Si Tian Guan Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Yearning

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When Liu Zhongming returned to the Marquis Mansion, it was already past dinner time.

He didn’t alert too many people, he just sent a message to his father, and then went to wait outside the study.

The results of the Sweet Snow Noodles and the resident doctor had been sent to his father in advance, even if he didn’t go into details, his father could probably guess the main points.

“Your mother gave it to Ying Er?” Liu Weizheng confirmed again, and when he got an affirmative answer, he sat under the lamp and remained silent for a long time.

“Foolish.” After a long time, he sighed.

Liu Zhongming knew who he was talking about it.

His mother looked like she would bear her teeth and claws, but she was really foolish.

Apart from other things, as far as he knows, father had already reminded her several times overtly and secretly, saying that since mother had married the Liu family, she should not go too close with the empress, no matter whether Ning Wang was favored or not.

But every time he talked about this, his mother would argue with the other, saying that she was married to be the mistress, and did not sell herself, the empress was her natal family who she had played with since she was a child, so why not.

No matter how he said it, things would not change.

Liu Zhongming always wondered how his father and mother got together. These two people were both outstanding in life and appearance, but their personalities were very different, and they were incompatible.

Isn’t it good to find a good relationship separately, why did they have to get together to torture each other, and even bring their brothers and sisters in to suffer.

Sometimes his mother would even make a special trip to the palace to have tea with the empress, even more attentive than visiting his sister.

If it wasn’t for his father’s self-discipline and cleanliness of not even having a concubine, and he saw Qingchi’s birth with his own eyes, he would even suspect that the four of them were adopted outside.

“Two days ago, when your mother entered the palace, the Empress did give some food. I will have someone pay attention later, and I will send someone to notify you when I have news.” 

The facts were undeniable, but Liu Weizheng knew in his heart that Madam Liu was not someone with such a scheming mind.

Since there was aconitine in the sweet snow noodles, the others may not be clean, maybe even Madam Liu herself ate something. If this was the case, Madam Liu was just a chess piece that can be discarded at any time to the empress.

But Madam Liu never listened to his words.

“Okay,” Liu Zhongming settled down, and added: “Father, do you still remember that there was a man named Dan Lang in my courtyard?”

Liu Weizheng nodded: “Yes.”

“After the rouge box was discovered in the palace, the empress once went to find mother to prove her innocence, accusing Dan Lang of being instigated by someone who not only wanted to deliberately approach Ning Wang but to murder the empress, and they also took advantage of the opportunity of being brought back to the mansion to poison mother. “

“At that time, I wondered why Mother was able to produce evidence so I asked people to ask the servants of the mansion afterwards. Before and after that incident, Mother did not send anyone to the pharmacy to get medicine.” 

Figuring out this point, a layer of goose bumps appeared all over his body.

“Father,” he asked, “Do you think… the evidence at that time was Mother’s, or was it given to her by the empress?” 

If it was Mother’s, then she cannot escape the alkaline in the sweet snow noodles.

If it was given to her by the Empress, how many times has his Mother acted as an accomplice and killed many people without knowing it all these years?

If it is the latter, then what has the Empress done in the palace?

“I think, with her temper, I’m afraid she won’t be able to hide such a big matter,” Liu Weizheng was throwing the doctor’s paper into the incense burner, watching the paper turn yellow and black with ink stains.

“Your mother said a few days ago that she would take you to the spring banquet, but it’s a pity…” He looked at Liu Zhongming: “Unfortunately, she is ill and can’t go.” 

Liu Zhongming’s heart skipped a beat. He knew this was because he didn’t want his mother to get involved with the empress again.

Naturally, father would not forcefully lock his mother up at home, but Marquis Anding was the only master of the Liu family after all, as long as he told the doctor, mother will really have to stay at home, slightly ill, unable to go out.

Using such methods in one’s own home always makes people feel weird and uneasy, but for some reason, Liu Zhongming couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Maybe it’s because he finally broke the relationship between his mother and the empress, maybe it’s because he didn’t have to see unfamiliar girls at the spring banquet.

Liu Weizheng watched his son relieved, didn’t say anything, looked down at the incense burner, seemed to think about his own business, and then said after a while: “Zhongming, your little friend, do you want to bring him together to the spring banquet? To have him make a divination for Qingru?”


Liu Zhongming went to see his sister in the palace a few days ago, and knew that his father also warned his sister, but he didn’t blame them either.

With his father behind him, even if he was still silent, he seemed to have the strongest backbone.

“Father, did Chenzhou… tell you and uncle about himself?”

Even if Qu Chenzhou didn’t mention it to him, he could still think about it.

Qu Chenzhou couldn’t tell lies in the first place, other than that, there is no other way to convince the two Patriarchs to face up to their situation and the future.

Liu Weizheng nodded.

“What do you think of him?”

“Very interesting kid,” Liu Weizheng smiled, “Asking me this, do you want to know whether I believe him or not?” 

Liu Zhongming blushed.

There were many things involved in the matter of seizing the heir position, the love between him and Qu Chenzhou was one thing, but the lives of hundreds of thousands of people was another.

He didn’t dare to gamble lightly.

“People’s hearts are inherently unpredictable. His mind is delicate, far better than yours, and it’s normal not to see through it. It’s just that sometimes you can’t just look at a person with your eyes.”

Liu Weizheng was beckoning to his son, beckoning him to come closer, then pointed to his heart with both fingers.

“Use this. You have to remember that sometimes, what the eyes see may not be the truth.”

Liu Zhongming covered the thumping place, saw his father put out the candle and followed him out to walk in the corridor, then suddenly remembered the question.

“Father, Fang Wuyang’s master, is he Pei Xiao, Pei Dutong?” He repeatedly asked, “Why did Pei Dutong hang up his seal and leave? Why didn’t you retain him?” 

He thought about the words in Jingchen’s house, a little short of breath: “Is that Nourishing Clumsiness wine shop owned by him? Why was he willing to sell it to me? Was he the one who gives you Intoxicated Feast wine every year?”

Liu Weizheng stood on the steps with his hands behind his back, and it took him a long time to answer: “Why do you need to bring up the past?” 

It was already the past…

He looked at his son’s unwillingness to leave, and couldn’t help but smile a little.

How could the Nourishing Clumsiness wine shop belong to Pei Xiao, such a spendthrift would only drink the shop to the brim and lose money.

But that place was their only connection, if he didn’t take care of it carefully, the spider thread floating in the air… would be completely broken.

In fact, they should have disconnected long ago.

“Ah Zheng…”

The wind seemed to be calling his name, as if Pei Xiao was still holding the baby who was less than two hours old, calling him softly.

The person who usually laughed so brightly and loudly only called him softly and repeatedly: “Ah Zheng.”

This was the last time he begged Pei Xiao, and Pei Xiao was asking for the final reward.

Shining was looking at them, while second brother stood at a loss, wanting to go up to see the child, he dared not.

At that time, it seemed that it was also the beginning of spring, and he knew it shouldn’t be like this, but he couldn’t help himself, and slowly stood on tiptoe under the gaze of the two of them.

He tasted the sweetness in Pei Xiao’s mouth, and Pei Xiao tasted the bitterness in his eyes.

The decree was like a mountain.


They agreed, this was the last time.

From then on, one was the Marquis of Anding and the other was the Unreturning Guest from the End of the World.

Never to see each other again.

When he returned to the courtyard, it was already late. Liu Zhongming only thought that Qu Chenzhou had already laid down and slept, but he didn’t expect to be stopped at the Hanging Flower Gate.

“Shizi,” Qu Chenzhou said solemnly, “Let’s do a business.”

Liu Zhongming guessed that it was not a good thing, but any business that was in the dark was usually not a good business.

“Won’t do it.”

He waved his hands and was about to walk in, but Qu Chenzhou changed his posture again. He leaned against the door, stepped on the opposite door frame with one foot, playing with the red beans hanging on his shoulder with his fingers, blocking the way.

“I will never let you suffer a loss. Don’t you want to take a look?”

The young man in spring clothes, who blocked the way as if to rob him, smiled brightly, shining brightly, like a shocking guest in the world. His eyes were full of cunning, but people couldn’t get enough of him. 

Liu Zhongming watched with a smile on his eyebrows, thinking that if robbers all looked like this, he would wait every day to be blocked and robbed.

He was also curious to see if this posture could be turned over lightly, but after entering the hall with the other and seeing the piles of things on the floor, his mind was shocked.

“You…” He asked dryly, “Where did you steal it from?”

“Ning Wang bought it for me,” Qu Chenzhou squatted behind the jewels and jade all over the floor, looked up at him with clear eyes, and waved his hand boldly: “Two taels for small items, five taels for the big ones, packaged together at a discount, to be sold to Shizi.”

Liu Zhongming wiped his face, reflecting on whether he had made too much ill-gotten wealth in the past, and God finally remembered to settle the score with him .

“He bought you so many things, you… have you suffered a loss?”

“It’s just serving him a few cups of tea.” Qu Chenzhou sat cross-legged on the ground, looking through happily: “By the way, I gave him some laxatives. He shouldn’t be annoying me when he goes out these few days.”

“Do you know the saying ‘taking someone’s short hands’?” Liu Zhongming had a headache and a heart attack, and he taught him bitterly: “When he comes back to his senses, believe it or not, he’ll peel off a layer of skin on you!”

* It means that if you take advantage of others, you will deliberately give in to three points

Qu Chenzhou jingled the bracelet in his hand, smiling without hesitation: “Isn’t there still Shizi to help me?”

Liu Zhongming decided to keep his mouth shut in the future, he… regretted it very much. If he had known that he was such a troublemaker, he shouldn’t have opened his mouth to talk big and wipe people’s *ss.

The matter had come to this point, and it was too late to regret, he could only resign himself to his fate and watch the person count the goods, suppress his temper, and ask his long-standing confusion.

“What do you want so much money for?”

“If I save more then I can use it as a dowry gift for Shizi to marry me.” 

Liu Zhongming asked again when he heard him. Although it is not easy to distinguish the truth, his heart beat faster, and he could not help but be happy.

But looking back and thinking about it, it seems that no matter whether he married him or not, it didn’t seem right.

“I won’t buy it, keep it for yourself.”

Seeing that he got up to leave, Qu Chenzhou became anxious, stepped over the thing in the middle, and rushed towards him.

Caught off guard, Liu Zhongming was thrown to the ground by someone. His back hit the ground, he couldn’t help but gasp, and simply rolled on the spot, pinning him down.

Qu Chenzhou grabbed the shirt in front of him to prevent the person from leaving, and asked courteously: “Guest, why won’t you buy it? Is the product not good? Or is the price unsatisfactory? It’s all negotiable.” 

Without waiting for anyone to speak, he climbed up with both hands, crossed his fingers, and put them on the back of Liu Zhongming’s neck.

“Good quality and low price, no deceit for the old and the young.”

He leaned his neck up and breathed into the ripped lapel: “I know, Shizi has the most discerning eyes.”

The slender eyelashes flickered, sweeping from Liu Zhongming’s chest to his Adam’s apple, and his soft lips touched his chin little by little.

“Don’t you have pity for me, Shizi?”

“Little fox, you can’t hide your tail, right?” Liu Zhongming was scratched until his whole body was on fire, and his breathing was heavy. He suddenly lowered his head, the tip of his tongue easily pried open his teeth: “Foul smell all over.”

“Shizi… Didn’t Shizi say… you like this kind of thing?”

Qu Chenzhou raised his neck, was blocked so that he could barely breathe, and his hands were carelessly placed on his shoulders, his clothes tightly clenched. He was about to lift his body up forcefully when Liu Zhongming’s clothes were ripped open, and something fell out of his arms and landed on his chest.

Liu Zhongming was in a hurry to pick it up, but he held his neck with one hand, then pressed his lips without letting go, and twisted the other hand.

It was a red rope for hair tying, seven or eight strings braided together, with a popular flower buckle, emerald beads in the middle, and plump acacia seeds criss-crossed at the ends of the hanging rope.

The only unusual thing was that the rope braider’s craftsmanship was obviously not good, the buckle was crooked, and it was unclear how many times it was re-knitted back and forth.

If this kind of craftsmanship was placed outside, it was absolutely impossible to sell it.

But each emerald inlaid in bright red was engraved with the word “Ming”.

Qu Chenzhou let go of his hand, finally found the space to breathe, fell on his back to the ground, twirled the red rope under the light, and the emerald beads spun round and round.

“You went out and was unfaithful?”

“Whether I was unfaithful or not, won’t you know if you come to feel it?” Liu Zhongming put his arms around his waist, pulled him astride his lap, and pulled his hands down.

Qu Chenzhou clenched his hands hard, and heard the person grunt in pain, then triumphantly used the beads on the hair rope to touch Liu Zhongming’s lips bit by bit: “This thing, if Shizi uses this for exchange, I’ll sell it.”

Liu Zhongming raised his hand and pressed him against his shoulder, and smoothed out the old rope in his hair.

“It’s a gift, so how can I sell it?”

Qu Chenzhou’s black hair was thin and soft, and it felt as slippery as running water. Liu Zhongming watched the tail of the hair fall from his fingers, and took another handful before tying it tightly with the red rope.

“Aren’t you going to give it to the Shizi Consort?” Qu Chenzhou raised his head slightly, resting his chin on his shoulder, half-closing his eyes.

“Which Shizi Consort would be so smitten like you? If it isn’t for you, who would I give it to?” Liu Zhongming gathered a lock of long hair from the back of his neck, and put it in his mouth.

Circle by circle, the bundle was dense, and finally a loose knot was tied.

Qu Chenzhou tilted his head on this hard shoulder, his breath brushed his ears, then he curled up the entangled hair of the two with his fingers, knotted, untied, then tied a knot again.

“Isn’t that bad? If the Shizi Consort knew about it, would it be a mess?” 

“So what?” Liu Zhongming’s fingers ran down the red rope, and he lifted the end of the rope to look at it: “My heart only has you and only yearns for you.”

Qu Chenzhou stared at the swaying acacia seeds, then suddenly bit his finger.

“Is Shizi here to buy goods or people?”

“Little fox!” Liu Zhongming gasped after being bitten, and bit his ear bitterly: “I want both the person and the goods, will you sell them?”

The acacia seeds were stroked by the slender fingertips, twisted and twirled, and reflected bright red under the light.

“I seem to have made a loss-making business.”

“How can you lose money? I’ll take pity on you, three taels for the small ones and six taels for the big ones, this Shizi will take them all.”

Liu Zhongming got up, bent over and hugged him directly.

“I’ll wait for you to save enough money to marry me.”

The author has something to say: [Chenzhou two-dollar store, no deception]

Ning Wang:? ?

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