Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Fake Couple

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“Do you like me?” His voice seemed to possess a bewitching power, keeping He Yan rooted to the spot, unable to move a muscle. She couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Xiao Jue slightly furrowed his brows. “He Yan?”

“I…” He Yan instinctively curled her fingers, pressing her fingertips into her palm.

This man was usually carefree, but as he drew near, he exuded an especially dangerous aura. He raised an eyebrow and his lips curved, his voice almost seductive as he asked once more, “Do you like me?”

“No… I don’t like you,” He Yan said, the pain from her pinched fingers helping her regain her composure. She had to keep her wits about her, or she might blurt out something outrageous.

Meanwhile, Lin Shuanghe, who had been present throughout, was left utterly dumbfounded.

Upon hearing her response, Xiao Jue didn’t get angry. Instead, it seemed like he breathed a sigh of relief. He straightened up and raised an eyebrow, saying, “Very well, it’s you.”

“Me?” The ambiguous atmosphere just disappeared as He Yan took a step back after gaining some space, and she couldn’t help but look at him, saying, “What do you mean, ‘me’?” 

“Madam Qiao.” 

“Madam…. Qiao?” He Yan was completely confused. 

On the other hand, Lin Shuanghe seemed to suddenly understand and walked over, saying, “You finally agreed to listen to me and think that my little sister He is the best choice, right?” 

He Yan became even more puzzled. 

“This is a long story.” 

“Well then, take your time.” He Yan went to fetch them some chairs. 

Xiao Jue glanced at her, turned his head slightly, and reminded her softly, “Put your clothes on first.” 

He Yan looked down and realized that when Lin Shuanghe knocked on the door, she had casually thrown on a garment without properly dressing, and now, while bending to move the chairs, her clothing had slipped off her shoulder. 

Lin Shuanghe said, “I didn’t see anything!” 

He Yan felt that Xiao Jue was making a big deal out of nothing. She was wearing an undergarment, so there was nothing exposed. Xiao Jue was being overly proper. But since he had said it, she decided to adjust her clothing.

Once she had dressed appropriately, Xiao Jue explained the situation to her, focusing on the important details. 

“The Commander’s idea is for us to pretend to be a married couple and set off to Jiyang?” He Yan slammed the table, “How can this be allowed? It will ruin my reputation!” 

Pretending to be a nephew was one thing, but pretending to be a husband and wife meant she had to call Xiao Jue “husband.” Just the thought of herself calling him “husband” was something He Yan couldn’t bear. 

“Ruin your reputation?” Xiao Jue’s beautiful eyes narrowed, and he smiled coldly, “Are you feeling wronged now?” 

He Yan: “…” 

In a way, what he said was true. To outsiders, it would be Xiao Jue’s reputation that would be tarnished. 

But… What did he want? Wasn’t it embarrassing for her? 

Since Xiao Jue had a favor to ask of her, He Yan raised her head and was about to negotiate, intending to make a deal. But then she heard him casually say, “If we pull this off, you can gain entry to the Nanfu’s army.” 

He Yan: “Deal!” 

“I must say,” Lin Shuanghe was somewhat troubled, “Miss He, you’re a young lady, you should be more reserved.” 

“You might be overestimating her,” Xiao Jue mocked, “How could she possess such qualities?” 

“Modesty is irrelevant in this matter,” He Yan said with a mischievous smile. “Commander, don’t worry. I can definitely play the role of a good wife and make others envy you and praise your good fortune for generations to come.” 

Xiao Jue held back a smile and calmly said, “Madam Qiao is a famous talented woman in Great Wei.” 

He Yan’s self-praise came to a sudden stop. 

“Proficient in various arts and crafts,” he glanced at He Yan, seeming to have some pity, “gentle, understanding, and considerate. Out of these sixteen words, which one do you relate to?” 

“Being a person,” He Yan answered honestly. 

“Pu.” Lin Shuanghe couldn’t help but laugh. After laughing for a while, he probably felt it wasn’t appropriate and said, “Nonsense, Xiao Huaijin, you’re talking nonsense again. Why wouldn’t Little Sister He be understanding, considerate, and proficient in various arts and crafts?” He looked at He Yan, “Can you?”

He Yan: “No.”

Xiao Jue chuckled in response.

Lin Shuanghe immediately said, “That’s alright, I can do it! You’ll be following me, and we have to wait a few days before setting off, right? Before we depart, I promise to teach you. I might not be excellent, but fooling those uncouth men is definitely not a problem. Xiao Huaijin, hand Little Sister He over to me, and within five days, I’ll give you a completely different lady.” 

“Short, foolish, and lacking any special talents or skills, that would indeed be hard for you,” Xiao Jue casually remarked. He stood up and walked over to He Yan, his gaze fixed on her. 

He Yan was getting flustered under his gaze. He moved closer, tilting his head and whispered, a faint smile on his lips, “But it’s hard to say. After all, our Miss He is best at deceiving people.” 

He Yan: “…” 

Xiao Jue always managed to turn compliments into a form of mockery. 

“A good wife who makes others envy me, I’ll…” his eyes deepened, a faint smile playing on his lips, “look forward to that.” 

Then he left. 

The door in the middle was closed, and the sound of it locking reached He Yan’s ears. She sighed in relief and sat on the couch. Lin Shuanghe also got up, saying, “It’s getting late. I’ll take my leave as well. Little Sister He, I’ll come find you tomorrow, and we can get to know each other better in the fields of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting.” 

He Yan nodded. Lin Shuanghe hesitated for a moment, and He Yan asked, “Is there something else, Doctor Lin?” 

He cast a complex look at He Yan and said, “Nothing.” He fanned himself and left. 

After the door behind him was closed, Lin Shuanghe heaved a sigh of relief and pressed his hand to his chest. 

He had boasted to Xiao Jue that He Yan didn’t like him, and they got along best, and there was some truth in that. After all, in their earlier conversation with He Yan, he didn’t detect even the slightest hint of favor toward Xiao Jue. However, just now, when Xiao Jue got close to He Yan, Lin Shuanghe clearly saw her nervousness and confusion.

Something didn’t seem right!

She also didn’t react this way to Xiao Jue before!

What was going on? Lin Shuanghe was growing anxious. If He Yan actually had feelings for Xiao Jue, this journey together would likely lead to trouble.

No, no, no, he reassured himself. It was just because Xiao Jue was so incredibly good-looking that women could be momentarily swayed by his beauty. After a few more looks, the feeling would probably fade. That was the only explanation.

In the room, He Yan sat on the bed.

The fact that Xiao Jue suggested she impersonate his wife to go to Jiyang was rather incredible in itself. Even disregarding her feelings, just the idea of Xiao Jue pretending to be married to someone else would raise doubts.

Now that she knew the history of the Nine Banners Battalion, He Yan didn’t hold much hope of actually entering it. Those who entered the Nine Banners Battalion were Xiao Jue’s sworn brothers, individuals who had shown unwavering determination and heroism during the tough times of the war. To be admitted, one must demonstrate exceptional abilities, which meant they wouldn’t easily accept new recruits. Joining the Nanfu army was still a good option. In Great Wei, the Nanfu’s military had a distinguished reputation.

However, He Yan had accepted Xiao Jue’s proposal so readily. Even if these conditions weren’t offered, she would have eventually agreed, just because of one place Xiao Jue had mentioned—Jiyang.

He Yan’s master, the stranger who had rescued her from a pile of dead bodies during the Battle of Moxian in her past life, and who later taught her about military tactics, weapons, and martial skills, was a man named Liu Buwang.

When they parted ways, she had asked him, “Master, if I ever want to find you, where should I go?”

“If fate allows, we’ll meet again,” Liu Buwang smiled. “But if you have an urgent matter and must find me, go to the outskirts of Jiyang. I will eventually make my way there.”

She remembered this in her heart.

Now that the “He Rufei” from her past life was already dead, she had unexpectedly been assigned such a strange task. However, if she indeed made it to Jiyang, perhaps she would be able to meet Liu Buwang. In her previous life, the only other person who knew her true identity apart from the He family was Liu Buwang.

She really wanted to see her master.

“Jiyang…” He Yan sighed softly, and a sense of hesitation welled up within her.

She wondered if she could meet him and if, once she did… Liu Buwang would still be able to recognize her.

She felt quite anxious.

The following morning, He Yan had finished her meal and was about to head to the training grounds for daily martial practice. She had just reached the door when someone outside the courtyard grabbed her. “Brother He!”

She turned to find Lin Shuanghe.

He Yan asked, “Brother Lin, what are you doing here?”

From his appearance, he should have arrived early. Lin Shuanghe shook his fan and said, “I’ve been waiting here for you.” He looked at He Yan’s black martial attire and asked, “Where are you going in that?” 

“To the training ground for martial arts! We still have morning exercises to do. Doctor Lin, I’ll explain later, but if I don’t leave now, I’ll be late.” 

Lin Shuanghe stood in her way and said, “If you’re talking about the morning exercises, you can skip them for now. I’ve already informed Huaijin and Instructor Shen. You don’t need to attend for these days.” 

He Yan asked, “Why?” 

“Have you forgotten? In a few days, you’ll be going to Jiyang,” Lin Shuanghe smiled. “Tasks can be categorized as urgent or less urgent. The training ground is right here, and you can practice as much as you want when you return from Jiyang. But the time left for you is limited, so you should focus on what’s in front of you.” 

He Yan was puzzled, “What’s in front of me?” 

“Take a look,” Lin Shuanghe pointed for He Yan to see. 

On the stone table in the courtyard, there was a zither, a chessboard, some sheets of paper, ink, and an inkstone. Liangzhou Garrison was known as a place for martial training. Seeing these refined items suddenly, He Yan briefly thought Chu Zhao had returned. 

“Since you’re going to be playing the role of Qiao Huanqing’s ‘wife,’ you need to have some knowledge of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Mengji Wang admired literati and ink artists during his reign, and within the territory of Fan Wang’s annexed Jiyang, the people revere those with exceptional talents. It just so happens that Qiao Huanqing’s wife, Wen Yuyan, is a renowned talented woman. He… Brother He,” Lin Shuanghe continued, “You’re naturally talented and physically capable, but you can’t afford to make any mistakes in this area. Come on, write a character, and let me have a look.” 

He Yan: “…” 

For a moment, He Yan felt like she was back at Xianchang Academy in Shuojing, about to sit down and recite texts with Lin Shuanghe, who was also ranked at the bottom.

Lin Shuanghe, who had spoken with a rather distant expression on his face, probably hadn’t realized how reminiscent his words were of a nightmarish experience. Nonetheless, he was prodding her, “Come on, Brother He, write a word and let me see how you do.”

He Yan accepted the paper and pen and wrote a word.


The character she wrote was extravagant, with bold strokes, but quite messy. Seeing this, Lin Shuanghe paused in his fan-waving, perhaps to avoid damaging He Yan’s self-esteem, and he spoke more gently, “Brother He, your writing has quite the grandeur, but it might be a bit too grand. Don’t you think… women should write with a gentler touch?” 

He Yan found his statement problematic and immediately asked, “Who said women have to write gently? Going by Dr. Lin’s logic, shouldn’t men avoid writing delicate calligraphy too?” 

“Yes, yes,” Lin Shuanghe said, “But even if it’s not gentle, it shouldn’t be this messy!” 

He Yan was left speechless. 

Lin Shuanghe continued, “It’s alright, how about painting? How about drawing a simple plum blossom in the snow to deceive the people of Jiyang? That should be more than enough.” 

He Yan opened the paper, raised her hand, and drew three flowers and a few dots resembling snow. 

Lin Shuanghe looked at it and asked in suspicion, “Brother He, is this a depiction of sesame seeds accidentally flying off a pancake?” 

He Yan: “…I can only draw maps.” 

One after another, Lin Shuanghe began to panic. He said, “What about chess? Do you know how to play chess?” 

“My chess skills are poor, and I love to take back moves. I’m afraid that I might embarrass myself if I play. It’s better not to take the stage, as I might lose control and become a laughingstock.” 

“What about the zither? You must know how to play the zither!” Lin Shuanghe looked somewhat desperate. “In the residences now, girls have been learning to play the zither since the age of five.” 

He Yan shrugged, “I’m completely clueless about musical instruments.” 

The two of them exchanged glances, and the atmosphere grew awkward and silent. 

He Yan felt uncomfortable and wronged. She had been raised as a boy since childhood and had never learned things like music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Even after she entered the Xianchang Academy, she didn’t shine academically. She had received invaluable guidance from a renowned teacher, and Liu Buwang had passed down his skills to her. However, all of this was related to combat and survival on the battlefield. Music, chess, calligraphy, and painting were far too luxurious for her. She didn’t have the conditions or the time for them.

Of course, the most important thing was the lack of talent. 

Both He Yan and Lin Shuanghe felt quite frustrated. Lin Shuanghe had seen many noblewomen in Shuojing, and almost everyone excelled in at least three out of five categories. Music, chess, calligraphy, and painting were considered basic skills, and He Yan couldn’t even produce a passable result? 

Lin Shuanghe suddenly began to doubt his own decision to have He Yan play the role of Wen Yuyan. 

“Doctor Lin?” He Yan, seeing that he had been silent for a long time, was afraid that Lin Shuanghe might have been intimidated by her lack of talent, and asked with concern.

Lin Shuanghe snapped back to reality and forced a smile, saying, “It’s nothing. I’m just thinking about something.” 

Since her skills were this subpar, there was no point in discussing how to make her seem extraordinary. She would have to learn the basics and hope that would be enough to deceive others. There was a female teacher in Liangzhou Garrison, Shen Muxue, who was exceptionally talented. However, if she found out that He Yan was a woman and that she had to pretend to be a married couple with Xiao Jue, it might lead to complications. 

Even though Lin Shuanghe didn’t know Shen Muxue well, he didn’t want to see any young lady upset. 

Well, if he doesn’t help, who will? Lin Shuanghe looked at He Yan. Although he was bleeding inside, he forced a smile and said, “Brother He, don’t panic. With diligent effort, even an iron rod can be sharpened into a needle. As long as you have the determination, anything is possible. We’ll start from scratch, and I’m sure we can make people admire your progress!” 

Seeing Lin Shuanghe’s inexplicable enthusiasm, He Yan cleared her throat and asked, “Um… Doctor Lin, do you know how to do this?” 

If her memory served her right, Lin Shuanghe was one of the students who ranked near the bottom during their time at Xianchang Academy. Did he have the qualifications and skills to teach others? 

Lin Shuanghe opened his folding fan and proudly said, “There’s one thing I excel at, and that’s the art of poetry and aesthetics. Just watch me.” 


Late at night, the room next door was filled with the sound of sharp zither playing. 

Fei Nu was assisting Xiao Jue in sorting through documents on the table, but when he heard the music, he flinched, and the documents scattered haphazardly. He glanced up at Xiao Jue, who was supporting his head with his hand, wearing a pained expression. 

Fei Nu sighed quietly in his heart. He had been amazed by He Yan’s remarkable performance on the training ground, where she excelled at everything. He hadn’t expected her to be so dull in the realm of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. In terms of playing the zither, any young lady in Shuojing, even as young as five years old, could play much better than He Yan. 

It’s been three days, a full three days, and in two more days, they’ll be setting off. But He Yan’s music, just a wall away, hasn’t shown the slightest improvement. It seems like the more people lose patience with her, the worse it sounds. 

Chiwu is an impatient person. Several times, he secretly pulled Fei Nu aside and said, “If you can’t play, then don’t play! Is the young master going mad? It’s one thing to dress as a lady, but why choose someone who can’t do anything? Isn’t that just asking for trouble? Even if we’re short on people, it doesn’t have to be this way!” 

He didn’t even know He Yan’s true identity, and Fei Nu couldn’t say much. He just replied, “Talk less, do more.” 

However, tonight, Fei Nu also had doubts in his mind. Can He Yan, who is so dull, really handle such a heavy responsibility? 

That was unresolved.

In the next room, Lin Shuanghe waved his hand weakly and said, “Little Sister He, that’s enough, that’s enough, you can stop playing.” 

He Yan stopped and looked at him, humbly asking for advice, “Brother Lin, have I made any progress today compared to yesterday?” 

Lin Shuanghe was at a loss for words. 

While he wasn’t exceptionally skilled in the arts of music, he was at least a refined gentleman in the capital city and expected that with his guidance, He Yan would improve noticeably within three days. 

But seeing He Yan’s current state, he realized that he had overestimated her. 

He had never seen a woman as unteachable as her! After three days, not only had she failed to make progress, but her playing had become more ear-piercing with each attempt. Lin Shuanghe now understood that there were people in the world who could produce such sounds on a musical instrument. They say, “Near ink, you’ll be stained black,” but even after spending so much time with Xiao Jue, how had He Yan not picked up any refinement? 

What made things worse was that she appeared to be genuinely diligent. Watching her hard work, he couldn’t bring himself to criticize her. He was reminded of a classmate from his youth who was just as persistent, always hanging from a beam or stabbing himself in the leg yet still ending up as last.

It was unbearable. 

Enough was enough. Lin Shuanghe stood up and smiled, saying, “Very well, Little Sister He, you have real talent. With a bit more practice, you’ll surely make a breakthrough. Keep practicing these days, and when we reach Jiyang, let Huaijin personally guide you. I believe you’ll be able to graduate by then.” 

He Yan asked, “Is it really so?” 

Lin Shuanghe replied, “It couldn’t be more real.” He thought it best to retreat early since He Yan was proving to be quite a challenge. The complex task of teaching her should be left to Xiao Jue. After all, He Yan was his person, his “wife,” and it was Xiao Jue’s responsibility to handle it.

With this in mind and feeling unburdened, Lin Shuanghe smiled and said, “I won’t come for the remaining two days, Little Sister He, keep practicing.” 

Feeling debt-free, he left gracefully. 

He Yan, still somewhat skeptical, thought her playing sounded terrible, yet Lin Shuanghe had praised her so. 

Was the taste of refined people truly so different from the common? 


In the following two days, apart from practicing the zither, He Yan also took the time to bid farewell to Hong Shan and the others. 

Jiyang was different from Liangzhou City. With all the work and travel involved, they might be away for half a year, unable to return to Liangzhou Garrison. It was hard not to miss her former companions with such a long separation.

“Are you going to handle matters with Commander Xiao again?” Hong Shan leaned in and asked, “Ah He, are you getting promoted?” 

“Birth? What birth? What are you talking about?” Xiao Mai was roasting some bird eggs he had scavenged. They were hot, and he flipped them in his palm a couple of times. “Who’s giving birth?” 

Shitou lightly tapped his head and looked at He Yan. “Take care on your journey.” 

He Yan smiled and said, “Of course. I haven’t congratulated you all on joining the Vanguard Camp yet as well.” 

After the New Year, a portion of the new recruits was selected to join the Vanguard Camp. Shitou, Jiang Jiao, Wang Ba, and Huang Xiong were among them. Xiao Mai was still young, and Hong Shan’s performance was average in all aspects. Fortunately, they didn’t mind being regular soldiers. 

“In the Vanguard Camp, it won’t be as comfortable as you,” Wang Ba took the opportunity to tease He Yan, “Every few days, you get to go out with Commander Xiao, no daily training, and you can make a good impression in front of the superior. It’s like living the dream.” 

“Brother Wang, that’s not right. Brother He and Commander Xiao going out won’t be as easy as we think. There could be dangers we don’t know about,” Jiang Jiao looked at He Yan, “Be careful with everything.” 

He Yan stretched lazily, “I’m always careful.” 

Huang Xiong, seeing this, touched the Buddhist beads around his neck and said, “Since you’re so eager for advancement, this is a good opportunity. If Commander Xiao is willing to take you, he must see something in you. If you can seize this chance and earn military merit, you’ll be closer to achieving what you want, and it will happen faster.” 

He Yan thought to herself that indeed, Commander Xiao was willing to take her because he saw something in her, and that something was that she was a woman. Little did they know! 

“Alright, alright,” she waved her hand, “Rest assured, we all fought together on White Moon Mountain, and we’ve slept in the spread together. Whatever I have to eat, you all have a share. If I do manage to get promoted, I won’t forget my comrades. But I also believe that even without me, all of you can make a name for yourselves in Liangzhou.” 

“Well said!” Huang Xiong said, “Rely on yourself, and you’ll be fine.” 

He Yan smiled slightly and looked at the distant sky of Liangzhou Garrison. 

The distant mountains were covered in white snow, which would gradually melt away. Winter was already over, and the beauty of spring would soon arrive. Jiyang was different from Liangzhou, with its high mountains and distant waters. Who knew what would happen in the future? 

She clapped her hands and stood up. 

The future was never something you could just think into existence; you had to keep moving forward with your head down.

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