Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 54 Part 2

Chapter 54.2 A Few Things About Dogs

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The handsome man seemed very familiar with Zhuang Lao. Upon entering the room, without waiting for Zhuang Lao to speak, he walked directly to the sofa and sat down, adopting a relaxed posture as if he were in his own home. He looked at Lin Zhaohe and said, “Is this him?”

“Yes,” Zhuang Lao replied, caressing Lin Zhaohe’s head.

“I smell the stench of alchemy,” Mr. Li said. “It’s safe to assume with a high probability.” He glanced at his watch and continued, “What are your plans regarding Lu Pingping?” He grinned, and it was at that moment that Lin Zhaohe noticed his shark-like teeth, sharp and serrated. “If he’s of no use, why not let me have him for a meal?”

“He’s a person from the three-dimensional world,” Zhuang Lao replied. “It’s illegal to eat him.”

“Then what should we do? Should we let him continue being an accomplice?”

Zhuang Lao: “Prisons are designed for people like him.”

Mr. Li burst into laughter. “If it were me, I’d rather die than go to a place like that.” He exuded an aura of wickedness and arrogance. While speaking, he licked his teeth with his tongue and narrowed his eyes at Lin Zhaohe. “Your little domesticated dog looks quite appetizing too.”

Zhuang Lao: “It seems the side effects of alchemy run deep.”

Mr. Li: “By the way, have you seen that person again?”

Zhuang Lao nodded in response.

Mr. Li: “What’s the plan?”

Zhuang Lao pointed at Lin Zhaohe, who had been turned into a tiny dog, and muttered something.

Mr. Li: “He didn’t even put up a fight.”

It seemed they were discussing that person, Lin Yan. But why were there two Lin Yans? Lin Zhaohe couldn’t comprehend it. Could it be that one of them was from a spin-off work?

“It’s not from a spin-off,” Zhuang Lao seemed to have guessed what Lin Zhaohe was thinking. “They had a confrontation once, and their strengths were evenly matched, making it difficult to determine who is superior.” No spin-off work could surpass the popularity of the original, so even their fighting abilities couldn’t be used to identify their identities.

Lin Zhaohe looked perplexed, unable to understand why there were two Lin Yans with such contrasting personalities.

Mr. Li: “But if I had to choose, I’d prefer the one who’s less confrontational.”

Zhuang Lao didn’t take his words seriously. Lin Yan wasn’t someone you could just eat.

“When are we leaving?” Mr. Li asked.

“Tomorrow,” Zhuang Lao said, “We need to bring the little dog back home and prepare some things.”

Mr. Li nodded and reached out his hand, wanting to pat Lin Zhaohe’s head. Before his fingertips could touch, Zhuang Lao’s gaze stopped him. He had no doubt that if his hand actually landed on Lin Zhaohe’s head, Zhuang Lao would chop it off without hesitation.

“Stingy,” Mr. Li muttered, reluctantly retracting his hand. He stood up and said, “It’s boring. I’m leaving.”

Zhuang Lao put his glasses back on and resumed reading the list of a hundred things to be mindful of when raising a puppy. Without looking back, he added, “No need to see you off.”

Mr. Li turned around, his long ponytail swaying in an elegant arc. He hummed and left without looking back.

Lin Zhaohe’s belly was filled with several soft milk cakes. He rubbed against Zhuang Lao’s leg, and Zhuang Lao picked him up and held him in his arms.

Technically, they could leave right away, but Lin Zhaohe was afraid of the dangers they might encounter on this journey. In case any unexpected situations arose, he wanted to inform Little Red Square back home.

Having eaten and drunk to his heart’s content,  Lin Zhaohe was taken back to his home.

He knocked on the door, but no one answered. Lin Zhaohe guessed that Little Red Square had gone upstairs to play games with Gu Xuyu, so he climbed the stairs.

As expected, Gu Xuyu opened the door and was slightly taken aback when he saw Zhuang Lao and the little dog in Zhuang Lao’s arms. “Mr. Zhuang, why does this dog have Friend Lin’s aura?”

Zhuang Lao: “He was transformed by someone into this form.”

Gu Xuyu: “Hmm, there’s also a hint of spellcraft, a difficult curse to break.”

Zhuang Lao: “No worries, we have already found a solution. What about Little Red Square?”

Gu Xuyu: “It’s currently watching Gu Jueyu’s disciples compete. Why don’t you both come and take a look?”

Competition? What are they competing in? A question mark popped up in Lin Zhaohe’s little head. Seeing his curiosity, Zhuang Lao asked on his behalf.

Gu Xuyu explained that Gu Jueyu’s disciples had come from far away these past few days. Gu Jueyu insisted on handling the matter himself, so Gu Xuyu didn’t intervene. Today, they had arranged a meeting place to resolve the issue.

Lin Zhaohe loved watching scenes like this the most, wagging his little tail like a propeller. Without the need for translation from Zhuang Lao, Gu Xuyu smiled and said, “Friend Lin, please come this way.”

He led Lin Zhaohe and Zhuang Lao into the kitchen, and after passing through a door, their sight shifted. Before Lin Zhaohe’s eyes appeared a floating island.

The island was covered with flowers and plants, with mountains and water intertwined. Immortal qi enveloped the surroundings. It seemed to be the place where Gu Jueyu usually cultivated.

At this moment, Gu Jueyu was facing several men with unfriendly expressions. He wore a white robe, his face devoid of emotion. From his appearance, he shared about seventy to eighty percent similarity with Gu Xuyu. The once captivating charm had completely disappeared without a trace.

Little Red Square stood beside Gu Jueyu, and the two groups of people seemed to be arguing.

Zhuang Lao adjusted Lin Zhaohe and found a comfortable viewing position for the little dog.

The man opposite Gu Jueyu had a dark expression on his face. “There’s no point in more talk, Master. Today, I will definitely take you back.”

Gu Jueyu: “Is this how you, a wayward disciple, treat your Master? I, Gu Jue… I mean, Gu Xuyu, will clean house today!” He nearly slipped up and said his own name as Gu Jueyu. “No need to be polite, let’s take action together!”

It was unexpected that he would take on four opponents alone. Lin Zhaohe became somewhat worried about what would happen if he lost.

“Lose?” Gu Xuyu sneered. “He wouldn’t dare to lose.”

Lin Zhaohe: Indeed, he’s the devilish instructor Gu Xuyu.”

If it were someone else, losing would be just losing, but Gu Jueyu couldn’t afford to lose. Lin Zhaohe was certain that if Gu Jueyu lost, he would be thrown back into that remote immortal abode for another few hundred years of cultivation. No more computer or even a phone, he would only be allowed to meditate and cultivate daily, living like an inmate without any rights.

The thought of such a life filled Gu Jueyu’s heart with surging power and determination. Those few people who used to chase him, filling him with immense fear, now seemed minuscule compared to Gu Xuyu. They couldn’t even evoke the slightest trace of dread in Gu Jueyu.

The disciples also sensed a difference in Gu Jueyu, but they still clung to a sliver of hope. That hope remained until Gu Jueyu swung his first sword strike…

It was Lin Zhaohe’s first time witnessing immortals engaging in combat, and the only words to describe it were “utterly breathtaking.”

With a single swing of his sword, Gu Jueyu cleaved the floating island before them in half. Rocks shattered, and a surging sword energy rushed forth like tidal waves, permeating the sky. Even from a distance, they could feel its might.

The four men were instantly sent flying by Gu Jueyu’s sword. After the training from Gu Xuyu, Gu Jueyu crushed them as easily as squashing bugs. It required no effort at all—just a single sword strike was enough to severely injure them.

One of the disciples unwillingly shouted, “Master, have you forgotten all the things you told me? Were they all lies?”

Another disciple refused to back down. “Master, I’ve realized my mistakes. Give me another chance!”

Even the companion chimed in, “You wicked disciples! Gu Xuyu no longer has any affection for you! Stop bothering him!” While Gu Xuyu was still in the midst of the fight, the disciples started fighting amongst themselves.

To prevent them from speaking more offensive words, Gu Jueyu swiftly struck again, successfully knocking all of them unconscious.

He stood proudly under the sky and spoke with Gu Xuyu’s characteristic emotionless tone, “How dare mere fireflies vie with the brilliance of the sun and moon.”

Instead of killing the four men, Gu Jueyu summoned his magical tools and captured all of them while they were still unconscious. He then soared through the air on his flying sword, carrying Little Red Square, and arrived before Gu Xuyu, Lin Zhaohe, and the others.

“How was it? How was it?” Facing Gu Xuyu, Gu Jueyu’s attempt at acting tough crumbled in an instant. He was more of a dog than Puppy Lin Zhaohe. He whined, “Did I make great progress? I easily defeated them with just one sword strike. Sob, can we not go to that place for cultivation? I can’t even play Block Crush there.” After speaking, he tried to grab Gu Xuyu’s sleeve, but was ruthlessly slapped away.

Gu Xuyu coldly warned him, “Just talk, no physical contact. Even after all this time, you still can’t stand properly or sit properly. Your true nature reveals itself at the slightest excitement!”

Gu Jueyu: “Whimper, whimper, whimper.”

“Why did you capture them instead of killing them?” Gu Xuyu asked.

“How can I let them off so easily… Wait, we’re master and disciples after all. How can I be so heartless?” Gu Jueyu climbed onto the high ground of morality. “As their master, if I failed to teach them properly, it’s my fault. I must make them taste the same lessons you taught me!!” At first glance, it seemed somewhat reasonable, but upon closer examination, this person clearly got drenched in the rain and wanted to tear others’ umbrellas to shreds.

Gu Xuyu knew what thoughts were running through Gu Jueyu’s mind, but he couldn’t be bothered with all that. As long as Gu Jueyu didn’t cause any unsavory trouble while hiding behind his face and getting trapped by a bunch of weaklings.

Gu Jueyu was in a very good mood. Finally, he wasn’t at the bottom of the food chain anymore. In the past, it was his disciples who bullied him, and even Gu Xuyu bullied him. But now, things were different. Although Gu Xuyu still continued to bully him, he could now individually deal with those disciples, one by one.

Lin Zhaohe, who had been observing the entire process, naturally noticed the wicked smile on Gu Jueyu’s face. He suddenly began to feel a bit sympathetic towards those disciples. However, all of this could be blamed on Lu Xiaotian, the one who caused trouble.

After watching the play, Zhuang Lao called Little Red Square over and translated what Lin Zhaohe wanted to say.

The content roughly included where the household utility cards were kept, how to pay the property and internet fees, and so on.

Little Red Square listened with teary eyes and said, “Brother Lin, where are you going and for how long? Is the place you’re going to dangerous? Did that evil boss intentionally turn you into a dog so that you would work overtime? What does it mean when you wag your tail? Is it a sign of agreement with what I’m saying?”

Lin Zhaohe, who used to curse the boss as a capitalist at home every day, now tasted the bitter consequences. He clearly felt Zhuang Lao, who was holding him, tense up slightly. Then he heard his usually cold-hearted boss using an unexpectedly gentle tone used to coax the child at home, “What? Xiao He is very unhappy with the boss?”

Little Red Square, unaware of the perilous adult before it, was easily tricked into speaking. “Brother Lin said the boss works overtime every day and is a capitalist who lacks a sex life.”

Zhuang Lao: “……”

Lin Zhaohe: “……”

Zhuang Lao blinked and asked, “Is there anything else?”

Little Red Square continued, “He also said the boss earns money through the hard work and sweat of the laboring people, and if things continue like this, no one will find love.”

Lin Zhaohe lay weakly in Zhuang Lao’s arms, letting out a pitiful moan, signaling to Little Red Square to stop talking.

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