon in the air. Then, he turned around and threw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, looking fierce as he kissed Fan Yuan.

He had said before that once he grew wings, he would take Fan Yuan to the closest place to the moon and kiss him there.

And now, Fan Yuan had achieved that before him.

Fan Yuan didn’t embrace Gu Yang back. He supported himself with his hands behind him, letting Gu Yang be like a small puppy, fiercely kissing him.

Gradually, they settled down on the ice steps, and Fan Yuan laid down on the widened steps, which immediately adjusted to accommodate his posture.

After Gu Yang had enough of kissing, he curled up in Fan Yuan’s arms and gazed at the moon together with him.

Until Gu Yang slowly fell asleep in Fan Yuan’s embrace, Fan Yuan carried him down from the high ice steps and returned to the room.

In the busiest spring before the college entrance exam, Gu Yang had the privilege of “touching” the moon with Fan Yuan, an unforgettable experience he would cherish for a lifetime.

Author’s note: What’s inside Gu Yang’s stomach?

Of course, it’s roses and little syrup Fan Yuan!

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