Si Tian Guan Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Entanglement

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Estimating the time when the carriage would leave, Qu Chenzhou trotted through the Moon Cave Gate on tiptoe.

Liu Zhongming didn’t allow him to go out, and he knew it was for his own good.

The other people did not say,  but King Guangning’s obnoxious stalking will make people avoid him.

But he can’t really hide in his turtle-like shell with a shrunken head just because of this little trouble.

He can get rid of the hidden guards outside, and it was even easier for him in the familiar courtyard. The last time he went through the fence, this time he jumped out of the bathroom window.

In front of him was the end, he jumped up lightly, leaned against the courtyard wall, and with the force of his arms, he poked half of his body out from above, and then froze on the wall.

Liu Zhongming stood below with a gentle expression, stretching out his hands, waiting for him to jump down.

“Shizi…” Qu Chenzhou twitched the corners of his mouth stiffly, and forced out a smile: “What a coincidence to meet you here.”

Liu Zhongming was also like him, a smile on his face: “Yes, I was also thinking what a coincidence it was.”

“Why are you here? Didn’t you go to Dali Temple…” 

“I had already left, only I just had quick blessed thought that someone might not be compliant. Thus I figured out that this person would have to use the bathroom to climb over the wall, so I went to take a look. Don’t you think it’s a coincidence?”

Qu Chenzhou had nothing to say, and just when he wanted to retreat, he heard the person below ask: “You still want to go back?” 

There was gnashing of teeth in this smile, he was convinced that as long as he dared to let go and fall, Liu Zhongming would jump over immediately, and he will not let it end, so he could only bite the bullet and climb up to the top of the wall, close his eyes, and jump down into the arms below.

Liu Zhongming opened his arms, was hit with a muffled grunt, staggered back a few steps, before he had time to tighten his arms, he felt that the person in his arms was going to shrink away.

When fighting in the past, he did teach him how to get out if the enemy hugged him in the chest.

The little fox had been in a daze for a few days, and finally came back to his senses, and unexpectedly started playing tricks with him again.

Liu Zhongming withdrew his hand, quickly raised his knee, swept his feet, and dodged a few steps to the side, preventing the person who fell from grabbing his clothes corner in time.

“I just remembered,” he crossed his arms and looked down, “I’m injured right now, so it’s not convenient to pick you up.”

Qu Chenzhou dropped his body and laid down beside his legs in a disheveled state, speechless thinking if Zhongming had been like this before. Was he this rude, what the h*ll is going wrong now?

“Where do you want to go?” Liu Zhongming knelt down and asked, “Who do you want to provoke?”

Qu Chenzhou stared at his clothes, but didn’t answer right away, but asked in puzzlement, “Is Shizi planning to treat the Shizi Consort like this in the future?

“The Shizi Consort climbed the wall to go out, I was worried that he would meet some wild man, so I was a bit rash,” Liu Zhongming replied seriously: “Again and again and again, I have to figure out how to stop the person from thinking about running out all day long.”

“I would like to hear more about it.”

“You can run again and try,” Liu Zhongming replied with a smile, “You will know if you try it.” 

“No wonder Shizi insisted on forcing me to agree,” Qu Chenzhou sighed: “”Are you afraid of being celibate for the rest of your life? Do you have to get someone to share your fate?”

“You’re praising me too much, this Shizi was mainly afraid that you will harm others, so it’s better for me to bear it alone.” 

“How can we talk about harm? Shizi might not know but before the person who named me said that I was a star from the sky that fell to earth ……”

“Sure enough, the land under heavens will become chaotic if it is in peace for too long. God seemed to notice that we were living too comfortably, so he sent you down, right?” 

“Lord Shizi….” Qu Chenzhou gritted his teeth, and asked sincerely: “Has anyone also said that you are very annoying?

“The word ‘also’ is well used, but unfortunately no one dares to say so,” Liu Zhongming assisted him to get up, and asked: “Who do you want to go to? Ning Wang? Jiang Xingzhi? Liao Guangming? Or who else?”

“Liao Guangming. General Bai said that people from Jinxiu Ying and Nanya met on the street a few days ago and had an argument and a few people were injured.” He told the truth, “I don’t think it can go on like this.” 

Liu Zhongming pondered for a moment: “You want to push Liao Guangming’s side down first and consider Qi Wang?” 

“No. I think they can’t kill anyone if they fight so small.”

Liu Zhongming was speechless for a moment, no wonder Qu Chenzhou said that he just liked igniting fires, regardless of extinguishing the fire, it was really not a big deal to watch the excitement.

He likes it.

“Go. Have someone follow you. Don’t let yourself suffer. If there is anything, I will help you out.” 

He helped the person to smooth out the acacia seeds hanging from his hair, then held it in the palm of his hand to see, the red rope had been worn for a long time, and was fading.

“Really?” Qu Chenzhou watched him play with his peripheral, and asked, “Can I stir up anything?” “

“I want to, too, but unfortunately I can’t now.” Liu Zhongming twisted a lock of temple hair between his fingers : “Just keep walking with me and watch me, Chenzhou…”

He leaned over, leaving a row of tooth marks on his soft earlobe: “I will let you see one day.”

Until the soft sedan chair had already swayed away for a good distance, Qu Chenzhou was still pinching his earlobe, the red tide on his neck receded and rose again, and he didn’t react for a long time.

This natural and intimate gesture, they used to only dare to sneak around in corners, but he never imagined that they could spend time together in broad daylight.

After coming back from rebirth, he didn’t dare to ask for it, but he didn’t expect that he would inadvertently obtain it.

The kiss was soft and delicate, and the breath was so sweet that it made people sink, but he kept his heart in his throat all the time, for fear of hearing another sound – Chenzhou Er.

Qu Chenzhou sighed lightly and leaned back.

Before such a day comes, let him indulge himself for a while, and let him be an unknown untitled “Shizi Consort”.

The soft sedan stopped suddenly.

He swayed forward and leaned against the window. Before he could ask outside, the gauze curtain was pushed aside by a lacquer fan.

“Little Chenzhou.”

Qu Chenzhou cursed his bad luck in his heart, he was really haunted, whatever he hated would always come. Could it be that Ning Wang was really doing nothing serious all day long, just staring at him?

After cursing, he got out of the sedan chair immediately: “Wangye.”

Mu Jingzhao held him back, not letting him kneel down in the street, and asked with concern: “After you went back, Zhongming didn’t make things difficult for you, right?”

He pursed his lips and said nothing. There was a slight frown between the brows, and there was a burst of pity in Ning Wang’s heart.

“This Zhongming really…” Ning Wang said angrily, and he was about to pull the person into the sedan chair together: “Little Chenzhou, where are you going?” 

Qu Chenzhou pulled out his hand, and did not continue to be dragged, and replied softly: “Shizi is going to the yamen for business today and allowed me to come out for a walk.”

Ning Wang only thought that he was afraid that there would be too many people on the street, and having Liu Zhongming discover they were holding hands would not be good, so he responded repeatedly: “Walk? Walk, that’s good. Well, it just so happens that this prince has nothing to do today, so I will accompany you for a walk.”

Seeing that his plan for Liao Guangming was in vain today, Qu Chenzhou could only take a step back: “Wangye please.”

In addition to the accompanying steward, Liu Zhongming also pointed out a few hidden guards to follow, and as long as he signaled, a little commotion would be enough to get him out, but since someone who can be taken advantage of has come to his door, he didn’t mind finding something for Ning Wang to do.

Ning Wang drove the guards behind him far behind, and walked in front with his hands behind his back, looking back from time to time.

If it was someone else, he would have dragged the person to a secluded place long ago, and if he met someone like Dan Lang who was eager to refuse but actually welcome him, he would be able to accomplish good things today.

But it happened to be from Zhongming’s family. Last time because of Danlang’s matter, although Zhongming didn’t say it clearly, this shrewd man put on a grievance and forbearance in front of the emperor, which made him lose face and suffer.

He even felt a little regretful, if he had known that there was such a person hiding in the yard, how could he have dared to provoke Dan Lang back then?


Just as he didn’t know what to say, the person behind him spoke up, and he turned his head immediately with joy: “What’s the matter?”

Qu Chenzhou followed his pace appropriately, and said in a low voice, “The jade pendant Wangye gave me, I still kept it.”

Ning Wang was stunned, and soon overjoyed. With Zhongming’s sternness, if it wasn’t for Little Chenzhou who secretly hid it, how could he keep the things given by outsiders.

It seems that he was not a hot-head either.

“Good, good,” he nodded hurriedly, feeling that the distance between the two of them seemed to be shortened a lot. He pulled Qu Chenzhou side by side with him: “That’s not anything special, I’ll give you something else another day.”

“Is there anything bad about Wangye’s things?”

The last upswing of the ending sound made the person unable to move, and Mu Jingzhao wished he could get his heart out of his throat: “What else do you like?”

Qu Chenzhou glanced at him out of the corner of his eyes, with a reserved and shy smile hidden in his gaze: “I like a lot of things, will Wangye buy it for me?” 

Ning Wang was stunned by this glance, and now if he retreated, he would not be considered a man, and he immediately waved his hands proudly: “Buy, buy, buy!”

He uttered such big words, so Qu Chenzhou naturally didn’t have to be polite with him.

The capital was bustling, and a few streets ahead were row upon row of shops. What had Qu Chenzhou not seen before in the palace, so he only picked out the good ones, such as head jewelry, jade, etc without even frowning.

Mu Jingzhao’s heart ached in pain, but when he saw the crimson coral string lining his slender white wrist, making a crisp sound with the silver-white slave ring, and the flowing emerald color on his temples, a peach red In the willow-like spring, he couldn’t help feeling pity.

“Buy them all!”

He was reluctant that the child could not catch the wolf*. The prey was greedy and beautiful, and it was just around the corner that he can eat it.

* metaphor that a corresponding price must be paid to achieve a certain purpose

After walking for half a day, the sedan chair was heavy and full, and it seemed that he still wanted to move forward. Mu Jingzhao’s legs and feet couldn’t stand this kind of torture any longer, and he was about to retreat, but departing like this today, instead, Qu Chenzhou allowed him to see the light.

“Is Wangye tired? There is a tea shop right in front,” Qu Chenzhou pulled the hem of his clothes with his hand, and pointed forward: “I still have some small change on me. If the lord doesn’t mind, can I invite you to have a cup of tea?”

Mu Jingzhao regained his spirits.

The tea shop was not big, it only had one floor, and there were no side rooms. There were seven or eight tables in it. Now that it was almost April, everyone loved to walk around in the spring, and there was only one table in the corner left. not good.

But Mu Jingzhao didn’t care about that much, he just wanted to rest his feet and catch his breath, not to mention having tables and chairs, if it was not for the sake of face, he would be ok with sitting on the ground.

The little waiter served tea and snacks, and he drank two cups before realizing that Qu Chenzhou had been standing by the side holding the teapot, and hurriedly called him, “Little Chenzhou, come and sit down.” 

He held his wrist , but shook his head:

“Thank you for your love,” Qu Chenzhou was tugged by the wrist, but shook his head: “How dare a slave sit with a Wangye?”

“Zhongming taught this? There are so many rules, come and sit down, if there is something, have him find me!”

A pull between the two, the tea spilled out, and he was scalded on the hand. The teapot fell to the ground, shattering.

“W… Wangye, forgive me!”

Qu Chenzhou’s face turned pale, and he was about to kneel, but Mu Jingzhao quickly supported him, “Don’t kneel, don’t kneel! There is broken porcelain on the ground!” 

Mu Jingzhao was still reluctant to let go, and there was a blush on the back of the fair hand held in his palm, which was the trace of the tea spilled just now.

“Does it hurt? Someone come…”

Qu Chenzhou quickly stopped him, and said in a low voice, “Don’t bother Wangye, it was not particularly hot, I can just go back and apply some ointment later, just… I’m afraid Shizi will find out.” 

“This Zhongming, he’s too……”

Mu Jingzhao was upset, reached out to get the teacup, only to find that there was only half a cup left in it. He glanced quickly out of the corner of his eyes, seeing that no one was looking at their corner, the teacup was about to move towards Qu Chenzhou’s lips.

“This is to reward you.”

Qu Chenzhou didn’t even hesitate for a moment, he took it with a smile, half turned around, covered the cup with his hands, raised his head, and then lowered his hands to cover his half-wet sleeves.

“Thank you, Wangye.”

Mu Jingzhao smiled happily.

Qu Chenzhou pushed the cup into his arms, “Wangye, keep this. I’ll get a new tea cup and get some tea brought over.” 

This tea cup was just a common thing in the market, but until the carriage was far gone, Mu Jingzhao still couldn’t help but take it out and look at it, looking at it and laughing.

What the new tea given was afterwards, he could no longer taste it.

He couldn’t remember what the new teacup looked like, he only thought about the hands holding the cup. When the tea was handed over, the fingertips seemed as if it had touched his face.

A signboard flashed outside, and he called to stop the carriage.

The rouge powder of Qin Xiang Garden had always been popular, Danlang pestered him to buy a lot back then, and now Little Chenzhou was naturally indispensable.

But just as he crossed the threshold, he felt a sudden cramping pain in his stomach, as if hundreds of juggling troupes were beating the gong at the same time, and like a swamp, a series of bubbles was vigorously moving upward and downwards. 

It was so menacing that he held his breath and dared not speak.

Mu Jingzhao was sweating coldly, his legs were clenched, and he frantically signaled the attendants who were guarding the carriage to come over with his eyes, but there seemed to be a ball in his stomach that was rapidly expanding, and he couldn’t bear it.

Just one fart.

He comforted himself and relaxed his leg.

A puddle of yellow water flowed from his trouser legs to the threshold along with the bubbling hot air.

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