Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Taming the Horse

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“I’m just a horse tamer,” the girl said, her hands behind her back, still holding the iron-headed stick, swinging it playfully, and speaking casually.

“Yan Yan?” He Sui was taken aback, then whispered reproachfully, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

However, He Yan didn’t even look at He Sui, her eyes fixed on Young Master Zhao as she said, “Young Master, are you willing?”

Young Master Zhao was someone who appreciated beauty. Although the girl’s face was veiled, her eyes revealed a beautiful countenance. Besides, she spoke with a crisp voice and seemed like a beauty in her own right. It was hard for him to resist a request from such a charming and tender beauty.

“Miss, you may not know, but this horse is wild and untamed. If you were to get injured because of this, I would be deeply regretful,” he kindly reminded, feeling suave and sophisticated.

But just as he finished speaking, he heard the girl laugh. In the next moment, he saw a flash of coral-colored dress, like fluttering lotus flowers, carrying a fragrant breeze. When he looked up again, He Yan was sitting gracefully on the horse, holding the reins.

The horse had originally been held by He Sui, and he didn’t expect He Yan to suddenly mount it. He loosened his grip, and the reins fell. The wild horse, startled, neighed loudly and raised its legs in a leap.

“Yan Yan!” He Sui exclaimed, and He Yunsheng was also startled.

He Yan remained calm and simply let go of the reins, only holding onto the mane on the horse’s neck tightly. She grasped firmly, not letting go even as the horse struggled. She then leaned down, her ear against the horse’s ear, making a series of strange sounds in her mouth.

Strangely enough, the horse gradually stopped struggling, and its raised front hooves returned to the ground. It slowly calmed down.

Everyone was astonished.

“Yan Yan, get down quickly,” He Sui’s heart finally settled, reaching out eagerly to He Yan, “Don’t risk yourself.”

He Yunsheng also regained his senses, his young face pale, and his voice trembling, “You… get down quickly! Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“Hahaha,” Young Master Zhao, who had been in a daze, suddenly burst into laughter, “I didn’t expect the young lady to be so skilled. In that case…” He also mounted a horse, “How about I accompany the young lady in a match?”

Indeed, he was quite elegant.

He Yan smiled slightly, “Be careful then, as I said, I’m a horse tamer.” With that, she reached out, patting the horse’s rear, and the horse kicked up dust as it galloped away!

“She didn’t even use a horsewhip?” Young Master Zhao murmured, then flicked his whip, urging the horse forward, “Go!”

The two horses kicked up rolling dust on the racetrack, leaving everyone in awe.

He Sui slowly turned to look at He Yunsheng, who hurriedly defended himself, “Don’t ask me, I have no idea when she learned to ride a horse!”

He Sui felt as if he was in a dream.

He knew his daughter best. She might have some knowledge of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, and was well-dressed, but when it came to riding horses and wielding swords, she was not only inexperienced but would probably roll her eyes at the very mention of it. He Yan preferred refined and elegant young men, enjoying activities like tasting tea, discussing poetry, and appreciating flowers under the moonlight. She kept her distance from rough and uncouth things, fearing they might hurt her delicate skin.

But now, she mounted the horse with such proficiency, as if she had done it a thousand times before, familiar and effortless. She seemed even more skilled than her own father. And that wild horse, so obedient under her control, didn’t even need a horsewhip? How did she do it?

He Sui looked at the figure on the racetrack.

The wild horse that he couldn’t tame was agile like the wind under He Yan, her posture elegant. Despite the inconvenience of wearing a long dress, she deftly lifted it to reveal her pants underneath. Instead of looking rough, she exuded an indescribable sense of casual elegance.

Young Master Zhao couldn’t catch up to her.

Young Master Zhao felt a bit annoyed.

He came to the racetrack to show off, not to make a fool of himself. He had been amused by He Sui just now, but what was going on with this girl? He couldn’t possibly lose to a woman, especially when she was riding an untamed wild horse. Did he want to become the laughingstock?

Absolutely impossible!

Suddenly, a sense of competitiveness surged in Young Master Zhao’s heart. He whipped the horse beneath him even harder, urging it forward. The horse felt the pain and galloped faster, closing in on He Yan’s figure.

Yes, this was it! As he saw He Yan’s figure getting closer, Young Master Zhao couldn’t help but feel triumphant. He had learned to ride horses at the age of seven, and after all these years, how could he be inferior to a woman?

His horse finally overtook He Yan.

Young Master Zhao burst into laughter. “Miss, you have to put in more effort!”

“You’re quite skilled, Young Master,” He Yan’s voice carried a hint of surprise. “It’s the first time someone has caught up with me.”

As she spoke, her hand gently touched the iron-headed stick swaying at her waist. With Young Master Zhao’s horse ahead and hers behind, the iron-headed stick landed on the horse’s back without anyone noticing, except for the horse beneath Young Master Zhao.

Startled, the horse suddenly stumbled, catching Young Master Zhao off guard. He loosened his grip on the reins, and the whip fell to the ground. In the next moment, his horse galloped forward, and Young Master Zhao found himself unable to control it, holding the reins tightly, but it was of no use.

“Stop, stop!” he cried in distress, feeling dizzy and disoriented on horseback.

A concerned voice called from behind, “Young Master Zhao? Are you alright?”

“Help… Save me!” Young Master Zhao’s voice turned pleading, “Make it stop!”

In the distance, He Yunsheng frowned and said, “What’s happening? Why do I hear that Zhao guy screaming for help?”

He Sui was taken aback. Looking down the racetrack, he saw the two horses running back towards them. Young Master Zhao’s horse was in the front, but he had no whip and was clutching the reins tightly while crying for help. On the other hand, He Yan seemed worried, but she maintained perfect stability on horseback.

“It seems like Young Master Zhao’s horse got startled,” He Sui quickly went to the stable to fetch another horse, “I’ll go help!”

“Master… Master, you can’t have an accident!” the servant’s face turned pale, “You can’t!”

Young Master Zhao wailed on the horseback, his voice full of despair. Meanwhile, He Yan freed one hand to clean her ears, annoyed by the noise.

This arrogant little fellow, if he wasn’t scared to death, she wouldn’t be He Yan. In the past, in the army, there were no shortage of arrogant new recruits who thought they were unparalleled geniuses, but in the end, they all learned to face reality obediently. In this world, there are always people better than you, so it’s better to be humble.

Having enjoyed the show long enough, she noticed that He Sui was coming over with another horse. He Yan tapped the horse’s backside again, and the horse halted abruptly. She dismounted with lightning speed and held the iron-headed stick horizontally in front of Young Master Zhao’s horse. The horse came to a sudden stop, standing in place. He Yan held the reins and commanded, “Whoa!”

The horse calmed down.

The wind blew, lifting the white veil on her face. In a fleeting moment, her face was revealed, but it was quickly covered by the hazy white fabric.

“It’s fine now.” She addressed the weeping man hiding behind his horse. “You can dismount now, Young Master Zhao.”

“Wu-wu… wu-wu…”

Young Master Zhao sobbed uncontrollably.

—Side Note—

He Yan is such a cool girl! Next chapter, the uncle will officially make an appearance~

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