Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 55

Chapter 55.1 S Fusion Zone

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Zhuang Lao thought for a moment when faced with the complaint from Little Red Square. He gently patted Lin Zhaohe’s head and kindly said the devil’s words, “You know, Xiao He looks cute now. Maybe it’s better not to change back. But I heard dogs usually get neutered in their seventh or eight month…” He paused and whispered softly, “Once it’s done, can we call you Lin Jueyu?”

Lin Zhaohe cried and sobbed, pleading with the boss, “Boss, please don’t misunderstand me. You are the only one in my heart. Those emotions are just from working overtime. Please don’t hold it against me.”

Zhuang Lao smiled and said, “I think you’re quite serious.”

Lin Zhaohe cried a lot and started regretting going back home for no reason.

Little Red Square didn’t understand what happened yet, thinking that Lin Zhaohe wasn’t used to being a dog. It quickly comforted Lin Zhaohe, “Brother Lin, it’s okay. Even if you become a dog, we can still rely on each other. I like fluffy dogs like you the most.”

Lin Zhaohe was weak and didn’t know what to say. He simply hoped the clever Little Red Square would realize that the person in front of him was the evil boss he had mentioned.

However, Little Red Square didn’t think the person in front of them, who had a nice smile and gentle demeanor, had any connection to the greedy boss Lin Zhaohe talked about. It innocently said, “It’s already noon. How about having lunch before we go?”

Zhuang Lao replied, “Sure, we can eat and chat.” He was curious to hear if there was anything he didn’t know.

Lin Zhaohe had no appetite to eat. He didn’t even dare to stay in Zhuang Lao’s arms and insisted on going downstairs for a walk to get some fresh air.

Zhuang Lao smiled and suggested he go out and come back early, reminding him to buy a bottle of soy sauce at the store downstairs when he returned.

Lin Zhaohe went out in a messy state. He initially wanted to take Zhuang Lao with him, but Zhuang Lao didn’t fall for that trick.

Helpless, he could only hang a wallet around his neck and took a walk downstairs.

Where there was bad luck, there was also good luck. While passing through a grassy field, Lin Zhaohe unexpectedly found a pleasant surprise.

It was a black wallet that seemed to have just been dropped. It had no ID but a thick stack of money inside. Lin Zhaohe immediately perked up, carrying the wallet in his mouth and sprinting back. However, after running only a few steps, he heard a somewhat familiar voice from behind, saying, “Little dog, that’s my wallet!”

Lin Zhaohe immediately recognized the voice’s owner, and his heart skipped a beat. In reflex, he ran even faster. Despite being a small puppy, he couldn’t run far. The next moment, Lin Zhaohe felt his body getting lighter as he was lifted up entirely.

“It’s my wallet,” he said. “Little dog, don’t run away.”

Lin Zhaohe looked up and saw Lin Yan—the one with scars on his face. Only when he saw the scars on his face did Lin Zhaohe breathe a sigh of relief.

“Little dog?” Lin Yan said, “Could you please let go?” True to his saintly nature, even when his wallet was taken away, he spoke kindly and calmly, “It’s my wallet.”

Lin Zhaohe held on tight and didn’t let go.

Lin Yan seemed a bit helpless. “Little dog, the wallet is not clean. It will upset your stomach if you eat it. Could you please let go quickly?”

Lin Zhaohe refused to let go. He now wished he could grab Lin Yan and ask him about his relationship with that person.

Seeing that the cute little milk-colored puppy was unmoved by his persuasion, Lin Yan had no choice but to say, “If you keep this up, I’ll have to report it to your owner.”

Just as he finished speaking, the owner arrived.

Zhuang Lao, concerned about Lin Zhaohe’s safety, would not let him wander around alone. He had been watching from upstairs, and when he saw Lin Zhaohe unexpectedly pick up something and being chased, he immediately came downstairs.

“Mr. Zhuang?” Lin Yan looked surprised when he saw Zhuang Lao. “Is this… your dog?” He gently patted Lin Zhaohe’s head.

“Yes,” Zhuang Lao reached out his hand, gesturing for Lin Zhaohe to be returned to him.

Surprisingly, Lin Yan felt a hint of reluctance. This little dog, fluffy and chubby, with a missing tooth, was earnestly biting onto the wallet. Its serious demeanor was truly adorable.

“Quite cute,” Lin Yan returned the little dog to its rightful owner. “I never expected Mr. Zhuang to be fond of keeping dogs.”

Zhuang Lao: “This isn’t just a dog. It’s Lin Zhaohe whom you’ve met before.”

Lin Yan was taken aback and then remembered something, widening his eyes. “It’s that… Yellow Banana Magical Girl?”

Upon hearing the name “Yellow Banana,” Lin Zhaohe was instantly reminded of painful memories. Tears welled up in his eyes as he pleaded with Lin Yan not to continue speaking.

Clearly, Lin Yan, unlike Zhuang Lao, couldn’t understand the expressions of a little dog. He said, “I remember him. He transformed into Yellow Banana Magical Girl and used his magic wand to blow off the head of those zombie doga.” He seemed a bit absent-minded. “Later, I even read the original work, but it’s a shame Yellow Banana Girl didn’t have many scenes… and eventually had his character axed directly. Such a pity.”

In just a few words, Lin Zhaohe felt like he died once again.

“What happened?” Lin Yan asked. “He’s so powerful… how did he end up turning into a dog?”

Powerful as he may be, even a Magical Girl couldn’t resist alchemy. He suffered an attack and was transformed into a magical little dog.

“He encountered another Lin Yan,” Zhuang Lao said. “That Lin Yan practiced alchemy and transformed him into this state.”

Lin Yan’s pupils contracted. “You’ve encountered him again? Where is he? What does he want?”

Zhuang Lao briefly recounted the incident they had encountered, and the more Lin Yan listened, the more grim his expression became. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and said, “He has gone too far!! Doesn’t he understand the concept of honor and dignity?”

Lin Zhaohe tilted his head, confused. Compared to being dead, I think turning into a dog was somewhat acceptable.

“I’ve been searching for him,” Lin Yan said. “He will pay the price for everything he has done.”

Zhuang Lao suggested, “Perhaps you should clarify things.”

Lin Yan forced a bitter smile. “It’s pointless. This is something I should bear.”

His character was indeed identical to the saintly figure willing to sacrifice everything in the original work. As Lin Zhaohe listened to their conversation, he tried to make sense of their logic with a bewildered expression.

Without surprise, the person who had carried out that action years ago, transforming him into a little dog, was the same Lin Yan standing before him. This Lin Yan also believed that he should take responsibility for this matter. After all, people trusted him, and yet he failed to prevent the disaster. But why were there two Lin Yans, and it wasn’t a fanfiction work either…

Lin Zhaohe’s mood grew heavy, and even his whimpering sounds diminished. Zhuang Lao sensed his despondency, rubbed his ears, and handed the wallet to Lin Yan. “Woof.”

“Is it possible to change back?” Lin Yan asked.

“Yes,” Zhuang Lao replied. “We have to go to the S Fusion Zone and find an alchemist.”

“S Fusion Zone? The fusion level there is high, and the land is divided into two layers. It will be troublesome to descend.”

Zhuang Lao said, “Hmm, we have to go underground. There’s an alchemy town over there that can restore Lin Zhaohe to his original form.”

Lin Yan pondered for a moment. “I have nothing going on recently, so I’ll accompany you,” he said. Looking at Lin Zhaohe with a guilty expression in his eyes, it was clear that he took responsibility for the actions of that other Lin Yan.

Zhuang Lao: “That works too.”

And so, it was settled. Lin Yan decided to join them on this journey.

While the two conversed, Lin Zhaohe obediently lay in Zhuang Lao’s arms, with droopy ears, resembling a plump eggplant lacking moisture.

After Lin Yan left, Zhuang Lao lifted one of Lin Zhaohe’s ears and blew a breath inside.

Lin Zhaohe trembled all over from the blowing, whimpering softly.

“Little dog, you’re not well-behaved,” Zhuang Lao said. “Running around picking up things everywhere, not afraid of getting a stomachache.”

Lin Zhaohe pitifully raised his dark eyes and stared at Zhuang Lao. His moist nose nuzzled against Zhuang Lao’s arm, alternating between acting coquettish and reproachful.

“Alright, it’s fine now,” Zhuang Lao said. “Your wicked capitalist boss is still around. Eventually, you’ll change back, so don’t worry.”

Lin Zhaohe: “……” Why are you so petty? You haven’t forgotten about that incident, huh.

Finally, after making all the necessary preparations for the journey, the two of them were ready to set off. To facilitate carrying Lin Zhaohe, Zhuang Lao went specifically to buy a harness and hung Lin Zhaohe on his chest. With his tall stature and aloof demeanor, it was quite a contrast to see him carrying a chubby little puppy on his chest. The puppy was pure white and plump, its fluffed-up fur resembling a cotton ball.

In order to reach the S Fusion Zone, they had to drive there first and then take a ferry across a stretch of water to reach the area. Zhuang Lao drove the car and picked up Lin Yan and Mr. Li. The four of them embarked on the journey together.

Recently, Lin Zhaohe had been eating and sleeping all day long, pretending to be an emotionless plush slipper as he lay in the passenger seat.

They arrived at the ferry terminal without any obstacles. Zhuang Lao got out of the car to buy tickets, and then the four of them waited for the ferry to depart.

This place used to be a well-known tourist attraction, always bustling with visitors. However, it was no longer the same as before. On the ferry, people stood sparsely, wearing guarded expressions, far from the relaxed atmosphere of a tourist destination.

Steep cliffs flanked the sides of the cruise ship, covered with vibrant and unconventional vegetation that defied the laws of nature, hinting at the fusion of various works. Strange and fantastical creatures could be seen leaping between the trees from time to time.

The rushing river water had also changed its color, transitioning from emerald green to a clear blue. With just one glance, one could see the fish swimming and the colorful rocks within. The scenery had indeed become more beautiful than before. However, within this beauty, there was a sense of danger, causing people to instinctively keep their distance from anything overly vibrant in color.

Zhuang Lao stood at the bow of the ship, with Lin Zhaohe hanging on his chest, gazing at the fish swimming in the water ahead, unable to resist the urge to chase after them.

The beautiful Mr. Li stood next to him, scrutinizing the fish in the river even more attentively than Lin Zhaohe. Muttering to himself, he said, “This green one doesn’t look tasty. The red one seems more appetizing…”

Upon hearing his words, Lin Zhaohe turned his head and saw Mr. Li fixated on the fish in the river, his eyes shining brightly. Drools were practically dripping from his mouth, as if he couldn’t wait to pounce into the water and devour them to his heart’s content.

Zhuang Lao was accustomed to Lin Zhaohe’s pleading gaze and calmly educated his own puppy, “You’re still too young, you can’t eat fish meat.”

Lin Zhaohe whimpered pitifully.

Zhuang Lao couldn’t bear the sight of Lin Zhaohe’s watery begging eyes and sighed, “But you can have a little bit.”

Lin Zhaohe became happy.

The ferry would sail for six hours, and they had lunch on board.

Both Lin Zhaohe and Mr. Li enjoyed the fish they wanted to eat. Unlike Lin Zhaohe, who would grind the fish meat into a paste, Mr. Li directly picked up the fish by its tail and put the whole thing into his mouth. When he closed his mouth and pulled out the fish tail, only the intact spine remained. This way of eating stunned the people around him. Mr. Li devoured more than ten fish in this manner and still seemed unsatisfied. Licking his lips, he squinted and said, “Delicious.”

Zhuang Lao paid no attention to him and continued to feed Lin Zhaohe with the fish meat paste, making Lin Zhaohe’s little pink belly round and plump. Zhuang Lao only casually ate a few bites himself.

From now on, Zhuang Lao would surely be a good father. This thought touched Lin Zhaohe, who was enjoying the fish meat paste.

Lin Yan had a triangular cloth covering his face, which made it inconvenient for him to eat. So he didn’t touch his chopsticks. When the others were almost finished eating, Lin Yan suddenly stood up, furrowing his brow, and said, “There’s something!”

As soon as he spoke, the ship suddenly shook heavily, as if it had been struck by something.

“Arf, arf,” Lin Zhaohe let out two barks, asking what had happened.

Mr. Li sniffed and suddenly became extremely excited, “Is it that one?”

Which one? Lin Zhaohe was curious, but then saw Mr. Li swiftly rushing out, disappearing in an instant.

Lin Zhaohe looked at Zhuang Lao, and Zhuang Lao pointed at his tiny black nose with his hand, “He’s not satisfied with just that bit of fish, so he went for an extra meal.”

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