Si Tian Guan Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Show off

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They once bathed together, they once laid in the same bed under a brocade quilt, they once hugged and rolled in the snow, and kissed on New Year’s Eve with a thin layer of covering between them.

Liu Zhongming even saw his naked body, and in the name of feeding medicine, forcefully opened his teeth and drove straight in, their breath and body fluid mixing together.

The Ghost Festival*, which belongs to lovers, also belongs to them.

* also chinese valentines day

Under the sky, they kissed lingeringly under the fireworks, wishing they could devour each other.

They seem to be entangled like that, inseparable from each other, whether in dreams or in reality.

But when the person in his arms bent down, his whole body became hot.

He thought that Qu Chenzhou would be like him, hesitant, but he wasn’t. Before he could tighten his arms, his warm lips were already softly pressed against his.

Fragrant and sweet, the unique taste of the little fox.

The warm and clear wine flowed over the tip of his tongue, and he delivered it without any haste, patiently waiting for him to swallow it bit by bit.

Liu Zhongming squinted his eyes halfway, and could see the tip of his nose rubbing against him, and their eyelashes were so close that they seemed to cross each other, he didn’t know if this was a fight or a seduction.

It was seduction.

Qu Chenzhou’s tongue licked the corner of his lips, and filled his mouth with the moist alcohol.

Another mouthful of wine was brought over again.

He seemed a little drunk, and the heckles around him didn’t matter. He was very hungry, and he couldn’t help but want to eat something.

A wet, slippery tongue tickled his lips and teeth.

Same as the previous mouthful, at first there was still a slight touch, then quickly there was sucking, leading him to dive into his mouth, biting the tip of his tongue with his white teeth.

This was the other party’s reminder – Liao Guangming’s divination has been seen, someone can leave now.

Liu Zhongming tasted the sweetness as he wished, but also instantly awake.

A few days of avoidance did not dissipate the shame in his heart, on the contrary, it accumulated more and more.

The news of his brother’s death didn’t break him completely, but when he saw Qu Chenzhou collapse in front of him, he instantly lost his reason for thinking.

Father’s words were both right and wrong. Although Qu Chenzhou didn’t seduce him, he was his pillar of determination to seize the heir position.

When the sky collapsed, all he wanted to do was go crazy.

It was fine that the person thought he was a joke when he was crazy passing through the city, yet the person that he was heartbroken for actually rose up, tore off his last shame, called everyone together and teased and ridiculed his ugly state.

What did he do wrong? Wasn’t it just liking someone, why should he be humiliated like this?

Liu Zhongming’s breathing was heavy, he couldn’t swallow a sip of wine in time, coughed, suddenly raised his hand to push the person away, and slapped Qu Chenzhou on the face.

Before Ning Wang could utter an exclamation, the back of his hand turned to the other side.

Qu Chenzhou staggered two steps from the beating, fell to the ground, knelt down silently, and rested his forehead on his wrist.

“Zhongming, why are you so angry? Isn’t it just a sip of wine? He is still unfamiliar. If you can’t teach him slowly, why lose your temper?” Ning Wang persuaded him, while going to pull Qu Chenzhou to get up, and then couldn’t help screaming: “What’s wrong with his hand?”

When he called out, everyone looked down. They didn’t notice it at first, but now they saw that the ten fingers on the ground were wrapped in white gauze.

Someone understood this and said in a low voice: “This…couldn’t be from Zan Zi*…”

* sticks used for squeezing the fingers (old form of torture)

Liu Zhongming breathed was unsettled, he poured himself two cups, and smiled coldly: “If you are disobedient, you have to learn a lesson to improve your memory. “

Ning Wang was terrified and couldn’t help saying: “Zhongming, this is too much, a good-looking little Jiaojiao, others can’t even find one, yet you are willing to make a move on it? If you really don’t want it, I will take it.”

“Wangye, why should you wrong yourself, I’ll find you a clean and well-behaved one another day, what’s the point of a disobedient little mute, no matter how good-looking they are?”

Ning Wang’s mind lit up: “If you are annoyed with him, I will send you some well-behaved ones, you give him to me.”

“Wangye… save your thought.”

Liu Zhongming ordered the shopkeeper to add more refreshments, and then greeted the silent crowd with a smile: “What are you doing sitting around? Do you want to order a few? Today I will be the host.”

The waiter cleverly fetched the playbook, and Ning Wang took it in his hand, flipped through a few pages but couldn’t read it, and asked wonderingly: “Zhongming, I’ve heard that he has a bad personality, it seems that he’s insane and there’s no cure? Are you okay?”

“What can I do? He’s crazy, but he doesn’t seem crazy, and won’t scream,” Liu Zhongming focused on watching the play, and said casually: “Can’t scream, what’s the point?”

“If you are talking about this, I have a way,” Liao Guangming suddenly answered from the side, and the people around him saw his gesture and hurriedly formed half a circle, then he handed over the things in his hand.

“I promised Zhongming something earlier, but I forgot to give it until now.”

Liu Zhongming turned the porcelain white vial, and as soon as the stopper was removed, he could smell a strong sweet fragrance.

“A good thing?”

“Of course it’s a good thing.” Liao Guangming smiled, “Feed him one, and I guarantee you he will be all wound up over you and you won’t be able to get out.”

Everyone laughed, and Mu Jingzhao almost burst into tears: “Zhongming, he won’t scream, is it because you are not working hard enough?”

“You want to know this? That’s easy to say,” Liu Zhongming also laughed: “Wangye, send me your favourite to play, we’ll see if he’s willing to go back to Wangye’s side.” 

Mu Jingzhao understood his temper, he won’t release the hawk until he saw the hare*, so he would not open his mouth if he was not sure. He knew from the bet with Liao Guangming that there was no need to provoke such a person.

* one doesn’t act without some incentive

“It’s almost the same game, you still want to be a white wolf? What? Are you reluctant? Look how stingy you are, you are not willing.”

Not being provoked by him, Liu Zhongming ordered the store owner to go out to prepare for the show. He glanced at his feet, and shouted: “What are you doing here! Get out!”

Qu Chenzhou kowtowed, got up and left silently.

Mu Jingzhao pulled the chair closer, watched him go out, and said sadly: “Now I know why you had only raised one in the past two years, did you kill everything else? You are too cruel! That Danlang, did you beat him to death?”

“You know all about that?” Liu Zhongming spread out a small fan to cover half of his face, and raised the corner of his eyes, “Don’t tell Linghe.” 

Everyone laughed, and the stage began with gongs and drums. Then he changed the topic and didn’t mention it any more.

After three rounds of drinking and three plays, Liu Zhongming withdrew to relax. Even though it was March, there was still a charcoal fire in the wing room, and he was bored after sitting for a long time.

When he came back, Liao Guangming was already waiting for him on the stairs.

“What a coincidence Zhongming,” Liao Guangming greeted, “Wangye just sent someone to say that the show you ordered was about to begin.” 

“Oh,” Liu Zhongming casually went upstairs and asked, “What did I order, it was a casual point, so I have forgotten. Let’s go in and have a look?”

Liao Guangming stepped aside and watched him approach step by step.

Zengzi butchered a pig*.

* ancient text, which tells how Zeng Zi used his own actions to teach children to be true to their words and treat others honestly

Liu Zhongming ordered Zeng Zi butchered a pig, and now everyone in the wing room was watching Zeng Zi teaching his son to keep his word.

Why didn’t they realize before that Liu Zhongming was so wicked.

Everyone remembered that today’s banquet was organized by Ning Wang to make him admit defeat, everyone remembered.

He did lose, even if he insisted on denying it, everyone would force him to admit defeat, and he also accepted the bet, under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Not everyone in the side room was as stupid as Ning Wang. After watching the two of them, then watching Zeng Zi butcher a pig, they were afraid that some people would laugh.

Tomorrow, even more people will know.

“Zhongming,” he asked coldly as he passed by, “Which person do you want?”

Liu Zhongming looked at him sideways, “Which one would Commander Liao be willing to give me?”

They all knew the name, but they refused to say it.

“How much do you know?” Liao Guangming asked suddenly.

Liu Zhongming’s heart moved.

Xu Ziwen kept in touch with him, saying that Liao Guangming had already given up on Pan He, but since Qu Chenzhou showed up at the Lantern Festival, when the court and the central government were waiting to see the joke, Liao Guangming went to see Pan He many times.

Xu Ziwen followed him once, and only heard a few words. Liao Guangming said “the emperor”, and Pan He mentioned “them” several times.

“How much do you know about what?” He asked Liao Guangming back.

This innocent face was too deliberate, but it seemed to be full of sarcasm. Liao Guangming sneered and said, “Zhongming, as an older brother, I advise you, don’t be curious about everything at such a young age.” 

Liu Zhongming patiently explained to him: “Before going to Dali Temple to take office, the emperor sent me an oral order, asking me to share some of Commander Liao’s responsibilities, and not to idle around. I think I have not had time to tell Commander Liao.” 

Liao Guangming sneered: “The emperor’s oral order? Why don’t I know?” 

“Commander Liao’s words are wrong, are you suspecting me of falsely preaching the imperial decree? I can’t bear the charge.” 

The two men didn’t speak, and the drums and gongs on the other side started again, the big show was about to come to an end. Liao Guangming slowly stretched out his hand “Shizi, Wangye has been waiting for a long time, please.”

He followed behind, and when he stepped on the last step of the stairs, he suddenly turned around and looked around.

Around the courtyard on the second floor, there were all wing rooms with their doors open or closed. From time to time, waiters answered the door and yelled, but no one looked at them.

But for some reason, he felt that someone seemed to be staring at him just now.

That gaze sent chills down his spine.

When going downstairs, Liu Zhongming staggered a little, but insisted that he was not drunk and would not let anyone touch him, forcing Ning Wang to come down and help him himself.

Fortunately, Liu Zhongming could still recognize people clearly, so he didn’t push Ning Wang onto all fours.

The carriage of the Liu family was already parked outside the gate. Mu Jingzhao called out and the curtain of the carriage was lifted. The young man inside jumped out of the carriage, half-kneeled on the ground, and allowed Liu Zhongming to step on his own leg to get into the carriage.

When Qu Chenzhou was about to follow him into the carriage, Ning Wang hugged him, stroked his red and swollen cheek with one hand, and said softly with distress: “Little Chenzhou, bear with it, this prince will bring you back sooner or later.”

He raised his head slightly, not knowing whether he had been beaten hard or had cried, his eyes were drunkenly red with affection. He gave a fatal glance, and nodded silently.

Mu Jingzhao was overjoyed. He touched his whole body, took out a jade pendant and stuffed it in his hand, and said softly: “Take this, don’t let Zhongming see it, come to me if you need anything.” 

From the carriage came Liu Zhongming’s impatient scolding:  “Come and take off my shoes! Where are you?”

“Zhongming, you still don’t believe me when I say you’re drunk?” Mu Jingzhao hurriedly answered for the other: “He’s going up right now, isn’t he? Look at your quick temper.”

The man in his arms slipped away like a live fish, he looked at the carriage fading away and felt lost, he couldn’t help but say to Liao Guangming beside him: “Why didn’t Zhongming feel like such a b*stard before?” You b*stard, you got a top grade, but you don’t even know how to treasure it.”

“Wangye, how does he not know how to love him.” Liao Guangming glanced at him vaguely, and said slowly, “That’s showing off in front of Wangye.”

“Showing off?” Mu Jingzhao opened his eyes wide, as if he wanted to say something. He looked at the people around him, and only snorted from his nostrils, boarded his carriage and left.

Someone brought a horse nearby, but Liao Guangming waved his hand, turned around and went back to Mingyue Tower, he walked around the second floor twice, stopped in front of a door, and suddenly pushed the door and entered without knocking.

The waiter was cleaning the table inside, and was taken aback.

“Customer, how many guests are you?” He hastened his speed: “Wait a moment, this little one will be finished cleaning soon, you sit, you sit first.”

Liao Guangming looked around and asked: “Where were the previous guests here? “

He remembered that there seemed to be a lot of people gathered here just now. When the little waiter entered, he could see a lively group of people inside. 

Seeing his serious expression, the little waiter didn’t dare to be ambiguous, and hurriedly replied: “The military masters have just left, did your lord come to find them for something?”

“Military masters?” Liao Guangming was silent for a moment then asked, “Where did the military masters come from?”

The little waiter cried in his heart, how would he know where they came from, but the master in front of him obviously didn’t intend to just muddle around and leave like this, so he had to think hard for a long time before he came up with a clue.

“The military man sitting in the middle seems to be surnamed Ren.”

Needless to say, Liao Guangming already knew who Ren was and what those people were celebrating.

“F*ck,” he scolded, “Why are there so many mad dogs this year?”

The author has something to say: In the wing room, Ren Rui was acquitted, and he was celebrating with someone.

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