Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Madam

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Starting from Liangzhou and heading to Jiyang City, even with a fast horse and whip, it still takes almost a month.

They left after the New Year during the spring, and as they traveled southward, the weather became warmer. By the time they neared Jiyang, wildflowers had bloomed along the roadside, and swallows were already starting to build their nests. Spring had indeed arrived.

Outside Jiyang City, Chiwu approached in a horse-drawn carriage and said, “Young Master, this is the best carriage you can find around here.”

The carriage already looked quite luxurious, wrapped in fine peacock green silk, with white gauze inside that swayed gently. After days of riding a horse, He Yan felt tired, so having a comfortable ride made her content. However, Lin Shuanghe was still quite critical, “Is this it? In Shuojing, I wouldn’t even glance at something like this. The wood quality is subpar too. Didn’t I say to choose the most expensive one?”

Chiwu: “This is already the most expensive one.”

He Yan sighed as she glanced at Lin Shuanghe. After so many years, his desire for comfort and luxury hadn’t changed. She couldn’t understand why Xiao Jue had brought him along on this trip to Jiyang. Wasn’t he just dragging them down?

But He Yan wasn’t the only one who couldn’t fathom it. Lin Shuanghe was puzzled too, and he had to confirm with Xiao Jue once more, “Are you sure you’re not mistaken in taking me to Jiyang?”

Xiao Jue replied, “I’m sure.”


“Because we need a steward to travel with us.”

“A, a steward?” Lin Shuanghe was infuriated. “Have you ever seen a steward as handsome as me?”

Xiao Jue assessed him for a moment. “I have now.”

Though he complained a bit, Lin Shuanghe agreed to accompany them, as he was genuinely interested in seeing Jiyang. He had never been there before and had heard that the girls in Jiyang were all beautiful. It would be a waste not to see them at least once in this lifetime.

Thus, he complained only superficially and willingly agreed to come along.

During their journey, they hadn’t paid much attention to their appearances. However, as they neared Jiyang, they decided to dress up properly. In this place, they were no longer Xiao Huaijin and He Yan but rather Huzhou’s rich merchant’s son, Qiao Huanqing, and his new wife, Wen Yuyan, along with their two bodyguards, Chiwu and Fei Nu, and their steward, Lin Shuanghe.

Fei Nu brought out a communication order, looking at Jiyang’s city gates in the distance. He said, “Young Master, once we enter the city and find an inn, we also need to buy two maids.”

It wouldn’t be reasonable for the young master and young mistress of a wealthy merchant to travel without even a maid. It’s unimaginable that they’d have to handle everything, including their daily needs. This kind of statement, not to mention Cui Yuezhi, even ordinary people wouldn’t believe it. 

“Buy a maid?” Lin Shuanghe suggested, “I’ll go too, I know how to select young ladies!” 

Xiao Jue couldn’t be bothered with him and instructed Fei Nu, “Find someone young. After we’re done with the business in Jiyang, we’ll send them back home.” 

Fei Nu acknowledged the order. 

Chiwu and Fei Nu continued driving the carriage outside, and the carriage gradually made its way to the gates of Jiyang. Fei Nu presented the travel permit to the guard at the city gate, and the guard scrutinized the black characters on the permit carefully. His attitude suddenly became respectful, “So, you’re Cui family’s people. Please come in.” 

Lin Shuanghe asked, “Is Cui Yuezhi’s status in Jiyang quite high?”

“I heard he grew up with Princess Mengji and is both loyal and capable. He has earned Princess Mengji’s trust,” He Yan replied.

Lin Shuanghe wondered, “How do you know all this?”

He Yan responded, “I’ve heard people talking about it.”

Xiao Jue glanced at her but remained silent.

Although He Yan had never been to Jiyang, she had heard about its people and events. Her master, Liu Buwang, came from the outskirts of Jiyang, and he had shared many stories about Jiyang, making her curious about the place.

However, traveling to Mengjij Wang’s territory was troublesome. Little did she expect that she could visit Lui Buwang’s Water City with the wind brought by Xiao Jue, making the trip quite refreshing. 

Jiyang City was magnificent, with interconnected mansions, bustling commerce, and a vibrant trade scene. Outside the city, there was a canal where merchant ships converged, and Jiyang’s silk and tea, in abundance, were transported directly to Yangzhou through the Yuyang River, aptly described as “a boat loaded with thousands of piculs sails like the wind.” Inside the city, there were numerous small rivers, and one could see small boats passing under bridges, laden with fruits and small goods. This was Jiyang’s water market. 

People from the Central Plains had never seen such a sight. He Yan leaned on the carriage to look outside and marveled at the scene. 

Lin Shuanghe sighed, “Jiyang is truly as the travelers described, a heavenly place. It’s no wonder it’s hard to leave once you’ve come here. Look at the local girls; they look so lively, unlike those in Shuojing.” 

He Yan: “….” You weren’t saying this when you were in Shuojing.

She turned to look at Xiao Jue. He was sitting inside the carriage, seemingly uninterested in the bustling scene outside. He sat lazily with indifferent eyes, showing no signs of excitement. 

“Commander, should we find an inn now?” she asked. 

“What Commander?” Lin Shuanghe immediately interjected, “We’re in Jiyang now; you can’t call him ‘Commander’ to avoid revealing our identity.” 

He Yan asked, “Then what should I call him?” 

“Of course, you should call him ‘husband’!” 

As soon as the word ‘husband’ was mentioned, both He Yan and Xiao Jue were taken aback. Xiao Jue’s face was even more indescribable, and he endured it for a while before waving his hand, saying, “There’s no need to call me that now.”

In the future, calling it that way won’t be uncomfortable, will it? He Yan was deeply conflicted. This mission seemed promising at first, but executing it turned out to be so challenging that they had to set aside their sense of shame. No wonder the condition for the exchange was to enter the Nanfu Army. 

Xiao Jue said, “Let’s find an inn first.” 

Jiyang was well-supplied and prosperous, so finding an inn didn’t require too much searching. Chiwu chose a place close to the city center, making it easier to get acquainted with the city. 

The group started by unloading the heavier items from the carriage. Fei Nu approached and said, “Young Master, I inquired earlier, and there’s a restaurant nearby where the proprietress can help with buying and selling maids for prominent families. If we stay here today, we can go see the proprietress now for help.” 

Xiao Jue nodded. 

He Yan hesitated for a moment and said, “I think I’ll stay here.” 

The others paused, and Lin Shuanghe asked, “He… Young Madam, is there something you’re concerned about?” 

He Yan didn’t have any specific reason, she just couldn’t stand seeing others buy and sell children, even if she knew that some of the children might end up in well-off households and have decent lives. She just felt uneasy about it. During her time with the army, in the war-torn regions where the Qiang people harassed the populace, selling children was common. If it was a son, they might end up as laborers, but for daughters, it was worse. She had seen 13- or 14-year-old girls sold to 60-year-old men as concubines for just a piece of flatbread. 

Human life was treated so cheaply. 

She really didn’t like the sight of people being treated like commodities. 

“I… I’m in a woman’s disguise now, right?” She made up a reason, “I can’t just run around in these clothes, not looking like Wen Yuyan. I was thinking, there might be some ready-made clothing stores around, and I’ll buy a couple of women’s dresses. If there’s any jewelry available, I’ll get some as well. Then, when we meet Cui Yuezhi, it won’t be as conspicuous.” 

For the sake of convenience during the journey, she was still wearing Cheng Lisu’s clothing. Now that they had arrived in Jiyang, it wouldn’t be appropriate to continue dressing as a man. 

Lin Shuanghe thought her reasoning was quite reasonable and said, “That’s a good idea.” 

“Chiwu, go with her,” Xiao Jue said. “Send a signal if anything happens.” 

Chiwu acknowledged. 

Xiao Jue looked at He Yan again. “Stay nearby, don’t go too far. Jiyang is different from Liangzhou, so be cautious.” 

He Yan nodded. “Got it.” 

“Then let’s split up,” Lin Shuanghe suggested, “Young Madam, remember to buy a few beautiful dresses. Later, let them see how stunning Central Plains girls can be.”

Xiao Jue: “Shut up.”

The three of them left the inn, leaving He Yan with Chiwu.

Chiwu thought to himself that Lin Shuanghe’s comment was off the mark. He Yan was not a woman, so no matter how he dressed, he wouldn’t look attractive, what was the point?

He had just realized this when he saw He Yan standing in front of a mirror. She removed the hairpin from her head, and her black hair cascaded down her shoulders.


He Yan turned to him, “As a man, it would attract attention if I went to a clothing store to buy women’s clothing. So, how do I look now?” She turned to Chiwu. “What do you think?”

Chiwu: “Well, it’s… not bad, I guess.” He muttered to himself, wondering how he hadn’t noticed before that He Yan could actually pass as a girl. He had thought that He Yan dressed as a woman would be hard to look at, but now that she had let her hair down… she really did look like a girl. 

No wonder the Young Master had chosen him to accompany them. 

“Let’s go,” Chiwu said, “While it’s still early, let’s explore the area nearby.” 

The two of them left together. 

Jiyang City was situated farther south than Liangzhou, and the weather was generally warmer, especially during spring. The sun was just beginning to rise, casting a gentle warmth, and the willow trees sprouted fresh green leaves, creating a vibrant springtime atmosphere. 

Everywhere they went, they heard the calls of street vendors. Jiyang’s residents relied on fishing for their livelihoods, and the local culture was known for being warm and welcoming. As they passed by a fruit vendor, noticing He Yan’s extra attention, the vendor insisted on putting a few pieces of fruit into her arms, saying, “Miss, take these, they’re free. Enjoy a taste!” 

Chiwu: “…”

She was actually addressed as “miss”? This disguise was really effective! 

He Yan graciously accepted the fruit and passed a few pieces to Chiwu, saying, “Jiyang City is indeed wonderful.” 

It was no wonder that when Liu Buwang mentioned Jiyang in the past, there was a sense of nostalgia in his voice. Thinking about Liu Buwang, He Yan became a little worried. How could she find a suitable reason to go outside the city and search for Liu Buwang’s whereabouts? Moreover, his previous words were vague, and now it appeared that finding someone in a city as large as Jiyang would not be easy. 

As she pondered this, Chiwu had already asked a nearby stall owner, “Excuse me, is there a shop nearby that sells ready-made clothing?” 

The stall owner, upon hearing this, smiled and said, “From your accent, you don’t seem to be from Jiyang, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.” He pointed in a direction, saying, “The Embroidered Brocade Lane in Jiyang has the largest selection of ready-made clothing. It’s the best place to buy clothes. If you want to buy clothes, you can’t go wrong by heading there!” 

Chiwu thanked the stall owner, and he and He Yan headed in the direction the stall owner had pointed. 

He Yan was feeling a bit nervous. 

Chiwu asked, “What’s wrong?” 

“Just a bit uncomfortable with buying women’s clothes,” He Yan replied. 

Chiwu nodded. “It can be a bit uncomfortable.” 

In both her past and present lives, He Yan had spent more time dressed as a man than as a woman. Even when she was dressed as a woman, she didn’t pay much attention to clothing and fashion. The household would prepare what she needed, and she didn’t want to choose clothes herself. She thought it would be best to avoid making any fashion blunders and pick something that didn’t suit her. 

But no matter how anxious she was, she had to go through with this. The Embroidered Brocade Lane wasn’t too far from where they were, and before long, they arrived. 

The clay figurine vendor’s advice was accurate; the Embroidered Brocade Lane was quite large, spanning five floors and looking like a grand building. Two young store assistants near the entrance greeted them with friendly smiles. One of them said, “Dear customers, is this your first time at the Embroidered Brocade Lane?” 

He Yan nodded, “Yes, we’d like to buy a few pieces of clothing.” 

“May I ask if it’s you or the young gentleman who’s looking for clothes?” The assistant pointed to the building, “In the Embroidered Brocade Lane, the first floor has men’s clothing, the second floor has children’s clothing, and the remaining three floors have women’s clothing. The higher you go, the more expensive the clothing gets.” He smiled and rubbed his hands together. “Would you like to…”

He Yan decided promptly, “Let’s go to the third floor.”

“Alright!” the assistant replied with a cheerful smile. “Please follow me you two.”

The store was indeed vast, each floor adorned with exquisite carpets and beautiful decorations. The decor of Jiyang was distinct from the elegance of Shuojing; it was more lavish and enthusiastic, mirroring the spirit of its people. The walls were decorated with murals, showing people engaging in various activities. It was like a lively, bustling market by the river, full of intriguing details.

Seeing He Yan intently observing the mural, the assistant said, “This is Jiyang’s Water God Festival. Jiyang thrives on water, and every March, we celebrate the Water God. You two don’t look like locals. If you stay long enough, you might want to witness the Water God Festival. It’s quite a lively event!”

“In March?” He Yan inquired.

“That’s right, it’s this month,” the assistant confirmed. “The Water God Festival is a lot of fun! Miss, if you attend, you won’t be disappointed.”

The people here were naturally warm and welcoming, so He Yan didn’t say much but became curious about the Water God Festival as mentioned by the assistant.

When they reached the third floor, the assistant stopped and said, “This is it, miss. Please take your time to browse.”

He Yan nodded, and Chiwu felt somewhat uncomfortable. This entire floor was filled with women’s clothing, and as a man, he didn’t quite belong there. He told He Yan, “I’ll wait for you downstairs. Once you’ve made your selections, just let someone inform me.”

He Yan replied, “Alright.”

Chiwu left, and the assistant continued to guide He Yan while explaining, “This cherry-red antique silk moonlight dress has been our best-seller recently. With spring here, everyone likes to wear red, as it stands out during spring outings. If you want to catch your beloved’s attention, this is the perfect choice.”

“This lotus-colored, engraved silk peony and plain jade skirt is also excellent. Pair it with a folding fan, and you’ll look like a celestial maiden in the paintings. It’s pure, elegant, and graceful, truly marvelous!”

“Take a look at this one: this embroidered butterfly-patterned skirt features a hundred butterflies, all hand-stitched by our skilled seamstresses. Just imagine, wearing this skirt in a garden, you’ll surely attract numerous real butterflies. They’ll flutter around you, making you even more charming!”

He Yan: “….”

In the Embroidered Brocade Lane, the assistant had quite the gift of gab. He had a way with words that left He Yan utterly enchanted. She felt that each piece of clothing on the wall was unique and exquisite, and even an ordinary woman would look stunning when wearing them. At the moment, there was only her here, but if more people came to browse, would this assistant be able to handle them all? 

Fortunately, He Yan had some discernment. She didn’t believe everything he said but still felt overwhelmed after looking through the third floor. There were just too many options, and she didn’t know which one to choose. 

He Yan thought for a moment and then turned to the assistant, saying, “Little brother, I rarely choose clothes for myself, so I’m not sure which one to pick. Could you help me find something that’s elegant, versatile, and suitable for a social event, so I won’t embarrass myself?” 

The assistant, a shrewd individual, understood He Yan’s predicament. He smiled and said, “Of course. Miss, I see that you have fair skin and a distinctive appearance, different from the women in Jiyang. With your unique charm, it would be a shame to choose just a safe option that wouldn’t do justice to your beauty. How about…” He went to a piece of clothing, lifted a corner, and showed it to He Yan. “What do you think of this one?” 

“This ‘Fragrant Blossom and Graceful Jade Skirt’ is very light and delicate to the touch, and the water-blue color complements your skin tone perfectly. It has a simple yet elegant design, and you can wear it to a social event without any worries. There’s only one of these skirts. If you like it, why not choose this one?” 

He Yan walked over to the skirt. Compared to the others she had seen, it appeared much simpler and comfortable. She smiled and said, “Then this one…” 

“This skirt, I’ll take it,” a hand reached out and snatched the skirt from He Yan’s hand.

He Yan turned to see a young lady in a yellow dress standing there. She had a lovely face with rosy cheeks and peach-like complexion. She was slightly tanned but had a great figure and a tall stature. She didn’t even glance at He Yan as if she didn’t see her. 

Behind her were two green-clad maids, and one of them said, “Why are you just standing there? Why haven’t you greeted our young lady?” 

The assistant was taken aback and quickly bowed, saying, “Miss Yan.” 

The girl called Miss Yan snorted as a response. 

The assistant turned back and wiped his sweat, then said to He Yan, “Miss, maybe… you should choose another piece?” 

Even a fool could figure out what was happening. Such people, who relied on their family background, were present in all places and times. The assistant was innocent in all of this, and He Yan didn’t want to make things difficult for him over a single piece of clothing. After all, it was just a piece of clothing. She smiled and said, “It’s fine, I’ll choose another piece.” 

“Sorry,” the assistant turned around and whispered to He Yan, “Miss Yan rarely comes to our clothing shop, and even if she does, she never goes to the third floor. I don’t know what’s happening today…” 

“No need to explain. I understand,” He Yan gave him a reassuring look. 

“Thank you, thank you.” 

The assistant walked over to Miss Yan and asked, “Miss Yan, would you like me to help you choose some clothing?” 

“What are you? Why would I need you to choose for me?” Miss Yan sneered. “Go help others. I don’t need your guidance.” 

The assistant reluctantly stepped aside and returned to He Yan. Compared to serving the haughty Miss Yan, she was much more gentle and accommodating. He suggested, “Miss, how about looking at this one? This ‘Su Embroidered Pipa Skirt’ has a cinched waist and wide sleeves, making you look like you’re walking through the clouds. The color is pear blossom white, and you’ll look like a snow-white beauty. It’s elegant and enchanting. What do you think?” 

He Yan couldn’t help but chuckle at the assistant’s overly flattering words. She found them a bit embarrassing. After inspecting the dress, she thought it was nice and said, “Then I’ll take this one.” 

As soon as she spoke, one of Miss Yan’s maids reached out and grabbed the dress He Yan had pointed to, saying, “We’ll take this one too.” 


He Yan furrowed her brows slightly. If it happened once, it might be a coincidence, but twice seemed intentional. She had never seen this woman before, so why was she singling her out? 

She turned to face the woman and politely asked, “Excuse me, have I offended you in any way Miss?” 

“Not at all,” Miss Yan looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “I’m just choosing some clothes. Why would you think I’m offended?” 

“Choosing one or two pieces is perfectly fine,” He Yan smiled, “but it seems like whenever I pick something, you choose the same. Is there a reason for that?” 

Miss Yan pursed her lips and arrogantly replied, “It seems you’re not stupid.” 

“I don’t understand why you’re doing this. Can you explain?” 

“Ask why in everything, very well, but I’m not your husband, so why should I enlighten you? I’m here today, even if I buy all the clothes on this third floor, it’s still my ability. If you’re not satisfied, you can buy it too. With so many clothes, there’s bound to be one I don’t want. However…” She looked He Yan up and down, her tone somewhat contemptuous, “Look at you, you don’t seem like you can afford much.” 

He Yan was dressed in Cheng Lisu’s clothing, which was of good quality. However, after days of traveling and coming directly from an inn, she was quite dusty. She had come straight from the inn, so she hadn’t had a chance to change. In the eyes of onlookers, she naturally looked disheveled and impoverished. 

What kind of luck was this? Even when she came out to buy some decent clothes, she had to encounter such a spoiled young lady. He Yan was used to dealing with men, straightforward and rough. Even if she was dissatisfied, at most she would get into a fight. But dealing with a woman was different; she couldn’t just beat up a girl in public. 

“Embroidered Brocade Lane is not run by miss,” He Yan patiently said, “I just want to buy some clothes, please don’t make trouble.” 

It would have been better not to say that, but once she said it, the woman reacted like a cat with its tail stepped on, her whole body bristling. She glared at He Yan, her voice sharper than before, and said, “Making trouble? You dare accuse me of making trouble? Where did this bumpkin come from? If you don’t recognize me, that’s fine, but you’re also using filthy language! Want to buy clothes? Look at your poor appearance, can you afford it?”

He Yan: “I…” 

“Madam!” a voice interjected. 

He Yan turned around to find that at some point, Xiao Jue and Lin Shuanghe had arrived here, along with Chiwu and Fei Nu following behind. There were also two young women in pink dresses with double-helix hairstyles standing timidly to the side. 

Xiao Jue approached; the Jiyang woman was stunning and bold, while the men exuded a strong and imposing aura. A young man as handsome, elegant, and charismatic as him was truly a rare sight. 

Miss Yan couldn’t take her eyes off him. 

Xiao Jue stared at her for a while, then suddenly curled his lips and leaned closer to He Yan’s ear. His voice was very low, but it was just enough for everyone around to hear. 

“What’s causing the panic, madam?” 

—-Side Note—— 

He Yan has put all her scheming skills into uncle. Uncle is in a tough situation, still having to deal with her schemes. [palm to face]

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