Si Tian Guan Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Blood-colour

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Watching as Bo Yan’s figure disappeared at the door, Mu Jingde called out.

“Jiang Xingzhi.”

A figure turned out from behind the screen and stood at the bottom. “Wangye.”

“What do you think of what Bo Yan said?”

“Commander Liao and Commander Bo have always been at odds, to the point where the Jinxiu Ying and the Southern Bureau have had frequent conflicts…”

Mu Jingde was annoyed and interrupted him. “Yes, that’s true. But it has never escalated to this extent. Ren Rui is too good at causing trouble. If you hadn’t said that keeping him would be useful, I would have sent him elsewhere.”

“Wangye, please calm down,” Jiang Xingzhi put his hands in his sleeves and patiently waited for him to finish venting. “Causing trouble may not necessarily be a bad thing. What we need is someone who knows how to cause trouble.”

Mu Jingde looked at him suspiciously.

“Wangye, think about it. Liao Guangming has been grabbing the limelight everywhere for these past few years, and the brothers of the Southern Bureau have repeatedly suffered losses. The only person they can rely on is a troublemaker. If we want to control this troublemaker, we can only use someone who is even more of a troublemaker.”

Mu Jingde seemed to be lost in thought.

“And, my lord, if you think about it, this time it was the Jinxiu Ying who started the fight. Ren Rui knew how to control himself and wasn’t a foolish person. Being able to use someone who can be both restrained and unleashed, isn’t that a good thing?”

Ren Rui not only had the ability to control himself, but during the fight, he didn’t even raise his hand. He just laughed wildly with blood all over his head, further enraging the other side.

“Well, that’s true,” Mu Jingde hesitated for a long time before asking, “But I can’t understand why Liao Guangming was so impulsive to sneak attack Bo Yan?”

“My lord, a cornered beast will still fight. Even the fiercest beast will take risks when surrounded from all sides. Besides, Liao Guangming is not a rational person.”

“That’s true,” Mu Jingde almost habitually agreed with him, “You’ve mentioned several times before that the Emperor is dissatisfied with Liao Guangming in recent years. After Liu Zhongming went to Dali Temple, Liao Guangming even competed with him over the case in civil affairs.’”

“Yes, there’s also Liu Zhongming,” Jiang Xingzhi calmly replied, “It’s not just because of the Southern bureau fight, did you hear about the bet between him and the Liu family Shizi?”

“I’ve heard of it.”

“Liao Guangming lost face. Think about the influence of the Liu family in the court. Without the nod from the Shizi, it’s difficult for Liao Guangming to make any progress in the cases he seizes. I heard the Shizi has taken back most of the civil affairs case, and the two of them had a very unpleasant argument. And most importantly…”

Jiang Xingzhi teased and smiled, “The emperor’s attitude.”

“What attitude?”

“Think about it, in this matter, the emperor’s reprimands to Wangye and to Liao Guangming should reveal his attitude.”

Seeing that Mu Jingde didn’t say anything, Jiang Xingzhi handed him a cup of tea. “My lord, while the emperor wants an obedient dog, who wouldn’t get tired of holding onto the same dog for too long, especially when it keeps biting people and causing unrest in the entire court?”

“Are you saying… the emperor wants to replace Liao Guangming?”

“I don’t know if he wants to replace him or not, but I believe that the southern bureau is closest to the emperor, and Wangye should be the most trusted person to him. As for the Jinxiu Ying… do we really need it?”

This suggestion was particularly tempting.

“Think about it, Wangye. What has the Jinxiu Ying relied on these years?” Jiang Xingzhi gently coaxed, “Liao Guangming making enemies everywhere? Of course not.”

“It’s the emperor…” Mu Jingde naturally finished his sentence.

“It’s the emperor, who finds them useful and needs them.”

“Liao Guangming is certainly useful. Whether it’s the Gu Case or the Ancestral Hall Case, whoever the Emperor wants implicated, Liao Guangming can make sure they confess to something appropriate,” Jiang Xingzhi said.

He then asked, “But what if one day the Emperor finds him not so useful anymore?”

This was something even Mu Jingde couldn’t quite figure out. “Do you have any ideas?” he asked.

“That’s why someone like Ren Rui is needed,” Jiang Xingzhi whispered. “For example, at the Spring Festival banquet…”

Mu Jingde trusted Jiang Xingzhi’s plan, but as he was about to leave, he suddenly asked, “Xingzhi, do you resent me for what happened before?”

In fact, Mu Jingde regretted giving up on Jiang Xingzhi afterwards. He knew that Jiang Xingzhi was his most trusted strategist by his side, but he still listened to others’ instigation.

Jiang Xingzhi bowed and replied, “Wangye, you worry too much. I, Jiang Xingzhi, am just a commoner. To be able to gain your lordship’s appreciation is something I will never forget.”

Mu Jingde was satisfied and had someone escort him out of the back door.

Never forget.

Jiang Xingzhi looked at the slowly closing red lacquer door, a smile on his lips.

How could he forget? The fierce soldiers had tied up his father and he and his mother had cried and chased after them.

“Wrongful accusations!” His mother’s cries were drowned out by the cold wind. “Sir, he’s not a bandit! He’s not a bandit! We’re just ordinary people!”

No one listened to their cries of innocence. Early the next morning, his father’s head was displayed in a wooden cage, hanging at the city gate as a bandit’s head, as a military achievement.

He stumbled back home and saw his mother hanging from the rafters.

He had no family left, and that winter was really cold.

Everything he had now was bestowed upon him by this Wangye, so he naturally wouldn’t forget his gratitude.

Jiang Xingzhi left with a smile.

Mu Jingde, I won’t give up until death.

Qu Chenzhou was outside the door, straightening his sleeves. He raised his voice a bit. “Slave Qu-“

Before he could finish his sentence and bow down, the people rushing out from inside grabbed him and pulled him in. “What are you dilly-dallying for? My mother has been waiting for you for half a day!”

He was dragged by Bai Shilei into the garden, where he saw Liu Zhongming, who was chatting and laughing with Madam Bai.

“Mother, Chenzhou has arrived!” Liu Zhongming called out.

Madam Bai was almost nine months pregnant and Chenzhou didn’t dare to let her get up. He hurried over and took her hand. “Madam, be careful.”

Bai Shilei ordered someone to bring another chair over. When he turned around, he saw that Madam Bai had dragged Chenzhou to her own seat, leaving him no choice but to sit.

“Mother, you think things that are far off smell nice and the things close are stinky! Let’s buy Chenzhou for our family. Let’s see if you still like him,” Bai Shilei said.

“No way!” Liu Zhongming’s face turned dark as he quickly refused. “Are you trying to insult me by saying that?”

Bai Shilei felt wronged for no reason. “No, Second Brother, I just heard my mother talking to my father the other day, saying that you will… “

Liu Zhongming interrupted him immediately. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“I’m not talking nonsense, it’s true…” Bai Shilei said.

Liu Zhongming leaned forward and slapped Bai Shilei’s head with a bamboo fan. “Shut up! I’ve changed my mind!”

Qu Chenzhou had been curiously observing Madam Bai’s belly all along. Madam Bai teased him several times to touch it, but he saw the bulge that lifted up her clothes like it could explode at any time and shrunk his hand, not daring to touch it.

When he heard the sound of the bamboo fan, he curiously raised his head and asked, “What is Shizi changing his mind on?”

“Every day, do you only hear Shizi’s words?” Madam Bai half-jokingly interrupted, “Zhongming, are you too strict usually? Look at how scared Chenzhou is. If you keep doing this, I’ll let Shiyan come and kidnap the person.”

Liu Zhongming was wronged, and he glanced at Qu Chenzhou a few times. Seeing that he didn’t continue to inquire, he breathed a sigh of relief and swallowed his words back.

“Is Madam about to give birth?”

For the first time in his life, Qu Chenzhou was pleased to see a small living being forming bit by bit. Although he dared not touch it, his gaze was glued to it.

Madam Bai pursed her lips and smiled, placing her hand gently on her belly. “The doctor said it will be about another month.”

“In another month, I will become a big brother!” Bai Shilei rubbed his hands and was full of joy.

Liu Zhongming’s age was not much different from his commonly played brothers, and he had never seen a newborn baby in his memory, so he couldn’t help but ask eagerly, “Auntie, can I hold him?”

“You can hold him,” Madam Bai replied, watching them all getting excited one after another, unable to help but laugh. “Just be gentle with your hands and feet. The newborn baby is very soft, like a pool of water.”

She glanced over and saw Qu Chenzhou staring at her belly in a daze, then reached out and touched his head with a smile. “Do you want to hold him, Chenzhou?”

Qu Chenzhou was stunned for a moment before responding in a soft voice, “Can I?”

“Of course you can.”


Madam Bai knew he was about to say that he did not have a good enough life, so she finished his sentence for him. “But you have to hold him tightly and don’t drop him.”


Qu Chenzhou’s tongue was tied, and his hands rubbed against his clothes as if he was ready. He looked up and saw that all three of them were watching him. His face turned slightly red, and he explained, “I…I’m a little nervous.”

Liu Zhongming cleared his throat and averted his gaze.

He understood why his aunt treasured Qu Chenzhou so much. Only in front of his aunt, Qu Chenzhou would show his true childlike nature, letting down all his guards and appearing soft and silly. It was impossible not to be charmed by him.

He even felt a bit envious of his aunt.

After chatting and laughing for a while longer, a servant came to inform them that General Bai wanted to speak to the Shizi and specifically requested that “the little child” come along.

Not wanting to delay her husband’s important matters, Madam Bai instructed Liu Zhongming to take good care of Qu Chenzhou and sent the two off.

“Shizi,” Liu Zhongming slowed his pace when they were a distance away from the others, and Qu Chenzhou caught up to him. He spoke softly, “Yesterday, I talked to Fang Wuyang for a bit. I speculate that General Pei’s situation may not be good. The worst-case scenario could be…”

Liu Zhongming was slightly surprised, “But last year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, someone brought wine for my father, and at the beginning of the year, Fang Wuyang said he would go back to accompany…”

He thought for a moment and stopped himself from continuing. Regardless of the ‘Intoxicated Feast’ or Fang Wuyang returning to visit, it didn’t necessarily mean that Pei Xiao was still alive.

Their plan to invite Pei Xiao out of hiding had fallen through.

“Fang Wuyang was really angered by this.” Qu Chenzhou hid the second half of the sentence – the Shizi’s actions this time were really inhumane.

“But didn’t you divine that there would be danger but no harm to him?” Liu Zhongming spoke frankly, “Shiyan said that he and Liao Guangming were still a little different after all. After all, age is a factor. If he wasn’t pushed to his limits, Bo Yan would have noticed something was off with one move.”

Qu Chenzhou glanced at him. “Shizi…did you really just want Bo Yan to mistake him for Liao Guangming?”

Liu Zhongming sneered and pinched his earlobe when he saw that no one was paying attention. “Little fox.”

Even if the first move worked, Bo Yan had been through countless battles and would soon realize that the opponent was not Liao Guangming.

But realizing it didn’t mean he would speak out. With so many people around, there were naturally those who recognized the same move as Bo Yan’s tactics.

Next, it depends on Bo Yan’s attitude.

If he took it seriously, he would definitely search for the person who impersonated Liao Guangming.

But he didn’t.

The only other option left was to have Bo Yan mistake Fang Wuyang for Liao Guangming. Whether it was true or false didn’t matter. If Bo Yan said it was true, then it was.

It wasn’t just Liao Guangming who wanted to bring down Bo Yan, they were all in it together. 

They all knew it, and Qu Chenzhou didn’t ask any further. “Also, Fang Wuyang doesn’t know his true identity.”

“Keep it that way,” Liu Zhongming hinted with a glance. “There are some things that are better off not known.”

Qu Chenzhou lightly bit his lip and smiled. “Mmm.”

They hadn’t even reached the main hall when Bai Shining impatiently strode across the threshold and reprimanded them in a rough voice. “Why are you so slow!”

The two of them restrained their laughter. The impatient temperament of the Bai brothers had really rubbed off from General Bai.

“How’s Ying’er?” Bai Shining asked eagerly.

The closer they got to the due date, the more nervous he became. He wished Qu Chenzhou would come to visit every other day.

“Blood colour…” Qu Chenzhou’s smile faded, and he softly replied, “The divination predicts someone wants to harm Madam Bai.”

Liu Zhongming and Bai Shining looked at each other in surprise.

“What did you say?” Bai Shining asked.

“The divination says… the fourteenth of April,” replied Qu Chenzhou.

The fourteenth of April was the day of the Spring Festival banquet.

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