Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 41 Part 2

Chapter 41.2 Code G(5)

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Lin Zhaohe was well-prepared. As he retreated, he threw a few more bombs while keeping his gun in motion, the bullets rat-a-tat-tatting to suppress the incoming onslaught. With a gun in one hand and a magic wand in the other, he shouted, “Freezing Beam—”

The zombie dogs were frozen in their tracks as they pounced, while bullets pierced through their skulls with precision, causing vibrant green blossoms to burst open. Despite the assault from the pack of dogs, Lin Zhaohe handled them with ease, managing to eliminate more than half of the twenty or so zombie dogs in a short span of time.

As Lin Zhaohe was reloading his gun, the remaining few zombie dogs lunged at him. However, he was prepared and skillfully evaded their attacks, leaving them viciously frozen on the ground.

Panting heavily, Lin Zhaohe quickly loaded his gun with fresh bullets and rushed forward, overpowering one of the zombie dogs. He used his magic wand to crack its skull open, exclaiming, “Bad dog, bad dog! You dare to bite things indiscriminately!”

The material of his magic wand was surprisingly sturdy, pulverizing the zombie dog’s head upon impact.

“Damn, I’m exhausted.” With the final one eliminated, Lin Zhaohe was completely worn out, gasping for breath as he sat on the ground, wiping away his sweat. He muttered, “It’s a good thing no one saw… Otherwise, I would have crushed them all.”

Just as he finished muttering to himself, he turned his head and locked eyes with a pair filled with astonishment.

In that moment, Lin Zhaohe saw countless emotions reflected in those eyes—shock, admiration, fear, and guilt. The latter two emotions were probably purely in response to hearing Lin Zhaohe’s final words.

Lin Zhaohe stood up abruptly. “…What are you doing here?” Lin Yan, who should have been with Zhuang Lao and the others, appeared in the corner of the room without him noticing. The triangular bandage on his face was gone, revealing a cheek marred by a wound. He stood there, gazing blankly at Lin Zhaohe, his face expressing utmost clarity, as if questioning who he was, where he was, and what he had witnessed—perhaps fearing that he might be silenced.

Lin Zhaohe gripped his weapon, or rather, his magic wand, and walked slowly towards Lin Yan. “Did you see?”

Lin Yan’s voice sounded weak. “Stay away… I didn’t see anything.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Don’t be afraid of me. I’m not a good person.”

Lin Yan “……” I can tell.

Lin Yan evidently held the belief that Lin Zhaohe was not a decent person. As Lin Zhaohe approached him, Lin Yan even seemed somewhat helpless and took a step back.

Is your step backward a genuine reaction? Feeling despondent, Lin Zhaohe said, “I am actually a good person.” He shook the magic wand, causing the green liquid on it to splatter.

Lin Yan weakly responded, “Okay, I believe you’re… a good person.”

Lin Zhaohe:“……” You say you believe me, but you keep retreating. You’re practically backed up against the wall now.

Lin Yan was of a similar height to Lin Zhaohe, appearing to be in his early twenties. As they moved back and forth, it created an inexplicable sensation for Lin Zhaohe, as if he were some kind of villain persecuting the protagonist. He stopped moving forward and helplessly said, “Alright, stop retreating. I won’t come closer… What about the others?”

Only then did Lin Yan relax a little. “I got separated from them.”

Lin Zhaohe: “What happened to you guys?”

Lin Yan: “Just bad luck. We had barely entered when a horde of monsters swarmed us.” His words seemed casual, but the reality was extremely harrowing. Of course, he felt that his experience was not as exciting as Lin Zhaohe’s, so he added, “You weren’t in danger.”

Lin Zhaohe: “…Well, Brother, that statement of yours is somewhat unnecessary.”

While Lin Yan and the others were still in the stairwell, Lin Zhaohe suddenly got dragged away by a monster from the ventilation duct. Zhuang Lao originally wanted to rescue Lin Zhaohe but was suddenly confronted by a group of crazed monsters that fiercely attacked them. These zombies came in all sorts of varieties, including a few formidable ones. The dogs that Lin Zhaohe had encountered earlier were just a small fraction of them.

As they ascended, the group fought back while retreating. Lin Yan also got separated from the others. However, Lin Yan speculated that they had probably reached the floor above. In order to shake off the monsters, they had even intentionally destroyed the stairs. Otherwise, there would be no explanation for the damaged stairs on the next floor.

“Are there any other people on this floor?” Lin Zhaohe asked with concern.

“No, I specifically looked around earlier,” Lin Yan replied. “Apart from you, I didn’t see anyone else on this floor.”

Lin Zhaohe immediately grew anxious. “What about the boss?”

Lin Yan: “Don’t worry. If we haven’t seen any bodies, it means there isn’t anything major.”

It seemed to make sense. Lin Zhaohe pondered and concluded that Zhuang Lao and the others should be able to handle these monsters with their abilities… But why did he always feel that the boss was particularly formidable, even though he hadn’t seen the boss demonstrate any special skills?

“Let’s go, we should take the elevator up,” Lin Yan suggested.

Lin Zhaohe nodded in agreement.

Stepping over the corpses of the dog pack that Lin Zhaohe had dealt with, the two of them walked towards the direction of the elevator. After a few steps, Lin Yan felt something and his expression changed slightly. “The floor is shaking.”

Lin Zhaohe looked down and indeed noticed the slight vibrations of the floor. It seemed that something extremely heavy was approaching them.

“It’s over there,” Lin Yan said, his face turning unpleasant. “Forget about it, let’s hurry to the elevator.” He seemed to have realized something, and his complexion worsened.

However, it was already too late to continue walking. At the corner of the room behind them, a massive shadow appeared.

The shadow was towering, almost reaching the ceiling, and its enormous body occupied the entire corridor. As Lin Zhaohe focused his gaze, he discovered that it was a giant zombie gorilla.

It still retained the features of a gorilla in its appearance, but its skin was completely rotten, revealing glimpses of its skeleton and internal organs. Inside its belly, human limbs were struggling, indicating that humans who had been infected and turned into zombies had been swallowed by it. They were trapped inside its stomach and writhing, presenting a grotesque and horrifying sight.

“This is bad,” Lin Yan’s face changed drastically upon seeing the gorilla. “It’s difficult to deal with. Let’s get out of here quickly.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Zhaohe swiftly turned around and ran alongside Lin Yan. However, the gorilla had already spotted them and started to chase after them. Despite its large size, its speed remained unhindered. In an instant, it reached them, raising its massive fist to strike Lin Zhaohe. Swiftly dodging, Lin Zhaohe managed to evade the attack.

“Damn it!” Lin Zhaohe exclaimed. “What the hell is this thing?!” He took out a small bomb and threw it towards the gorilla. However, the bomb exploded without causing any harm to the gorilla, instead further infuriating it. The gorilla let out a piercing roar, spraying Lin Zhaohe with saliva.

Lin Zhaohe felt helpless and dirty. “Why is its skin so thick?”

Lin Yan sighed and said, “We encountered four of them just now!”

Lin Zhaohe: “Then why is there only one left now?”

Lin Yan humorously replied after giving it some thought, “Maybe the other three had their fill?”

Lin Zhaohe: “…” One gorilla for each person, quite a fitting arrangement indeed.

“Enough with the jokes,” Lin Yan said seriously. “I’ll distract it, and you get on the elevator!”

Lin Zhaohe responded, “Forget it, I’m not an ordinary person anymore! I can fight alongside you!”

Lin Yan glanced at Lin Zhaohe’s skirt and recalled his previous combat stance against the zombie dogs. The retort that was about to leave his mouth was swallowed back silently… He surprisingly found some truth in what Lin Zhaohe had said.

“We need to strike its head, that’s its weak spot,” Lin Zhaohe said. “I’ll slow down its movements, and you go for its head.”


As they were speaking, the zombie gorilla viciously pounded towards them. Although it missed hitting them, the force nearly cracked the floor. Lin Zhaohe shouted, “Freezing Beam!” A pure white beam shot out from his magic wand, slowing down the gorilla’s movements slightly, but it didn’t freeze it like the zombie dogs.

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Yan leaped onto the gorilla’s shoulder, swiftly drew out a dagger, and fiercely stabbed towards its head. Unexpectedly, the gorilla’s head was incredibly tough, causing the dagger to be deflected. The gorilla reached out to grab Lin Yan, and witnessing this, Lin Zhaohe quickly unleashed his ultimate move, “Banana Blast. Let justice judge you!”

His entire body emitted a dazzling yellow light, and a pair of snowy white wings sprouted from his back. Above his head, a massive halo in the shape of a banana formed, flying towards the gorilla with tremendous force, striking its abdomen and creating a burst of green blood.

Roaring in pain, the gorilla charged forward, its entire body pressing down on Lin Zhaohe. Seeing the situation, Lin Yan yelled, “Quick, run, Lin Zhaohe!”

Lin Zhaohe cried out, “I’m in the middle of casting a spell, I can’t move!”

These monsters had no sense of fairness. They didn’t adhere to any martial ethics. While he was still in the middle of a cutscene, they had already attacked, showing no intention of showing mercy.

Lin Zhaohe had often wondered as a child why the villains didn’t strike during the protagonist’s transformation. Now, as an adult, he had finally encountered this clever antagonist who had caught him in a vulnerable moment, frozen in his pose.

Accompanied by Lin Zhaohe’s agonizing scream, Lin Yan watched helplessly as the gorilla pressed Lin Zhaohe to the ground with its stomach. His eyes widened, and he yelled, “Lin Zhaohe!!!” With all his might, he thrust the dagger, breaking through the gorilla’s resilient skull and striking its vital spot.

The gorilla howled in pain, attempting to shake off Lin Yan, but he had already seized the opportunity. With a mighty roar, his veins bulging, Lin Yan forcefully cleaved open its skull!

With a thunderous crash, the gorilla’s massive body collapsed to the ground!

“Lin Zhaohe!!” Lin Yan’s eyes welled up with tears. “Lin Zhaohe!! Don’t die!”

After a moment, a feeble voice emanated from beneath the gorilla’s body. “I’m fine, I’m like a paper man… can’t be crushed.”

Lin Yan: “…” Must you crack a joke even at the brink of death?


Lin Zhaohe: Does the boss have any special skills?

Zhuang Lao: Hmm…

Lin Zhaohe: ??? Why are you taking off your pants?

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