Si Tian Guan Chapter 107

Chapter 107 The Bet

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The atmosphere in the room was oppressive.

“Shizi, where is Jiang Xingzhi?” Qu Chenzhou mustered up the courage to ask when he was about to leave the door.

Although his sword was fast enough, it was not aimed at the vitals. Now that it was confirmed that Jingchen was not standing opposite them, Jiang Xingzhi will naturally not be a threat.

If the situation was good, maybe they could win him over.

Liu Zhongming’s face was full of signs of a storm, as if he had never heard him, then he went out of the study. 

Bai Shiyan gave Qu Chenzhou a sympathetic look, and asked for him, ” Zhongming, what happened to Jiang Xingzhi?”

“The person isn’t dead and was sent back, His Highness said he would deal with him later,” Liu Zhongming quickly replied: “wasn’t your side dealing with the arrest of the bandits, let him know, he should understand how to explain to the public.”

“That sounds good.”

Bai Shiyan responded casually, gently tugging on Qu Chenzhou’s sleeve. He signaled him to walk slower, and signaled silently: “Zhongming is angry.”

Of course Qu Chenzhou knew that, but hiding was not the way, and it would irritate the other party even more.

He thought that Liu Zhongming would walk away in a fit of anger, and he would either walk home by himself or take the Bai family’s carriage later, but he didn’t expect that when he slowly moved outside, Liu Zhongming’s carriage was still parked at the door, It was clear that he wasn’t finished with him.

He watched Bai Shiyan mouthing “Take care”, folded his hands together and prayed for a while, then got on the carriage bravely.

Liu Zhongming laid on his back on the couch with his eyes closed, as if he hadn’t seen him.

In the past, it was he who had nothing to say to Liu Zhongming, but now their position was reversed, so he felt the silence in the carriage was unbearable.

“Shizi…” He felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, trying to talk to him: “Fang Wuyang, this kind of person, it’s better to return it to him later.”

Liu Zhongming turned over, turning his back to him.

“…” He could only use his trump card, and said solemnly: “Judging from Fang Wuyang’s divination, Bing Dilian must be talking about twins. After getting Pan He from Liao Guangming in the future, it can be regarded as having prospects in the inquiry.”

The response was still silent, the trump card didn’t work.

Qu Chenzhou covered his face and wailed in his heart.

This time, he first made the decision to land into Jiang Xingzhi’s hands, and then he had to surrender to Lord Marquis, trampling Liu Zhongming’s face to pieces under his feet.

It would be hard to save him even with Bodhisattva.

He thought that since Liu Zhongming didn’t get angry and beat him up, his anger should gradually subside, but he didn’t expect that this was just the beginning.

After returning home, Liu Zhongming completely regarded him as a transparent person, no matter where he stood, he would turn a blind eye to him.

In the past, he was the one who avoided Liu Zhongming. This was the first time he was ignored by Liu Zhongming. This feeling was uncomfortable from the top of his head to his toes.

Qu Chenzhou sat in the sarong in the middle of the night, finally made up his mind, and cheekily touched the screen quietly.

Zhongming said that he was not allowed to enter the room casually, but hearing someone’s voice, it was now a way to vent his anger. With Zhongming’s personality, as long as he vents his sulk, he will not still be temperamental.

Liu Zhongming was sleeping with his back facing him, as if he didn’t know anything about his creeping.


He called out a little, but there was no response, so he scratched the corner of the quilt with two fingers, and tentatively stretched in a cold hand.

Liu Zhongming sat up with a start.

Before Qu Chenzhou could open his mouth, he was pulled by his hands and fell forward. The sweat towel tied around his waist was pulled off, and his clothes were immediately opened.

His face was burning in the dark night, but he only pursed his lips. He was dragged into his arms obediently, and was about to raise his head to bite the sensitive part of the Adam’s apple.

But the next moment, Liu Zhongming grabbed his wrists, put it behind his back, quickly tied him tightly with the sweat towel, then carried him on his shoulders, threw him into the sarong, and circled back into the screen without looking back.


Qu Chenzhou didn’t react until he entered the inner room, looked down at his disheveled appearance, stayed for a while, then suddenly stepped on the mattress, and sang with his neck up.

“The first time I took off my clothes, with cardamom on the lips, ouch! Annoying hands slipped in, the slave’s flowers bloomed randomly, the tender pistils of the yellow flowers were so lovely, and spring water trickled in…”

The people inside seemed to be splashed with boiling

The man in the room as if poured by boiling oil, sprang up like a carp, ran over with a sweat towel and blocked his mouth.


Qu Chenzhou was speechless, and waited until the morning before someone came in to untie it for him.

Before he had time to eat breakfast, he blocked the door of the study, showing his hands pitifully.

When the Shuo Ye erupted, the scratches from digging the dirt wall were severe, and all ten fingers were wrapped in gauze, it was time to change the dressing.

Relying on his height, Liu Zhongming hit him with his chest, knocked him aside, and walked away.

Not long after, the government doctor came trembling with the medicine box on his back, and picked him up from the steps who was about to cry.

“Little Brother Qu, what have you done to Shizi?” Doctor Qin touched him with his hand inexplicably: “I have lived most of my life, but I have never seen you guys so uneasy.”

Qu Chenzhou was speechless—he In two lifetimes, had never seen Zhongming so difficult to coax.

For the first time in his life, he was so despondent, like a young lovesick girl, sitting on the threshold waiting for Liu Zhongming to come back from the yamen.

Before he realized that it was already dark, Steward Lin hurried over, saying that Shizi had ordered him before he left to take him to the reception pavillion to eat dinner first.

After going to bed at night, he finally couldn’t resist fiddling with the bell hanging on the sarong. This time Liu Zhongming reacted, rushed out from behind the screen, tore off the bell, and threw it outside the door.

Qu Chenzhou looked at the empty air overhead, and finally fell silent, hid far away, stopping trying to annoy others.

But between them, after all, they could escape the first day of the month, but not until the fifteenth. Mu Jingzhao’s invitation was sent to Liu Zhongming’s nose in a hurry, indicating that the previous gambling game should be settled.

The banquet was still set at Mingyue Tower, and Ning Wang was sitting at the top table, waiting eagerly for a long time. He sent people to look at the road 800 times, only then did Liu Zhongming come.

“Zhongming, tell me,” he heard footsteps in the corridor, and went straight to the door casually, pulled the person in, looked back, and complained: “You know I’m in a hurry, yet you had to make me wait. There must be something wrong with you.”

He pushed Liu Zhongming into the room, and was about to squeeze out to pull the person behind him, but was dragged by Liu Zhongming’s hand, and they entered the room together.

Although the person was pulled away, his eyes were stuck behind. Liu Zhongming had been unhappy these days, and he didn’t want to show him.

Qu Chenzhou used to like to wearing plain colors, but today he was wearing a red shirt for the first time, with a flower mark inlaid on the end of his eyes, acacia hanging on his pink neck, with low eyebrows and a cute face.

Not to mention Ning Wang’s eyeballs almost falling out, even Liu Zhongming couldn’t help but glance at him several times from the corner of his eye in the carriage.

The people in the room looked like pinched chickens and ducks, stretching their necks to look at the door, then they turned their heads to look at Liao Guangming on the other side.

In the extremely quiet room, someone suddenly laughed softly.

“It’s no wonder Shizi hides him. If it were me, I would hide him too.”

All those present at the table often played together, and they were familiar with Ning Wang, so they didn’t hold back their words.

“I heard that Ning Wang was ill for a long time before. I was still thinking, what kind of a cold was this serious, so it’s because of lovesickness.” 

“Whaa….what love….” Mu Jingzhao pointed at them and wanted to cover up but made things worse: “He has a master, Zhongming is still there, what nonsense!”

Someone smiled and replied: “Wangye, everyone didn’t say who they were thinking of, who is this ‘person’ that the lord is talking about?”

Mu Jingzhao ignored them, then pulled Liu Zhongming’s hand: “Come here, here!”

Liu Zhongming was expressionless and calm as he sat down, tapping his closed fan on his right leg.

Mu Jingzhao’s hand was freed, and he could only watch as Qu Chenzhou went around to Liu Zhongming’s right, bowed his head and knelt down.

“Thank you for waiting.” Liu Zhongming greeted everyone in the seat, and then smiled at Ning Wang provocatively, finally saying to the opposite side: “I heard that Commander Liao was busy, so I didn’t expect him to be able to come here today, Wangye really has face.”

Liao Guangming still looked indifferent, not as depressed and irritable as the others thought.

With just one glance, Liu Zhongming knew that his previous guess was correct. Liao Guangming had remained silent for so long, what he wanted to renege on was not winning or losing, but the bet.

He was not so naive as to really expect Liao Guangming to hand him over obediently.

“It’s not my face, Zhongming, you are talking nonsense with your eyes open. Commander Liao, come and see Zhongming’s person!” 

Mu Jingzhao didn’t bring anyone here today, he always felt that there was something missing. Zhongming didn’t pay any attention, he only looked away, and said to Liao Guangming: “Acknowledge the bet and admit your defeat. If you refuse to admit defeat, I will be upset.” 

Liao Guangming smiled: “I am old and can’t see clearly. Let me see.”

Even those who didn’t attend the birthday banquet last year can see the bitterness between the two of them now.

This Liao Guangming, what b*stard thing will he do? He said before that he wanted to gouge out the person’s eyes, if he makes a sudden move, and turns them into a dead beauty in an instant, what’s the point of winning or losing?

Liu Zhongming unfolded the small fan and waved it casually.

“I’m not stingy. It doesn’t matter if Commander Liao comes over to take a look, he won’t lose a piece of meat if you take a look,” he reminded: “Since it’s a bet, you should win big or lose big.”

Mu Jingzhao urged: “Okay, okay, Liao Guangming, come here.”

Liao Guangming didn’t move, watching the eyes of everyone looking at him, knowing that it would be pointless to drag this on, so he leaned forward.

“Shizi is joking, he has his head lowered, how do you look at it?”

“Look up,” Liu Zhongming closed his fan, lifted Qu Chenzhou’s chin, and said, “Raise your eyes.”

Qu Chenzhou slowly raised his head, his eyes flicked across the table, looking at Liao Guangming.

The shadow fell into those demon eyes, Liao Guangming’s face suddenly changed, and the wine glass on his table shot straight at them with a flick of a finger, and hit Liu Zhongming’s unfolded fan.

“Commander Liao, what is this? Killing people to silence them?” Liu Zhongming asked with a smile, “If you don’t want to gamble, just say it. I don’t know how much Yulin ointment was used on this face, but it’s all money.” 

Mu Jingzhao was startled for a moment, then hurriedly said, “Liao Guangming, what are you doing?”

“Concede the bet,” without the demon gaze, Liao Guangming just pressed down the heart that had an inexplicable uneasiness: “Well, I said it before, how can such a shrewd businessman as Zhongming make a losing business, spending a lot of energy for nothing, it was really worth it, if it were me, I would not be able to do it” 

“Isn’t that right!” Ning Wang said, patting his leg, indicating heroes see the same thing, and put his arm around Liu Zhongming’s shoulder: “You see what I said, anyone with good eyes can see the outcome.”

“Wangye is joking,” Liu Zhongming only smiled lightly: “How good can it be, it can just barely be able to be looked at, this is Commander Liao being generous, and letting me win.”

“Sham!” Ning Wang said contemptuously.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, it’s just for fun,” Liu Zhongming asked someone to change the wet folding fan, and asked, “Commander Liao has prepared someone for me?” 

“What person?” Liao Guangming asked knowingly, “Now that Shizi has a top-notch one, what else can I bring?”

“Since Commander Liao doesn’t know which one to bring, how about I name it? I just don’t know if Commander Liao would be reluctant.”

“Reluctant!” Liao Guangming refused without hesitation: “If I don’t give them up, what will Shizi do?”

Mu Jingzhao was at a loss when he heard this, and asked blankly: “Liao Guangming, do you have something better hiding? That’s boring, show it to us!”

The two ignored him, their gazes locked in the air.

After a long while, Liu Zhongming sneered: “If you don’t give them up, you won’t give them up. A gentleman doesn’t take away what others love. Commander Liao keep it, you have to take good care of it.” 

“Of course.” 

The two averted their gaze.

Mu Jingzhao wanted to say something, but was stopped by Liu Zhongming: “Wangye, I heard that Wangye has prepared a good table to drink.” 

“Oh, good!” Mu Jingzhao stopped his words, turned his eyes and pressed his hand: “Zhongming, if you didn’t remind me, I would have almost forgot. Don’t give me those eyes, you were late today and haven’t been fined yet.” 

Liu Zhongming had to smile wryly: “Wangye, what time is it, yet you still haven’t forgotten this? The person was already brought for you to see, yet you’re still punishing me?”

“If you don’t want to drink, that’s fine,” Mu Jingzhao clapped his hands and laughed, “Let me play with him for two days, and I’ll stop you from getting fined.”

“How can he be worthy of Wangye?” Liu Zhongming didn’t give him any leeway, he stopped Qu Chenzhou with his body calmly, and was about to get the wine glass: “Isn’t it just drinking?” 

The glass of wine had not yet reached his lips when someone started booing: “Shizi has kept us waiting for so long, how can you just drink casually! Beauty’s mouth, beauty’s mouth!”

Mu Jingzhao’s eyes lit up, and he grabbed Liu Zhongming’s wrist: “If they didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t have thought of it. Three cups of a beauty’s mouth and I’ll spare you!” 

It’s not like they haven’t played this game before at the banquet, whenever someone brought a fresh and beautiful young girl over, or a noble son had just gotten that preference, they would play a lot of tricks.

Sometimes they would even come across noble sons who were willing to share and enjoy with everyone at the banquet.

When Liu Zhongming first came out with Zhiwei, he was also teased by others.

Zhiwei was in awe of him, knowing that the two of them had no skin-to-skin relationship in private, he didn’t dare to make a fuss. He carefully took a sip of wine and wanted to send it over, but was blocked with a fan.

Everyone knew that he was hiding something good, so they didn’t make any further fuss.

He watched the others play many times, and he only felt that the touching of flesh and flesh seemed to be no different from touching fingers.

But under the shroud of fireworks, he tasted the sweetness for the first time, and when he heard these words, his heart beat suddenly.

“Come on, Zhongming, beauty’s mouth, ask Little Chenzhou to feed you wine. Even though you won’t let us touch it, at least feed our eyes.” 

Mu Jingzhao was urging him, even wanted to drag Chenzhou over. Everyone called out, one after another, only they were like stones in the turbulent river, unmoving.

“Go pour wine.” He heard his own words, and also heard the surging voice in his chest.

“Beauty’s mouth, I’ve taught you.”

The author has something to say: Bell: I beg you to quarrel properly, and don’t always throw me, okay?

PS: Chenzhou singing is me searching and piecing things together, QAQ I’m confessing! !

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