Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Noble Young Master Wuling 

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Sobbing and wiping his tears with the back of his hand, Young Master Zhao cursed under his breath as he dismounted, almost stumbling in the process.

His servant hurried over to support him and asked, “Young Master, Young Master are you alright?”

With a kick, Young Master Zhao lashed out, saying, “Do I look alright to you?”

“I was really scared just now,” He Yan said, “It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t insisted on racing with you, you wouldn’t have been frightened.” She was full of remorse and sincerely apologized, “I hope you won’t hold it against me, Young Master.”

Hold it against her? How could he hold anything against his savior? What could he possibly hold against her? Young Master Zhao managed a forced smile, suppressing his frustration, but as he looked at the culprit, who was still grazing grass with its head down, his anger surged again. He waved his hand angrily, “This conniving beast almost caused this Young Master harm! Drag him out and cut him down! I want to chop him into pieces and make him into horse jerky!”

Seeing this, the furrow on He Yunsheng’s forehead deepened, and He Yan’s smile turned cold.

Horses, to a military general, were not just mere mounts but also comrades-in-arms, fighting side by side through life and death. They couldn’t speak, but they carried soldiers into battle. They couldn’t communicate verbally, but they mourned with sorrowful neighs when their masters died and even starved themselves in grief.

They were loyal to their masters, just as their masters cherished them.

Young masters from wealthy regions, who had never experienced the cruelty of the battlefield, could never understand the comradeship between man and warhorse. Even among humans, they were distinguished by rank, so what was a mere animal worth to him? If it was just an animal, then there was no need for hesitation; if it deserved to die, then just kill it, why bother considering anything else?

“…This is a good horse,” He Sui spoke up, trying to persuade, “Young Master, you should think twice.”

“It’s my horse,” Young Master Zhao sneered, feeling vexed with no outlet for his anger, and now He Sui appeared out of nowhere. He laughed maliciously, “I can do whatever I want, can’t I?” He drew a dagger from his waist, gleaming with cold light, and said, “I not only want to kill him but also do it right here!” 

The dagger’s handle was embedded with a ruby the size of a pigeon’s egg, and the sheath was also made of gold, exuding unparalleled luxury. Now, the tip of the knife was aimed at the magnificent horse grazing on the grass, unaware that its owner had harbored murderous intent towards it, swishing its tail in a leisurely manner.

With a murderous gleam in his eyes, Young Master Zhao thought of a good idea. Since this horse had frightened him and caused him to lose face, he would kill it right here. This would not only vent his anger but also make him appear brave, regaining some of his lost dignity.

He shouted at his servant, “Seize it for me!”

He Yan’s hand twitched involuntarily, subconsciously reaching for the iron-headed stick at her waist.

She couldn’t… she couldn’t bear to see the horse die because of her. If she took action, there would be no justification for it.

The horse was restrained by several servants, and the leader among them shouted, “Young Master, Young Master, we’ve got it! Young Master can do it now!”

Young Master Zhao held the dagger and stepped forward, aiming at the horse’s neck, the blade gleaming with cold light as it was about to strike down…


A crisp sound, like metal clashing, echoed, and something fell to the ground. He Yan quietly retracted her outstretched hand. But Young Master Zhao’s dagger had already fallen, and he was now clutching his wrist, shouting in pain.

“Who? Who is it?!” He hopped in pain while cursing, “Who the h*ll shot me?”

“It was me.”

A voice came from behind.

That voice… He Yan’s heart trembled slightly as she turned around to look.

She saw two people who had appeared at some point. Both were on horseback. The young man on the left was dressed in light yellow with a round-collared robe, which made him look exceptionally lively in such a vibrant color. His lips were red, teeth white, and his smile radiant. His clear eyes had a hint of childlike innocence, and he exuded an air of spirited youthfulness. He was a charming young gentleman.

As for the young man on the right… He Yan’s eyes brightened.

It was springtime, the willows were fresh, and the ice and snow had melted. In the midst of the city’s spring scenery, someone divided flowers and swept away the willow branches, walking amidst the flowers.

The young man in the yellow robe was already quite handsome, but the young man beside him was even more beautiful. His face resembled beautiful jade, his eyes were bright stars, and his gentle eyes had a hint of upward slant, like autumn water reflecting the moonlight. It was a seductive and captivating charm, yet his gaze appeared as cold as frost.

He wasn’t as lively as the younger man, wearing a silver coronet on his head, with his dark hair flowing smoothly. He wore a riding outfit in a color reminiscent of frosty grass and embroidered with a delicate vermillion phoenix at the collar, exuding a dignified aura. Dark blue riding boots, a clear blue waist belt, and a shimmering jade-hilted sword hanging from his waist. Riding a white horse with a golden bridle, he stood elegantly and majestically. At this moment, his well-defined right hand was playing with a dark cyan sachet, making tinkling sounds.

What a handsome and elegant young master wuling*!
* It metaphorically refers to the young men from wealthy or high-ranking families, implying that they possess noble qualities.

As He Yan’s heart was filled with admiration, she suddenly felt something amiss. In the blink of an eye, she lowered her head, and the fluttering white veil concealed her bewildered gaze.

Young Master Zhao’s voice, both obsequious and fearful, sounded, “It turns out to be Commander Xiao… My apologies.”

In He Yan’s mind, memories from many years ago surfaced – another spring day, with singing birds and dancing swallows, and a young man in white robes and golden boots, his eyes slightly impatient but still full of charisma, gazing down from a tree branch. Even though he seemed annoyed, he was still full of charm.

The lazy spring light, the pleasant breeze, he was like a painting, dimming the spring scenery of the entire city.

Xiao Jue, Xiao Huaijin, her nemesis in her previous life, her fellow classmate from the past, and also the renowned General of the Right Army, General Feng Yun.

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