Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 40

Chapter 40.1 Code G(4)

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Zhuang Lao tried hard to suppress his laughter. He was just experimenting, but surprisingly, it worked.

“Oh no, how did I end up here?” Lin Zhaohe woke up and realized his situation. He was covered in blood, standing defenseless in a chaotic room. Lin Zhaohe looked around, confused, and asked, “Boss, what happened to me? Was I kidnapped by this thing? Did you rescue me?”

Zhuang Lao: “…maybe?”

“Then let’s leave quickly,” Lin Zhaohe said, frightened. “This place is really scary.”

Everywhere he looked, he saw blood-red flesh, and there was a disgusting smell in the air. He felt incredibly scared.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Zhuang Lao laughed softly as he looked at the helpless and pitiful Lin Zhaohe. Lin Zhaohe was completely perplexed, unaware of what had happenes.

Why was the boss laughing so cheerfully? Could it be because he had rescued himself? Lin Zhaohe was bewildered. Wait, didn’t I witness Qin Xu shooting at the boss just now? The boss even got hit and collapsed… What happened next? He couldn’t remember a thing.

“Let’s go,” Zhuang Lao said, extending his hand to the dazed Lin Zhaohe.

Lin Zhaohe obediently followed Zhuang Lao, like a child being led home by a parent from a kindergarten. They walked slowly. The surroundings were filled with terror, and he was genuinely frightened. However, Lin Zhaohe seemed completely oblivious. The chunks of flesh he stepped on would gradually shift away as if they feared him.

Thanks to Lin Zhaohe’s fortune, their path out of the hospital was unimpeded. Even the flesh blocks that were blocking the corridor earlier had vanished without a trace. Yu Zhuqi found it puzzling and remarked, “Unbelievable! They were blocking the way just a moment ago, but as soon as you arrived, they moved aside…”

Zhuang Lao: “Perhaps they wanted us to leave quickly.”

Yu Zhuqi responded with confusion, “What?”

Lin Zhaohe stood beside Zhuang Lao, his face showing signs of terror, as if he hadn’t been the one brandishing an axe and attacking people just moments ago. It left Yu Zhuqi questioning his own sanity. He asked Lin Zhaohe if he was alright.

“I’m fine,” Lin Zhaohe whispered softly. “It was truly terrifying. I was almost scared to death…”

Qin Xu, barely clinging to life, was supported by Yu Zhuqi. When he heard Lin Zhaohe’s words, he almost spat out blood. You were on the brink of being scared to death, but I was on the verge of being killed by you. While I may have lost my life, you were genuinely petrified!

Lin Zhaohe had no recollection of his recent actions and remained oblivious to Qin Xu’s fearful demeanor towards him. He simply assumed that Qin Xu had a change of heart after firing at their boss.

The group crossed the bridge along the corridor and exited through the opposite end, successfully leaving the hospital.

After their departure, Yu Zhuqi removed his protective mask, taking a deep breath of relatively fresh air. Though it still carried a faint odor, it was far better than the hospital. Even the small, surrounding zombies appeared somewhat cute.

Qin Xu evidently shared the sentiment. “What an adorable group of little creatures…” in comparison to Lin Zhaohe.

Lin Zhaohe: “?” Have the fumes affected your brains?

“We’re almost at the laboratory,” Zhuang Lao interrupted the tranquil atmosphere.

Everyone looked up and indeed spotted a towering structure in the distance. It soared high above the dilapidated surroundings, contrasting sharply with its pristine appearance. A few rooms emitted a faint glow, starkly out of place in this dark world.

“The laboratory has unique construction,” Qin Xu finally regained his composure and retrieved the materials prepared by Madam Yan. He read slowly, “The exterior features a special type of reinforced bulletproof glass capable of withstanding impacts of over ten tons. It’s highly resistant to external damage, and the only way to enter is through the entrance. The entrance is fully automated, allowing security protocols to operate even without human control. Two laser turrets are positioned at the entrance, triggering when unauthorized personnel attempt to enter. However, we have access cards, so it’s not an issue…”

“This laboratory remains impregnable. How impressive,” Lin Zhaohe looked up and mused, “Is this the power of money?”

“Indeed, this is the power of money,” Yu Zhuqi confirmed.

In the original work, this renowned laboratory endured until the third installment before being destroyed by the protagonist using a specially designed missile. This spoke volumes about its formidable defense capabilities. However, no matter how resilient the exterior may be, it could not prevent internal corruption. After the virus outbreak, the laboratory became a breeding ground for monsters. Many of the peculiar creatures cultivated within its walls were infected, imbued with even more terrifying powers by the virus.

In the movie, the protagonist’s team nearly faced complete annihilation within the laboratory. This gives an idea of the monsters’ combat prowess. Moreover, with the accelerated evolution of zombies, the looming building now resembles a perilous and horrifying nest.

According to the plan, they needed to enter the laboratory, take the elevator to the tenth floor, and then switch to a high-level elevator to reach the sixtieth floor. The world’s only remaining antibody was kept in a room on the sixtieth floor. They had to retrieve it before daybreak.

“Is Lin Yan alright?” Lin Zhaohe suddenly remembered something.

They were close to the laboratory, but there was still no sign of activity from Lin Yan’s side. After the explosions in the street ceased, it returned to an eerie silence, which was quite worrisome.

“Can’t reach them,” Zhuang Lao replied curtly. “We don’t have time to worry about them.”

“Let’s go,” Qin Xu proactively put on a spare gas mask. He didn’t want to be chased and attacked by Lin Zhaohe again.

Before entering, Madam Yan provided each of them with an identity card. These cards would grant them access to their destination on the highest floor.

“Let’s move.” After reorganizing all their weapons, Yu Zhuqi took a deep breath. “Remember, the one thing you must not lose is your identity card. Without it, you’ll be virtually immobilized within the laboratory. Clear?”

“Understood,” Qin Xu replied listlessly. He had just attempted to sketch the internal structure of the building before him but failed. Whether it was due to overexertion of his abilities or the objects’ high level surpassing his capabilities, he couldn’t ascertain.

“Be careful,” Zhuang Lao stepped in first.

Upon entering the lobby, the first obstacle they encountered was the card reader for access control. All four of them passed smoothly.

This floor had scattered zombies, presumably the laboratory’s staff judging by their attire. Qin Xu held the building’s layout map and said, “The elevator is over there. We need to swipe the access card. Let’s head to the tenth floor first.”

As they approached the elevator, they noticed some ominous green liquid hanging inside the elevator car.

“I really don’t want to take the elevator,” Qin Xu muttered, “It’s like stepping into an iron coffin if something goes wrong.”

“We can only take the risk,” Zhuang Lao said, “We have four hours left, and it’s impossible to climb to the sixtieth floor without hindrance using the stairs. The stairwell is likely filled with zombies, and if we encounter significant trouble, the mission will be deemed a failure.”

“Let’s go,” Yu Zhuqi spoke nonchalantly, “If the elevator suddenly drops, we just need to jump out before it hits the ground.”

Lin Zhaohe raised an eyebrow. “…What’s the difference between this and setting a small goal of earning a billion yuan?”

“Stay optimistic,” Qin Xu said, “I remember in the movie, the protagonist didn’t encounter any issues with lower-level elevators. Our luck can’t be that bad, right?”

“Let’s hope so,” Lin Zhaohe shrugged.

Despite their anxious hearts, they stepped into the elevator and pressed the number ten.

With a ding, the elevator began to ascend slowly.

The four of them stood inside the elevator, fully focused on the silent changing numbers displayed on the screen.

Lin Zhaohe stood by the right side, and there was a layer of green sticky substance adhered to the elevator wall on his right. It looked disgusting, so Lin Zhaohe moved towards the middle and murmured, “What is this stuff? I hope it’s not saliva.”

“Who cares what it is,” Yu Zhuqi’s attention was fixed on the ascending numbers of the elevator. “We’re already on the eighth floor. It should be fine…”

He was interrupted midway as a loud thud came from above their heads. Something heavy had landed on top of the elevator car, abruptly halting its movement. The elevator continued to receive heavy impacts from above, causing the cabin to shake violently. The four people inside wore grim expressions.

“Jinx,” Qin Xu cursed, “We were so close, and you had to say something…”

“How can you blame me for this!” Yu Zhuqi protested angrily. He took out a tool and inserted it into the elevator door, attempting to pry it open.

“Step aside,” Zhuang Lao said, taking the tool from Yu Zhuqi’s hand. With a forceful motion, he managed to pry open a narrow gap in the elevator car door, just wide enough for one person to pass through.

At this point, their elevator was stuck between the ninth and tenth floors, with half of the cabin still positioned on the ninth floor. If they wanted to escape, they had to crawl out through this sole opening.

“This scene feels so familiar,” Yu Zhuqi widened his eyes. “If I remember correctly, one of the protagonist’s teammates died in a similar situation.”

Qin Xu replied weakly, “You remembered correctly. Two people managed to crawl out, but when it was the third person’s turn, the elevator car dropped… Those trapped inside can’t expect a good outcome.”

Yu Zhuqi helplessly asked, “What do we do now?”

Qin Xu sighed, “Let’s look at the bright side. At least they didn’t die in this elevator.”

“Go,” Zhuang Lao didn’t have time to chat with them. He nodded towards Yu Zhuqi and said, “You go first. You won’t die.”

Perhaps Zhuang Lao’s nonchalant remark about not dying was too calm, to the point where Yu Zhuqi doubted if he was overthinking. He gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, Boss…”

Zhuang Lao nodded in response.

With that, Yu Zhuqi bent down and flipped out through the gap below. As someone experienced in such situations, his movements were fluid and graceful. He only paused briefly in the crevice before reaching the outside of the elevator.

Just as he exited, the elevator car began to shake violently again. Several dents appeared on the steel above their heads, as if there were many feet stomping on it.

“Qin Xu, it’s your turn to go up,” Zhuang Lao called out.

Qin Xu had something to say initially, but when he saw Zhuang Lao’s expression, he dared not say a word. He obediently lowered himself and crouched down.

Outside, Yu Zhuqi reached out and grabbed Qin Xu, forcefully pulling him out of the elevator.

With the assurance of safety, both of them let out a sigh of relief and said, “Boss… hurry up…”

“Should I go next, Boss?” Lin Zhaohe asked.

Zhuang Lao replied, “Wait.”

Wait? But if they wait any longer, the elevator won’t hold up. In just a moment, the entire elevator car was already teetering, and the doors began to deform. At this point, climbing out would significantly increase the danger.

Yu Zhuqi was in a panic, sweat covering his face. “Boss, let me try to secure the car…” At the moment, the elevator was still halfway between the ninth and tenth floors. He wanted to pry the elevator doors open slightly for better maneuvering. However, when he made an effort to lift it, he saw several glowing green eyes beneath the elevator car… They stared back at him eerily through the gap in the doors.

“Damn, what is that?” Yu Zhuqi’s hair stood on end.

“No time left—” Qin Xu shouted, “The elevator is about to fall!”

Lin Zhaohe heard Qin Xu’s shout, and he naturally knew that the elevator was about to drop. “Boss, you go out first!”

Before Zhuang Lao could speak, the elevator car suddenly started shaking violently. Lin Zhaohe lost his balance and fell to the ground. Then, he felt a strong sense of weightlessness—the elevator was plummeting rapidly, and he and Zhuang Lao were falling down!

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