Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 42

Chapter 42.1 Code G(6)

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Lin Yan forcefully pushed the gorilla aside and noticed Lin Zhaohe lying on the ground.

Because of the gorilla’s immense weight, Lin Zhaohe’s body formed a human-shaped imprint on the floor. Lin Yan helped him up, and he sat on the ground, catching his breath for a while before regaining composure. Shaking his head, Lin Zhaohe admitted he couldn’t go on any longer.

Lin Yan anxiously asked, “Are you hurt?”

Lin Zhaohe: “No, I’m not hurt.”

Lin Yan: “Then why can’t you continue?”

Lin Zhaohe: “I can’t continue because I can no longer sustain the transformation.”

Lin Yan:“……” Sometimes there was no need to pretend to be strong.

Eventually, Lin Zhaohe gritted his teeth and persevered. After Lin Yan helped him up, he trembled as he pressed the button for the sixtieth floor of the elevator.

Lin Yan felt deeply moved and remarked, “You are a person of strong faith. It’s your unwavering belief that has made you so resilient.”

Lin Zhaohe, tears streaming down his face, confessed, “That’s right, it’s my faith.”

Lin Yan: “Why are you crying?”

As the elevator arrived, both of them entered slowly and selected the sixtieth floor. Within the confined space, they stood face to face, two strangers, and an air of awkwardness surrounded them.

Lin Zhaohe discreetly sized up Lin Yan, sensing they were likely of similar age. According to the original story, many events might not have unfolded yet. He licked his lips, preparing to speak, but to his surprise, Lin Yan spoke first.

With caution, Lin Yan asked, “Are you from this city?”

Lin Zhaohe: “Yes, I am.”

Lin Yan bowed his head, his emotions dampened, and said in a subdued tone, “I apologize.”

Lin Zhaohe clenched his fist, unable to resist asking the question that had lingered since their first encounter, “Why did you act that way when you arrived in this world?”

Why did you arrive in this world and take the lives of so many innocents? Was it a sudden impulse or some other motive?

Lin Yan fell silent, unable to find words in the face of the victims’ families’ questioning.

Witnessing his silence, Lin Zhaohe grew somewhat frustrated. He wanted to ask further, but the elevator, which had been ascending slowly, abruptly made a ding sound and stopped. They smoothly arrived at the sixtieth floor, surprising Lin Zhaohe… He had expected some sort of twist along the way.

After all, if it followed the movie, there would at least be some unexpected situations.

“Let’s go,” Lin Yan took the lead and stepped out of the elevator, evading Lin Zhaohe’s questions.

Lin Zhaohe had no choice but to follow behind him.

The antibody they were seeking was located in a heavily guarded room on the sixtieth floor, not too far from the elevator.

The atmosphere on this floor was completely different from the rest. There was no hint of decay in the air, and one could even see screens orderly assigning work to the employees. It felt as if the universe hadn’t exploded.

Lin Zhaohe and Lin Yan swiped their employee cards and smoothly entered the sixtieth floor.

“Why haven’t we seen Zhuang Lao and the others?” Lin Zhaohe grew concerned. He had assumed that Zhuang Lao and the rest would have arrived on the sixtieth floor ahead of them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Lin Yan: “Strange, they should have arrived on the fourteenth floor smoothly.” The elevator was also intact, so they should have already ascended. Surveying their surroundings, they found not a single person present, which left them puzzled. “Where could they be?”

“Something must have gone wrong,” Lin Zhaohe felt unease creeping in. He walked toward the room where the antibodies were stored. “There’s no one here…”

“Watch out behind you!” Lin Yan suddenly shouted.

Before Lin Zhaohe’s mind could react, his body instinctively moved. He lunged forward, and in the next moment, the spot where he had been standing was riddled with bullets from the machine gun above.

Simultaneously, the piercing sound of sirens blared, accompanied by mechanical warnings that assaulted the eardrums: “Intruder detected! Intruder detected!”

Lin Zhaohe was stunned, urgently shouting, “It’s me, I’m Lin Zhaohe! Don’t you recognize me just because I transformed?!”

Lin Yan: “…”

Tears welled up in Lin Zhaohe’s eyes as he said, “Do I have to take off my skirt for you to believe me?!”

Lin Yan: “I don’t think that’s what it means…”

Evidently, the intelligent recognition system wasn’t making a recognition error solely because Lin Zhaohe had become a magical girl. In the next moment, the laser targeting Lin Yan above also initiated an attack.

Lin Yan reacted swiftly, raising his gun and unleashing a barrage of gunfire, accurately obliterating all the lasers.

Lin Zhaohe: “What’s going on? Our employee cards are no longer working?”

“Seems like it,” Lin Yan’s ears twitched, as if catching a sound. “Something is heading our way.”

“Something’s coming? Are they zombies?” Lin Zhaohe turned his gaze in the direction indicated by Lin Yan, only to find a dozen or so robots approaching. These robots were equipped with dark cannons and gun barrels, causing Lin Zhaohe’s eyes to widen in astonishment.

He turned to Lin Yan and asked, “Brother, I remember you’re invulnerable, right?”

Lin Yan remained silent for two seconds before saying, “Heroes don’t dwell on past glories…”

Lin Zhaohe: “…” Is this the time to say such things?

“Run, quickly!” Lin Yan shouted, and the two of them turned around and fled.

The piercing sound of gunfire rang out behind them. Lin Zhaohe had never run so fast, not even when he was looting discounted items at the supermarket. He could even feel the bullets grazing past his cheek, leaving behind a searing burn. They ran frantically until they found a room to take shelter in, finally allowing themselves a moment to catch their breath.

However, the robots didn’t stop. The cameras on their heads emitted sharp warning sounds once again, causing Lin Zhaohe’s eyes to turn red. He raised his hand and fired a shot, exclaiming, “When will it end?!”

“Is there any way out?” Lin Zhaohe asked. He didn’t want to escape from zombies only to be taken down by these robots.

“There is. I’ll distract them,” Lin Yan glanced at their watch, “You go and retrieve the item.”

Lin Zhaohe: “Can you really distract them?” After all, robots weren’t like zombies.

Lin Yan: “Let’s give it a try.” Checking the time, he added, “We don’t have much time left.”

Lin Zhaohe was taken aback, not having the chance to ask Lin Yan what he meant before he saw him rushing out.

The robots outside caught sight of him, akin to hounds catching a whiff of fresh meat. They darted towards Lin Yan, chasing him into the distance, leaving Lin Zhaohe alone, huddled in a corner.

Lin Zhaohe didn’t dare to waste any time. He sprinted towards the location of the antibodies. Along the way, the cameras showed no response, allowing Lin Zhaohe to surprisingly reach the spot where the antibodies were kept. His employee card was useless, so he resorted to breaking the window and forcing his way in.

Inside the room, there was a conspicuous safe. A few shots later, Lin Zhaohe effortlessly opened the safe’s combination lock.

There, he laid eyes upon a shimmering vial of radiant blue liquid, sparkling with captivating brilliance.

This was the one-of-a-kind antibody that could save the world. Lin Zhaohe reached out and took hold of the vial, carefully examining it.

Truly fascinating, Lin Zhaohe thought. He made up his mind to protect this antidote that could save the world with his own life! Gripping the vial tightly, as he turned around, he accidentally bumped his knee against the corner of the table. The pain caused him to exert force in his hand, resulting in a cracking sound as something shattered within his palm.

Lin Zhaohe looked up and saw Lin Yan standing at the doorway, gasping for breath after evading the robots. His eyes widened as he stared at Lin Zhaohe… and at the blue liquid trickling and dripping from his hand.

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