Si Tian Guan Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Awakening

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“May I ask, Commander Liao, where were you at the hour of the pig yesterday?”

This was the second time today that Liao Guangming had been asked this question, and now the one asking was Yu Gonggong.

The last person to ask him was Bo Yan, his senior brother, whom he didn’t want to admit anything to.

Things had not been going well for him lately. This morning, he was summoned to the palace and scolded by the emperor.

The Jinxiu Ying and the Southern Bureau* had never gotten along, which was common knowledge. But this was the first time that things had escalated to such a degree.
* using this term moving forward instead of Nanya

It was unclear who was the first to start the fight, and anyone asked would angrily accuse the other side.

It was said that the people from both sides happened to be sitting in the same hall.

In a city as big as the capital, it was not uncommon to run into people you knew, and eyeing each other with hostility was nothing new.

Unfortunately, the leader on the Southern Bureau’s side was Ren Rui, who had ignored the usual boundaries and provoked the Jinxiu Ying several times. The guards, having gained the upper hand, laughed and jeered at them.

Just then, a father and daughter singing duo arrived at the restaurant. The girl was quite beautiful and her singing was excellent. Her clear and melodious voice made people itch to hear more.

Both sides took notice of her and started competing for her to sing at their table, each refusing to back down.

According to the onlookers, they started by offering more and more money, and whenever the girl tried to move to one side, the other side would increase their bid with red eyes.

As the commotion grew, more and more people came to watch, and no one was willing to back down.

Later, someone must have gotten too angry and started a fight. Just as the southern side was shouting out their bid, someone suddenly clutched their leg and fell to the ground, screaming in pain and bleeding profusely through their fingers.

From there, it was all downhill.

By the time Liao Guangming arrived, several waves of people had already fought and destroyed the restaurant, and dozens, if not hundreds, of people were injured and lying on the ground groaning in pain.

He knew he was in for a scolding from the Emperor and had no mood to give a good face to Bo Yan, who had hurried over to meet him when he came out of the restaurant.

When his master was around, they never got along. He couldn’t stand Bao Yan’s false seriousness, pretending to be high and mighty despite being a lapdog. 

Even when they met, they would barely exchange greetings, just a simple “Commander Bao” as a face-saving gesture.

Bao Yan wouldn’t bother him for no reason either, but today, like he had been waiting for him, they asked him the same thing, “Guangming, where were you yesterday at the hour of the pig?”

Even if Liao Guangming were dead, he should have known that something was wrong.

“I’ve laboured Gonggong to worry, I was tired yesterday, and went to bed not long after I returned home,” he carefully watched Yu Gonggong’s expression and asked, “May I ask if something has happened in the capital?”

“Commander Liao is overthinking it,” the eunuch’s smile seemed to be etched on his face, unchanging for a millennia. “General Bai had recently apprehended bandits in the city, and we heard that Jiang Sichen was also injured by the bandits. I was worried about Commander Liao, so it was just a casual question.”

Liao Guangming could tell that the other party was just trying to dismiss him, but he couldn’t press for more answers. He could only watch as the eunuch turned and left.

The cotton curtain at the entrance of the Qingxin residence had been lifted, but the silver charcoal inside was still burning, neither stuffy nor cold, but very warm.

Emperor Yu was leaning on the bed, with a chessboard in front of him, black and white pieces, playing alone in contentment.

Yu Dexi stood by with his hands down for a long time, until Emperor Yu put a black piece into the box before he handed him a cup of tea.

“Your Majesty, Commander Liao said he was at home resting the entire time at yesterday’s hour of the pig,” Yu Dexi reported.

“At home the entire time?” Emperor Yu asked lazily.

“Yes,” Yu Dexi replied, bowing his head, understanding the Emperor’s dissatisfaction.

Resting at home meant that no one outside of the mansion could prove where Liao Guangming went after the hour of the pig.

Emperor Yu stirred the tea leaves, and made a light hum. “This Liao Guangming…”

Yu Dexi focused his attention and held his breath. He waited for more about Liao Guangming, but instead he heard Emperor Yu ask, “What about Pan He?”

Yu Dexi was sweating heavily. If he hadn’t made a mistake in trusting Pan He, no one would have been lost. Although the Emperor did not sternly reprimand him, every time he mentioned this topic, he was terrified.

“Get up, there’s still plenty of use for them. If one or two are lost, it’s just a prelude. We’ll make up for it sooner or later,” Emperor Yu said, without looking up, and handed him the tea bowl. “Did Liao Guangming mention anything?”

Yu Dexi still did not dare to stand up and replied, “No, I’m sure Pan He is keeping his mouth shut.”

Everyone was afraid of death, and the secret buried in Pan He’s stomach was his life-saving straw. Once it leaks out, with Liao Guangming’s methods, he will not let Pan He die easily.

“Liao Guangming…” Emperor Yu leaned back, and Yu Dexi quickly climbed up to stuff a cushion behind him, “Liao Guangming has become increasingly useless in recent years.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Yu Dexi stole a glance and saw that Emperor Yu had closed his eyes to rest, but he was not asleep. He knelt in front of the footstool and skillfully began massaging his toes.

Emperor Yu sighed comfortably and suddenly asked, “Zhongming told me a joke to cheer me up last time he came to the palace, and I found it hilarious, but now I can’t remember what it was about.”

Yu Dexi’s heart moved and quickly replied, “This old servant cannot match Shizi’s eloquence and humor, but I remember he told a joke about seeing interesting twins on the street. They had different bodies but the same heart. One was injured, and the other cried; one was happy, and the other laughed.”

He saw Emperor Yu’s lips curl up slightly, as if there was a hint of amusement, and added, “It seems that the Shizi has some insight.”

Emperor Yu kicked him lightly in the chest, causing him to fall back onto the steps.

“Insight? It’s still early.”

When he got up early in the morning, Liu Zhongming still didn’t send anyone in, and quietly got dressed inside before stepping out from behind the screen.

A few days ago, divining had consumed a lot of mental energy, and he could tell that Qu Chenzhou was tired and didn’t want to disturb him. So every morning, he would leave silently without making a sound.

But this time, he stood by the window and didn’t immediately push open the door.

“What’s wrong?” Qu Chenzhou had already woken up when he came out, and rolled over, burying half of his face in the blanket as he lazily asked.

Liu Zhongming was not surprised either, he pointed out with his chin, “Fang Wuyang has come. I guess he’s here to settle accounts with me.”

“Shizi can remove the word ‘guess’,” Qu Chenzhou laughed softly, “Bo Yan is not an ordinary person. Fang Wuyang barely escaped death this time, and it’s strange if he doesn’t come to settle accounts with Shizi.”

Liu Zhongming didn’t know what to say to such a shameless person. Whose idea was it anyway? Didn’t Qu Chenzhou have any idea about it?

But he was used to being the scapegoat, so he asked directly, “What do we do now?”

“What do we do?” Qu Chenzhou smiled, “There are guards and secret guards in this mansion. If Fang Wuyang can brazenly block our door, isn’t it because Shizi has tacitly consented? I’m sure Shizi has a clever plan to pacify him.”

“Those who knows me, Chenzhou as well,” said Liu Zhongming, smiling with his eyes and eyebrows. He walked over and fondly rubbed Qu Chenzhou’s head. “My plan is simple. With you here, I can go out and handle my business, and you can take care of him.”

“Shizi, wait a minute…”

Before Qu Chenzhou could react, Liu Zhongming had already rushed into the inner room like a gust of wind. Then, Qu Chenzhou heard a faint sound of window panes rattling behind him.

Liu Zhongming had mastered the skill of jumping out of windows with full marks, and he disappeared without a trace.

Qu Chenzhou stiffened in his bed.

Suddenly, he felt that he might have been blindly admiring Liu Zhongming when he was young, and he couldn’t tell whether Liu Zhongming was a man or a dog.

Fang Wuyang was not a fool. He knew that his ability to climb and leap across roofs in the courtyard before was all due to his good relationship with the Shizi. Now that they had fallen out, and he could sit here without anyone stopping him, it was undoubtedly Liu Zhongming’s intention.

Liu Zhongming had to give him an explanation for this matter.

But no matter how good one’s patience was, waiting could wear it down to nothing.

“Liu Zhongming!” He stood with his hands on his hips in the corridor and kicked the door fiercely. “Get out here and face me!”

The door opened, but it wasn’t Liu Zhongming who came out.

He has been mingling in the red-light district for years, and some of the habits have already seeped into his bones. Anyway, facing such an exceptional face, he definitely wouldn’t throw a punch.

“Where is Liu Zhongming? Call him out!”

Qu Chenzhou shrugged his outer coat, biting a red sandalwood hairpin between his white teeth. He simply tied his hair up and only removed the hairpin to find a suitable position to insert it back.

As Fang Wuyang’s gaze followed his wrist, he couldn’t help but calm down, and the anger seemed to dissipate due to the delay.

After tidying up a few stray strands of hair, Qu Chenzhou asked softly, “What’s wrong with Young Hero Fang? It’s early in the morning, why are you so angry?”

Fang Wuyang snapped out of his trance and pushed him aside. “I’m not looking for you, call Liu Zhongming out!”

“Shizi is busy with official duties and has already gone out,” Qu Chenzhou said as he leaned against the pillar, pointing to the back, “Shizi went out through the window and has been gone for a while. You probably won’t be able to catch up with him now.”


Fang Wuyang was stunned, thought for a moment, and then turned around in anger. He then heard a voice behind him ask, “Is Young Hero Fang here for the matter of Commander Bo?”

Mentioning this, it made Fang Wuyang’s heart, liver, and lungs ache together. Unable to find the real culprit, there should always be a place to vent.

“Qu Chenzhou, I can see it now,” he decided not to leave: “You weren’t coerced by him at all, you’re just his lackey! You and this dog-like man are really trying to kill me!”

Last time was his fault. Under Mu Jingchen’s mediation and face-saving measures, he still managed to reach a reconciliation with the Bai and Liu families. Liu Zhongming returned all the temporarily detained people to him, promised not to harm Jingchen in the future, and the exchange condition was his service.

But d*mn, this wasn’t the kind of service he was expecting. It was like putting his neck on the executioner’s block.

“Young Hero Fang, you’re being too harsh,” Qu Chenzhou smiled lightly. “Before you left, I already divined for you. It said that you would have some surprises but no danger. Look, didn’t you come back safe and sound?”

“Surprises but no danger…”

Fang Wuyang was so angry that he couldn’t even speak – he should never have listened to those two idiots.

He did know that the person he was going to attack was Bo Yan. Maybe it was the bloodthirsty nature of martial artists, or maybe it was because of his competitiveness with his senior brother, but he readily agreed. 

With Liu Zhongming’s help, they diverted the guards around Bo Yan, allowing him to have a good fight with his senior brother, which was a thrilling experience.

However, he never expected that as soon as he launched himself like a ferocious dragon towards Bo Yan, Liu Zhongming withdrew all the people and left him alone to fight.

What the h*ll!

Facing the sea of people and his senior brother, who didn’t show any mercy, he wished he could burst all his seven orifices.

The chance to escape was thinner than a hair, but at that moment, he felt like his master possessed his body. He fought hard with every move and punch, and somehow he escaped alive.

Or maybe it was after he exchanged a few moves with Bo Yan, Bo Yan recognized him and spared him. He even let him go without pursuit.

“Tell Liu Zhongming for me,” he pointed fiercely. “I won’t hold him accountable this time, but don’t come looking for me again next time!”

“Young Hero Fang, aren’t you worried about his Highness’s safety?” Qu Chenzhou asked casually from behind him.

Fang Wuyang turned around abruptly. “What do you want to do?”

“It’s not us,” Qu Chenzhou reminded him. “If Shizi fails, which Wangye do you think can afford to keep His Highness?”

Fang Wuyang had already stepped off the stairs but stopped again at this question.

He knew that what Qu Chenzhou said was right. The power behind Jingchen was not enough to lift him up to that position, and no matter who ultimately won among the three Wangyes’, there would be a reckoning in the court, and Jingchen would inevitably be on the list of those to be dealt with.

“Think it over, Young Hero Fang,” Qu Chenzhou followed him down, his smile full of charm as he extended his hand towards the reception hall, “Do you want to have breakfast together? I still have a few questions I haven’t had a chance to ask you.”

Compared to this beautiful fox who was good at seduction, Fang Wuyang would rather sit down and talk with Liu Zhongming.

“Not eating.”

“Young Hero Fang, how is General Pei now?” Qu Chenzhou continued to ask as he followed him along the corridor, seemingly oblivious to Fang’s avoidance.

“What? Not satisfied with just using me, you also want to invite my master?”

“Have you ever thought of returning to your roots?”

“Are there not enough people vying for that position?” Fang Wuyang sneered.

Qu Chenzhou pursed his lips, and from his unfriendly response, he got the answer he wanted. He stopped by the door, bowing slightly, “Take care, Young Hero Fang.”

At the door, Fang Wuyang stopped and asked, “What if I go and challenge Bo Yan again?”

Qu Chu Zhou gave him a deep look and replied, “You won’t come back.”

Fang Wuyang sighed and rubbed his face helplessly. He understood Jiang Xingzhi’s persistence – if Jingchen only had someone like that by his side to avoid danger…

He quickly dismissed the thought, sighed again, and turned to leave.

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