Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 39 Part 2

Chapter 39.2 Code G(3)

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Startled by the sight of the mask, Qin Xu let out a horrified scream and turned to run. Lin Zhaohe placed Zhuang Lao down and, expressionless, chased after him, the blade of an axe held in his hand gleaming with a chilling light.

Yu Zhuqi was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events. They had just reached the third floor when Lin Zhaohe and Qin Xu inexplicably turned around and left. No matter how much he shouted, he couldn’t bring them back. Qin Xu muttered something under his breath, sprinting all the way to the fire exit door and firing the gun, luckily missing everyone.

“Qin Xu, have you gone mad?” Yu Zhuqi was left bewildered. “What are you doing? Lin Zhaohe, you—” He had intended to go and pull Lin Zhaohe back, but Zhuang Lao held him back, gripping his shoulder.

“Don’t go over there just yet,” Zhuang Lao said.

“Why?” Yu Zhuqi asked. “Shouldn’t we seize the opportunity while Lin Zhaohe hasn’t fired and stop him?”

Before Zhuang Lao could speak, Lin Zhaohe let out an angry roar, followed by tearful cries. “Boss… please don’t die. Don’t make me, a white-haired person, send off a black-haired person…”

Zhuang Lao: “…”

Yu Zhuqi: “…”

Neither of them knew what to say at that moment. Were they touched by Lin Zhaohe’s heartfelt words, or were they amazed that Zhuang Lao was dead yet Lin Zhaohe still wanted to take advantage of him?

After his outburst, Lin Zhaohe’s demeanor changed. He forcefully tore off the gas mask that covered his face, revealing a sinister rabbit mask in its place…

Yu Zhuqi’s pupils trembled at the sight of the mask. “Isn’t this a mask from the Boundary? How did Lin Zhaohe bring it out?”

It seemed he was also an experienced player from the Boundary.

Before Yu Zhuqi could figure it out, Lin Zhaohe had already picked up an axe from somewhere and chased after Qin Xu.

Zhuang Lao had no time to explain Yu Zhuqi’s confusion and simply said a word before following along.

He chased, he fled, but with wings clipped, Qin Xu ran frantically towards the top floor. However, the pursuing monster showed no signs of relenting.

It was a terrifying creature unlike anything he had ever seen before. Towering in size, its head nearly scraping the ceiling, it emitted a nauseating stench while holding a human skull in its hand.

Why would such a horrifying creature exist in a world overrun by zombies? Where was he exactly? Qin Xu’s mind was a jumble, unable to grasp his location, the reason for coming here, or what he was supposed to do.

Lin Zhaohe could trace Qin Xu’s footsteps and even detect his scent lingering in the air. His vision tinted blood-red, his mind became incredibly clear in that moment. He resembled a seasoned hunter, effortlessly capturing the prey’s trail.

The hunted was a pitiful little creature, feeble and helpless, consumed by profound panic. Each step Qin Xu took seemed to trample upon his fragile heart, as if the slightest pressure could crush his delicate body.

With one chasing and the other fleeing, they quickly reached the fourth floor. In a state of panic, Qin Xu desperately sought refuge, but the monster’s footsteps doggedly pursued him, shattering his psychological defenses step by step.

No, he would be found. No matter where he hid, he would be discovered.

The constant sound of footsteps behind him pushed Qin Xu’s emotions to the brink of collapse. He let out uncontrollable shouts, “Get away, get away, monster! If you come any closer, I’ll kill you!” He raised the gun in his hand and once again pulled the trigger, aiming at the creature not far from him.

Zhuang Lao and Yu Zhuqi caught up with them on the fourth floor.

Whether it was due to the threat to his life or something else, Qin Xu’s speed was unlike anything before. He ran swiftly, even leaving Yu Zhuqi gasping for breath as he tried to keep up.

Finally catching up, they pushed open the door only for Yu Zhuqi to gasp in astonishment.

The entire fourth floor was enveloped in undulating masses of flesh, covering the walls, ceilings, and floors. The texture alone sent shivers down his spine.

Yu Zhuqi cautiously stepped on it, feeling the repulsive texture that gave him goosebumps.

Zhuang Lao said, “They’re alive.”

Examining it closely, Yu Zhuqi realized that indeed it was alive, slowly undulating as if it were breathing.

“Disgusting,” Yu Zhuqi managed to suppress the feeling of nausea. “What about the other two?”

“They went that way,” Zhuang Lao said, urging him to hurry.

Just as they began to run in that direction, a series of gunshots rang out. Zhuang Lao’s expression changed, hastening his pace. They turned a corner and saw Lin Zhaohe and Qin Xu, with Qin Xu being driven to madness by Lin Zhaohe.

Neither of them was injured, but judging from Qin Xu’s state, he seemed on the verge of insanity. He held his gun and fired wildly at Lin Zhaohe, but the bullets had no effect, simply bouncing off him.

Yu Zhuqi’s eyes widened in disbelief as he said, “Where did Lin Zhaohe acquire these skills during my absence?”

Zhuang Lao smiled contentedly and said, “Children always grow up.”

Yu Zhuqi:“……” Growing up doesn’t mean becoming like this.

Poor Qin Xu, witnessing his weapons having no effect, further descended into despair. Tears streamed down his face, resembling a helpless child huddling in a corner, pleading with Lin Zhaohe not to come any closer. However, Lin Zhaohe, axe in hand, remained cold-hearted, unmoved by his pleas, taking deliberate steps towards Qin Xu.

For Qin Xu, this scene was a nightmare. But Yu Zhuqi noticed their boss, Zhuang Lao, standing nearby with a benevolent gaze. His eyes seemed to convey, “Xiao He, you’re amazing. You’ve finally grown up, and Dad doesn’t have to worry about you anymore.”

Yu Zhuqi couldn’t help but feel both amused and exasperated, saying, “Boss, shouldn’t we go help Qin Xu?”

Zhuang Lao responded, “It’s fine. There’s no hurry at the moment.” After all, Qin Xu couldn’t die.

Yu Zhuqi: “Let’s not traumatize poor Qin Xu.”

Zhuang Lao’s voice turned cold and ruthless. “He belongs to Jiang Guan’s team. If anyone should traumatize him, it would’ve been Jiang Guan.”

Yu Zhuqi sighed inwardly. Boss can be heartless when it comes to people who aren’t part of the company.

Despite his words, Zhuang Lao swiftly moved towards Qin Xu.

Qin Xu, looking at the menacing creature not far from him, broke down in wailing sobs. He felt death closing in, knowing that the creature was impervious to blades and bullets, and its speed far surpassed his own. It wasn’t merely chasing him. It was deliberately tormenting him, relishing in the ultimate fear of its prey’s impending demise.

“No, I won’t let you succeed.” Qin Xu pulled out his gun, pointing it at his own head. “I won’t let you…”

“Qin Xu!” The human voice pierced through the haze, as if a person trekking through a parched desert had stumbled upon a refreshing spring. Qin Xu’s bewildered consciousness was momentarily brought back.

Amidst his confusion, he heard someone calling his name. He couldn’t help but ask, “Who? Who is calling me? Who is there? Who’s coming to help me?”

Slap, slap! Two resounding slaps across his face jolted Qin Xu with a searing pain, further sharpening his clarity. Dazed, he turned his head and saw two familiar faces… Zhuang Lao and Yu Zhuqi… How did they end up here?

No, wait. They were supposed to be here. What was he doing?

Qin Xu asked in a daze, “What… What am I doing?”

“You’re working for Jiang Guan,” Yu Zhuqi retorted impatiently. “Wake up already!” He raised his hand to give Qin Xu another smack, but Qin Xu evaded it. He complained with a hint of grievance, “Brother, stop hitting me. Your hand is so ruthless. I feel like you’re loosening my teeth.”

Yu Zhuqi replied curtly, “If I don’t loosen them, will you wake up?”

Qin Xu surveyed his surroundings, taking in the horrifying sight of the fourth floor. His headache intensified. “No… My head hurts… Where am I?”

Yu Zhuqi took out a spare gas mask from his backpack and helped Qin Xu put it on. It was then that Qin Xu’s consciousness fully snapped back. “Damn, what happened to me? Didn’t the previous gas mask work?”

“Seems like it,” Yu Zhuqi puzzledly replied. “Neither yours nor Lin Zhaohe’s worked… It’s strange. These were the ones I personally prepared.”

“Has someone tampered with our things?” Qin Xu asked. “Otherwise, why would only Lin Zhaohe and I encounter trouble…” As he mentioned Lin Zhaohe, he immediately recalled the chase they had just experienced. His whole body trembled uncontrollably. “Damn, how did Lin Zhaohe bring Joseph’s mask with him?”

No one could provide an answer.

“What should we do about Zhaohe?” Yu Zhuqi sighed helplessly. “With his invulnerability, there’s nothing I can do to him.”

Yu Zhuqi didn’t possess any supernatural abilities. Faced with Lin Zhaohe, all he could do was escape for his life. It was only because of Zhuang Lao’s diversion that they managed to save Qin Xu.

Zhuang Lao straightened up, about to say something, when they felt the ground shake.

“What’s happening?” Yu Zhuqi exclaimed in surprise.

“I don’t know. You take Qin Xu and go outside. I’ll go check it out,” Zhuang Lao said.

“Okay, Boss. Stay safe,” Yu Zhuqi didn’t try to be brave.

Zhuang Lao watched Yu Zhuqi and Qin Xu safely leave before turning back and returning to the fourth floor through the corridor.

The previous shaking had been mild, but now it grew increasingly intense. The horrifying flesh masses on the ground started writhing and contorting as if activated by something.

Zhuang Lao proceeded along the corridor, passing through several rooms, until he finally found Lin Zhaohe in a corner.

Lin Zhaohe stood in the center of the flesh mound, covered in blood, bearing the marks of a fierce battle.

Clearly, this entity had been provoked by Lin Zhaohe’s attacks. It released waves of putrid odor into the air. Simultaneously, the flesh masses wriggled on the floor, sticking to Lin Zhaohe’s feet and gradually creeping upward, seemingly intent on completely engulfing and devouring him.

If it were an ordinary person, they might have been driven to madness by the stench. But Lin Zhaohe was far from being in a normal state at this point. Instead, the situation served as his stimulant.

His body, impervious to blades and bullets, showed no response to this level of assault. The long-handled axe in his hand became a weapon of reaping. He effortlessly severed the bindings and began to wreak havoc on the flesh masses in the room…

It seemed that this was the vulnerable spot of the flesh entity. With just one swing from Lin Zhaohe, Zhuang Lao could feel a violent tremor ripple through the ground, and he could faintly hear agonizing screams.

It was a self-inflicted tragedy, the consequence of this entity’s transformation. Zhuang Lao found it somewhat ironic, with a tinge of dark humor.

However, time was pressing, and they couldn’t let Lin Zhaohe continue his performance unchecked. Zhuang Lao called out, “Xiao He.”

Lin Zhaohe’s movements remained unchanged, seemingly unaffected by Zhuang Lao’s voice.

Zhuang Lao glanced at his watch. “Xiao He, wake up.”

Lin Zhaohe’s movements paused briefly.

Upon witnessing this scene, Zhuang Lao murmured softly, “Xiao He, if you don’t wake up soon, I’ll deduct your salary.”

Lin Zhaohe’s movements instantly halted, and sharp voices echoed in his mind: Kill—kill—attack—attack—attack—salary… Wait, what salary? Deduct his salary? Who dares to deduct his salary?

Lin Zhaohe’s whole body jolted as if doused with a bucket of cold water. He trembled and pleaded, “Don’t… don’t deduct my salary!”

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